Nigella express Instant recipe Beef steak fry with olive oil, after cook put in a plate, squeeze

lemon juice in the oil and pour on the steak. Done. Olive oil, lemon zest, Fry the red bean can, smash the bean until it soft. Serve with the steak.

Curry in a hurry Olive oil, fry spring onion, green curry paste, put chicken tied cook 4 min, coconut milk, chicken stock, bit fish sauce, green soybean, peas nut, kcg buncis, daun ketumbar. Done.

Instant choc mousse Marshmallow in a wok, 50g butter, 250 choc button chip, 4 tblspn water, melt it slowly. Cool it. Vanilla white cream, vanilla perisa.blend it. Mix it with cool choc, stir & serve in a glass. Cool it in fridge.

Prawn Mayonese in a bowl, tomato puree, stir, a teaspn honey, lime juice, stir, serve. Prawn in a plate. Serve Kcg kuda, Olive oil in pan, 2 tespn jintan manis, pour chic beans (kcg kuda), ulam, ceri sauce 4tblespn. Done. Scallop Fry sausage, orange oil. Done. 600g scallop in the same orange oil, put sausage back, lemon juice, parsley

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