You CAN Heal with

(Emotional Freedom Techniques)

By Jo Hainsworth

“True emotional freedom is being able to be and do anything that you desire, from the bottom of your heart, to be and do.”

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This book is dedicated to my two doggie friends, without whom I may have never discovered the power of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques). When first introduced to EFT, I was a real sceptic. I thought it was a strangely mechanical method unlikely to be of much use. When I rediscovered EFT a couple of years later, I was still very sceptical. I decided to put it to the test. Flop and Tuft were abandoned at around 4 months old. When I came to live with their adoptive Dad, they were terrified of going in the car. I wondered whether perhaps it was because they had been thrown out of a car when abandoned. I didn’t really expect it to work, but decided to use what I’d read about EFT for animals, to try to cure their fear of going in the car. Tuft became my first of what is known in EFT circles as a “One Minute Wonder”. After two rounds of tapping, I jokingly opened the back of the car and asked him if he’d like to go for a drive. He jumped in and, wagging his tail furiously, looked at me as if to say, “Well what are you waiting for?” Flop became my introduction to the world of aspects, and how it’s not all about one minute wonders. After a couple of weeks of tapping, clearing all the issues that I could think of, Flop started happily joining us on our adventures in the car. I will be forever grateful to my two doggies pals for opening my mind to the power of EFT. And to their Dad for introducing me to it (and them!).


Introduction............................................................................................................................................. 6 Setting the Scene – Symptoms as Warning Lights ......................................................................... 6 Section I – What is EFT?......................................................................................................................... 8 Introduction to EFT............................................................................................................................ 8 What can you use EFT for? ................................................................................................................ 8 How does EFT work? ......................................................................................................................... 9 Section II – How to do EFT.................................................................................................................. 11 The Basics.......................................................................................................................................... 11 Step 1 - Estimate severity ............................................................................................................ 11 Step 2 - The Setup Phrase............................................................................................................. 11 Step 3 - Tapping the points .......................................................................................................... 12 Step 4 – Continuation ................................................................................................................... 13 Alternatives to Tapping................................................................................................................... 13 But that’s way too simple… ............................................................................................................ 13 Simple and Powerful Method for working alone....................................................................... 14 How long should I tap for? ............................................................................................................. 14 The Generalisation Effect and the Table Top............................................................................... 16 9 Gamut process ............................................................................................................................... 17 The Choices Method........................................................................................................................ 18 The Writing on our Walls................................................................................................................ 18 Specific uses for EFT........................................................................................................................ 18 Using EFT with Physical Illnesses ............................................................................................... 18 Using EFT to Lose Weight............................................................................................................ 18 Using EFT to Stop Smoking ......................................................................................................... 18 Using EFT to heal Chronic Physical Pain.................................................................................... 19 Using EFT for Depression ............................................................................................................ 19 Using EFT to heal a Major Trauma.............................................................................................. 19 Using EFT for Phobias.................................................................................................................. 21 Using EFT for Kids and Animals................................................................................................. 22 Using EFT for Hayfever and Allergies........................................................................................ 22 Section III - When EFT is Not Working ............................................................................................ 23 Common Challenges........................................................................................................................ 23 Why aren’t I a one minute wonder? ............................................................................................... 24 When you want to heal but… ......................................................................................................... 24 It’s just not working for me…......................................................................................................... 26 Concentrating too hard ................................................................................................................ 26 But I don’t love and accept myself .............................................................................................. 27 I just want to get rid of this .......................................................................................................... 27 Not feeling safe enough to heal ................................................................................................... 28 Escaping into our imagination..................................................................................................... 28 Need for Testing ........................................................................................................................... 29 I’m tapping and it’s getting worse, not better… ........................................................................... 29 Using the Choices Method to clear Blocks .................................................................................... 29 Forgiveness as Healer ...................................................................................................................... 30 A word about guilt........................................................................................................................... 32 When nothing else is working........................................................................................................ 32 Section IV - Why I am so passionate about EFT................................................................................ 34 Section V – Reflections on Healing Chronic Illnesses & Patterns .................................................. 36 Section VI – Where to Learn More...................................................................................................... 38 Section VII - About the Author and Acknowledgments.................................................................. 39 Section VIII - Appendices.................................................................................................................... 40

.............................................................. 61 Appendix K – Tips for when you are having difficulty accessing your feelings...The Tearless Trauma Technique......... 69 Appendix O – Sample Self Healing Session............. 59 Appendix J are included in this book in accordance with Gary Craig’s Copyright rules............................................................................................................The Personal Peace Procedure .....htm...................................................... 55 Appendix H: Clearing Blocks to EFT ......................................................................... 43 Appendix D: Asking the Right Questions ................... 51 Appendix G: Dr Carol Look Stop Smoking Protocol............................... 70 Appendix P – A Structure for Healing ............................................................................................... 74 Appendix Q – Healing and the Inner Child.............................................................................................................................................. which can be found at the following location on the internet: http://www........... 41 Appendix C: The Movie Technique: A tool for being specific 48 Appendix F: Dr Carol Look’s Compulsive Overeating and Weight Loss Protocol....Resolving Self Sabotage .................................. 78 Appendix R – When it’s just too scary to go there…............................................ 65 Appendix M – Surrogate Tapping....emofree..................................................... 63 Appendix L – The Benefits of having a Healing Buddy ................................................. 57 Appendix I: Finding Core Issues.......................................................... 84 Note: All the articles sourced from www...................... 80 Appendix S – Aspects Diagram ........................ 82 Appendix T – EFT Approaches – How to be your own creative practitioner .......................................Appendix A ............................................. 40 Appendix B: The "Tell the Story Technique” .................. 67 Appendix N – Difficulty using SUDs Scale..............................Healing Parts That Don't Want to Heal .. .......................................................... 45 Appendix E: Questions to Ask for Physical Symptoms.

For ongoing reference. print and bind the whole book to refer to over time so that you can continue to add to your knowledge about and experience with EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques). the last thing that you would want the mechanic to do would be to disable the warning light mechanism. EFT is both an incredibly simple and a more complex tool. as warning lights on a dashboard is a new way of looking at them for many people. or other symptoms like anxiety and depression. and ideas for using it for different types of issues Information on how to approach EFT if you have been using the basic information and are having difficulties The author’s story of her healing a chronic physical illness and other issues with EFT Discussion on other ingredients often needed in our healing toolkit. without doing something to heal the cause of the symptoms. Unfortunately when we take painkillers or some other medication on a regular basis. you can simply print the sections that you are interested in. Section I II III IV V VI VII VIII Title Introduction What is EFT? How to do EFT When EFT is not Working Why I am so Passionate about EFT Reflections on Healing Where to Learn More About the Author & Acknowledgments Appendices Description Important information to set the scene An overview of what EFT is and what it can be used for All you need to get up and running with the basics of EFT. is a method which enables you to do for your body what you would expect the mechanic to do for your car – to get under the covers and resolve what is causing the symptom to appear. be it physical symptoms. If you have a warning light coming on in your car regularly and take the car to the mechanic. so that they are no longer needed. with a page number reference. however it is a powerful way to orient ourselves to true healing. EFT gives us the tools to clear the underlying emotional causes of the symptoms. One helpful analogy is to see anything in our life that is not as we wish it to be as being like a warning light on a car dashboard. If you want to gain an overview. So rather than simply doing something to make the symptom go away. Most people come to a technique such as this because there is something in their life which is not working the way they want it to. If you are reading a paper copy you will find all the highlighted words on the contents page. a lack of something they want in their life or one of the myriad of the other challenges we face in our daily lives. Seeing symptoms. Setting the Scene – Symptoms as Warning Lights It can be helpful when learning about any new method to set the context of what we are trying to achieve with it. that is exactly what we are doing in our bodies – we are simply disabling the warning light that is there to tell us that there is something wrong. whether physical such as pain or illness. depression. Rather than working on disabling the warning light EFT. If you are new to EFT it is recommended that you read Sections I & II to start off with. In many cases the simple instructions are all that is required to resolve issues. or find information on a particular topic. -6- . alongside of EFT Information on where you can access further free resources to learn more about EFT About the Author notes and Acknowledgments Various articles referred to throughout the main text of the book Note that if you reading online you can click on any Blue Highlighted words to go directly to the section mentioned.You CAN Heal with EFT Introduction This book contains information about a powerful method of healing that you can learn to free yourself of painful emotions and physical symptoms. and only read the other sections once you have used the basics a few times and are comfortable with them.

After the emotions have been resolved. She suspected that the strawberries might have been sprayed with something toxic. Jasmine goes on to detail the things they applied EFT to. so here are a couple of examples to illustrate how EFT enables us to get behind the cause of a symptom: Strawberry Allergy Two young children. agonizing and night with no respite at all. He continues to treat his back with love and care although it does not hurt short. however. He ran 6 km at the local marathon with absolutely no pain or discomfort! I checked with him just before submitting this article and he continues to be pain-free. -7- . causing them to no longer want to eat strawberries. had great difficulty getting into a car. He was keen on trying EFT for the pain as he was unable to sit on a chair. the mother realised that the very first time the children reacted to strawberries was after eating them while the parents were having a huge argument. until the emotions around an incident such as this are resolved. In many cases despite surgery and medication. the gentleman is living a completely pain-free life enjoying easy and effortless movements in daily living. and that perhaps that might have caused her children to no longer be able to eat them without their lips and gums swelling.emofree. which included: • The physical symptoms of the pain • Current emotions about the pain. and from then on the children could once again enjoy strawberries without any reaction. This was a structural problem and was “supposed to cause pain”. (Source: http://www. pain continues. which clearly had a physical origin (an accident).com/Pain-management/back-pain-no-pain. An MRI scan of Lumbo-Sacral spine showed partial destruction of lower discs in the spine and even some compression of a nerve root due to narrowing of the spinal pathways. and then what was happening in the family at around that time. constant. there is no change at all. the pain ceases. The practitioner had the mother tap for the children on the fear and worries that were caused due to them witnessing the argument.You CAN Heal with EFT It can be difficult to comprehend that physical symptoms could have emotional causes. could not bend down to pick up anything from the floor. In fact. Their mother took them to see an EFT practitioner as she wasn’t sure what had caused it. As a result of an accident around 8 years back. Back Pain In a case reported in the EFT newsletter Jasmine Bharathan narrates the following: Here is a stunning account of how EFT can be helpful even in a structural problem. suddenly developed an allergy to them.htm) This is a typical example of where EFT has been able to help someone with a physical issue. despite the physical abnormalities caused by the accident sometimes remaining. On questioning the mother about when the strawberry allergy appeared. After 3 months of Homeopathic treatment. he suffered from constant agonizing pain in his lower back. including his anxieties about what would happen in the future if it continued • Specific events from the client’s past on the theme of his current emotions • The client’s beliefs about the pain Jasmine then writes: He has been pain-free since then! It has been a year and a half. His x-ray to date shows no further damage or destruction. my client was completely bed-ridden and paralyzed from the hip down for a year and a half. However. who previously loved eating strawberries. he was able to walk.

He didn’t make much headway either. However it is being shown time and again that unresolved emotions play a major factor in physical illness and many people have completely healed physical illnesses as a result of using the tapping. She suffered from frequent headaches and terrifying nightmares. One of the methods was developed by psychologist Roger Callahan. such as with those suffering from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).org/researcheft. Fortunately for all of us who are suffering from the pain of past traumas and current physical illnesses. both of which were related to her fear of water.html#AnchorThe-49575 for details). As we find emotional freedom we tend to find freedom from what restricts us and causes us pain physically at the same time. It all went away… including the nightmares. This was prompted by her complaint of some stomach discomfort. EFT was introduced in 1995 by Gary Craig. Mary. and shown time and time again that it is an extremely simple to learn and very effective method. limiting beliefs. there are many of us who are very thankful for having been able to use EFT to heal minor and major emotional and physical issues in our lives. she had been going from therapist to therapist for years… with no material improvement. She is totally free of her water phobia. and have found freedom from them using : In 1980 Dr Roger Callahan was working with a patient. There can be a tendency to think that EFT can only heal what are obviously emotional issues. and is a candidate for EFT. EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is a simple method where we focus on an issue in our life while tapping gently on easily accessible acupuncture points on our face and upper body and hands. While studies over the longer term are important and planned (see http://soulmedicineinstitute. for an intense water phobia. No headaches. EFT can help us to heal from traumas. allergies – in short anything that we can possibly have a belief or emotion associated to.” Many people feel uncomfortable with methods that have not yet had a lot of scientific studies done to prove that they work. physical illnesses. are finding true emotional freedom and being able to move on from the trauma that they have suffered. Dr Callahan tried to help her by conventional means for a year and a half. from the bottom of your heart. a Stanford engineering graduate who trained in several methods that were predecessors of EFT. Here’s how Gary describes what lead to Callahan developing his method (Source: the free EFT manual available from www. she announced immediately that her phobia was gone and she raced down to a nearby swimming pool and began throwing water in her face. True emotional freedom is being able to be and do anything that you desire. Anything that stands in the way of that is limiting your emotional freedom. No fear. with most preferring to wait until they have been proven over time.emofree. To seek help. To his astonishment.You CAN Heal with EFT Section I – What is EFT? Introduction to EFT Based on the same ancient principles as acupuncture. to be and do. Out of curiosity. phobias. who with the help of EFT. See the Introduction for a couple of specific examples. An example of where EFT is really leading the way is working with war veterans who have been crippled by nightmares and horrendous memories for 30 – 40 years. -8- . he had been studying the body’s energy system and decided to tap with his fingertips under her eyes (an end point of the stomach meridian). Then one day he stepped outside the normal “boundaries” of psychotherapy. Gary and Roger and countless other practitioners and self helpers have used EFT for all manner of issues. let alone so effectively. And it has never returned. despite the current lack of scientific studies or explanations as to how it is that it works at all. What can you use EFT for? EFT can assist you in any area of your life where you don’t have true emotional freedom. Many of these veterans have been in conventional therapy for decades without being able to resolve the issues. Studies have shown that only around 14% the population are able to embrace new methods.

and can in many cases be applied as a self help tool without assistance from a trained practitioner. we discover more and more uses for EFT. If blockages to the flow remain over many years physical illness can result. that needn’t stand in the way of us using it.Why I am so Passionate about EFT. the channels that. In some cases EFT is also able to assist someone to heal even though they have previously had acupuncture treatments with no success. Whenever we suffer something too difficult for us to resolve emotionally it can result in a disruption in the free flow of energy throughout these channels. -9- . it takes many years to learn. are unblocked via inserting needles into certain points along the channel. because as we do that. using acupuncture. You can also read many. While acupuncture is an excellent method. EFT is based on the foundational statement that: “The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy system.You CAN Heal with EFT A common phrase in EFT circles is “Try it on Everything”. and yet we learn as a result of the light coming on when we flick the switch that it does. including: • • • • • • • • • • • • Fears & Phobias Emotional/Physical/Sexual Abuse Stress & Anxiety Trauma Headaches & Migraines Allergies & Sensitivities Addictions Weight Issues Financial Blocks Relationship Issues Self Esteem Issues Sleep Issues EFT has been shown over and over again to be useful in areas where people have been searching for answers for a long time.emofree. many people have healed the wounds of childhood abuse. For example. many case studies of people who have healed from all sorts of challenges by using EFT at www. or who are resigned to never being able to move on from trauma so big that they cannot see a way forward. which has resulted in them healing physically as well. If you would like to read an example of how EFT has helped someone to heal a chronic illness see Section IV . it has helped people to heal the emotional components of cancer. How does EFT work? The short answer is that we still don’t really know for sure! However since most of us also don’t really understand how electricity works. Clearing the blockages allows us to release all the pent up emotions that we were unable to process at the time of the event and doing so often results in healing of any physical illnesses that the stress contributed and many have healed from PTSD after years and years of disabling memories and emotions as a result of something too big for them to handle. EFT can assist with a wide range of emotional and physical issues. One of the advantages of EFT is that it is very simple and quick to learn.” We have many channels of energy that run throughout our bodies. An alternative to inserting needles into the acupuncture points to clear the blockages is gently tapping on the points while using the EFT procedure.

