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dialogue by opening up a little bit "MONATOMICS & WHITE POWDER GOLD"


Thousand Oaks, California

BASHAR: We would like to begin this dialogue by opening up a little bit of a brief foundation of understanding for what can take place this day of your time. Now we recognize that there are perhaps some of what you might call specific substances? to some of the things you want to discuss and that is all well and good. But we will lay down a foundation right now that will let you know this...We have a very specific relationship with?

A very specific relationship and responsibility in how it is that we interact with each and every one of you individually and all of you together collectively. We recognize that there are many many many different belief systems on your planet, many different styles of expression. We cannot therefore interact with you in any way shape or form that would discount, interfere, or remove the responsibility of your species in bringing to fruition the choices it has made...playing out the processes that it has decided are necessary for the evolution of your society. We are here to reflect to you certain things. We are interacting with you to share certain perspectives that may give you an opportunity to see within yourself more of what it is you contain . . to know more about yourself. To allow us to reflect to you ideas that you perhaps already know but perhaps as a civilization have forgotten about.

We are here sometimes to discuss what might appear to be new information with you but again never in any way shape or form calls out, aggrandizes or builds up any belief system or any approach as being more valid than any other belief system or any approach. You must understand fundamentally all truths are truth. And the truth is made of all truths.

Now there may be certain ideas that have a little more efficacy as you may say in certain applications in your day to day reality that may not necessarily be germane, some of these ideas to manifestation in your reality, maybe not a probability of a manifestation as other ideas might be.

But your reality is changing every day. As many of you now know there are many different kinds of discoveries, many different kinds of realizations and ideas that are opening up new fields of awareness, new understandings of your consciousness and therefore your reality, your physical material reality, is going to become a lot more slippery as you say.

Space and time are losing their grip upon you because you are the creators of space and time. You are the creators of the physical reality in which you think you exist. And as you change your idea of yourself, as you expand beyond the notion that you are merely physical entities and explore other realms of consciousness and other levels of consciousness within you, so too will your physiological reality become that expanded, that nebulous . . . . . . that fluid, that transmutational and transitional.

And of course it would be no surprise that at this time of exploring your consciousness in a transmutational way that you would begin to see reflections in your society of transmutational signs. Everything you do, everything you create, every endeavor scientific, economic, social or otherwise that you go into is always going to reflect where you are at in your understanding and relationship to your own consciousness.

So when you find that you have now discovered the concept of superconductivity as you say it is because your very being, your very body are becoming more superconductive. Which means you are becoming more aligned, more synchronized in that context and thus you are capable once you have made that kind of change within yourself of reflecting those changes in the discoveries that you make in your outer psychological reflective reality.

You must simply remember that everything that we will discuss . . . that your outer physical reality is not outer, it is inner. It's just a reflection of you at every given moment . . . individually and collectively. So if you find as you view your outer physical reality that there are things about it you would prefer to change, all you really need to do, to do that, is to change something about yourself and you will see that change take place unerringly . . and effortlessly. And all of your explorations and all of your ideas no matter how they may manifest, scientifically or otherwise are all going to be . . the result of the way you change the idea of how you see yourself and what you know is possible in your dimension of experience.

QUESTION: It has been 3 months now that I have used David Hudson's white powder gold for my MS. I am starting a new kind that is supposed to have higher electromagnetic qualities. . . .

BASHAR: Electromagnetheric qualities. There is a difference in this in that electromagnetism is simply one manifestation of how etheric energy manifests into your physiological domain.

Electromagnetheric version of that expression is a little bit closer to the original source of the etheric energy. Not so much translated into physical reality but still... shall we say maintaining a bridge to the original etheric template. And thus a little bit more malleable, a little bit more capable of functioning as a template to rearrange the things going on in your physiological reality since physical reality takes its cue from the template that is initiated by your consciousness in etheric reality first. So the substance you are referring to has a little bit more of the idea of connecting to electromagnetheric patterns of energy which allow a little bit more malleability . . . manipulateability in your physiological reality for the desired affects you wish to achieve.

QUESTION: How many days should I wait until I start the new white powder?

BASHAR: Wait 7 days in total. For any transition your body will need to recognize its ground? state in between the ingestion of any one substance that causes massive alteration and any other substance that would assist you with massive alteration in that sense. Always allow the rest state. The number 7 in terms of your days being an appropriate length of time to allow your body to recalibrate its original ground state before taking on another reflection of transmutation.

(Personal advice being given for a little bit) Bashar emphasizes the need for meditation instead of pain pills. He emphasizes water and says:

The water as a carrier of electromagnetheric energy will more evenly distribute the blue white light you see in your meditation and electromagnetheric energy inherent in the substance that you are about to take further distributing it throughout your system.

QUESTION: Since the ormes material is found in all levels of nature we know that ravinium? and ------? cause the material to separate into finer and finer particles. We know that plants have to do the same thing so that the metals can be used in the .....? of the plant. Does this go all the way down to the level of the ormes?

. they go below the cluster state. QUESTION: And the destruction effect on the single atom is that caused by the gases? What is the cause? BASHAR: The asymmetric spin inherent in the manifestation of etheric energy into physical materiality. . the place of perfect balance. yes. the balance allows for choice of integration. . You will also find in your researches that one of the strongest catalytic transitional elements to aid and assist in all these properties will be the substance you call chromium. And will eventually become lopsided as it spins. . This is because if you look at it as polarity you have what is called the positive side. . yes. This asymmetric spin is what allows physical materiality the ability to grow otherwise if it were symmetrical. And we have had interference from the ormes condition. There is an asymmetric spin inherent because . . you must understand that the physical universe is fundamentally lopsided. physical reality would be s----? QUESTION: We are in the mining business trying to extract metal as metal. . . because it is slightly more connected to one polarity frequency of the universe than another. what you might call positive or integrative direction. still allows for the recognition of choice whereas the negative and segregateive polarity may not. ph--b--? sequences and so forth as you have labeled them.BASHAR: Yes. So the positive allows for choice of integration. as it connects its energy in that way to the physical universal domain? This then initiates the spiral action of manifestation of physical materiality that you see represented in the mathematical constructs of nature . you have what you may call the negative side and you have what you may call the center. Everything that translates from the non-physical into the physical from what you might call virtual particles into physical materialization will exhibit this bias in one direction and it will manifest as what you recognize as an asymmetrical spin. the negative does not. The place of perfect balance in the center allows. . Are we being destructive when we are trying to reverse the ormes condition? When we capture the metals in certain other metals as reflectors? it seems to stabilize them so they react as metals in our analytical schemes. Is there a way of reversing that and is that a non-destructive method or a destructive method BASHAR: You are talking about going from the monoatomic state into the metallic matrix? . When we don't do this they seem to go all the way towards the ormes condition where they get finer and finer. which you recognize as the golden proportions . . . So the universe is slightly biased in the direction of integration in one energetic direction. It is slightly ever so slightly biased in one direction . . golden spirals .

