Criticism is rarely taken well. Therefore, Tom, as your employer I am alerting you now so this unfortunate situation does not repeat itself. It is my responsibility that good group dynamics always exist. Being a relatively new employee coupled with your expertise in massaging and physiotherapy, I understand your need to find that sense of belonging. One way you may seek to achieve this is by sharing your perspectives in some of the decision making. However, one should always remember that respect ought to be maintained amongst staff members in particular between employer and employee. I believe you simply need to adjust your style of communication and I am willing to help.

We always try to foster a good working relationship among all levels of staff. So, if you have an idea you wish to contribute you simply have to raise your hand or request a listening ear. Being openly critical is not a good idea. We work as a team and always welcome new ideas. All ideas may not be taken but we should not disregard them without listening to them. I believe you are an incredible asset to this company. Therefore in an effort to polish your professional skills it would be useful if you attend an on-going training and developmental programme.

Our company would be a force to reckon with once group dynamics, good interpersonal skills and respect for each other are maintained. It would be a pleasure to have you continue sitting in at our meetings to lend your suggestions in a professional manner

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