I remembered my mother saying that I was born in a lot of distress. and because we are not consciously aware of it still causing us challenges. However while tapping I felt a lot of emotions surface and resolve. With EFT there is no need to “dredge up” old emotional stuff.Why I am Passionate about EFT.) (To read more about this see Section IV . we are simply tapping on the events to clear them. and basically wrote this off as being irrelevant. tend to be people with high levels of emotional trauma in their early childhoods. I had been on large amounts of prescribed medication over many years as a child and teenager. and the end result was that I have not had an allergic reaction to anything in the 18 months since (and in the past I reacted severely to a lot of different foods and chemicals. by showing up as physical examples.10 - . Unfortunately our conscious mind is only aware of a fraction of what our subconscious mind stores for us. in order to be able to tap on specific events and memories that could be contributing to our current challenges. A little while later. To answer it is important to look at it from two angles: and I wondered whether perhaps I might have arrived into the world feeling unsafe. and we become free to live with true joy. which can eventually manifest as symptoms in our bodies. they have a tendency to cause us to react to things in our lives or experience 2. Ph. this can be a factor for all of us with the everyday challenges we faced growing up.D (http://www. As we do this there is no need to re-experience the old emotions.innersource. When I tapped on my birth I had no conscious memories of it (obviously!) and felt that it was a waste of time. It is interesting to note that those with serious auto-immune illnesses. “Doesn’t this dredging for old emotional wounds just stir stuff up that is better left alone?” It is important to address this up front for anyone considering EFT who has this concern. It is very common when tapping to find old memories surfacing that we thought we had dealt with. by way of example. you can read some of the (very technical) articles on the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology site at: (http://www. Doesn’t it just stir up old stuff better left alone? A common response to EFT goes along the lines of. that it would be better left alone. While this is an extreme example of how unprocessed emotions continue to haunt us until we clear them. When we clear the emotional component of these old events they are no longer able to dominate our emotional landscape. If however you have a burning desire to understand more of the theories behind how it works.) . When the emotions that we were not able to process around the event are still stored in our subconscious mind and body. An example of this can be seen in the author’s own life: When I heard on an EFT training DVD that allergies are often caused by not feeling safe in the world.cfm?an=1&subarticlenbr=85). I had no conscious awareness of not feeling safe in the world. despite us not realising what is going on. I struggled to comprehend how this could be relevant to me. and I was convinced that my allergic reactions were a result of damage done to my immune system by both the illness and the drugs I took in an attempt to heal. while tapping on something unrelated. so our not being consciously aware of a problem does not mean that there isn’t one. It is very common for us to believe that we have dealt with something already. If you find it difficult to do this without being upset by old emotions surfacing read the section on Healing a Major Trauma.You CAN Heal with EFT Fortunately we don’t really need to understand how EFT works to be able to get up and running with it.energypsych. We simply tap on the current challenges we face and follow the trail of what comes up.htm). If you would like to read results of some of the preliminary research into the Energy Psychology methods (the group of methods that EFT falls into). Where we need to we ask ourselves what the earliest memory of feeling like this is. you can read “Energy Psychology – A Review of the Preliminary Evidence by David Feinstein. that in actual fact still have an emotional charge.

Some people want to miss it out because they feel its crazy accepting something they don’t want.Estimate severity It’s a good idea to start by estimating the severity of the problem on a scale of 0 to 10. see Appendix if you want to.11 - . describe it as exactly as you can.) With the setup phrase. So for instance. as a benchmark so you can see if it’s going down. we often can’t get to where we want to go.You CAN Heal with EFT Section II – How to do EFT The Basics There are four main parts to the EFT process.The Setup Phrase We all have aspects of our subconscious that are not ready to heal. It is also really important to be as specific as possible with this. The method presented here is the shortcut method. 10 being serious distress or pain.” Or “Even though I have this fear of heights.emofree.selfheal4me.php Step 1 . because part of us thinks it’s safer to stay as we are. but in your mind if necessary): “Even though I have <this problem> I completely love and accept myself” 3 times For example “Even though I have this throbbing pain in my lower back. (Note that this concept is covered in more depth in the section entitled When you want to heal but… When first learning EFT the best thing to do is just use the standard phrase and see what happens when you do the tapping. there is a longer method that you can learn from the free EFT manual at www. and 0 none. Step 2 . The setup phrase is designed to help all parts of us to be ready to heal. I completely love and accept myself”. and find the shortcut just as effective in most cases. For more detail on this if required. If you would like to watch a short demonstration of the tapping sequence you can watch EFT Master Judy Byrne demonstrating the sequence at: http://www. for example “this throbbing and pulsing pain in the centre of my lower back” etc. This is often an important step. A lot of people get hung up on this but it’s just the first number that comes into your mind. but if we don’t accept ourselves the way we are. you tap on the Karate Chop point (see picture on next page) with the index and middle fingers of your dominant hand (or any other way that feels right). and it’s really important not to skip any parts when you are first If you would like to tap along with some audio files with the author leading you through the process. instead of “this pain in my back”. after reading the basics below you can download and listen to four short files from http://www. I completely love and accept myself. while you say (preferably out If you find yourself very resistant to saying “I completely love and accept myself” read Appendix H and try the process there. to help you to learn it. You will only need to explore this further if you find that the standard approach is not clearing issues for you quickly. but practitioners rarely use it .

. “this throbbing lower back pain” or “this fear of heights”. collarbone and 1st rib meet Under arm (on side of body. while saying <this problem> at each spot. finishing under the arm. Top of head . Either way is fine. For example. Alternatively some people like to start with the eyebrow point and finish by coming back up to the top of the head. Say whatever comes to mind. Note that the points start at the top of the head and then you move sequentially down the body.Tapping the points Now go through and tap each of the spots in the diagram below.You CAN Heal with EFT Step 3 . You can simply say however it is that you are feeling about the issue as you tap through the points. at a point even with nipple (for men) or in the middle of bra strap (for women) Gamut (see text for description) Karate point (anywhere on part of hand you would do a karate chop with) Note that once you have mastered the basic tapping sequence. about 5 to 7 times on each spot.12 - . (The gamut point is for another process detailed later in the book). and really let yourself go with the flow. you don’t have to stick with saying the same thing on each point.the highest point if you trace your finger up the midline from your nose End of eyebrow Side of eye (on bone) Under eye (on bone directly under pupil) Under nose Chin (midway between bottom lip & chin) Collarbone (the junction where the sternum.

it’s likely that you won’t need a reminder phrase. and tapping while you tune in to it. By simply tapping you will probably clear the blockages associated with it. If something has just happened that has made you very angry. EFT works by you tuning in to an issue in your life. it pays to still say the setup statement to be sure that all parts of you are ready to heal. Alternatives to Tapping In some situations it is easier to use the Touch and Breathe Method instead of tapping. emotions or feelings in your body that come up as you are tapping.You CAN Heal with EFT Important: As you are tapping on the points. which often only takes one or two rounds. and keep going until it’s down to 0. be mindful of any memories or emotions or thoughts or feelings in your body that surface. and incorporate them with either the current or the next round of tapping. To do this simply touch each point with your fingertips and take a deep breath. I deeply and completely love and accept myself”. If however you are not really tuned into an issue when you tap on it. It can be useful to do the tapping physically several times before trying this technique. however in a lot of cases this isn’t necessary. completely resolved her physical illness! If you would like to learn more from this story see Section IV Why I am so Passionate about EFT. After searching for many more answers to her chronic illness in the intervening years. as you go through the sequence. It is important to understand how EFT works and then you can relax when it comes to the language you use. The author was guilty of this the first time she was introduced to EFT. Another alternative that is particularly useful if you are in a public place is to simply imagine that you are tapping on the points. into the current or subsequent rounds. and if it has gone down. The words that we use in the tapping phrases are simply to help you to tune into the issue. But that’s way too simple… Many of us tend to write the simple off as not being powerful enough to really help us. thoughts.13 - . When we first learn EFT many of us tend to be concerned about what language we should use for the part to replace <this problem> in the standard phrase. We generally do the setup phrase just to be sure that we are ready to heal. Step 4 – Continuation Now you estimate the severity again. but isn’t zero. and the reminder phrase becomes “remaining <this problem>” (each time with <this problem> replaced with your specific pain or fear etc). it pays to trust that they have come up for a reason and tapping on them will most likely be useful. I completely love and accept myself”. saying “this remaining throbbing lower back pain”. without the assistance of a practitioner. so that the body already knows the activity. but for this and any subsequent rounds you adjust the wording as follows: For the setup phrase it becomes “Even though I still have some of <this problem>. but as you will already be tuned in to the issue. you do another round. As we tap our subconscious mind often gives us clues on what we need to tap on next. So to continue the above example you would tap on the karate point with: “Even though I still have this throbbing pain in my lower back. the phrases help you to tune in to what you want to work on. and even if they initially seem unrelated. Studies have shown that the same parts in the brain light up whether you are actually doing a particular activity or simply imagining yourself doing it. It is generally quicker to do the setup at the start of each round than to use a method to determine whether or not it is required. . and is so incredibly thankful that she had an opportunity to revisit it several years later. three sessions of EFT. Then continue as above with all the tapping points. Be sure to incorporate any memories.

try the process in Appendix H “Clearing Blocks to EFT”. 5.) Simple and Powerful Method for working alone For a simple way to start working on your own. Write everything you know about the issue. There are several ways you can do this: 1. Is the setup statement working for you? When you tap with “and I deeply and completely love and accept myself”. and tap through each group. Then look through the sentences and group them into groups of up to three statements that seem to go together. (See Appendix L for helpful ideas for when you can’t work with a practitioner. it pays to stop and “sharpen the saw”.14 - . or are you finding major resistance and a feeling that you are just saying the words but don’t really buy into them? If the latter. try reading the Common Challenges section to find some new approaches. 2. all they are doing is taking the words you said to them and reflecting them back to you as tapping phrases. In this case it can be useful to tap three times a day on the issue for a while and watch how things change over time. . If you are feeling tired. 4. it may be that you need to rest to integrate the changes taking place in your body as a result of the tapping that you have done. the same applies to EFT – if you have been tapping several rounds on something and the intensity isn’t coming down. worries or concerns do you have in relation to this issue? • Is there anything else that comes to mind as you write about this that you could include? The next step is to take every sentence you have written and turn it into a tapping statement as detailed above (simply add “Even though” to the start of each sentence. “How long should I tap for on each issue?” The answer to this is basically as long as you need in order to clear the issue*. “Even though I have bad self-esteem…”). see the discussion on Need for Testing. One of the great benefits of working with a good EFT practitioner is simply that you will realise that more often than not. as if you are describing it to an EFT practitioner who doesn’t know anything about you. Some long term issues really hang in there and it just requires persistence to keep tapping and keep dealing with aspects.You CAN Heal with EFT It can be really helpful to have a couple of sessions with an experienced EFT practitioner by phone or in person to get up and running with EFT. using the following questions as guidelines of areas to explore: • Describe the challenge you are having in as much detail as you can • How does it feel to have this challenge in your life? • What is your theory as to why you still have this challenge in your life? • When did the problem first occur in your life? • What was happening at that time (see above question)? • What fears. Consider doing an Aspect Diagram in this case. Just as with cutting down trees it pays to stop and sharpen a blunt saw. If you are tapping on a very global issue (for example. * If you aren’t sure how to know whether or not you are clear on an issue. does it feel OK. Ask yourself whether you are being specific enough. being sure to note what comes to mind as you are tapping and incorporate that into the tapping. This can be a very simple and powerful way to do your own healing. Remember to listen to your body to know when you’ve done enough tapping for the particular session. it’s often the equivalent of trying to cut down a tree with a blunt saw. If you have a forest full of trees that you want to cut down and you are trying to fell them with a blunt saw. however simply tapping the same thing over and over when you aren’t seeing any movement isn’t the most effective way to work. If you’ve been tapping through various aspects of an issue over a period of time and are finding that the issue itself just doesn’t seem to be budging. Make your phrases more specific and you may find yourself making much quicker progress. How long should I tap for? A common question when someone first learns EFT is. sit down and write all you can think of about an issue. it will be hard work and slow going. and “I deeply and completely love and accept myself” to the end of each sentence). 3. however this is often not necessary at all.

