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Skylab 4 PAO Mission Commentary 10 of 32

Skylab 4 PAO Mission Commentary 10 of 32

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Published by Bob Andrepont

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Published by: Bob Andrepont on Feb 19, 2011
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Hello, Dick. I had a chance to go over

and look at the limb in H-alpha now over the east side. And I

don't see any prominence activity around 260. However,

down around 240, there is some. I've got to get some coverage
with the 55 mirror auto rasters down to line 14 or so all the

way from 240 up to 270. And the patrol (garble) 56 and the shopping

list item 2. What I'ii - get a little time t9 I'ii wait and roll

the 82B slit (garble) to change it to the limb and give

them subnormal

exposures just a couple are seconds off the

limb, all the way up.


Okay, Ed. Copied.


Looking at the XUV monitor picture, the - in

general, it pretty much remains the same except over the east

limb at ar - between 260 and 270 looks like we have something fairly
hot coming around the corner. Even though we do get a lot of

limb brightening and line of sight increase because of the

double limb effect over there, it still looks pretty bright.


Good show. Maybe something hot's coming.

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