no offense. It is not that one mind cannot do it but one mind ---? is not used to knowing that it can do it. Even though one mind is doing it all the time you are not taught that that is what you use to create your reality anyway. And even in an amalgam with gold. BASHAR: You can.BASHAR: Nature does it why not you? QUESTION: Now is that partially mental? BASHAR: Everything is partially mental. And so as your frequency of attitude. QUESTION: Which is also to say if we use our mind we can reverse the condition. Until that time you might want to invite a few friends to help you. You may find that you will have better results for what you're asking for if more than one of you will combine their thoughts in that direction and so set up what you might call a consensus reality. . QUESTION: Does the platinum metals that are in our tin? Powder. You must understand that the idea is that when you are working on the level of the monoatomics. so the manifestation. Then the material will respond better to the geometric magnification of the thought in that direction and take its cue from the coherency of a multitude of like minds. If you get to the point where you realize that you are doing that anyway all the time. . But you may find that it will take some practice from your species. yes. Is there a better metal to use as a collector? BASHAR: The silver and the copper would be the best. do they have the same action almost as the ormes or is there a certain percentage of the ormes action even though they are not down at the ormes level? . all three. . then one mind is sufficient. QUESTION: We've been using silver or lead or copper or tin as a collector. you are dealing directly with the first level of manifestation of consciousness into physical materiality.

carries within its energy field the signature of the fundamental basic frequency from which it was formed. so to speak. But with the correct. it will deflect the light in such a way as you will notice on a (background or back route) placed around the rotating substance in a semi-circle a background/route semicircular screen. Would it be possible to detect that with a light sensitive uh like a photocell? BASHAR: Some of them will be detectable by your technology and some of them will not. QUESTION: Do you have any suggestions for making the accuracy a higher degree? BASHAR: It would be best if you could utilize one of your laser devices. utilizing coherent light thereof. by an appropriately harmonically tuned instrument of appropriate materials that are sensitive enough to it. If you will take the substance and rotate it and shine upon it a laser beam. And your technology will not detect the full spectrum that they give off. Because every. there will come a point. those materials could extract a similar effect directly from the energy field around those substances as you have defined them. Let us design something that fits your technology.BASHAR: Only in the energy field. QUESTION: You mentioned to Ellie last session that the p------? method of doing the assaying is only about 67% accurate? BASHAR: And it will depend on the person doing it as well. monoatomic or otherwise. every element whether it is exhibiting a metallic matrix. rather dynamic field fluctuations in that particular area where you are conducting those tests. without them necessarily having to be monoatomic material. not fully no. to catch the reflection of the ray. every. And that frequency can be siphoned off. you will notice that as you change the rotational rate of the substance. not all the way down. where you will start to see a pattern. There are wide variances and fluctuations of accuracy using that methodology because it calls into play all the belief systems of the individual as well as a variety of other factors that you may not be taking into account such as the electromagnetic field fluctuation. Your technology requires a higher degree of sensitivity in order to see all of the spectrum that they give off but your equipment will detect some of it but you will notice that there are gaps. shall we say. One moment. a reinforcement . proximity of other materials of appropriate sensitivity. QUESTION: There's a -----? radiation given off by all the minerals.

first to the left side. the pendulum will not be adequate enough for most of you but the diffraction of the deflection? of the laser beam when the substance is spinning at different frequencies.. She then wants to ask about a specific substance. if it is healthier. QUESTION: The substance that some of us are taking is a natural formed substance and is not produced or refined in such a way. For that function your pendulum would be adequate. Now.. will give you more accurate readings than the pendulum does if you want that degree of accuracy. . more robust the percentage is adequate for the desired effect upon all forms of life as you would desire it to be. And when you see the buildup of the pattern fall first to the right side.. right side or left side of the hemispherical or hemicircular screen would represent the positive or the negative. to pay attention to. . instead of pursuing the metal end of the precious metals. one moment. BASHAR: The monoatomic substances do have some natural outlets on your planet in a variety of levels.. .. to allow it to have the desired effect that you want it to have . and you can decide with the pendulum which side.pattern on the screen. will. If it grows faster. to pursue that end of the plant growth as a much better endeavor in our present society? BASHAR: We will leave that up to you but I will simply give you the suggestion that it is more likely that you can eat growing things than you can eat metal.. different rates of rotation. bigger. That reinforcement pattern will give you an indication of when you have arrived ? at the appropriate frequency and from that you can extrapolate how you either need to alter the material or how you can simply utilize that material in conjunction with other things adding appropriate other frequencies to it. But for the more precise calibration of which side of the screen. QUESTION: Do you think it would be more apropos. Pour the water into the soil of a plant and watch the plant to see if it grows more than it would usually grow. Can you be more specific about what you are trying to determine with your pendulum test? QUESTION: The presence of specific metals and then the percentage or the amounts present whether it is in a d------? Is it sufficient to have the desired affect? BASHAR: You can also immerse the substance in three times the amount of water as the substance and allow it to sit there for 3 days.

You will find that somewhere around or between 1275 to 1300 degrees F as you count will be the temperature that will allow it to become the most stable and not exhibit so much fragility. You have the ability to do your testing to determine whether or not it is the substance you believe it might be and therefore we will not do the work for you in that sense. QUESTION: Would that be inside of a vacuum of argon? . I was using the temperature I was told to. as a support system for almost every form of monoatomic expression a small. We will tell you that the technology is correct. We will tell you that the monoatomic substances do exist naturally in a variety of ways in food substances and there are natural processes involving heat and pressure that do also create the monoatomics to form in a natural state without the idea of refinement or processing. I wish to give it extra strength. QUESTION: That is great but that wasn't my question. and you will experiment with this. It may also be of assistance to allow the fusion of the substance to take place within an argon atmosphere. Because the process has merit in and of itself. Does it not do it at a lower temperature? ANSWER: It might. as a catalyst. yes. a small amount of doping this substance with chromium will be of assistance. (tensile) BASHAR: Do you find that that substance does not congeal into the glass like substance until you have arrived at that particular measurement of heat. Again as a stabilizer. It crumbles. I think this substance is positive and we are having positive results. When that is heated at 3000 degrees and forms a glass like substance what would be the highest vibrational material to combine with that substance to get it to remain in a solid state. BASHAR: You will find that there are lower temperatures at which will congeal into a glass like substance and in fact to some degree you will find that temperature has a lot to do with it. to know that we agree on what I am speaking of I am talking (about a substance that comes naturally from the ground) .I will tell you this that we will not specifically endorse any specific avenue when it connects to a personality. What we will tell you is that it is correct that monoatomic substances can be found in those circumstances. But whether or not the specific source you have discovered is something that we can recommend. we cannot do that until you do your work.