including pain.htm) Sometimes no matter how much we want to. Alternatively you could pick one of the items on the summary to EFT Approaches in Appendix T. As with any new skill it pays to start with smaller more manageable issues and gain confidence as you see things changing. or have a physical symptom. (http://www. If you have any concerns about being able to do this. instead of starting with the biggest issue in your life. we cannot see what is in our blind spot without help. no-one would be reading this book! As we work with EFT we learn to respect the immense power of our subconscious.You CAN Heal with EFT Tapping Tips The most important thing with EFT is that you tune into the issue you want to work on and you tap. the Personal Peace Procedure is excellent for giving us some structure to work through. • There can be many aspects to some issues.”) The more you can be aware of the subtle thoughts going through your mind surrounding the healing of the issue you are working with. As you remove the pain in the head. A good way to deal with this is to tap on “Even though I don’t want to do EFT right now…” Many people using EFT for their own healing have used EFT to get past this and go on to incorporate EFT really successfully into their daily lives. Instead of tapping with “this pain in my back”. With EFT this translates to needing to be open to things arising into your mind that you may not have previously been aware of. you probably wouldn’t take Everest on with your first climb. information that our conscious mind cannot possibly process in it’s entirety in each moment. The reason you are having difficulty moving on from some event. This is known as “Chasing the pain” and is a very good sign. • Remember that persistence pays off! . Doing this can be a real art. the toothache will come to the forefront of your attention. If you had a throbbing head and a slightly aching tooth. then use that as the focus of your initial tapping statement (“Even though I’m worried I’m going to do this wrong. • When working with physical symptoms. It may be helpful to do an Aspects Diagram for the issue (see Table Top and Appendix S for more information. which could hold the keys to your resolving the issue you are working on. may well be entirely different to what you consciously believe it is! Here are some tips on getting the most from your tapping: • Be as specific as you can. • If you are having difficulty clearing issues. see Section III – When EFT is not Working • Sometimes people have great success with EFT then just suddenly stop using it. Simply keep tapping until you no longer have symptoms or pain coming to your attention. whenever they need it. It is also important to remember that while we like to think that our conscious mind can resolve everything. • If you are working on something physical you may need to find the emotions or beliefs associated with it. and some people stop after a few rounds and say it’s just not working. If it was. There are some very effective questions in Appendix D and Appendix E which could help you to find the issues to tap on if you are working on your own. describe it as specifically as you can. This is sometimes to do with that part of them that doesn’t feel ready to heal. you may well not have even noticed the aching tooth until the headache diminished.) • If you were just starting mountain climbing. You can find the PPP in Appendix P. try posting a question on the emofree forums to see if one of the practitioners or people using EFT for themselves can help you out. and I won’t be able to find the right words. I deeply and completely love and accept myself anyway. which stores so much information for us. that is not in fact the case. That usually just means you haven’t got to the core of the issue and need to keep searching for it.15 - . knowing that as you follow the trail. the more you will be able to shine the light of EFT on them and move forward with greater emotional freedom. like “my teacher told me I was hopeless in front of the class when I was 7”. for example “this throbbing pain in the bottom left side of my spine…” Instead of “low self-esteem”.emofree. • If you would like a structured approach to healing. If you are having difficulty with this. tap on specific examples of things in your life that could have contributed to this issue. Simply tap on whatever comes up. you will uncover the aspects that need to be addressed. a common phenomenon is to find that the symptoms or pain move to a new area in the body as you

many events holding them in place. simply chopping the tops off some or all of the weeds will not enable you to successfully grow the flowers. they just grow back. like “Even though I have low self-esteem”. “What is my earliest memory of feeling bad about myself?” and work on whatever memory comes to mind. and after clearing that memory (which was very traumatic to her and caused her to be so upset she couldn’t say the words as she tapped). you will find yourself making lasting progress much more rapidly. Imagine that the issue you are working on is a table top. roots and all. we start with something very global. and the table doesn’t fall. However. where a woman works with Gary tapping on the earliest memory she had of ongoing sexual abuse. Simply tapping on “Even though I have low self esteem…” can be like pounding on the top of the table. and you want to grow flowers there. the whole table top would crash down. See the section on Using EFT to heal a major trauma for more information on this. this global tapping is insufficient to clear the whole issue. With EFT. none of which caused upset any longer after tapping on and clearing 3 or 4 specific events. A good example of this is some war veterans’ who had hundreds of very traumatic memories. It’s the same with the issue of self esteem – the table top of low self esteem is being held up by a number of specific events that happened earlier in your life.) . but most likely you will find a whole lot of small weeds come out with the big weeds as you remove them. However if you pull the biggest weeds out. (Note that in this case Gary was working quickly on the side of the stage at a conference and did not have the luxury of time to approach it more gently. simply tapping a little on a wide range of issues is like chopping the tops off the weeds. 2. When working on your own or with a practitioner. So you would ask yourself. There are two important things to note about this metaphor: 1. all the rest of the events seem to clear with them.16 - . like low self esteem for example. There can be a tendency to think that because some issues have many. Fortunately there is something in EFT known as the Generalisation Effect whereby once we’ve cleared a certain number of the events holding the issue in place. she was unable to get upset thinking about any further instances of the abuse. which can only stay up if supported by a certain number of legs under the table. no matter how much tapping you do on an issue. If instead you can work on specific events that resulted in the challenge you face. but it is usually only a handful of them. There is no way to know how many events need to be cleared to heal a certain issue. Simply tapping a little on each memory or event without completely clearing the emotional charges associated with it is like sawing a little off the bottom of each table leg – the table top is still supported. and collapse them one by one. A good example of this can be seen in the EFT Course DVDs. you do not need to work in a way that results in you becoming upset by thinking about the specific memories. if you sawed off a leg or two (depending on how many legs there are holding the table up). A far more effective way of working with EFT is to find the legs that are holding the table top up. you’ll never clear it. Lowering the emotional charge a little on several events is not as effective as completely clearing one event. Like with targeting the biggest weeds in the garden. they will not only not grow back. which resulted in your low self esteem. If you have an overgrown area of your garden in which many weeds are competing with each other.You CAN Heal with EFT The Generalisation Effect and the Table Top Often when we start tapping on an issue. A metaphor that Gary Craig uses to explain this is the “Table Top”. and even in the case of major issues is rarely more than 5 to 20 events. it pays to target the biggest contributors to the issue in your life. With the self esteem example the table top may be “I have low self esteem”. Sometimes we are lucky and the issue collapses with the global tapping. but in many cases with long term issues that have many aspects. Another way of looking at this is to draw a comparison with gardening. which tend to be the earliest memories you have associated with the challenge. You could pound on the top of a table for decades and still not cause the table to collapse.

7. If you draw an imaginary line between the knuckles at the base of the ring finger and little finger and consider that line to be the base of an equilateral triangle whose other sides converge to a point (apex) in the direction of the wrist. and some practitioners believe it is very important to perform this process when clearing traumatic events. Open your eyes. as you perform the actions while simultaneously tapping on the gamut point (see below) and tuning in to the issue. tapping gently and spending several seconds on each step. The second most common reaction is that it just seems too strange to even consider! The process involves moving your eyes in certain directions. take your time. 5. you soon get the hang of it. 4. The file can be downloaded from http://www. Here are the 9 steps which are done. Turn your eyes hard down right while holding the head steady. It is designed to activate the left and right hemispheres of the brain. and making sure that as you move to each step you bring the issue to mind again to tune in to it. 6. 2. or are working with a very traumatic event. then there is no need to use it at all. Hum 2 seconds of a song again. Roll eyes in a circle as though your nose was at the center of a clock and you were trying to see all the numbers in order. Turn eyes hard down left while holding the head steady. it would be well worth trying. and to clear all the different areas of the brain. Close your eyes. while simultaneously tapping on the gamut point and tuning in to the issue: 1. The most common initial reaction to the process is that it is too complicated. However this process can be very powerful in removing all the links in our brain to traumatic events. which is not used a lot these days. The gamut point is on the back of either hand and is 1/2 inch behind the midpoint between the knuckles at the base of the ring finger and the little finger. Same as #5 only reverse the direction in which you roll your eyes. . and does seem rather strange. 9. As you follow the directions. 8.) In most cases you will find that this process is not necessary. you can follow an audio file with the author leading you through the process. Count from 1 to 5.php. or are having trouble remembering the 9 steps while being tuned in to the issue you are working with.selfheal4me. (See diagram of tapping points. then the gamut point would be located at the apex of the triangle. counting. it is recommended that you try this process.You CAN Heal with EFT 9 Gamut process The 9 gamut process is a part of the long form of EFT that was originally taught. If however you are having difficulty clearing something. If however you are finding an issue is taking a long time to clear. If you haven’t done it before. but once you’ve done it one or two times.17 - . and humming. If you find that you are clearing issues without using the 9 gamut process. Hum 2 seconds of a song (suggest Happy Birthday).com/Books. 3.

but people have also had success working through the protocol on their own. For example.emofree. you can read the article at http://www. breath deeply and calm down. which is a favourite of Gary Craig.htm) Once you understand this concept. Ideally you would work through this protocol with a practitioner or a friend you can rely on to help you to be objective. She has generously shared the protocol that she uses.You CAN Heal with EFT The Choices Method Dr Patricia Carrington has developed a variant of EFT that is used widely by practitioners and those using EFT for themselves. The protocol can be found in Appendix F. including great physical health. If you are not familiar with this concept you can read about it in Gary Craig’s series “The Palace of Possibilities”. and aiding us to track down beliefs that we can tap on to release ourselves from what is holding us back from achieving our dreams. we use a choice that reflects where we would like to be with the issue. You can learn all you need to know to use the Choices Method for yourself from Dr Carrington’s e-book.” This method is such a powerful way to move through issues quickly. the setup statement is modified. If you are struggling with understanding how it is possible that emotions can contribute to a physical illness. (http://www. Dr Carol Look has written down the protocol she has used to help a lot of her clients to achieve their ideal weight. you could tap on the karate point with: “Even though I’m so upset about this I can hardly think straight. Ideally you would work through this with a practitioner or a friend you can rely on to help you to be objective.html Using EFT to Lose Weight EFT has been used successfully by many people to lose weight. The Writing on our Walls This metaphor. but people have also had success working through the protocol on their own. Specific uses for EFT Using EFT with Physical Illnesses The best place to start with any physical illness is to work specifically with the symptoms. and want to be able to calm down and move on from it.masteringeft. With this method. and is well worth learning. I choose to and is highly endorsed by the creator of it may be useful to read an article written by a doctor explaining how cancer can develop as a result of repressed emotions. Gary Dr Carol Look also has a very useful series of questions available to assist you with healing physical illnesses. you will be able to use it to search out the writing on your walls that is resulting in you not achieving your dreams. which is available to download free of charge at http://www. The protocol can be found in Appendix G. if you are upset about something. You can read the questions in Appendix D. Using EFT to Stop Smoking Dr Carol Look has used EFT very successfully to help many people stop smoking. is a powerful way of thinking about what limits us. It is also a very important concept to understand from the point of view of using EFT to heal. .18 - . You can read these questions in Appendix E. and in place of the “I deeply and completely love and accept myself”. EFT Master Rue Hass has a great series of questions that she asks to help find things to tap on for physical symptoms.alternative-cancercare.

A search on the emofree website returns many cases with suggested approaches on working with depression using EFT. If you are serious about healing chronic pain. others find that support from an experienced practitioner is invaluable. see the story about Back Pain in the Introduction to this book. They performed MRIs on about 98 people who had no history of back pain. The researchers found normal discs in only 36% of the people. If you would prefer to work with a printed book. Dr Sarno has shown in thousands of cases that an abnormality in the spine does not necessarily result in pain.htm. and yet no pain. Using EFT for Depression Another area where there has been a lot of success using EFT is with depression. . then following the guidelines on the next page may make the process easier for you:. all the information in these articles and more is available in Rue Hass’ inexpensive book “Opening the Cage of Pain with This series of articles is very long. it is recommended that you study this series of articles and work through the tapping that arises as a result of them. In some cases people are able to clear the sadness and underlying emotions simply by tapping on how they are feeling on their the result of a physical accident that we were involved in. we have either been told it is due to an abnormality on a scan. that is very helpful in working through any issues with chronic pain.You CAN Heal with EFT Using EFT to heal Chronic Physical Pain For many of us with chronic pain. EFT is an excellent way to heal chronic physical pain.19 - . by clearing the emotional issues associated with the physical pain. herniations of various kinds. or that it’s all in our head because no abnormalities have been found. Like with most issues with EFT. He has had great success in helping people to heal from chronic pain. there is a wide range of stories. Using EFT to heal a Major Trauma If you are interested in learning EFT because you have experienced a major trauma in your life – anything that has been difficult for you to move on from. and so on. an accident.” EFT Master Paul Lynch has also written an excellent article entitled “The Colour of Pain” which is available from http://www. to cases where a lot of persistence is required to track down the causation and clear it with the tapping. EFT Master Rue Hass has written an excellent series of articles that has been published on the EFT website (http://www. sexual abuse – it could be a good idea for you to work with a practitioner if this is at all possible. and helping them to be free of it whether they have some abnormalities in that area of their body or not. For an example of how someone has healed chronic pain with EFT. Dr Sarno stated: Here's an example: There was a paper published in 1994 by a doctor and her colleagues in the New England Journal of Medicine. Everyone else had bulges.emofree.emofree. from incredible one minute wonders where years and years of depression has been resolved in moments with tapping.htm). for example the loss of a loved one. If this isn’t possible for any reason. In an interview of pain expert Dr John Sarno by Medscape.

