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Guidelinesforfellowshipscheme2010 _final

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Published by: Vikas Kumar on Feb 19, 2011
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CONSULTANCY DEVELOPMENT CENTRE An Autonomous Institution promoted by DSIR, Ministry of Science & Technology, New Delhi

Guidelines for Submission of Project Report under Fellowship Scheme

DESCRIPTION: The student will be required to carry out a live consulting project under the guidance/supervision of a mentor in a client organization / company / institution. On completion of the project, the student should submit a Report to CDC as per the structure given at Annexure – Ia & Annexure – Ib. Important Note:

1. Live project is undertaken in a client organization / company / institution. 2. Final project report shall be in the prescribed format as per the guidelines, including documentary evidence in support of meeting the eligibility criteria (80% marks in 10+2) 3. Inside the back cover of Final Hard Bound Report, it must include a CD (in a protective jacket) containing the softcopy of the Final Report (in DOC/PDF format only) that should reach at CDC, New Delhi within 3 months from the date of award of project. 4. Report will not be accepted after the due date and requests for extension of deadlines will not be entertained irrespective of reasons. 5. Along with the report, the student shall also submit a Certificate issued from the Client Organisation / Company (Format given at Annexure – II), a Bonafide Certificate issued from the Institution / College / University (Format given at Annexure – III) and an attested copy of (10+2) marksheet signed from the Head of Institution / College / University. Failing to receive any of the certificates will lead to rejection of the report. 6. IPR (Intellectual property right) / copyright of the contents of the project report will vest with CDC. 7. Fellowship Amount of Rs. 10,000 (Rupees Ten Thousand only) will be provided to only those students whose Project Reports are accepted as per the guidelines given under the Evaluation Process. 8. CDC reserves the right to reject any or all Applications / Project reports at its discretion without assigning any reasons thereof whatsoever.

Annexure – Ia Format of Cover Page of the Report (Title of the Project) Live Project work carried out at (Name of the organization for whom project has been carried out) Under the Supervision of ……………………………………. by Name : Name of the Institute/College/University: Live Consulting Project report submitted to Consultancy Development Centre (Month. Year) Fellowship Application No: _________________ 2/7 .

. 3. A Paper in Conference or Symposium Proceedings edited and published by a book company Kalman R. Conclusions and Recommendations 11. Vol. pp 370-388. Dennis G. Title Page (inner cover) format same as of the cover page. ‘New results in linear filtering and prediction theory’. Certificate from the mentor of Client Organization / Company / Institution on letterhead 4.Annexure – Ib Sequence of items in the Report The following sequence of items may be included in preparation of the report: 1. Table of Contents 8. Advanced Engineering Mathematics. Literature Survey c. Approach & Methodology (It should clearly define the strategy used to solve the identified problems / issues including tools / processes used for the same) d. J.. First Symposium on Engineering Applications of Random Function Theory and Probability. Attested copy of (10+2) marksheet signed from the Head of Institution / College / University Format for giving Bibliography or References Bibliography or List of references can be included in the report as per format given in the following examples. List of Figures 9. 83-D. Chapters broadly covering the following sections: a. Abstract 6. Eds. Basic Engg. 3. pp 95-110. ASME.E. Cover Page 2.. Appendices (if any) 12. E. 2. J. Cullen. Results and any other subsequent discussions e. 1963. 2nd Edition. List of Tables 10. Bogdanoff and F. March 1961. Trans. Proc.. ‘New Methods in Wiener Filter Theory’. Kozin. Introduction (It should clearly specify the problem and objectives of the undertaken project) b. Bonafide Certificate from Institution/College/University on letterhead 5. Wiley. A Journal Paper Kalman R. 3/7 . CBS Publishers & Distributors. 1. Books Zill. and Pucy N. Michael R. References/Bibliography (in proper format) 13.S.. 2002.L. Acknowledgement 7. New York.

Approach & Methodology including tools. Presentation and Content of the Written Report 8. 10. Only those students whose Projects are accepted by the Evaluation Committee on the basis of their reports and final viva-voce will be considered for award of fellowship amount i. The dates for the viva-voce in person at CDC.Evaluation of Project Report • The Project Report will be evaluated on the basis of contents of the report and final viva-voce. Oral Presentation during viva-voce • During the viva. New Delhi will be communicated separately. Objectives of the project 3. Evaluation criteria: 1. processes. • • 4/7 . Relevance to consulting 2. for which CDC will pay to each of the Outside Delhi students (excluding NCR) – to & fro second class train fair by the shortest route. Scope of work 4. Deliverables 6. Innovation and Analytical Content involved in the project 7. The presentation will be followed by viva-voce for about 10 minutes.(Rupees Ten thousand only).000/. each student will be required to make a presentation for about 20 minutes using MS-PowerPoint. Rs.e. systems 5.

Annexure . _(Title of the project) Signature of the Guide / Mentor Date: Name. / Ms. and the report has been prepared Consulting Project entitled.II Format Certificate from Industry Guide / mentor CERTIFICATE This is to certify that Mr. Designation & Organization 5/7 . (Name of the student) has carried out a Live ) for (Name of the Industry/Organisation) under my supervision.

Signature: ________________________ Name: ___________________________ Designation: ______________________ 6/7 . This is also to certify that the Institute/College/University is recognized by AICTE/UGC. _____________________________ is a bonafide student from our Institute/College/University ( Name ).Annexure . He/She is pursuing (Name of the Degree) and presently he/she is in (Year and semester number). This certificate is issuing him/her towards the part of the requirement of the documentation of the fellowship scheme./Ms.III Date: _______________ Certificate from Institution/College/University This is to certify that Mr.

Is the Project Report Hard Bound? Is Attested copy of Class 10+2 marksheet signed from the Head of Institution / College / University included in the Project Report? 3. Are References/Bibliography given in the Report? Have the References been cited in the Report? Is the citation of References in proper format? A Compact Disk (CD) in a protective jacket containing the softcopy of the Final Document (in PDF format only) has been placed in the inner back cover of the Final Report.Checklist of items for the Final Project Report This checklist is to be duly completed by the student and verified and signed by the Supervisor. 1. 5. Is Abstract included in the report properly written? Does the Report contain a summary of the literature survey? Does the Table of Contents include chapter page numbers? (i). (ii). 9. Is the Cover page in proper format? Is the Title page in proper format? (a) Is the Certificate from Institution/College/University on letterhead in proper format? (b) Has it been signed? (a) Is the Certificate from the mentor on letterhead in proper format? (b) Has it been signed? 7. (iv). 11. 4. 12. (v). 2. 8. Are the Pages numbered properly? Are the Figures numbered properly? Are the Tables numbered properly? Are the Captions for the Figures and Tables proper? Are the Appendices numbered? Yes / No Yes / No Yes / No Yes / No Yes / No Yes / No Yes / No Yes / No Yes / No Yes / No Yes / No Yes / No Yes / No Yes / No Yes / No Yes / No Yes / No Yes / No Yes / No Yes / No 6. Name: ________________________ Date: ___________________ I have duly verified all the items in the checklist and ensured that the report is in proper format. 13. Name: ______________________ Date: _______________________ 7/7 Signature of the Student ___________________ Signature of the Mentor ______________________ . (iii). I have properly verified all the items in the checklist and ensure that the report is in proper format. 10. This checklist is to be attached as the last page of the report.

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