Little Red Vampire Hood was a rude, ignorant, self-centred girl.

Expelled from school, she had a reputation of extreme violence this is because she is a vampire - she sucks the blood of the people who aggravate her. Her teeth extend at the sight and hearing of her peers. Her mother was the queen of all the vampires and was pleased with her rude ignorant daughter.

One day Little Red Vampire decided to take a trip to her Grandma¶s cottage. Her Grandma lives in the heart of the abandoned, near by forest. A bird squeaked and flew out the canopy of overtowering, oak trees, then Little Red Vampire Hood sharply looked viciously and began her trip (with a brave face)! Holding her blood filled flasks for her Grandma.

Strolling down the funnelling path Little Red Vampire Hood spotted a amiable, werewolf. ³ Can I carry that for you? It looks rather heavy!´ echoed the werewolf. Her teeth extending and atmosphere built up around them both.

Her head turned to the side and she walked towards the werewolf . Her mouth opened! The werewolf backed off. Step by step she followed him. Yet her thoughts where different to her sighting. As she got further to the werewolf she pounced onto him and tucked her vampire teeth into the werewolf's neck!

Putting the flask under the werewolf¶s neck collecting the blood for her blood-thirsty grandmother. As the werewolf was slowly dying Little Red Vampire Hood got the full flask and put it in her basket and ran quickly away!

Viewing this from a far distance was the werewolf¶s cunning wife, she had murky coloured fur; crimson red eyes which glared at you savagely! Later on Little Red Vampire Hood noticed that she was being followed! A branch snapped from the distance!

In Little Red Vampires view was her Grandma¶s cottage. The werewolf's wife had beat her there, lying in her grandma¶s bed. She entered her Grandma¶s cottage to the sight of her grandmas sharp fingers and crimson red eyes (this was the Werewolves wife)

³What big ears you have! What big teeth you have! And what big hands you have!´ judged Little Red Vampire Hood. Her Grandma locked in the ram shackled cupboard in the corner of the Grandma¶s cottage.

With her good scent of smell she realised that it wasn¶t her grandma she opened her mouth and trudged towards the werewolf«

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