and ask your friend to listen carefully for any beliefs that you may have taken on as a result of the trauma. when a parent has lost a child to an accident. Sometimes it is very difficult for us to see these beliefs. and listen to their stories with empathy. It is NOT necessary to re-experience the emotions and details of the trauma in order to heal.” For more on forgiveness. and make it easier when you sit down to tap on the major issues. Sometimes it is simply not possible for us to feel safe and supported enough to heal a major issue if we are working alone. simply tap on how you are feeling. for example. I deeply and completely love and accept myself”. It is important to realise that when we go through any major trauma. I deeply and completely love and accept myself. If you aren’t sure what the emotions are. and don’t continue to work with the main issue until you feel ready to. it is quite common for a part of us to be frozen in time. so that you are comfortable with the tapping and have found ways that work best for you. which gives guidelines for being a supportive healing buddy. taking the time to hear the feelings inside of us. A supportive way to work can be to sit down with a trusted friend who knows a little about EFT. and if necessary dialogue with the different parts of us to hear how they feel. If you aren’t able to get any intensity around something that you are sure is still affecting you. simply stop talking. you sit down to do some EFT with a friend and you find yourself saying that a part of you doesn’t want to even go there. The more we can bring compassion to the parts of us that are not ready to heal. The best way to heal trauma is to take it very gently. However if that isn’t possible. If at any stage this happens for you. and that is why working with a practitioner can be supportive. Sometimes when we are doing EFT. by working with a friend you trust. they have a belief that it should have been them instead. Also ensure that you and your friend have read Appendix L. Listen carefully for the ways you talk about what happened to you. Often. the gentler our healing process is. and to let go of a lot of what has been causing you pain. one possible approach is to ask yourself whether you are able to forgive everyone involved in the trauma. and avoid re-traumatising yourself as a result of thinking about things that really upset you. Tap with all your concerns about how you might feel when you tap on the trauma. The tutorials on the Tell the Story Technique (Appendix B) and the Movie Technique (Appendix C) are also both important ones for you and your friend to understand. or myself. including yourself. for example. it does mean that you are really tuned in to the issue and is a real opportunity to keep tapping. but rather to help you to see any issues that may still be standing between you and peace on the issue. In most cases where we feel that we are unable to forgive. really take the time to tap on this with EFT with the help of your friend before even considering tapping on the trauma. The purpose of this question is not to be able to answer a particular way. This can help you to build confidence with the process. who you can support you. Be sure to have your friend read the emofree tutorial on the Tearless Trauma Technique (see Appendix A) and understand it prior to you starting the tapping. no matter how gently we tread. see the section Forgiveness as Healer. For this reason it is very important to work very gently with EFT with any major traumas. .You CAN Heal with EFT • • • • • • • If you are new to EFT. If you are easily overwhelmed by emotions. and talking through how you are feeling (preferably while tapping). “Even though there is just no way I could even consider forgiving John for this. it indicates that there are still emotions blocked in our system that we need to tap to release.20 - . While it's uncomfortable to be overwhelmed with tears or emotion. and focus on your breathing. try working on a few smaller issues for yourself before taking on the big ones. and continue tapping. for example. There is tremendous power in there being another person there to support us in our healing. unable to move forward and process what happened to us. and therefore tap on them. If. Sometimes we may consciously decide it is time for us to move on from something that has happened to us. then that is the place to start working – “Even though a part of me doesn’t want to go there. we find ourselves in the midst of strong emotions. Tap on this or any similar thoughts that are coming up and deal with all the feelings associated to these thoughts prior to even considering working with the Tearless Trauma Technique. but a part of us isn’t ready to do so. you may be able to identify the points of view and beliefs that you took on as a result of the trauma.

self-image..21 - . even if it seems silly looking back on it as an adult.. many years. we simply have something that isn’t working in our lives the way we want it to. I yearn for. giving many people the freedom to do something that they formerly would have been terrified to even consider. I forgive myself.. There are lots of stories about phobias on the EFT website. It made me think I was. “Even though I’m terrified of flying…”) and other times a phobia is found to have a number of aspects which need to be dealt with.. . then imagining it again.. I was doing the best I could.. having difficulty finding a long term partner. Sometimes phobias clear rapidly. specific) time when. But deep inside. That has created a problem in my life because (or when . I choose to ___________ instead. An excellent way to work with limiting beliefs is to use a process that Rue Hass kindly shared in an article on the emofree website... Here are the statements Rue suggests working through to find leads to tap on (sourced from http://www. or simply feel that we are not living the best life we could be. Often when we tap on the earliest memory we have of something. The worst part of that particular incident was. The easiest way to work with phobias is to just keep imagining yourself doing the activity..You CAN Heal with EFT Using EFT to release Limiting Beliefs Sometimes instead of working with physical illness or pain or trauma... EFT is great for working with limiting beliefs and releasing them and enabling us to create the sort of life we desire.... Using EFT for Phobias Another area that EFT has been very successful is in clearing phobias and in doing so. and see what comes to the forefront as the worst part of it.. That made me feel.. If I had that I would feel. which may have been quite traumatic to us as a child. struggling financially. Sometimes it is also necessary to ask what your earliest memory of a response to whatever is causing your phobia is. So now. I feel that in my body here: Sometimes I even think maybe I don't deserve. outlook on life. just after tapping on the basic phobia (for example. Perhaps we are struggling to earn a living doing something we love. this can result in us letting go of a phobia we’ve had for many... See the section on Need for Testing for an approach to testing how you are going with a phobia..). and tapping on that.) about this that I got from my family is... repeating as many times as necessary.htm): "I had to __________ or else___________" A BELIEF (behavior... A good example of that was that (particular. before the phobia

There seem to be two different types of allergies. having medical staff available).) For the second type of reactions. It is one of the seemingly strangest parts of EFT. while saying the phrases. simply tracking down when the first reaction occurred. all suffered from these symptoms each spring. and yet it has been shown time and time again to be highly effective. 2. some more investigation is often required. While theories abound as to why it is possible for someone to tap on themselves for another. it is probably better to work with a qualified practitioner. To tap for someone else. on your own body. If you would prefer. A search on the emofree website will reveal many.22 - . who like she had in the past. you can change the phrases to use their name (“Even though Mary is upset and just can’t stop crying…”). including in some cases a traumatic birth. This belief often goes back to early childhood experiences. but you can tap for them in one of two ways: • • Tapping on the points on their body for them as you say the phrases Tapping surrogately for them. DO NOT test a serious allergic reaction without taking appropriate cautions (for e. For some excellent ideas on tapping to clear any birth trauma for your children see http://www. the phrase “Even though. Working on the theme of “I’m not safe” can result in all the reactions clearing (see the section Why I am passionate about EFT for an example of this. from the perspective of using EFT: 1. and many children are able to clear the issues of the day rather than letting small upsets become big ones. including reactions to foods.”) Also see Appendix H for some ideas on exploring the safety theme.g. Tapping on the emotional issues from 15 years ago resulted in the person going through the next spring without any symptoms of hayfever at all (much to the amazement of her family. I’m a great kid and my parents love me very much” is more suitable. and asking what was happening in the person’s life at that time. see Appendix M. very young children and animals it is not possible to teach them the process themselves. instead of using the standard “Even though … I deeply and completely love and accept myself”.sageenergetics. and tapping on whatever comes up. none of us really understand how it works. whether a particular food or pollen etc. For more information on Surrogate Tapping. Reactions to a wide range of different substances. each spring. .You CAN Heal with EFT Using EFT for Kids and Animals Children and animals often respond rapidly to EFT.. Obviously for babies. many cases where children and animals have benefited from someone doing EFT on their behalf. An example of this is where someone had experienced hayfever symptoms for the last 15 and hayfever symptoms. There are also articles giving ideas of how you can teach children to do EFT for themselves once they are able to follow the tapping. so many of us use it regularly. or a limited number of specific substances. For children. Reactions to a specific substance. NB: For serious allergic reactions.html Using EFT for Hayfever and Allergies EFT is a powerful way to heal allergic reactions. and it was traced back to a particularly emotional time during spring in the year that she first had the reactions. simply tap on yourself intending for it to be for the other person or animal. For the first type. Many practitioners who work with clients with environmental illnesses and allergies have noticed that nearly all of these clients have a deep subconscious belief that they are vulnerable and cannot keep themselves safe.. is often sufficient to clear the allergy.

.. 2.23 - Nothing I tap on seems to be clearing I’m frustrated that I’m not a one minute wonder I can’t use the 0 . Common Challenges Here are some common challenges with EFT.10 scale I’m tapping and it’s getting worse not better I want to heal but I just don’t want to do EFT for my issues I’ve hit something I don’t want to deal with.. read EFT Master Lindsay Kenny’s excellent “10 Ways to Ensure Success with EFT” (http://www. Try the 9 Gamut process 5. Read the section below entitled When you want to heal but. pick something from the EFT Approaches Summary in Appendix Consider working with a trusted friend (Appendix L) 3. Alternatively.. that is all that is required to heal an issue. In many cases.emofree. Try working with a trusted friend (Appendix L) Read Healing a Major Trauma and consider working with a friend 1. Once you’ve worked with EFT on something simple and had success with that. which gives a structured approach to healing that can help us to clear a few issues each day. Try working with a trusted friend (Appendix L) 1. Read Appendix P – A Structure for Healing – The Personal Peace Procedure 2. 2. It’s just not working for me… 2. with suggested approaches to deal with them: I have no idea where to start Try the Simple and Powerful Method for Working Alone Read the example of how a tapping session might unfold in Appendix O. Try working with the Inner Child (Appendix Q) 1. or am afraid to deal with It’s just too traumatic … I have real difficulty accessing my feelings while tapping It’s too overwhelming to know what to work on. Read the section below entitled I’m tapping and it’s getting worse. Read through the whole of Section III. If you haven’t already. 1. Read Section V – Reflections on Healing 6. 3. For more ideas. This section details ideas for working with more complex issues.When EFT is Not Working Note that it is recommended that you don’t read this section until you have tried the basics as outlined in Section II. Read the section Using the Choices Method to clear blocks 4.htm) Read the section below entitled Why aren’t I a One Minute Wonder? Read Appendix N. noting anything that might help you to use EFT in a fresh way. Try an Aspects Diagram (Appendix S) 1. not better… 1. Try a conversation with the Inner Child (Appendix Q) 7.You CAN Heal with EFT Section III . Read the section below entitled When you want to heal but. a few times on some simple issues for yourself. I need some structure to help me do this I’ve been tapping on everything I can think of and I’ve still got the problem Nothing is working for me . 2. consider trying the Personal Peace Procedure (Appendix P). Read It’s just not working for me… 2. or try an Aspects Diagram (Appendix S). and is best read after trying EFT on simpler issues a few times. try the process in Appendix P – The Alternate Personal Peace Procedure or an Aspects Diagram (Appendix S) Read the section below entitled When nothing else is working 1. Read Appendix I – Finding Core Issues 3. 2.. Read Appendix R – When it’s just too scary to go there… 3.

but it is definitely not the norm with a chronic physical illness or long term pattern. the more issues you heal! If you clear something in one round of tapping. but there always seems to be a reason why we don’t do it. so a little patience is warranted in clearing them. When there are several aspects to an issue. you are unlikely to get to know yourself better. While this can seem time consuming next to the One Minute Wonders. keep tapping. but just not get around to actually using it. a good way to look at this is to realise that the more time you spend tapping. nearly all of us have some resistance to dealing with the unresolved emotions underlying the issues that are still bothering us. It’s great when that happens. with One Minute Wonders. 2. You might be working on issue A. but find that issues B. think that it sounds like it might be worth trying.24 - . and you tap through each one clearing it. C & D no longer seem to bother you. you are moving to greater emotional freedom in many areas of your life. ask yourself the following questions: 1. most of us unwittingly add more pressure to ourselves by beating ourselves up for not doing what we decided to do. Usually when this happens. all of a sudden issues B. It is very important to realise that while there are a significant number of One Minute Wonders. they wonder why it’s not working for them. persistence and…. If you are having trouble finding the patience. When you resolve the core beliefs underlying issue A. If not. if at all. Have I ever made a New Years Resolution? Have I ever made it to the 20th of January and realised that the New Years Resolution has gone completely out the window? If you answered yes to each of these questions. they are not the norm. To understand how common this is with EFT. keep exploring the aspects and know that as you do so. Gary Craig often says that the three most important aspects of EFT are persistence.great. inevitably you end up covering ground that reaches into other areas of your life as well. so we find a good reason not to continue with the tapping. welcome to the human race! Just as most people have consciously decided that they are going to do something at the beginning of the year. remember that the medical and counselling roads are generally a lot longer and fraught with side effects and frustration! When you want to heal but… Quite a common experience with healing is to learn about a new method. there is a voice in our head providing running commentary along the lines of how hopeless we are that we don’t just get on with it and resolve the issue we want to be free of (moving us even further away from the emotional freedom we are seeking!). or to clear issues on other seemingly “unrelated” matters. C & D all ultimately have the same core beliefs. This happens rarely. whether we realise it or not. Our head thinks it’s a good idea. only to find that it just didn’t happen. The more common healing process is one where we work through each aspect that has resulted in blockages in our energy system. Or we start tapping.You CAN Heal with EFT Why aren’t I a one minute wonder? The “One Minute Wonder” is much touted in EFT circles and often when someone doesn’t heal their issue within a few rounds of tapping. and something comes up that we really don’t want to have to deal with. . and for some issues all that is needed is to tap and clear the energy blockage while tuning into the bigger picture of the issue. Unfortunately instead of holding ourselves with empathy and a curiosity which would allow the reasons for our resistance to be heard and dissolved. persistence! If you tap a round on an issue and it clears just like that . Healing is a process. and sometimes they heal issues that go a long way back with a big emotional charge. Remember that in most cases it’s taken you years to create the blockages.

they have a tendency to work in the opposite direction to where we are heading. It’s the reason why we do the setup statement. When you really look closely. we therefore become pretty smart at finding ways to protect ourselves and feel OK. that make up the different thoughts and feelings we have. are often major indications of areas that we need to work in. I certainly don’t want to think about guilt and that stuff I don’t want to go near. another one may pop up immediately to take its place. who has been helping you to function in the world for a long time. with the inherent judging that inevitably seems to come with this. even if we can’t process all the things that happen to us emotionally. but if we have a little persistence with this process. Instead of beating yourself up about not moving forward. we can find our resistance melting away and us being able to move to greater freedom with our issue. and more often than not. or you are really resistant to doing EFT for some reason. whose story hasn’t been heard. some of which are completely inconsistent with each other (for example “I really want to stop smoking” and “Smoking is OK. because they hadn’t been taught themselves. it is really a collection of feelings. If we take the time to sit down and listen to the thoughts and feelings inside of us. when using EFT. It is common to hear someone saying that they are “reversed” on healing an issue. and to start using EFT to do so.You CAN Heal with EFT Anyone who has spent much time in EFT circles will have heard the phrase PR (Psychological Reversal) bandied about. Instead of seeing ourselves as reversed on healing an issue. like children who appear obstinate when they are told to do something they don't want to. Now obviously it may take more than one round. without the parent taking the time to hear their objections. As you tap with “…and I deeply and completely love and accept myself anyway”. the reasons for the upset can bubble up to the surface. Here’s an example of where this might be useful: It is very common for people to decide that they want to let go of some excess weight. and all of a sudden you are both on the same team.25 - . we can approach our healing with the attitude that there are simply unheard stories inside of us. Blocks to us doing EFT. and use EFT to hear that friend’s story and in doing so. you can simply see the resistance as a friend inside of you who has been doing something for you. then you can use the EFT process to clear these blocks to your healing. and when that particular aspect has been heard. For example: “Even though I don’t want to do this stupid tapping. once the "resistance" is truly heard. that show up in the form of resistance to even trying the tapping. even though you were determined to do so. So if you find yourself wanting to clear an issue but are just not getting around to using EFT to do it. instead of pulling in different directions. just as we would with an upset child. it dissolves and we are able to move forward. I deeply and completely love and accept myself anyway. that internal resistance to doing the tapping is most likely your friend. you are likely to find that there really is no definitive “I” that is feeling something. say an emotion for example. Most of us grew up in situations where our parents simply lacked the ability to teach us how to deal with all of our emotions. allow the blocks to you doing EFT to dissolve. but rather when we think “I”.” In doing this tapping. Here is a way of looking at this that can be very supportive. It is the force in action that prevents you from sticking with your New Years Resolutions. and it’s a part of EFT that receives a lot of attention. When we aren't consciously aware of the thoughts and feelings. Essentially having PR means that while a part of you wants to heal something. like feeling guilty about something. So rather than being simply a pain in the butt. that part of you that has been protecting you hears your acceptance of it despite how it is feeling. A common reaction at this stage is to stop tapping and go and eat something instead! An alternative approach you can try is to sit down and tap on exactly how you are feeling. but then all of a sudden something comes up that they really don’t want to have to deal with. thoughts and beliefs. it gives me the relaxation I need”). you are essentially listening to the friend within you. . Initially things go well and they start to feel better about themselves. another part of you might not. As we grow up.