. How much sesame do you ingest? . My diet is vegetables. fish... place. in.60 seconds. breathe. More than that we will not discuss at the present. other substances. out. in out. Some form of ideas that you recognize as chelation can be of some assistance to the bonding of heavy metals in your body and allow them to be removed through your waste procedures. it will also aid and assist you. ..BASHAR: Yes but then it would not be a vacuum if it is full of argon but we understand what you mean. in your environment of your planet . behind each ear. ... That is adding certain kinds of electromagnetic balance and infusing cellular structure with adequate amount of communicative material so there can be cohesiveness in certain forms of electrochemical manifestation. ingest 3 times daily. grain. rubbing massaging corn oil after ingesting teaspoon full. no dairy.. They are congestion and pains in my ear. out. BASHAR : Avail yourself one teaspoon pure corn oil.Also when you do that each time you ingest.? who are they.. what is the purpose of integrating with them? BASHAR: One level would be that which you call the angelic realm. air. no ringing. in. so on and so forth. QUESTION: The beings that are being accessed by setting up that type of grid. .. QUESTION: I am taking monatomic powder at the moment and I am having very odd reactions.. Yes. water.. that would explain your loss of hair over the last two years to some degree. congestion in the head. put both middle fingers in the oil. Rubbing massaging corn oil base of skull. Intermittent. press. sharp. this will aid and assist you in smoothing out. Although other toxins may also be contributing to that idea and toxicity of what you call heavy metal. You can divest yourself to some degree more of heavy metal toxicity.

Better ability to heal. Remember this.ANSWER: A little. QUESTION: Is there sometime of general time frame from when we start? BASHAR: Totally dependent on the individual. BASHAR: Ingest more. A generalization if you will understand it is an extreme generalization would be 3 to 5 of your years. needing less sleep. psychic sensitivity and sensitivity to other higher frequency energies and so forth is what you can as you say. their belief systems and a variety of other things that they may choose to subject themselves to. I am just wondering what we can expect from them. But again it will depend completely on the individuals. It takes you to the state where it makes it easier for you to have your choices stick but it will magnify whatever choices you make. the monoatomics are designed specifically to allow you to be taken to a certain state where it is easier for you to make the transmutations you want to make. BASHAR: Feeling lighter. QUESTION: For those of us who are making the choice of taking more of the natural foods that contain rhodium and iridium . More. expect. I know we can expect better health and better being. overtime. The white powder does not make the transmutation for you. . so on and so forth. In general from the beginning of lightening the diet in that way till time that you feel you are functioning fully on a different frequency in accordance to the monoatomics that are being ingested within that diet. knit tissue so on and so forth in case of injury. Better enhancement of all sensory apparatus in the body so on and so forth. Seed and oil help to bond heavy metal QUESTION: Is the white powder I am ingesting assisting me? BASHAR: It is assisting you to assist yourself for that is what it does best. more energetic.

QUESTION: How would you juice the eggplant? BASHAR: I did not say you had to juice the eggplant. eggplant so on and so forth. Flowering kale etc.QUESTION: I am aware that in order to provide to us rhodium and iridium we can go to carrots and grapes. That's when the matrix breaks down and they are incapable of delivering the monoatomic substances adequately to your body. When you can ingest the plant in its raw state. Where such plants are susceptible to juicing they are adequate to retain the amount of monoatomic substance as long as you do not allow them to sit more than 72 hours of their potency limitation. so it does not have to be completely present in the soil as long as a variety of general minerals are present it will make use of these and the water and combine them and break them down in certain ways as to create the monoatomic material necessary for its creation. However if each of you had what is called a broad spectrum diet that was basically vegetarian in nature you would thus encounter everything that you would need in that broad spectrum diet and you wouldn't necessarily have to focus on one particular (missing some here because recording tape ended and talking continued :) BASHAR: The plants are designed as a type of matrix conversion unit that directly converts the etheric energy from its basic state into the monoatomic state directly. (Violet?) Yes. They are many fusion reactors in that sense fusing direct electromagnetheric energy into the appropriate monoatomic form that is represented by the particular idea that each plant represents. the monoatomic gold? BASHAR: That which exhibits the highest color in your visible spectrum. a small amount of cooking and or steaming as long as all the juices are retained and ingested along with them will be adequate. . QUESTION: Will cooking destroy the eggplant benefits? BASHAR: You will find that when the plants are not digestible in their raw state. Are there plants which can provide gold. Also the juicing of several plants will be adequate as well as long as you do not go beyond the 72 hours limits for potency. therefore. this is best.

Yes. QUESTION: So when we ingest the monoatomics we become hyperconductive? BASHAR: You actually become hyperconductive. Hyperconductivity is the field that has no particular direction to it because it is composed of all directions.QUESTION: What about cooking oils like the sesame that you recommended to that lady? BASHAR: Not so much. QUESTION: Some of the monoatomics contain a high degree of magnetism such as cobalt and nickel. one direction of an energy so to speak. QUESTION: Can you delineate the difference between the idea of being super conductive and the hyperconductive? BASHAR: Yes. natural state of the simultaneous existence of many different fields overlapping . And some of them are used for hardening like palladium? and other things. Oils in that sense contain their highest potency in natural state. A small amount of heating will not usually be too detrimental as long as it is ingested immediately and is not too much in the heating but generally it should not be if you wish the potency? to be at the full power. But you can utilize that energy by collapsing the field within your body with your intentional focus and create superconductive effects. What you actually call the superconductive field is actually a hyperconductive field. Is there a correspondence with the way they are in their metallic state and the effects they will have when ingested in their monoatomic state on the body? . It is not really superconductivity until you collapse the field and get the unidirectional effect of the voltage or amperage out of it. you can direct the energy inward superconductively or outward superconductively. So superconductivity is the effect in one direction of the application of the energy in your physical domain. Where other elements are highly conductive like gold and silver and copper that do not retain any magnetism. superconductive is the effect in what you might perceive as one frequency. in the relaxed state it is a hyperconductive state because you are connecting to a multidimensional holographic structure simultaneously. If they are ingestable in that way they are ingestable that way for a reason. Hyperconductive is the actual. But generally in the natural state.

