Developing A Business Plan For Juice Center

Healthy Juice For Healthy Life !!

‡ Owner Of the Juicy Bucks : Mr.Rajesh Patel. ‡ Address : Shop No. 5, Ratan Nagar, J.P.Road, Four bunglow. Andheri(W). Mumbai ² 400 053 ‡ Contact No. ² 022 ² 26334685 / 26334686 ‡ Fax No. - +92-51-2223697 ‡ Email ID ² ‡ Time : 8.00 a.m ² 11.00 p.m.

Juicy Bucks Centre provides different varieties of fresh & nutritious Vegetables and Fruits Juices.  The purpose of the business is to provide fresh juice to peoples achieving a suitable margin and gain good reputation in the market.  People are very much conscious about their health and mostly people are like the fresh drink rather than the pack drinks.  We always use the best ingredients for juice making and try to avoid artificial substance in product.

‡ Mission :
Establish Juice Centre as the Local leading source of healthy energy in the form of freshly blended juices with an uncompromising commitment to making a difference through our values

‡ Vision :
Explore all over the Mumbai from Fresh juices, providing for all their needs always with the assurance of outstanding quality.

‡ Goals And Objectives :
- Become as the Best Juice Center in the Mumbai ,Improving the customer satisfaction through the good quality of products. - The creation of unique, innovative and healthy products that will differentiate Juice bucks from local juice shops.

Reason To Choose
‡ The population in the country mainly in the cities becoming more and more aware with regard to the nutritional aspect of life. This knowledge, coupled with the consumer·s desire for a healthier lifestyle, has greatly impacted the evolution of juice and juice-based drinks over the last few years. ‡ People are Changing their Preferences from Colas to natural and nutritional drink. ‡ Vegetables are rich source of vitamins, carbohydrates, salts and proteins. With increased health awareness in the general public and changing dietary patterns, vegetables are an integral part of average household·s daily meals. ‡ By forming fruits or Vegetables into juice, the nutrition of it will be easier to digest and absorb.

Uniqueness Of Products
Carrot Juice Calories 39.6 Proteins Gram 1.1 Fats Gram 0.3 Carbohydrate (Gm) 8.2 Ascorbic Acid 5.3

Vegetable Punch Calories 23.8 Proteins Gram 1.0 Fats Gram 0.2 Carbohyd Ascorbic rate(Gm) Acid 60.4 5.1

Fruits Juices Calories 20.0 Proteins Gram 0.9 Fats Gram 0.3 Carbohydrate (Gm) 3.5 Ascorbic Acid 20.5

Strengths :
‡ Quality : Juicy Bucks produce good quality products. It can not compromise on quality. Flavors : Juicy bucks provide big range of juices flavor and at that time no competitor provide that range of flavor in fresh juices. It provides 30 different flavour of juices to the cusomers. Healthy : Doctor·s recommendations for vegetable juice ; No competitor for vegetable juice. Location: Juicy Bucks also have place advantage because in Four bunglow big competitor in fresh juices are absent and presence of Joggers Park & Hospital,school.

Weakness :
‡ Storage ability : Juicy bucks don·t have storage ability of fruit juice for long time.


‡ No Free Home Delivery Of Juices : Due to less no. of workers



‡ Celebrity impact : Consumers drink fresh juices on a regular basis as they increasingly Concentrate to adopts Celebrity lifestyle, especially the younger generation which is hugely influenced by thei favourite celebrity Health conscious : Increasing health and hygiene awareness among peoples has greatly increased sales of fruit/vegetable juice.

Low price : There are many local fresh juices competitor in Mumbai that provide juices at low price, so that customer whose are price conscious they attract in the competitor side. ‡ Inflation rate : Increase in inflation rate .


‡ Limited options in real fruits juices : Limited options in locally produced real fresh fruit juices.

Market Segmentation
‡ Under the Juice drinks the first segmentation is between Vegetable juice and Fruits Juices ‡ Broad taste preferences could be another way to define the market. ‡ Sweet Juice ² Ex. All fruits Juices, ‡ Plain Juice ² Vegetable Juice ‡ Segmentation could also be on the basis of the benefits provided to the consumer: ‡ One benefit could be the nutrition content it gives to the consumer so one market could be the health-conscious segment. ‡ Second benefit is thirst quenching, so the other segment could be those buying the juice for satisfying the thirst.