We human beings tend to be resistant to major change in our lives. and in doing so relax and truly go with the flow. and it can take someone more removed from your life than you are to help you to discover these stories inside you. Gary has the wonderful phrase “Through me not by me” which really sums up beautifully how EFT works. The instructions are essentially: 1. that they exclude the all important third. EFT can seem like a very mechanical process. with specific things to say and specific points to tap. Unfortunately human nature seems to be to complicate things without realising it. you can tap for the part that wants to heal and the part that doesn’t want to know about the emotions. tune in to the issue. but in actual fact the words and tapping are really just a doorway into the energy system and subconscious mind. Equally if your concern is emotions coming up that you don’t want to deal with. you can use this process tapping for the part that wants to do EFT and the part that doesn’t. Sometimes there is part of us who feels for some reason that it would be unsafe or unwise for us to heal. and then you will find yourself free to move on to dealing with the issue itself. So if you really want to be free of the issue. then use the power of EFT to deal with the resistance. 2. It’s natural to have this sort of resistance to doing the tapping. tapping on the right points . EFT Master Jaqui Crook has come up with a wonderful tapping process which you can use at the start of a tapping session to help you to clear the blocks to working on the issue you really want to resolve. all of which have a tendency to make it hard for us to simply tune in to the issue and tap: Concentrating too hard So often when we learn a new skill we have to concentrate really hard to be sure that we are following the instructions and doing it right. no matter what the issue you are working on is. It’s just not working for me… Many see Gary Craig working with people on the EFT training DVDs and marvel at his artistry with the EFT phrases. One of the true powers of EFT is its simplicity. You can read this process in Appendix J.26 - .whether we are saying the right things. you may find working with a good practitioner or a friend who knows a bit about EFT supportive. This section gives some ideas on how you too can come to have the faith in the process that Gary does. all that is required is to get out of your own road. All seasoned EFT self helpers and practitioners know that you don’t actually have to be all that clever to come up with the phrases. If you find this very difficult to do on your own.You CAN Heal with EFT While this weight loss example is very typical. tap and allow the thoughts that bubble into your mind to lead you as to what to tap on next. and wonder how they will ever be able to do the same for themselves. and some newcomers concentrate so hard on getting the first two right. If you want to resolve an issue but can’t seem to get started with EFT. Decide what you are going to work on Tune in to the issue and tap Follow the trail of what comes up .until eventually we are able to relax and trust the process and literally just go with the flow. so it can sometimes take some time to realise the power of the simplicity of a method such as this. 3. this sort of resistance is certainly not limited to this particular issue. and healing means things are going to change. Here are some common traps that people fall into in their endeavour to “get it right”. There are effectively three basic instructions in EFT. Many of us seem to go through the stage of worrying about whether we are doing it right .

. it is so important for us to do what we need to in order to accept all of ourselves in relation to the issue that we are working on. The second kind of issue tends to be more complex in nature. I just need to tune in to the issue. These issues are the stuff that one minute wonders are made of. it can result in the part of us that is driving the behaviour effectively flying under the radar of the setup statement (…and I deeply and completely love and accept myself) and resulting in the tapping being ineffective. For this reason. because we have structure and certain language. not by us. There can be a tendency to treat EFT like a left brain activity. we would have resolved it by now. the aspects of the story that we don’t know about. or left brain. you could try the process in Appendix H which deals specifically with this. and don’t deal with it with EFT. and simply tune in to the issue." You can read an example of how concentrating too hard prevented someone from healing in Appendix K. gently tap and go with the flow. we are able to get out of our own road and let EFT work its magic. tap on the part of the story we know. leaving no room for feelings or intuition to bubble up. and the subconscious. simply by thinking about it. If you suspect this might be an issue for you. and it's really hard to just relax and go with the flow. I just want to get rid of this We can often find ourselves working on an issue that we just want to get rid of. suggests that we need the creative power of the right brain. and see if it makes a difference for you: "Even though I sooo want to heal this issue. and leave no room at all for the intuition that bubbles up through the right brain. This can result in us concentrating on our feelings around self acceptance as we tap. and requires a little more persistence to resolve. If we can relax. I choose to relax anyway. and be mindful of what comes up. If you are new to EFT and feeling concerned about whether or not you are getting it right. it may be a good idea to try it in case it helps to clear a block. If we concentrate really hard on getting the first two instructions right. which clears rapidly as a result of simply tapping one or more rounds of the basic EFT recipe. to reveal more of the story to us than we already know. had all the answers to the issue. however the power of EFT is really in its ability to access the creative right brain. and trust that EFT really does work through us. EFT is truly magical in assisting us to access the rest of the story. It’s easy for us to see our behaviour or a part of us as unacceptable. If we do this however. try tapping a few rounds on the following phrase before you start tapping on an issue. we tend to close down the ability of our right brain to perform the third instruction – follow the trail of what comes up.27 - . There are essentially two different types of issues that we address with EFT. Even if you don’t suspect this is an issue but none of the issues you are tapping on are clearing permanently. it can be helpful to understand that if the conscious mind. The mere fact that we haven’t. and get frustrated that we haven’t been able to let it go. We use all sorts of judgmental language about the issue. and to trust that the EFT will do the healing .You CAN Heal with EFT When we concentrate hard on the first and second parts. In this example the person was tapping very hard on the points and really emphasising the words. The first is a simple issue. and we can read about many of them on the EFT website. what can happen is that we stay entirely in our left brain. but feel that there is no way that we can say this and mean it. rather than tuning in to the issue we are trying to address. With this type of issue. But I don’t love and accept myself Another trap that we can fall into is when we say the setup phrase “…and I deeply and completely love and accept myself”.

This simply makes that part fight even harder.28 - . in order for it to be able to do what it perceives its job is for us (for example to protect us or keep us safe from something). In order to heal something that isn’t how we want it to be in our life. the more you can be sure whether or not you are making progress with clearing aspects of the issue. as you may be retreating into your imagination as a way of avoiding tuning in to the issue that causes you pain when you think about it. what we are effectively doing. and when that is cleared from the energy Often the first time someone views the movie in their mind. If you are tapping on something and getting very imaginative with the way you are describing the symptoms. (albeit without realising it). Some people have major issues around feeling safe in the world. However many issues have multiple aspects which need to be addressed before the issue as a whole is resolved. is making a part of us into an enemy. and then as they tap and re-run the movie they find that their focus is drawn to different aspects of the event. we are effectively making it into an enemy and sending it a loud and clear message that we intend to get rid of it. to listen to what it wants to achieve for us. the whole issue is resolved. It is far more beneficial to our healing if we are able to recognise that any behaviour that we have that we want to let go of but haven’t. A good example of this can be seen when working with the movie technique with a trauma. particularly for children with a really vivid imagination. it is important that we are tuned in to the issue while tapping. If you have issues around not feeling safe. consider being less imaginative in your approach. When we treat that part of us like a “monster”. This is one of the reasons why it is very important to be specific with your phrases – the more specific you are. you could try the process in Appendix H which explores themes around safety. and where this is the case there is often a part of the person. There is also an excellent article on the internet by EFT Master Rue Hass that has helped a lot of people to understand these concepts. however sometimes it can impede progress with EFT.intuitivementoring. that doesn’t want to heal because it is afraid that they will not be safe with the changes that healing would bring. Some issues are very simple. it can also be a good idea to tap with a trusted friend. Thinking the issue isn’t clearing when it actually is There can be a tendency for newcomers to EFT to get frustrated with an issue not clearing. and only have one aspect. Escaping into our imagination Having a great imagination is a wonderful thing.” When we use language like this. To learn more about this. which results in our energy being aligned in terms of the direction we want to move forward in. While there is no need to re-experience the emotions of anything painful or traumatic with EFT.You CAN Heal with EFT A classic example can be seen with someone who is binge eating. . Can you imagine being able to effectively fight an enemy that you can’t even see and don’t know is there? It’s far more effective to bring empathy to that part of ourselves. and may say something like “I’m really looking forward to getting rid of this monster. we have to change. that they are not consciously aware of. and the intensity of the issue isn’t coming down at all. is likely to be being driven by a part of us that thinks that it is the best way to protect us and keep us safe. and there can be a part of us that is afraid of this change.html Not feeling safe enough to heal Human beings have a tendency to often like things to be stable. If you suspect this might be an issue for you. and to resist major change. they see the details associated with the very start of the event. You can read the article entitled “Honouring Your Dark Angels” as part of Rue’s newsletter articles at http://www. because they don’t realise that they are now dealing with new aspects of the same issue. because sometimes a part of us does not feel safe enough to heal if we are working alone. and to tap on its issues. you can read Appendix J – Resolving Self Sabotage – Healing Parts that don’t want to heal. until finally the issue clears once enough of the aspects have cleared.

While this is a natural instinctive reaction. 2. as we clear the blockages in our energy that are resulting in the pain. For physical pain. Formulate the first part of the setup statement. Tap on the karate point with the full statement three times. As you are tapping on the points. try the following steps: 1. particularly when working with a trauma. it can also be important to test the EFT that you have done as you go. really go for the best choice you can come up with. and therefore likely to resolve them completely if we continue with the EFT. Note each one down. Use the Tell the Story Technique. and it describes how we continue tapping and find pain changing and moving. This is a very effective way at ensuring that all the aspects have been dealt with. simply start tapping through the points – you will already be tuned in to the aspect causing the issue. and if that results in no distress. see an excellent article written by EFT Master Paul Lynch available on the EFT website: http://www.emofree. with “Even though…. without really testing it. move on to exposing yourself to the real thing and seeing how you go. be very mindful of any thoughts that are coming up in your mind that are running in opposition to your desired choice. A common phrase in EFT is “chasing the pain”. not better… Something that is commonly reported when people are new to EFT is that they gave it a to see if it comes back (taking care not to hurt yourself!) For other issues. If you are working with a phobia the easiest way to test when you are done is to first imagine yourself being in contact with whatever causes the phobic response for you in as much detail as you can. 2. because so long as the pain is changing (whether moving or getting stronger or less) we are getting feedback that simply tapping on the physical pain is enough to be clearing the blockages.” Formulate the rest of the statement starting with “I choose” and complete with wherever you would like to be with the issue. saying the full statement at each point. the two main ways of testing are: 1.29 - . For more ideas on dealing with pain. If at any time during testing you start feeling some distress. I’m tapping and it’s getting worse. If you can do this with no distress and no uncomfortable feelings arising in your body it has probably cleared. If you are stuck on moving forward with an issue in your life. If you just think about an issue and believe it is resolved. 3. enlist the help of a good friend. that is a strong indication that the tapping is having an effect on the symptoms. but it made the symptoms worse. Be as positive as you can. there may be unresolved aspects that are waiting to surface. and then tap on each of those thoughts using the standard setup statement. the symptoms initially getting worse is actually a sign that EFT is working. Use all your senses and really get into it.You CAN Heal with EFT Need for Testing As part of finding all the aspects of a complex issue. then tap through each of the points. so they stopped tapping. If we are tapping on something and the symptoms get worse or change. you can move the part of your body that was in pain in whatever way you need to.htm Using the Choices Method to clear Blocks One very effective way to discover other aspects that need to be addressed in order to clear an issue is to use the Choices Method (see section entitled The Choices Method) specifically to find the elusive aspects. Sometimes with physical pain there is no need to get into the emotional aspects at all. which you can find in Appendix B. This method is particularly effective for uncovering limiting beliefs that we aren’t aware we have. and increasing and decreasing in intensity. Here’s an example to see how this can work: . If you are having difficulty doing this. Imagine the situation that was causing you distress in as much detail as you can muster.