BASHAR: There is not much correlation except that because of the essence of their difference in the metallic state. Or specifically affect a particular organ signature or something to that effect. QUESTION: And rhodium seems to come out in the urine when an analysis is done and iridium seems to be absorbed by the body. QUESTION: What type of chromium do you suggest ingesting to get the monoatomic? BASHAR: Monoatomic chromium of course. And once again in every case combined with chromium it will allow to become much more effective in anything that it can do and extend it's abilities beyond what it would normally have. that is of course if you are living a natural life. Whereas another monoatomic element might more adequately perhaps might enhance other kinds of fields or communication fields of the cellular structure. QUESTION: Will things that are more conductive like silver and gold work better in relationship to the nervous system? BASHAR: To some degree yes. BASHAR: It comes out in your perspiration. . But the iridium will come out in your perspiration just as the rhodium comes out in your urination and other elements will come out in other ways. (To make it more conductive?) Yes. it will give you some indication in the monoatomic state of what that particular monoatomic element might affect within the body physically and symbolically more than another thing it might affect. For example those that in a metallic state that exhibit a high degree of magnetism or magnetic effects in monoatomic state might be that which enhances specifically the magnetic signature of the cellular structure of the body more than another monoatomic element might do. The body always has the ability to regulate and balance itself and from time to time it may find it has an adequate supply of what it needs and it will divest itself of any surplus because it knows you will always get more. So the metallic effect gives you a clue symbolically to what its monoatomic's effect will be in the body.

QUESTION: And what about cobalt? . and as we have said. You will find that ruthenium has great advantages for thymus action as well. to rearrange the elements that they do ingest in their monoatomic form. the children that have been born especially within the last few years of your time are not just a different generation. they are not just a different culture. Their DNA structure is already very different. And thus you will find they do not necessarily need quite as much for they are already coming through in a DNA structure that acts as an automatic amplifier and a fusion reactor or a breakdown reactor if you wish. QUESTION: What type of specific uses would ruthenium? have for the body? What system will it work best with? BASHAR: You will find that ruthenium? has great advantages for thyroidal action. QUESTION: So for things like leukemia? BASHAR: For some degree yes. You will find that ruthenium has great advantages for adenoidal action. It is not as generalized as that but it can have some benefit for some individuals in certain circumstances.QUESTION: Can you comment on urine therapy? BASHAR: It is sufficient for certain very specific purposes in very specific moments with specific individual conditions. It is not necessarily as generally as you say across the board effective as might be something like the ozone therapy for most individuals. they are a different species. There will be a small secondary effect in the idea of the allowance of bone degenerate? marrow. QUESTION: Can you comment on children taking the monoatomics in relation to their developing DNA? BASHAR: You will find that many of the children being born on the planet now have a greater capacity to actually convert what they ingest into monoatomics than you do. (Bone marrow?) Yes.

yes.. And when the earth's magnetic field rises in frequency. Flux collapse. very good enhancer for the idea of the learning capability of the neural net of the brain. More than that will actually engender spontaneous combustion. 10 to 30 milligrams only. one moment. cannot keep up with that elevation in frequency to that degree. Even though they do not interact in the same way that many atomic interactions occur the presence alone of the chromic field will allow nickel to be maintained more adequately in monoatomic form. it pulls that frequency up and poof goes your body. small. because it cannot sustain. small.You will find that in a variety of ways.BASHAR: In monoatomic form you will find that when ingested in small. warning. And when it has done so it is a very. 10 to 30 milligrams monoatomic cobalt only in the human form in its present state. it shall we say piggybacks with the frequency of those monoatomic elements in the body. QUESTION: Does the nickel and ---? have a warning? BASHAR: Nickel. small. nickel will be a difficult thing to sustain in monoatomic form unless combined again with the catalytic chromium.. Which is why the body will burn but not the chair that it is sitting in. Do you understand? QUESTION: Does that have any relation to the blue color? BASHAR: Yes. small. Do you understand? Because there is immediate disintegration and therefore nothing to carry the heat. will build up within you a type of thermal regulation system that will allow your energy field to be greatly enhanced. warning. 10 to 30 milligrams only. :) :) :) :) amounts. The heat does not come from outside it comes from inside every single cell disrupts and collapses and increases their electromagnetic amperage sometimes by a factor of 10 million. nickel. it is highly electromagnetheric and more than that your physical bodies at this state of its evolution cannot sustain. You will find that some of the instances of what you call your spontaneous human combustion are because there are certain buildups of monoatomic elements of this nature in your body and when the earth's magnetic field fluctuates up and down in certain ways. small. greatly accelerated. small. this is your warning.. QUESTION: How come nickel and iron aren't able to retain their state very long? . So you get out of phase and when you get out of phase there is the flux collapse and again colloquially speaking poof from the inside out. Then of course as it disintegrates there is nothing to carry the heat and so it dissipates quite rapidly and rarely affects the surrounding environment to any great degree.

too stabley connected to other forms of representation. Palladium is good for vision and reparation. BASHAR: I have to some degree commented on silver. help overcome mercury toxicity? (It can) When one starts on the monoatomic journey will that state overcome the effects of mercury amalgam? BASHAR: Beyond a certain point yes. But also it aids to some degree of reparation of bone especially the dental enamel but not the way that you use it in your dentistry but in monoatomic state. Such as the cones and rods for the eyes. If they were not grounded in this way and had the tendency to go back to their state of natural physical grounding matrix you would find that your world would fly apart. But it may take awhile in that it has to fight the toxic effects that may be present within the physical form. . Silver has some benefit in this area as well. QUESTION: You haven't commented on palladium or silver.BASHAR: They are as you would call it. You see in many ways many of you instinctively understand that the silver is supposed to be applied to the teeth. And so only rarely do things such as Nickel and iron and a few other substances automatically shift into monoatomic state. So not in fillings but in the monoatomic state it will aid in the reparation and the strengthening of such things as your dental enamel and other things in the body. the taste buds of the tongue and other things that have to do with sensory apparatus. Eventually it may overpower it. as you would say duty specific. Or some other catalytic energy that can allow them to do so in certain circumstances where it will not cause too much destruction. QUESTION: Does that applied. But it would become highly unstable. But they automatically and instantly restabilize. as you need grounding effect to allow other effects to function. but you don't know how to apply it. Otherwise you would have an instant chain reaction and a large section of the planet would all of a sudden convert into the monoatomic state and thus back also immediately almost into energy similar to the concept which you call matter and anti-matter but not exactly the same. Thus they maintain the stabilization necessary for the other monoatomics to function in the same way again. In fact they almost never automatically do so unless they are in the presence of the chromic catalyst. regeneration of certain cellular structures that are. You need a foundation for the house to stand.