Target Market
‡ The customer of the juice will be everyone. ‡ Children : Growing health awareness among mothers ‡ The teenagers : are the most, who like to try out new and different test of juices. Today·s teens are the most health conscious and put in lots of efforts to be healthy. ‡ In-home consumption : This group of people buys fruit juices for home consumption. Juice is an important part of their diet. ‡ Patient : Mostly people with Diabetes, Kidney Or Lever Problem, Weight Problem. ‡ Fitness Conscious peoples.

Purchasing pattern
‡ Consumers have become health conscious now and are looking for healthy and natural appetizing juices. They are moving away from synthetic drinks to natural and wholesome fruit juices. ‡ Availability in chilled form and Hygiene of the juice plays a crucial role in purchase decision. ‡ Normally Juices are consume in fresh form only. ‡ Customers purchases juices in bulk quantities for parties , functions, local events.

Pricing Strategy
‡ Our pricing methodology is 30% profit margin on sale of each off-season vegetable and juices ‡ The prices could be fluctuating according to market trend but there will be no compromise on quality. ‡ Peoples are now more conscious towards the quality of the product so we shall never compromise on quality. The difference of price from our competitor is 5%. ‡ Our pricing strategy competes them highly. This estimate is for on-season peak days.

Promotional Strategy
‡ Juicy bucks will be advertised in cost effective media like newspapers, radios, hoardings, at bus stands, and the most important and effective will be through TV advertisements (Local Cable). ‡ More Focus On Word of Mouth Publicity by providing tasty and hygiene juices. ‡ Logo :

Tagline : Healthy Juice For Healthy Life !!

‡ Major Competitors are those companies who provides juices in Tetrapacks. Ex- Real juice - Dabur, Tropicana, Slice - Pepsico. Frooty, Appy ² Parle. ‡ For USP product Of Jucy Bucks i.e. Vegetable juice, there is no competitor of this product in nearby area.

Analysis of Competitor
Juicy Bucks Price Promotion Product Range Quality/Hygiene Medium High High High Haji Ali Juice Center High Medium Low Medium No Low Good Health Juice center High Low Medium Medium No Medium Good

Provision Of Nutrient Yes content Details Service High Ambience Best

Supply Chain
Supplier Processing Juicy Bucks Customer

‡ Supplier : Andheri Market For Fruits And Vegetables ‡ Processing : Fruits & Vegetables are process in Juicy Bucks Kitchen for various varieties of Juices

The Management Team
‡ Juicy Bucks is partnership Business started with three partners and invested 10 lacs by each partner ‡ Mr. Ashok Shah manages the shop & customer Relation ‡ In that Mr. Viren shah looking financial part of a Business. ‡ Mr. Rajesh Patel look after production Dept. ‡ Final Decision related to Juicy Bucks Shop will be taken up by considering all the three partner·s view.

Number Of Staff Require

Tools & Equipment Description Cost Per Unit (Rs)
20,000 25,000 25,000 1,00,000 1,00,000 30,000

Chef Helpers Waiters Total

2 2 3 7

Crockery Juicing Machine Billing Machine Tables & Chairs Interior Decoration Utilities Expenses

Total Cost


Cost per unit
‡ Fruit Juice Rs. 25 + 20% profit = Rs.30
Vegetable Juice Rs. 30 + 30% profit = Rs. 40

Sales Forecast
Our Breakeven point comes in between 6th and 7th month. In this month the Total revenue becomes equal to Total Cost
Month 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Total Revenue 150000 157500 165375 173643 182325 3,20,000 3,30,000 3,45,000 3,50,000 3,75,000 Total Cost 196000 196000 196000 200,000 200,000 3,00,000 3,00,000 3,00,000 3,00,000 3,00,000

Future Plan 
After entering in to business of juicy Shop planning to add milkshakes, Ice-Creams in Menu.  Also there is planning of tie up with few slim center so it is easy to target customers and capture the market.  Four new Outlets in next five years in other city of Mumbai.

Keys to Success Factors
‡ Store design that will be both visually attractive to customers, and designed for fast and efficient operations. ‡ Chef, Helpers training to insure the best juices preparation techniques. ‡ Marketing strategies aimed to build a solid base of loyal customers ‡ The products we serve are of the highest quality. We combine this quality with great service and atmosphere ‡ Location is our key success factor ,as School , Joggers park Hospital is in same area. ‡ Customer satisfaction with high quality juices and services. ‡ Maintain good relationships with reliable supplier ‡ The best products - fresh, Hygiene and premium serving.

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