This brought up a whole new aspect to tap on. and express hurts around the situations involved. Sally asks a friend how she feels when surrounded by a large crowd of people. As we tapped on this statement. Forgiveness as Healer Forgiveness is such a key ingredient in healing.” Once she has cleared this particular event. you only have to turn on the news for a few minutes to see that blame runs deep. and is worried that she will have a panic attack any time she goes to an event with a lot of people. you’ll find that you have one finger pointing at them. and once we cleared this. and listens carefully for any objections that come into her mind. and therefore the reactions I had were keeping me safe because they were ensuring that I avoided those foods. This particular use of the Choices Method can be a very powerful way to clear blocks to our healing. which indicates that while they may have intellectually made the decision to forgive. and something that is very difficult for some people to embrace. And others still are adamant that they have already forgiven. I now choose to feel delighted that my body can deal appropriately with all foods”.30 - . and therefore I saw them as my friends. I was able to heal and no longer reacted to any foods. and choose to let it go. don’t you remember what happened at the concert last year!” Sally now has something to use with the standard tapping. so my partner helped me to formulate the following choices statement: “Even though soon after I was born I felt that food was unsafe for me. So much has been written and talked about with forgiveness. to clear a specific event that is contributing to her fear – “Even though I completely freaked out at the concert last year…. Our culture is very blame oriented. Some feel that to forgive means to forget and behave as if the thing that hurt them never happened. and yet so many of us still have a concept of forgiveness that makes it very hard for us to bring it into action in our healing and lives. She has had panic attacks in the past. Many EFT practitioners have learnt through supporting others that “forgiveness” is a really loaded word for a lot of people. As soon as she starts tapping she hears a thought in her mind: “No way. and three pointing back at you! . Others feel that it would be letting the person who hurt them off the hook too easily. and formulates the following choices statement: “Even though I hate being anywhere near a crowd of people and I panic and am afraid I’m going to have a full blown panic attack. Something interesting on this is that if you point your finger at someone and look at your fingers (try it now). and yet continue to use judgemental language about themselves or the person they claim to have forgiven. all sorts of thoughts came to mind. but is afraid to. An example from the author’s life illustrates this well: I was doing some EFT with the assistance of my partner to try to heal reactions to various foods that I was allergic to.You CAN Heal with EFT Sally is terrified to go to any event where there will be a large crowd. Sally takes her friend’s reply. and deep down in my subconscious I obviously believed that many foods were in fact dangerous to me. We seemed to have hit a real block and nothing we tapped on seemed to be getting me past it. I choose to trust that I can be calm and confident and feel safe anywhere. emotionally they have not forgiven at all. than to accept responsibility for our part in something. Tired of missing out on events that she would like to attend. I had reacted to foods so many times in the past. she returns to tapping with the choices method and listens for the next objection to come forward. This method sometimes flushes out surprising beliefs that we may have never considered. It’s much easier to point the finger at someone else.” Sally then starts tapping with this statement on the karate point. and I realised that my reluctance to let go of my reactions was because I saw them as warning signs that I was in unsafe territory.

We never truly know what causes people to do the things they do. and letting him know that he had forgiven him. Forgiveness cannot be rushed. and decided not to let that hurt have a hold over you any longer. forgiveness tends to occur naturally. he chose the difficult route of meeting with him in prison. This is a good time to practice bringing empathy to yourself. regret. as you would if you were trying to find out what had really upset a child. That evening tragedy struck in a seemingly senseless form. for instance. it is often a sign that there are still some feelings locked inside us that need to be heard or felt. . If we are having difficulty forgiving. You will still remember what happened and be able to learn from the situation. and while that is no “excuse”. and observe what happens in your body. If you have done a lot of healing around an issue and are still finding it difficult to let go. Sandy’s three daughters were gunned down and killed in their Sydney home by an intruder. When we clear all the trauma associated with something that has happened. He was a retired Army colonel decorated in the Vietnam War for bravery in tunnel conflicts. The crisis made him realise the true power of our minds. As he told his story on a TV show. and choosing to no longer give it power over you. While this definition is simple. try spending some time feeling deep inside to see if you can get in touch with sadness. when (and only when) you have healed the hurt associated with the person. try and simply sit with the impatience – it may reveal what the issue is for you. If you find yourself being impatient. impatience is not useful here. and a Civil Engineer with a bright future. It is simply an intention that you are no longer going to give this situation power over you. in order to release himself from the anger and hatred that could have destroyed him. your stomach feels tight. Sandy explained that one day he realised that he was so full of hatred. He realised that he needed to let go of the anger and forgive the man who murdered his girls. and go within your body and think about the situation that is still causing you pain. Sandy’s story is a wonderful example of how forgiveness as a healing force: On January 23rd 1987. it can make it a little easier to find compassion for someone who has hurt you. close your eyes. While he did not condone in any way what the man had done. Once you are aware of the feelings inside. self-pity and anger over what had happened to his daughters. guilt or anger surrounding a circumstance.31 - . you can tap on them and move towards peace on the issue for yourself. in order for us to truly let go. One of the main reasons people have difficulty forgiving is that there are feelings and trauma that have not yet been resolved. instead work gently with the EFT for yourself. However the most important thing to remember is that forgiveness is for you. that he was destroying his own life. Sandy said that it was then that he found what the human spirit is all about. or the opportunity to live rent free in your body and your mind. Sandy was understandably totally devastated. in practice forgiveness is not always so easy. anger or other emotions that may need to be released. and instead let go of it from our mind and our body. sitting patiently waiting. If you are doing work with this. gently place your hand over the tight area. and ask the area how it is feeling. Statistics have shown that most abusers have at some time in the past been abused. We no longer choose to hold onto the resentment. As with the child. It does not erase what happened. or in any way condone it or say that what you or the other person did was OK. and our ability to choose how we will use them. with the intention of finding peace within yourself on the issue.You CAN Heal with EFT One way to look at forgiveness is that it means choosing to let go of something that has happened. not for the person who hurt you. It is a decision that you make. Sandy MacGregor was the happy father of six children. If. Sit down. don’t push yourself to forgive.

If guilt just keeps coming up for you. there is an audio interview that is free to download from the EFT Revealed website that contains a wealth of information. “Even though this is so overwhelming I just don’t know where to start. Another area to consider if you simply aren’t healing a physical illness or an undesired behaviour is what is known as conscious conflicts. It is very common for people who have been through some tough times to spend a lot of time searching for answers. while you can use the tapping to clear the blocks standing in the way of your taking the action you need to take. Here are a few tips to help to clear guilt from your life: Remember to be as specific as you can. we often start finding the answers to our own questions inside us with the help of the tapping. Some people find that guilt seems to be quite resistant to tapping. tapping alone will not .” A less extreme example of a conscious conflict is where someone has a real need that is not being met as part of a relationship. As guilt serves no useful function. guilt tends to simply be a way of punishing ourselves for something already done. try breaking them down into specific events and applying the Movie Technique (Appendix C) or the Tell the Story Technique (Appendix B) to them. Where remorse helps us to ensure that we don’t do something that we’ve regretted again. you will have more confidence in how to approach the day to day issues that arise for you with EFT. A common clue that this might be an issue is where we have difficulty saying No to a request that we do not want to agree to. addressing anything that causes us to feel guilty when we think about it now with EFT can be very empowering. Try exploring other emotions that may be lying underneath the guilt if you think there is a possibility that this is the case for you. to train us to keep within the rules set by those in charge. I deeply and completely love and accept myself”). Many people with a chronic guilt pattern were bought up in homes where their parents were under stress and there was a general level of anxiety in the home. If instead we can simply tap on how we are feeling (For example. and instead can keep us mired in issues that we want to move on from. Often when we collapse the earliest events subsequent events clear with them. consider the fact that it might simply be a smokescreen for other emotions. and asking a lot of questions on how to approach their particular issues with EFT. ask yourself what your earliest memories are of feeling guilty and work with them. This is when we have made a decision to tolerate something that is not OK for us. for example a father who is in a relationship that is not working for him who wants to leave. or something we didn’t do that we thought we should. If you have a lifetime of training in feeling guilty. consider using the Personal Peace Procedure (Appendix P) as a structure to do a little healing each day. Often we don’t realise that guilt is actually a totally redundant emotion – it serves no useful purpose at all. You can download the interview in MP3 format from http://eft-revealed. This can help to break your healing down into manageable chunks and as you find things changing for you as a result of clearing When nothing else is working If your difficulty is that you are continually overwhelmed by the volume of issues you are facing. and in no way helps us to avoid doing (or not doing) things that we will later beat ourselves up over. Many of us have been brought up in an environment where guilt was used to keep us in line. and then start working through the PPP. and keeps surfacing no matter how much they tap on it. Sometimes it comes in the form of a vow we have made to ourselves. If there are only a few specific things that cause you to feel guilty. Sometimes we stay stuck feeling guilty about something.You CAN Heal with EFT A word about guilt Guilt is an emotion that comes up so often that it warrants special mention.32 - . but who has declared to himself: “I would rather die than leave my children. In the case of a conscious conflict. If this sounds familiar to you. because it is easier to beat ourselves up than to acknowledge the anxiety that lies underneath the guilt. which they are choosing to make less important than keeping the peace.

bradyates. To maximise the chance of receiving a helpful reply. even without the help of a practitioner. and to find some ideas of how to find a Healing Buddy. will provide some suggestions of how you can target EFT on the issue that is difficult for you to shift.eft-talk. To read more about this idea. With persistence. If you have a conscious conflict you are likely to have to make a decision to correct the situation that is not working before you will be able to fully heal. They are a place that you can post a little about what you are working on. She really didn’t believe that it was possible that she could heal the very physical symptoms that had restricted her for so long. If you are feeling isolated and feel like there is no-one out there to help you. and to find it difficult to see through the maze of our own beliefs. Hang in there. and others who have healed a similar issue. Fortunately that didn’t stand in the way of EFT working a miracle for her.html It can be easy to feel isolated when working on issues on our own. You can find the EFT Forums at: http://www. Sometimes however the issue can be a little complex and it can be difficult for us to see where to tap next. another option to consider is to find a healing buddy.You CAN Heal with EFT resolve it. please know that Jo has been there too. . The simplest way to look at this is that if your current practitioner is not helping you to heal. Some support from someone else is invaluable. You are worth it. along with some experienced practitioners. even if it’s not on the specific issue we are working on. then you need a new practitioner.emofree. you can download a free e-book “Guidelines for Selecting an EFT Practitioner” by EFT Master Patricia Carrington. While working with a trained practitioner can help us to get to the core of issues more quickly. Sometimes when we follow someone else in the tapping. and reach out for help on the EFT Forums if you need it. and I choose to be open to the possibility that I will find some support in my healing real soon. Many people have healed from a variety of emotional and physical illnesses tapping on their own or with a friend. I’m just not getting Brad Yates Sample eTapping on change http://www. ensure that you detail a little of what you have already worked on and what has happened. try doing some gentle tapping along these lines: Even though I feel like this is hopeless. I deeply and completely love and accept myself.masteringeft. When working on our own it can also be helpful to tap along with a tapping sequence in an audio. Another wonderful source of free advice is the EFT forums. we are able to relax enough for thoughts to bubble into our mind that lead us in the direction we need to tap on next. we all have the ability to help one and another out. see Appendix L – The Benefits of having a Healing Buddy. This might help you to be able to relax and find a way to use one of the many resources above to find the support you need.pdf) If you are for any reason unable to work with a practitioner. If you have tried everything and don’t believe that you really can heal. and that includes if you are acting as your own practitioner! If you are considering working with an EFT It can be very powerful to have two or more people working together for their EFT Talk with Dr Carol Look and Rick Wilkes http://www. and I don’t have anyone who can help me with this. even if you struggling to believe that right now. which gives ideas on how to find a good practitioner who you will be comfortable working with. most of which include some tapping: • • • EFT expert interviews at EFT Revealed http://eft-revealed. There are some great sources of free audio tips and interviews on the net. (http://www. try the different suggestions in this book. and the determination to EFT may work the same kind of miracle for you.33 - .

After many visits to doctors. This doctor was able to help me to get back to functioning enough to work (using a combination of medical and natural remedies). I threw myself into studying everything I could get my hands on about EFT. Early in 2007 my health was relatively stable. and she confirmed that it was correct and also told me that I had been given an injection that had . written about earlier. My health challenges began in earnest when I was 9 years old and initially manifested as sinusitis.Why I am so passionate about EFT After my adventures with my doggie friends (see the first page of this book if you haven’t read about this). even if I wasn’t aware that I had eaten any of the foods (on several occasions we only tracked down that I had eaten a substance I was reacting to after I had been ill for some days with the symptoms of an allergic reaction. and listened to any audio interviews of EFT experts that I could find available free online. I was eventually lucky enough to come across a doctor who. inevitably resulted in periods of depression. and that the attending staff had had to work quite quickly to save me. and while the symptoms of the infections abated initially after each lot of antibiotics. CFS/CFIDS/ME) and Systemic Candidiasis. Some days later. He referred me to another doctor who was also trained in naturopathic ways of healing who confirmed the diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (a. I started to realise that EFT may be more powerful than I had first thought.You CAN Heal with EFT Section IV . while watching a DVD in “The Ultimate Therapist” series. coupled with the pain and fatigue. while doing some tapping on an unrelated issue. While I never stopped searching for answers. and exposure to someone’s perfume could result in me feeling sick for hours too.a. while he was mystified as to how to help me.k. One day. I emailed my mother to confirm the memories I had of what she had told me about my birth. Many other symptoms started to creep in and most of my teenage years were spent with chronic fatigue and a lot of pain throughout my body. and tried all manner of different natural and medical methods to heal. I decided to give EFT an earnest go.34 - . because I thought that the reactions I had were due to my immune system having been compromised as a result of years of medical drugs prescribed in an attempt to cure me of many symptoms.) Filling up the car with petrol left me with a nasty headache for hours on end. I was treated with antibiotics. and to better understand the physical aspects of my illness. After seeing the results with the dogs. any of which could result in me being very ill from minimal exposure. studied the free EFT Manual. and while at the time I learnt EFT I had reasonably stable health. and going to events like concerts or flying in aeroplanes was often problematic. I was chronically ill for nearly 20 years. it was only if I avoided a lot of foods and chemicals. I didn’t initially see the significance of what Dr Look had shared. including various specialists. so I tended to have to avoid enclosed spaces like elevators. As I didn’t feel that I had that issue (I was quite happy living on my own a lot of the time and wasn’t aware of any real issues with feeling unsafe). I had some respite from symptoms from using homeopathy but it was not lasting and often resulted in major healing reactions after treatment. I will be forever thankful for my having made that decision. I heard Dr Carol Look say that underlying most allergies is a feeling of not being safe in the world. Exposure to a small amount of agricultural chemicals had in the past resulted in me not being able to get out of bed except to go to the toilet and to try to eat for two weeks. Accidental exposure to foods that I appeared to be allergic to could result in me being very ill for days on end. I was however keenly aware that the smallest thing could tip me over. In my 20’s I had periods of time where I was unable to work for several months on end because I was so fatigued and in so much pain that I wasn’t even able to muster sufficient energy to have a shower most days. my bouts with sinus infections became more and more regular. I watched the EFT DVDs. While I really wasn’t sure that it could even be possible that I could heal. I suddenly remember my mother telling me that I had been born with the umbilical cord wrapped three times around my neck. I was born two weeks overdue and quite malnourished. which was diagnosed by various doctors as chronic sinus infections. acknowledged that I was very ill and he was determined to find a way to help me. read many articles and tutorials online. the lack of answers.