yes. BASHAR: Some of it may be due to toxic release. an allergic reaction to the highly concentrated amounts of toxins being dumped into your blood stream which can cause you to break out in a sweat to allow those toxins to be evacuated through the perspiration of your body and to some degree this is what is happening to you as you make certain changes in the consciousness within you. QUESTION: Is there anything that I can do to aid that? BASHAR: Take a shower.You must also understand that there is a great degree of monoatomic salts in sea water and rinsing your mouth in seawater that is unpolluted will go a long way in the aiding of dental health. take a swim and rinse it away. QUESTION: I have been perspiring a lot. J Breathe as in a yogic style. . meditation etc. take your cue from the dolphins. QUESTION: Is that a similar effect that we can create with music? BASHAR: You can create that with music. The Cetaceans access it this way but they also do something else. And allow the monoatomic elements to simply be drawn like a magnet into that acoustic beacon and thus concentrated and thus then absorbed. Increase that energy. I have been drinking grape juice a lot. Hawaiian water is at least one of the best that remains upon your planet at this time. And also of course. They will be willing to teach you as long as they know you will use it in positive ways because I tell you this it can be an extremely destructive power as well. allow the toxicity dumping to be accelerated and allow it then to be eliminated more quickly from your system through yogic breathing. the dissolved monoatomic gold in seawater will infuse itself in your cellular structure as well. When they are in that sense beginning to be released from the cellular structure of your body they are automatically dumped into your bloodstream and this can cause an elevation of your temperature. Because they have the ability to focus their acoustic beacon in certain harmonic ways what they do is create a harmonic acoustic equivalent in water of a super conductor. They can actually use their acoustic beacons in this way as a siphon for monoatomic elements because they know how to tune them to those frequencies and create water super conductors. Almost a feverish reaction. taken internally.

That you are becoming more highly accelerated. In fact it will slow your acceleration down by being denser. However you will find more often or not when that occurs the individual is also highly toxic and that's why the phase variance is so extreme. the amount of dis-ease. the amount of psychic torment that goes into the processing of animal flesh on your planet. Especially in the high degree of toxins in the animal meat. what is your thought on meat protein? BASHAR: You will find in this day and age on your planet that very rarely does the ingestion of animal protein occur in the way that it used to. When you become more . I would suggest that you will only be holding yourself back. Secondly you are in your evolution of consciousness beginning to realize that animals are in many ways extensions of all of you. If you were to ingest those monoatomic elements that are highly connected to the concept of magnetism. Although that doesn't even exist in a natural state. But at the same time you do it as a spiritual act of gratitude of sharing that it is willing to share its exchange of energy into you. QUESTION: With all of the benefits you have spoken of in eating vegetables. Now if you find from time to time that your body consciousness for some reason feels that it must take some degree of animal protein. that it has the lowest levels of toxicity as possible. thicker. heavier than your vibration wants to be. What you call fishes and that you still allow yourself to insure as best as you can. I would suggest that you stick with the lighter level of that. and only that one kind and then would allow your body to be infused to a great degree with that one monoatomic element. Not the predation that the human species has created and is unique. it is possible you might be able to induce spontaneous combustion. electromagnetism. But if you are completely clarifying your system during the ingestion of the monoatomic elements it is less likely for it to occur.QUESTION: Does the ingestion of monoatomic elements increase the possibility to have spontaneous combustion happen? BASHAR: No. And then were to allow your whole signature frequency to become susceptible to the magnetic fluctuations of your planet. So combined with the amount of toxins. It is not the same type of predation that is in the animal kingdom naturally. to support you that way in the way as it used to be done on your planet when it was deemed necessary. Most of the animal kingdom is predatory because you as the collective consciousness signature frequency are predatory. Again this is what happens when the individual has utilized only one particular type of monoatomic concentration in a method that is completely out of phase with the vibration of the collective consciousness. That if at all is what you will incorporate into your consciousness in a positive and beneficial way so that you will be working with the consciousness of the animal not dominating the animal. And you are beginning to realize that it is relatively unnecessary for the ingestion of large amounts of animal protein in your society.

All that was ingested was converted as it was already in the DNA structure to do so. (Some repetition left out here and then a reference to our biblical. and solidifies itself a little bit becomes physical material. It is like the concept of steam is liquid water and ice at different degrees of densification. Mentality is simply an effect of consciousness interacting in a physical domain through the auspices of what you call an electromagnetheric field. did he do the 40 day fast in the desert because he used monatomics? BASHAR: Monatomics were already in the construct of that individual. Consciousness solidifies itself a little bit. as we know it the superconductivity of the rhodium and the iridium going on in the brain and is that what is producing the Meissner field in our body BASHAR: It is to some degree producing the Meissner field but it is not creating consciousness. and physical material matter. It is however creating the Meissner field. QUESTION: The being that is known as Jesus. . No further ingestion of such was required. Electromagnetheric field is basically what you call spirit. electromagnetheric energy. And so you have the idea of pure consciousness. (Said very deep with a touch of humor) The DNA structure was present at physical materialization that you recognize as birth. the lion laying down with the lamb) QUESTION: Is consciousness. which allows for the expression of consciousness in what you call the form mentality. animals will also reflect that symbiosis.symbiotic. QUESTION: Did he get the DNA structure by going to the various mystery schools that people think he went to? BASHAR: No. The electromagnetheric field is the level at which consciousness can express itself as thought form as mentalization in the physical domain. becomes spirit.