I redefined my entire relationship with food.and in fact the traits we highly sensitive folk have are really useful to the world. Long gone are the days where I couldn’t fill up the mower or car with petrol. and so I decided to follow the lead that Carol Look had provided. One of the biggest things reading this book did for me was realising that there isn't actually anything inherently wrong with being highly sensitive . Instead of seeing myself as weak and vulnerable.emofree. I had no idea how much my feelings of being unsafe had permeated my life. However these are not the only benefits I’ve had from EFT. the metaphor has now changed and the canary is now out of the cage and flying free. followed by a desert (both virtually cocktails of my former allergens) and feel great doing so. I now live a very active life. Spring has become a season I can enjoy—in the past I avoided all flowers and pollens that had the potential to set me off with one of my reactions. and knowing that my mother had a kidney infection while she was carrying me and was worried that the medication might affect me.Rue writes about how many people with chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia have this personality type. It was a huge revelation to me that in actual fact they were a result of me having arrived in the world feeling unsafe.35 - . I was so desperate to find freedom from the reactions that could make me so ill so quickly that I decided to sit down with my partner (who was also new to EFT) and do some tapping on my birth and my reactions to food. Healing from my years and years of physical challenges has resulted in major changes in my life.You CAN Heal with EFT terrified me moments after I was born. I am living life with a sense of freedom that for so many years would have been unimaginable. Prior to doing the EFT I was convinced that my reactions to foods and chemicals were a result of my immune system being damaged by years of medical drugs. and in doing so learnt an enormous amount about health and healing. I now feel so healthy and strong that my entire self concept has changed. and am full of energy. and how being aware of it can help us to heal. Rue introduces a personality type that occurs for about 15 to 20 percent of the population which wasn't known until a few years ago. It is just incredible. It also helped me to realise that unless we heal the issues surrounding our sensitivity we do tend to be vulnerable physically . documented in her book “This is Where I Stand – The Power and Gift of Being Sensitive”. Even though I had no conscious memories of my birth and was sure I must have got over the trauma of the birth by 36 years of age. I had been reading about how we pick up the emotions of our mother while we are in the womb. after three sessions of tapping on the birth and food issues I was able to eat anything and no longer reacted to any chemicals. and now I find myself deliberately placing my yoga mat near the flowers so I can enjoy them while breathing deeply with yoga. So with all of this it is not difficult to see why I am passionate about EFT!!! . Where there were so many times I didn’t even have the energy to have a shower. and that she had to feed me twice each time. To cut a long story short (if you want to read a detailed account of the actual tapping you can read about it on the web at http://www. until eventually at 4 months the doctors decided that I should be weaned onto formula. because I would feel so incredibly unwell.htm). it’s hard to believe that I ever reacted the way I did. and I have even occasionally been known to eat an entire pizza. Another area that I’ve really benefited from is reading Rue Hass’ work on EFT and the Highly Sensitive She also confirmed my memory of her telling me that I threw all my food up the first time she fed me each time as a baby. I decided to include this in the tapping as well. I was curious to realise that my problems with food had started the very first time I was fed. Where in the past I for so long had the metaphor of myself as canary in the coalmine – alerting the world around me that what we are doing to the environment and our own bodies is not OK. exercising every day. 18 months on from doing those life changing EFT sessions. Now. In her book she describes in brilliant detail how you can use EFT to turn what are commonly seen as weaknesses of those with this personality type into your strengths. until I was released from the prison of those beliefs. and something I will forever be thankful for. While it seemed unlikely that this could be related to my current health challenges.

While many people heal rapidly with EFT. I let my body know that I know that haven’t been listening lately. which has helped many people. you can read it as part of Rue’s newsletter archives at http://www. True healing comes when we are able to be with ourselves with empathy and understanding.html. While this does actually happen in a surprising number of cases. . all our symptoms and limiting beliefs and anxieties should disappear. whether it be a feeling.You CAN Heal with EFT Section V – Reflections on Healing Chronic Illnesses & Patterns It can be easy to think that EFT is a mechanical process. and instead make friends with ourselves. The process in Appendix J by EFT Master Jaqui Crooks is wonderful way to make friends with all parts of ourselves. and the temptation to see the illness as something to be got rid of. we simply want to get rid of them. or something to get rid of as soon as possible so we can get on with our life. If we are tapping with the attitude of “getting rid of” something. for true healing from a chronic illness or lifelong pattern to take place: Empathy – making friends with ourselves When we are ill. I choose to thank my body for letting me know that there is something in my life that I need to address. However the really inspirational stories of people who have recovered from serious illnesses are so often stories of people finding true emotional freedom by heeding the warning light of their symptoms. our first reaction is often very judgmental – either towards ourselves. others find that it becomes part of their ongoing journey to true health. and if we just follow the basic recipe. or behaving in a way that we don’t want to. and I invite it to let me know what it needs in order to heal. There are a few other ingredients that may be needed. The goal of EFT is true emotional freedom. Instead of seeing behaviours and physical symptoms as friends alerting us to an issue that is standing between us and true emotional freedom.” If you haven’t yet read EFT Master Rue Hass’ excellent article on Honouring Your Dark Angels. The true healing that comes from EFT comes from a very different paradigm to the one where symptom eradication is the main goal.intuitivementoring. When this happens any tapping that we do is unlikely to be successful in realigning our energy system. when we cease to engage in warfare with certain aspects of ourselves or our body. As stated in the introduction to this book. rather than attempt to “get rid of” certain things. or the part of our body that is causing us “the problem”. and tap for long enough. It is essential that we learn to make friends with ourselves. is strong for most of us. it is only part of the equation. rather than for the warning light to just be disabled. if a warning light on our car dashboard is coming on we expect the cause that the warning light is alerting us to will be corrected. we run the real risk of the setup statement failing to get all parts of us on board to heal. rather than learnt from. and dealing with the underlying issues in their lives that resulted in the symptoms or illness showing up.36 - . we can also do some tapping along these lines: “Even though I have <this problem>. or a behaviour pattern we don’t like. It can be difficult to see our body as doing anything other than letting us down when we are diagnosed with an illness. EFT is a very powerful tool. If our challenge is that there is a physical symptom or illness that we want to get rid of. a physical symptom or illness. to be used alongside of EFT. I apologise to my body for treating it like an enemy. symptoms are seen as a sign of our body letting us down. it is not the norm for chronic physical illnesses and lifelong patterns and this can be disappointing for all those who have been tapping for a while and are still finding themselves with their challenges. In the culture that most of us have been brought up in. and use EFT in our endeavours to do so. if we are to move to real emotional freedom. say the right phrases. and really just want to get rid of it. and that I’m really working hard now to change that now. but like any Seeing illness or behaviour that we want to let go of as just something to be got rid of is missing out on the learning opportunities that come when these warning lights show up in our lives.

” A further aspect of commitment may in some cases be to commit to finding a way to work with an experienced practitioner. AND there will be times where some of us need to call on assistance from an expert. I deeply and completely love and accept myself. An excellent book that is an easy read and goes really well with EFT and addresses this is Marshall B Rosenberg’s “Nonviolent Communication”. and following that decision up with doing what we need to in order to clear the obstacles standing in the road of emotional freedom. As the foremost relationship we have is the one we have with ourselves. and the more committed they are to learning all the different skills of the trade. EFT is a wonderful tool to assist us with this. As we learn to hear the messages our body and feelings and thoughts have for us. are simply a matter of our mind and body communicating those things for us that we are unable to communicate or hear for ourselves. In any field there are limits to what a DIYer (Do-It-Yourself-er) can do without some professional assistance. Communication Life is relationships and communication is the oil that keeps relationships flowing harmoniously. Commitment No matter how effective the tools we have to assist us on our healing path are. whether they are physical or mental. Use EFT to truly make friends with yourself and your body. and to let go of anything that others have done that caused you pain. Another aspect of communication that is so important is learning to communicate our needs and feelings to others.rebuilding our relationships with ourselves and others Two things that inevitably stand in the way of true emotional freedom when they are an issue for us are guilt and not being able to forgive ourselves or someone else for something. one way to look at healing is to see it as a process of discovering how we are currently communicating with ourselves. These are reiterated here due to their importance. EFT is a wonderful and powerful tool. and how we can improve that communication. and move towards true emotional freedom. and we really can move mountains on our own. However even an experienced DIYer may sometimes face a part of the job that is too big to handle alone. it can sometimes be very difficult for us to heal. concerns and anxieties. seriously consider making the commitment to find a way to find someone to help you move it. and as we tap with empathy for ourselves. we no longer need the symptoms to communicate for us. Many of our symptoms. If you aren’t moving the mountain on your own. fears. The more experienced the DIYer is. however you can find the detail on them in the sections Forgiveness as Healer and A Word about Guilt. healing can prove to be very elusive. the less they need to call on help. This is another area that we need to bring empathy to – it is so easy for so many of us to judge ourselves for not doing what we need to in order to heal or move on – and it is another candidate for tapping: “Even though I’m beating myself up for not having this resolved yet. if we don’t learn how to express our needs in a way that works for us and others. No matter how much tapping we do. all our doubts. . we can simply write down all our reasons for not committing to the decision to heal. and tap on each one of them until we find the freedom to commit to our healing. Many times people with chronic illnesses have discovered that the illness is resulting in their body setting boundaries for them that they feel unable to do for themselves.37 - .You CAN Heal with EFT Forgiveness . without a decision to heal.

You can learn different approaches from all the Gary Craig has written extensively about ways to uncover and release the limiting beliefs that are holding us back. and learn and clear issues at the same time. for anyone really serious about learning EFT. .emofree. whether the topic seems relevant to you or not.emofree. and is highly recommended to all who want to learn more about and you work through these resources available free on the internet.htm In many cases people with chronic illnesses have a personality type known as the Highly Sensitive Person.htm This website has audio interviews with various EFT experts available to download. http://www. http://www.asp Gary Craig’s EFT Training Manual is available for download from the emofree website. Great for anyone serious about having greater freedom to create what they want in life.You CAN Heal with EFT Section VI – Where to Learn More If you are serious about using EFT to find emotional EFT Newsletter This excellent newsletter from Gary Craig helps you to learn from several EFT cases each are highly recommended.htm EFT Training Manual EFT Tutorials Emofree Forums Self Healing Portal Newsletter Knowing what to say with EFT A fun way to create magical EFT statements EFT and Sensitivity EFT Revealed Audios EFT Audio Tips EFT Talk Palace of Possibilities While they are not available free.htm The Self Healing Portal Newsletter is Jo’s way of distributing anything she learns about EFT and other healing methods.emofree.emofree. http://www. you will be equipped with a powerful tool for life. on a wide range of These audio sessions by Carol Look and Rick Wilkes are a great way to learn different approaches.htm There are a variety of forums where you can read postings.emofree. http://www. http://www. http://www. and post your own questions which you will receive answers to from EFT practitioners and others using EFT to heal their own issues.thrivingnow.38 - .com/Articles2/intuition-rue. the EFT training DVDs available from www. http://www. You can tap along with Carol and Rick on a number of topics.eft-talk. These short audio files by Rick Wilkes give some great tapping tips that can support you as you tap on any issues. http://www. You can request it at: http://www.selfheal4me.php This excellent series of articles by Rue Hass contains a real treasure chest of ideas to help you to access your intuition to come up with tapping phrases.asp These tutorials give a great way to learn the different techniques of EFT without having to leave your own home or pay any money.htm This article by Jasmine Bharathan gives a fun and easy way to find new phrases to tap with.heal-empower. This article by EFT Master Rue Hass discusses how this information can assist us in our healing.

who continues to play such a major part in my learning to fly with true emotional freedom • • • • • • • • • • • • . who each in their own way helped me so much to find my own healing path Drs Shashi Patel and David Higgins. and have in doing so really changed the way I do EFT. including: • • • • Mum. Through Rue’s writing I discovered that my sensitivity is part of the gift of who I am. Jo would like to take this opportunity to reflect her immense gratitude to all those who have assisted her on her healing path. that simply listening is the real healing. Carol Look. who I have never met but who forever touched my life when I learnt from her. who trained as a homeopath fuelled by her desire to help me to heal My friends Pam and Jel. Flop & Tuft. and in doing so helped me to learn and heal so much more myself. My good friend who helped me to see that a slower and more gentle approach to the tapping could be more supportive when I was teaching her EFT.About the Author and Acknowledgments Jo Hainsworth (born and raised in New Zealand) has spent many years learning several methods of healing in pursuit of her goal of true health. taught me that I don’t have to fix anything.39 - .com).selfheal4me. a website that contains a wealth of free resources to enable people to take their healing into their own hands. and who asked loads of questions which helped me to find answers. founder of EFT. Everyone who reviewed drafts of this book. without whom I may never have discovered the power of EFT My soulmate Rex. Their comments and questions all made a very real difference to the book. enabling others to learn from their experience with EFT. Jo trained as an EFT practitioner in early 2007. who did their very best to help me to heal. who I have also never met but whose writing has also forever touched my life. and who helped me get back to functioning enough to go on and find true healing with EFT Gary Craig. My friend Julia who tirelessly reads all that I write and generously gives her time to bounce ideas off and try new ideas out My soul sister Lisa who really gets it. While she is not currently working as a practitioner due to other commitments (Jo and her partner are soon to be self-building their own home!). All those who have agreed to their stories being shared. rather than something wrong with me All my friends who courageously offered themselves as guinea pigs for me to learn EFT with. All those who have trusted me to support them on their healing journey. My Focusing teacher Suzanne and my Focusing partner Chris. and will be eternally grateful to him helping me to find a way to heal. both of whom through listening to me and allowing me to listen to them while Focusing. she retains a keen interest in seeing others empowered with simple self help methods such as EFT. She enthusiastically shares what she learns with readers of the Self Healing Portal via a monthly newsletter which you can sign up for free on the website.You CAN Heal with EFT Section VII . who taught me how to nurture myself with tapping. I have the utmost respect for the way Gary has spread EFT throughout the world. without whose generous sharing of this tool I would never have discovered it. via a DVD. that allergies are often as a result of a belief of not being safe in the world Rue Hass. and gives me the gift of understanding My two doggie angels. Having seen the amazing benefits of learning EFT. In 2007 Jo created the Self Healing Portal (www.

some people respond with tears or other forms of distress at the mere mention of their issue. In my serves to minimize emotional pain.. Typically.htm) . Please note that you may need to instruct the client to stay on their original issue because many of them will shift to other issues as they resolve the original one. Perform more rounds of EFT and keep checking in with new intensity guesses.40 - . please interpret The Tearless Trauma Technique as a method where distress can usually be minimized or eliminated. ask them to GUESS again and compare that guess to the original Thus..htm) Note: Since first introducing this technique to the public. chances are. 5. many incidents. then perform another round of tapping and. "the time my father punched me when I was 12. it has been used with great success by many. 2. the abuse took place over many." By contrast. Notice that this is the first time you are asking them to do this.. the phrase "my father abused me" would be too broad because. just about everyone goes to zero but if not.Appendices Appendix A . In my experience. All previous times have been relatively painless GUESSES. a total of 3 or 4 rounds will bring just about everyone down to GUESSES of 0 to 3. Gary (* This article has been included in accordance with Gary Craig’s Copyright rules. continue with the Movie Technique or Tell the Story Technique to address the remaining aspects. and although it continues to be effective for groups. after this round. it will be a noticeably smaller number.The Tearless Trauma Technique (Written by Gary Craig and abbreviated* from http://www. Once the client is down to an acceptably low GUESS. ask them to vividly imagine the incident. This GUESS is a surprisingly useful estimate. 3. An example might be. Indeed. Ask that it be at least 3 years ago to minimize any complications from the dynamics of a current event. which can be found at the following location on the internet: http://www.You CAN Heal with EFT Section VIII . Here are the steps: 1. Ask the client to GUESS at what their emotional intensity would be (on a 0-10 scale) IF they were to vividly imagine the incident. 6. Have the client develop a phrase to use for the EFT process such as "this father-punch emotion" and then proceed with a round of tapping. After this round of the term "Tearless" does not mean that no one ever has tears or discomfort. The Tearless Trauma Technique was developed in a group setting with impressive results. Peace. it is presented here as another alternative for minimizing pain in individual sessions.and. Ask the client to identify a specific traumatic incident from their past. Instruct them NOT to actually imagine it (although some will close their eyes and do this anyway)..emofree. and make note of their guess. However. 4.