That's the cycle on earth for transmutation from one level to another. We are required to be capable of becoming transparent to certain kinds of energy so that we may exist in our dimensional reality without being destroyed. and a different dimensionality than your physical domain. It was recognized that if there was going to be a human mind and if it were to function in a certain way. to thymus action. Therefore it is connected in someway to pancreatic action. QUESTION: Melanin and its connection to ormes (vague interpretation. The DNA would need to regulate certain glands to secrete these things and make sure they existed in adequate form and adequate amount within the human body--so that the human body would radiate at a frequency capable of communicating directly with the earth spirit. All of these work in conjunction to regulate the various frequencies of the appropriate elements to allow a balance and to achieve the correct overall signature vibration that will allow an individual in human form to be represented by that frequency in order to be grounded and connected to the earth in a very particular way. that the production of these elements and the infusion of them into the body would need to be regulated by the DNA. a different idea. if you are species as grayish white. In terms of how we relate to that idea. in the energy frequency that we exist in. For an individual. It is therefore the reflection of some of the strongest connections to the earth's vibrations itself that-------? And therefore the strongest ability to communicate directly with the earth collective consciousness. In the same way . For us then chlorophyll in minute amounts allows our body to absorb light directly and transmute it into energy in a way that is appropriate for our species. For a culture on your planet.QUESTION: The reference to the 40 days means what then? BASHAR: It is the time necessary for an individual cycle on your planet to cycle from one frequency to the next when it is devoid of all negative concerns. the earth consciousness--so that there would be an ease of adaptation. we have almost none. liver and kidney action to some degree. Hard to understand question) BASHAR: The idea was originally created as an infusion of certain elements. We are connecting to a different frequency. Or it is the time necessary for the processing out of all negative frequencies. But other substances do such minute amounts of chlorophyll. And so for us the idea of the melanin does not really exist. an ease of communication. You. copper and a few others. 40 years. iron. that would aid and assist in the grounding of the vibration of the species to the planet earth so that adaptation could take place. 40 days.

There is something different going on in the bending of that iron and it really has nothing to do with the plant substance. QUESTION: They use a plant sap to soften a rock. You might recognize it in your language as agave? You will be able to find this if you ask the native Americans of the South American continent in the Amazon region. It is similar to that family. However this will be developed to a certain degree. And it will not be required that you will have internal combustion engines. Instead of getting cast iron. one was a green tablet and one was a mixture of ordinary chemicals to turn water into a fuel in the internal combustion engine. balancing and communication expressions. QUESTION: There is a Mexican man who substituted a different type of carbon. of their own body to accomplish that effect. to be channeled for a variety of healing. what you call the Meissner field. One was a white tablet. Nitrogen was used in some of the processes. What kind of carbon was that? Was it coffee grounds. QUESTION: How about the plants that are used to bend bars such as in exhibition in Cuba? BASHAR: Only once that we are aware of was a concentration of the same substances used for bending that iron.that melanin in your system absorbs energy of the planet earth and uses it to be transmuted. This channel does not have it in his vocabulary for adequate translation of the true word for this plant. The substance of the plant is acting as a magnifying lens or a directing lens. he got cast steel. QUESTION: Chemistry: There've been inventions where they utilize hydrogen. beans. Do you know what those chemicals are? BASHAR: Chlorine was used in some of the process. Beyond that pure connection to the electromagnetheric field will provide you all the power you need for every possible use. It is the field of the body itself that is providing the energy. Most of the individuals that have exhibited those types of demonstrations have simply utilized the electromagnetheric field. an amplifying substance. something on the food side? . They utilize the plant substance as a trigger or a focusing substance. Zinc and some form of aluminum powder. Can you tell me the name of that substance? BASHAR: It is connected to the concept you call Aloe. tortillas. This kind of fuel application will be for about 13 more of your years.

Our civilization does this. missed question… fluoride in water. But it is suspended in an oil or petroleum like suspension. will start to generate the substance in their own .BASHAR: It is similar to the concept you now understand as Buckminster Fullerine. We do not eat anymore. Individuals of high frequency. QUESTION: What triggers not having to eat and only having to drink very small amounts of fluids? BASHAR: It could be direct sustenance from the electromagnetheric fields. however they may have arrived at that. You have a similar bean on your planet that also has a high concentration of the monoatomic chromium and that is lima bean. You can teach many different approaches to life and you do not necessarily need the fluoride in your water. Can certain people take this material as a byproduct of enlightenment and teach other people to raise the consciousness of this planet? BASHAR: Yes. QUESTION: Human kind has to change to survive. In that sense it is a high reflection of that kind of harmonization of your consciousness but there are many paths. graphite and the carbon form of Buckminster Fullerine with small amounts of silica will create this effect. There is a high degree of silica present as well. you do not always have to take this. The combination of a type of petroleum oil. There was a time when our collective consciousness created what then became a natural growing plant which gave us one type of bean which gave us all the sustenance we needed as it was a reflection of the combined collective consciousness of the electromagnetheric field awareness. There are ways of amplifying this effect such as the idea of yogic breathing and meditation. Do you think pursuing this path of the white powder is a good path to pursue? BASHAR: It is one path that is representative of the degree to which your consciousness is becoming cohesive and synchronized. You do get it in many of your natural foods. Tape change.

your own excitement as to what you feel harmonious with. So be your government. Do not separate yourself. QUESTION: What about the species as a whole? BASHAR: Many individuals will derive something from it. QUESTION: Is our increasingly malevolent government BASHAR: Watch out how you talk about yourselves. The idea is to go with your own joy. QUESTION: Will it raise the consciousness of the species? BASHAR: Yes it will add to the overall raised consciousness of the species. perhaps what you call a 7-day stretch may be of adequate value before you start another regimen of that nature. Act responsibly as individuals and together in a loving way co-create the system that you prefer to allow every individual to fulfill their . QUESTION: Would you comment on the virtue of fasting. Anything you do for the purpose of your intentional integration will raise the consciousness of the species as a whole. Many individuals will arrive in any way they choose. From our point of view we do not see any difference. You are your government after all. What you refer to as the hundredth monkey syndrome.body anyway. you will only perpetuate the same structure that you are complaining about. It can boost you but if you don't feel any great excitement about taking it that is ok too. them. If you make it an us vs. Because you are already ingesting certain substances on your planet and taking in certain toxins. You have all decided the structure of your society. Or to put it more precisely will make available to the species as a whole more opportunity for consciousness raising. Many individuals will have nothing to do with it. either before or during the ingesting of the ORMEs material? BASHAR: Generally it is necessary for there to be the relaxation of the grounding state before the shifting of transmutational impact. It will always lead you to exactly what works best for you. You will continue to do so.

be responsible for it. QUESTION: I personally know a very intelligent scientist who was producing this material and he is presently in jail on a trumped up drug charge and serving thirty years. But if your vibration stays In the direction where everything that happens is done in an unconditionally loving way and not through fear then the only effect that you will derive from your reality will generally be a positive one. Very few know about it at all QUESTION: They do not consider it a threat to them? BASHAR: They don't understand it. Therefore it will have an overall positive effect even though that individual right now may not be feeling that reality is so positive. QUESTION: I wonder if we are exposing ourselves to a similar vindictive action. BASHAR: A few know about it. QUESTION: Are those individuals we consider our government. find out why you are afraid to run your own life. very few. . It is no longer on their shoulders to carry the burden that has caused them to crack and go in the direction of domination which is the natural result of heaping all the responsibility of your self empowerment upon their shoulders. They are only doing the job that you created them to do. Take back your fear. are they taking any particular interest in the ORMEs? BASHAR: A few.function as a unique and responsible self empowered individual rather than giving your power away to someone to run it for you. stop complaining about them and allow them to know through your communications of unconditional love and support that now it is time for everyone to be self empowered including them. If you allow yourselves to recognize the positive impact that can come out of any effect you will realize that that individual chose to be made an example of to inspire other individuals to do something about it. BASHAR: Not if your frequency is otherwise.

It would probably be a benefit for both of you to actually discuss the fears he may have had. The white powder cannot be effective for you in a positive way until the transmutation of your own idea of how you define yourself is as pure as the driven snow. Therein the ingestion of the material is like a booster symbol for many of you to help your body remember what frequency it needs to be on. harmonization and coherency and super conductivity and integrity of intentional focus of how you choose to define what you believe is the most likely reality that will occur from the actions you take. Even the energy field itself. You need synchronicity. around the monoatomic gold will impart the idea of increased longevity. It may not come very easily for most of you to do it that way. That's the coherency that all of you need. BASHAR: Specifically it is strong in that direction. of the spirit.You must also remember the individual who is in jail. to go in a different direction. Put him in touch with those fears to help him redefine how else he could look at the situation and start redefining it in a positive way. It's not just the transmutation that the white powder can affect. After all isn't this all about alchemical transformation? It starts with all of you. So then he could alchemically transmute the entire event to have a different outcome. QUESTION: We could then use the mind. QUESTION: So do we really have to take the gold to have longevity? And does that correct the DNA giving us the 20-year-old body again? .] QUESTION: You've mentioned before that the iridium of the white substances will open up our psychic abilities but white powder gold will give us the longevity. And you won't have to worry about the idea of who is going to come after you. That may be the strongest feeling he had and thus he generated a self-fulfilling prophecy. It's about the transmutation of the soul. That's what it's all about. Then everything will spontaneously and magically fall into place. Because you will in effect just like the super conductor. but it will take adequate practice for the single mind of your species to do this. become invisible to all who are not of that frequency. tuning into that frequency to then have longevity and reverse age? BASHAR: Yes. of the idea of how you define yourself. [Skipped a few questions that pertained to person bags of substances. Synchronization. probably carried a lot of fear of being caught. All the alchemists knew it.

most spirits snap back to the etheric form of about their 33rd year of life. when you die. By adding the monoatomic chromium to the iridium and rhodium it would be even more efficacious. especially as connected to what you would call the natural diet and the removal and release of flushing toxins from the system. QUESTION: The rhodium and the iridium are the powder that David Hudson has been providing to people. QUESTION: We wouldn't get that longevity in any other monoatomic substance? BASHAR: Overall there will be some increased longevity with the iridium. our electromagnetheric qualities? (yes) You also mentioned the violet colored foods have more gold. . This alone will enhance your ability for increased longevity. averaging out to about your 33rd year. actual monoatomic gold. QUESTION: Do we have the actual white powder gold now? BASHAR: Some of you have acquired through a variety of means. This is what happens generally when you become spirit. Would it be better if the iridium and the rhodium would be separate? BASHAR: No. The human body easily has the capacity within the next 15 years of beginning to lay the foundations for a life span of about 300 years. they know what to do when they are in your body. Sometimes they actually work better when they are in concert with monoatomic chromium.BASHAR: It may not do that exact thing for every individual but it will have the tendency to generalize the traits of your human form so that there would be a range somewhere between your 20 and 40 year. Would beets for example have more gold? BASHAR: It would have a combination of things in that it also exemplifies a little more of the red coloration than exactly the violet. QUESTION: Would the gold be more powerful in developing our spiritual nature. with the rhodium and others.

Many of you know exactly how to do this. BASHAR: Only if the body contains certain kinds of toxins as it does in most cancers. known as body electric. The site nearby represents the opposite charge and a balance created between the two electrically will allow there to be a readjustment using electric fields of very low amperage (very low amperage) that will allow the organ out of phase to readjust to the overall body harmonic. QUESTION: My understanding is disease came from the etheric to the physical. Too much at first can cause too much of an out of phase discordant clash within the frequencies which already exist within the body which is representative of the toxics within the cells. rather than the other way around.QUESTION: I have heard that the iridium stimulates the metabolism and could be detrimental if you have like cancers and tumors etc. In that there is a potential setup between a positive and a negative pole on the body. QUESTION: You talk about in phase and out of phase. in fact this is quite simplistic. And many of you have already done this around your world. Minor amounts at first until the body adjusts. including iridium cause a discordant out of phase vibration. The site of the disease represents one charge. the template is set up within the etheric body in that sense. will too much of a monoatomic element. QUESTION: Will that affect the etheric body as well? BASHAR: More that you are utilizing one slight aspect or attribute of the etheric body to help the physical body make an adjustment to be in more harmonic alignment with the etheric. Then more can be taken later if necessary. An example of this is that it is similar to the literature that is going around your planet. BASHAR: Yes. But as you are thus using an electric field you are using an aspect of the etheric to realign the physiological in that way as well. . It is simultaneous. Are we to the point in our evolution or our medicine that we can turn out of phase organs back in phase electromagnetically and cure disease? BASHAR: Yes.

The process of doing so is important for you. . Take for 7 days. QUESTION: [Summarized:] I have a plant here in a bag that is from Central America. You will find eventually that 7 ounces will assist you. There may be a parallel reality in some individuals after 10 years of ingesting fluoride where they may be incapable of manufacturing certain chemicals in the body ever again. Some difficulties with immune systems may crop up. You will find that many individuals will be incapable of ingesting certain substances adequately. I was told not to take it to anyone to find out what it is. Take for 7 days and etc. Many people have gotten off insulin by taking it. What do you want to do about it? QUESTION: I am taking Vitali-Tea in the amount that is suggested and have taken 6 bottles. You tell me. It is your planet.QUESTION: Will the medical community allow this to be brought in soon? BASHAR: I don't know. Would it be suitable to increase the dosage now? Is it a good idea to skip a day now and then? BASHAR: You can take up to 4 ounces maximum. It is your medical community. that is known to stabilize the sugar in diabetics and also has a known rejuvenating effect. take a day off or two or three. Like rest on Sunday. Do not allow yourself blindly to be the purveyor and conveyor of any such idea that you do not feel a connection to nor know what you are doing. (BASHAR could not sense the substance) Always you are allowed to know what you are doing Seek that knowledge. BASHAR: (Summarized) We see why the door is closed. Some individuals will show listlessness. No more than that will you really need ever. It was sent to me to test it out by making a tea. QUESTION: If our legislature decides to fluoridate all the water in California what will be the effect upon our health? BASHAR: There will be a variety of effects depending on the individual.

The idea is that the body has the ability to understand how to synchronize naturally. are functioning somewhere in the neighborhood of 250. BASHAR: Any that you would call the regular solids. BASHAR: In different combinations there may be slightly different frequencies but you will find that the monoatomic gold matrix frequency is somewhere around what you would call 244. QUESTION: When the substance is turned into glass. . However. Individuals that you call upon your planet. the threshold is 333. which is an inverted tetrahedron inside the tetrahedron you see) and a tessaract for the cube or the hypercube. and cubes. tetahedrons. it will get the point and adapt to it.000 cycles per second. the threshold of going from what you call your third density dimensional reality to the fourth is approximately 144. 000 cycles per second. energetically) they will transmute into two hyperdimensional regular solid which is the tetragramathon (for the tetrahedron.000 cycles per second. 000 cycles per second. platonic solids. if that would be put into a format or shape of geometric conduit form with specific sound harmonics. Let that be a guiding clue for you in the work that you do. Understand that in the terms of electromagnetheric pulsation frequencies. As long as there is no other frequency to pay attention to. ascended masters. QUESTION: Is that safe to project into a person by way of a -----? A field BASHAR: No. if you wish to take a VERY low amperage magnetic field and fluctuate it at that frequency. All you need is to give it a hint as long as that hint is pure. a suggestion and thus you will not overwhelm the magnetic field of the body. what geometric forms would have the highest vibrations. Going from your physical reality to total etheric non-physical reality.QUESTION: You talk about the frequency of gold and I wonder if you could reinterpret that so I could relate to that with the type of instruments I have. that will be of some benefit. All you need is a hint. When you create a cube of such material and when you create a tetrahedron of such material you will find that with certain harmonic frequencies they will transmute (not that it will necessarily appear this way to you visually but etherically.

QUESTION: Could they precipitate like Sai Baba BASHAR: Moses could. To some degree the concept of radionics may apply but not exactly in the way that you are using the idea on your planet at this time. Does light destroy the oil that is in a glass container? BASHAR: It will depend. Skipped] QUESTION: What process of monoatomics did Moses use? It was said he was on a higher form of monoatomics. .[Question about UFO…. which involves an intermediary step. QUESTION: Was it the gold? BASHAR: It was many things at different times for different reasons. QUESTION: You mentioned corn oil. If you want to talk about the transference of frequency energy in that way that will be a more direct route than the idea that you call radionically. BASHAR: You must understand that they had available to them technology not of your world. More the idea that exposure to the field is more apropos to the idea of allowing your body to pick up upon the particular frequency that it needs to key to. Nothing really should be utilized after the 72 hour potency anyway. QUESTION: Can the monoatomics be projected radionically? BASHAR: The field around any monoatomic element can be tapped into in that sense. yes.

water and pollution all combine to lower the resistance of the immunological system of the body. It is however an amplifier of the condition once it has taken root.QUESTION: Clarification in regard to the potential negative effect of the iridium to cancer patients. ideas are blooming. The HIV virus takes advantage of the lowered system and amplifies it and makes it appear in many cases as the cause. your own intuitions. with the greatest degree of joy you can. However the idea of the causation of what you recognize as Aids is simply the amount of different kinds of toxins that exist in your environment from a variety of sources. Some of your medical doctors and scientists know this but there are others who perpetuate the idea of HIV connection for their own monetary gain. Full intention. This does not mean that you can not do your research as well. unerringly lead you in the correct direction as long as you bring with you no need for absolute expectation that the outcome must be as you think it ought to be. with no expectation that the outcome should be a . Allow yourselves to know your own selves. BASHAR: We must at this time extend now our deep appreciation in allowing us to communicate through this conduit in this way at this time. So that the small amounts can over time. the combination of the carrot and the spinach and the parsley is good for that as well. creativity and joy. QUESTION: missed because of tape end. One moment… Celery will act as a cleansing medium to allow other things to take better effect. BASHAR: Small amounts first so that the large amounts do not clash with the amount of toxic vibration within the system. QUESTION: What is the best natural food source for the monoatomics for the rods and cones of the eyes? BASHAR: Those food sources rich in selenium will carry with them also the monatomics that will be good for the eyes and also the carrot to some degree. virus produce Aids? BASHAR: No. Different types of berries will aid and assist in the sharpening of the senses in a variety of ways. But go first with the strongest thing that represents your highest degree of excitement. All avenues are valid. food. Then after that purification. Electromagnetic stress. your own imaginations. your own instincts. It will always. Energies are shifting. even in a short time allow the body to acclimate and assist in removing the toxins that have the discordant vibrations. It is simply one of the opportunistic organisms that has a particular talent for amplifying certain conditions. acting on your highest vision. curiosity.

You are waking up and remembering that you are dreaming. is the perfect balanced state in which to receive all the information you need. more plastic. We thank you for allowing us to dream you into our reality and for dreaming us into yours. our love unconditionally and we bid you to remember that your reality is becoming more fluid. We thank you at this time and leave with you. . You are now finally beginning to wake up in the physical dream. exactly when you need it. That's what your physical reality is.particular way.