" Thus..htm) One of the tools I use for Mastery is called the "Tell the Story Technique. After describing the "Tell the Story Technique" to the client. Emphasize it. There are a few guidelines to enhance the process and I list them below. 5.. The CLIENT NEEDS TO UNDERSTAND THAT IF THEY DON'T STOP.41 - . ask them to begin at a time when there is nothing to be concerned about. When the client feels comfortable about starting the story (perhaps an intensity level of 0-3). will be to physically visit the offending scene/person again and see if anything else arises. 1." I've been using it for years and you can see live examples of it on the "6 Days at the VA" video (included in the EFT Course ). Chances are they will get through it fine but." "Even though just starting the story gives me the jitters. 4. Instruct the client to STOP THE MOMENT THEY FEEL ANY INTENSITY WHATSOEVER. they will show up during the "real deal. Most clients are conditioned by conventional techniques to "be courageous" and to "feel the feelings" and to "be brave and gut through has a tendency to bring up important aspects that would otherwise take sophisticated detective work to locate. The idea is very simple. Hit this one hard. The ultimate test..." "Even though I'm afraid what might happen when I tell this story. This tends to ease the client into the experience. if they don't... on occasion..AND.. Have the client repeat the story while doing EFT until they can tell it nonchalantly--like it was a shopping trip.) and stop to tap whenever they get to emotionally intense parts of ask them how they feel now about the mere thought of telling the story.. Each of the stopping points represents another aspect of the issue that. Remind them that we are looking for minimal pain here and that they get no points for bravery. 3. Then ask the client to close their eyes and VIVIDLY IMAGINE the whole event and ask them to TRY TO GET THEMSELVES UPSET by exaggerating the sights..emofree." . If there are any remnants left. will take you to even deeper issues... An example might be having lunch with a friend just before having a car accident. Often you will get some substantial intensity at this stage and. grief. anger. etc. Use EFT for whatever comes up until they cannot get upset about the issue by either imagining it or talking about it... This is critical to the success of this procedure.You CAN Heal with EFT Appendix B: The "Tell the Story Technique” (Written by Gary Craig and sourced* from http://www.. if so. this is about as easy as it gets. sounds and feelings. then you will have uncovered an important aspect or underlying cause. Just have the client narrate a SPECIFIC EVENT (about a trauma. 6.. they are likely to go right by an important tapping point without telling you. Conceptually. of course. "Even though I'm nervous about telling the story. it is worthwhile to do a few global type rounds of EFT to take the edge off. Insist on it. THEY HAVE MISSED A HEALING OPPORTUNITY. Raise your voice a bit to punctuate it. and before actually doing it." "Even though I don't like this whole thing." 2.

2. I hope you find this helpful.emofree. 4.. It allows the issue to unfold as gently as possible. Gary (* This article has been included in accordance with Gary Craig’s Copyright rules. it often parallels what clients consider "real therapy. Hugs. It can be used either as a primary technique or as a way to test your results. because the client talks a lot during the process.htm) . The "story" provides a built in procedure for finding aspects.42 - . 3. which can be found at the following location on the internet: http://www. 5. 1.You CAN Heal with EFT This "Tell the Story Technique" has several benefits. It is easy to perform and... The client gives you solid information along the way that allows you to know how you are" Thus the perception of EFT's "weirdness" is minimized.

Next. Suppose the client states their problem as. you can ask them to GUESS what their intensity would be IF they vividly imagined it. Next. do several rounds of EFT on "this ____________ movie. it will come down to low numbers or to zero." This is too global. they must be brave and feel the pain while going through it. This reflects. ask them to run the movie in their mind and evaluate the intensity they are having NOW (as they imagine it) on a scale of 0-10. "My father always abused me. I submit the following procedures that I have refined over time. Even though the concept is easy to understand." then you can usually assume they are still being too global. how long would it last?" Typically. In such cases.. you will need to guide them in the proper direction. It has a specific plot and specific characters. In fact.htm) In an earlier Tutorial I emphasized the importance of addressing specific events rather than global issues. . If you ask the client to make a specific movie of this abuse. Typically. This is now ancient thinking. Here's an example. of course." At the end of each round check out the 0-10 intensity.. in order to be rid of their problem. some newcomers have difficulty putting it into practice. they give me an answer that can be measured in minutes. In most cases they will give you a specific title such as. if the client can't make a specific movie of their problem then the problem is too globally stated. YOU FORCE THEM IN THE DIRECTION OF A SPECIFIC EVENT. of course. "Fight in the Kitchen" or "My accident in Mom's car. ask the client. I call it the "Movie Technique" and it is demonstrated many times in the EFT – Beyond the Basics DVD set (previously called Steps Toward becoming the Ultimate Therapist). "If it was a movie. be sure to check out how specific they are being. BUT STOP WHENEVER THEY FEEL ANY INTENSITY. "several hours" or "several days. there is a tool that greatly simplifies this important task. these stopping points provide opportunities for tapping. A movie has a specific beginning and a specific end in time. Fortunately." If they give you a more general title. You will usually need to emphasize the importance of stopping because most clients are conditioned to believe that. If they say. use EFT on each stopping point until there is no more intensity on that segment (aspect) of the movie. To give you some guidelines for stepping through this Movie Technique.emofree. starting with a low-intensity segment. ask them to go through the movie in their mind. First. Simply stated. a specific event. Next. Next. It has specific words & specific actions and generates specific feelings. "What would the title be?" This also tends to force I usually find their guesses to be reasonably accurate AND guessing tends to save the clients some emotional pain.You CAN Heal with EFT Appendix C: The Movie Technique: A tool for being specific (Written by Gary Craig and sourced* from http://www. With EFT. Next. Alternatively. You may be done with this specific movie at this stage but continue with the procedures below to thoroughly test the completeness of your work. if the client can make a mental movie of the event then it is automatically a specific event. ask the client.43 - .. This can often spell the difference between apparent failure and dramatic success. because that abuse is likely comprised of numerous specific instances (events) of abuse.. Once in awhile the client will make a vague generalization of the issue instead of a specific movie.

beginning to end. Gary (* This article has been included in accordance with Gary Craig’s Copyright rules.until 5 or 10 of them have been thoroughly uprooted. depending on the individual session. the Tell the Story Technique will present opportunities for you to ask specific questions to help your client get to the less obvious aspects. you may develop a preference for one or the other.. is often handled after 5 or 10 specific events have been neutralized. but exaggerate the sights. The Movie Technique is similar to the Tell the Story Technique. Finally. until the movie no longer has a charge on it... When they can no longer get upset. then keep repeating the steps above until it is gone.and then another.. tapping on intense aspects as they come up. Hugs. thereby toppling the rest of the trees. ask the client to go through the movie one last time. the client's problem of "My father always abused me. which can be found at the following location on the internet: http://www. On the other hand. Since most of these trees have some commonality among them. and they are both fantastic tools for being specific and thorough in your work. when the intensity seems to be resolved.44 - . there is usually a "generalization effect" that spreads throughout the whole forest.emofree.htm) .. If they find some more intensity. Properly done." even though it may have several hundred specific events (trees) contributing to it. Then you can remove another tree.You CAN Heal with EFT Have them run through the movie in their mind again. this procedure should neatly remove a negative tree from the client's emotional forest. etc and really TRY to get upset about it. The Movie Technique has the added advantage of helping you address events that the client can’t or would prefer not to discuss out loud.and then another.. As you refine your skills. or you may choose to combine elements of each. your work is done. colors. sounds.

or when you noticed this problem arise? This is just another way of asking question #1. What was happening in your life before or during the time of diagnosis. the course of treatment is very different than if they started putting on weight during menopause. relationships. The following list of special questions helps me decide where to direct my tapping and how to become more specific with the EFT treatment. While it may seem obvious that you need to know this information.” . and there were something or someone in your life you would just as soon skip. concern…)? This question helps the therapist to orient themselves so they know whether this is a life long problem or it just surfaced since a recent stressor in the client’s disorder. physical ailments or blocks to abundance. and often we do not “connect the dots” between a family crisis or stressful employment situation and an emerging cluster of physical symptoms. Our immune systems become weakened under stressful situations. and time periods in the client’s life that the client might not have associated with their emotional conflicts or physical ailments.You CAN Heal with EFT Appendix D: Asking the Right Questions (Written by EFT Master Carol look and sourced* from http://www.emofree.” 2. We all know that stress triggers emotional and physiological problems. If you don’t know what the “real” problem is. I deeply and completely accept who I am…Even though I didn’t feel these symptoms until my son left for college. Practitioners need to establish rapport and ask questions that will get to the heart of the matter. I accept all of me and appreciate how I have been handling my life. This work is never one-size-fits-all. Suggestions for tapping for focusing on when the ailment started might be: “Even though I started feeling this pain in high school. If your client has been overweight since childhood. too many clinicians forget to gather this information. If you aim the EFT treatment at the real issue. you won’t be able to aim the EFT treatment in the right direction. they can be used effectively whether you are working with anxiety. I accept myself and love who I am anyway…Even though I didn’t feel this pain until after I moved to the new home. “So how do you know what to tap on?” Good question! When I started asking more of the “right” questions. I choose to accept how my body is responding…Even though I didn’t start overeating until I felt grief about my grandmother’s death. or the strongest emotional driver that’s feeding your client’s conflict. While some of you will recognize these questions from my work with weight loss and other addictive processes. ailment. How long have you suffered from this problem (conflict. I am confident the answers to them will always improve my accuracy and success rate with EFT. My favorite brilliant question of course is Gary Craig’s “If you could live your life over again. Try variations of these statements: “Even though I didn’t have my first panic attack until after that terrible family fight. Many beginning EFT practitioners ask me in supervision sessions. Listening deeply to the answers to these questions separates good EFT practitioners from excellent. you dramatically improve your success rate and take less time getting results. While these questions don’t need to be asked all in one session. addictions. masterful ones.45 - . I choose to feel calm anyway. Some of them are as follows: 1. I love and accept myself and my feelings…Even though I started overeating because of my loneliness after the relationship broke up. my EFT practice improved considerably.htm) Part I Asking the right questions at the right time is essential to zeroing in on the exact issue your client needs to work on during sessions. what or who would it be?” This gives the clinician immediate access to troublesome memories.

and need to be explored so you can aim the treatment at the right problem. I am confident the answers to them will always improve my accuracy and success rate with EFT. I deeply and completely accept myself…Even though I was trying to be like _____ by getting the same ailments. I choose to feel free and relaxed right now…Even though I need this challenge to feel important…” .46 - . physical ailments or blocks to abundance. The EFT practitioner needs to know this or will think EFT doesn’t work when actually. Their fears of intimacy and wounds from being “dumped” before were so great. How would you feel if you didn’t have this in your life? One of my clients who was a heavy smoker for 30 years said. or what my identity would be if I didn’t have a cigarette in my hand.You CAN Heal with EFT 3. I accept and love myself anyway…Even though I’m afraid to even try a new relationship because of what happened last time. I accept and love myself anyway…Even though I don’t feel safe feeling the depth of my loneliness. Examples of tapping sequences that would lead the client to more relief and the freedom to consider different options are: “Even though I’m using my symptoms as a way to protect myself from being hurt again. that they avoided socializing because of the pain.” 5. Try setup phrases along the lines of: “Even though I’m afraid to give up this obsession. I choose to feel calm and peaceful anyway…Even though I’ll feel insecure and won’t know who I am without this problem. What would you be focusing on if you didn’t spend time worrying about this issue? One of my clients told me that if she stopped obsessing about food.” 4. Sometimes we are even told “You are just like Aunt Sara…” or “You look just like your mother…” (who. This client’s need to lose weight wasn’t as strong as her need to avoid looking at her marriage. “I would have no idea who I was. the reasons around the problem weren’t explored deeply enough. addictions. Who else in your family history has suffered from this? We often identify ourselves with particular family members. I choose to relax and feel free about it…Even though I don’t feel safe when I’m not beating up on myself. and we tend to live out certain suggestions. While some of you will recognize these questions from my work with weight loss and other addictive processes. I accept and love all of me right now. by the way. I choose to feel safe without these symptoms…Even though I don’t feel safe unless I’m hiding behind these problems. I choose to release this pattern now. “Even though I have taken on her ailments to be close to her. and complications associated with the illness. I choose to love and accept myself anyway. discomfort.” Part II The following special questions (the second half of my list) help me decide where to direct my tapping and how to become more specific with the EFT treatment. This is the information a clinician wants.” Identity issues are critical. How would you be spending your time if you weren’t taking care of or managing this problem? Several of my clients admitted to using a mild “chronic” illness as a way to avoid entering into new relationships. she “might” have to take a look at her failing marriage. they can be used effectively whether you are working with anxiety. might have died of heart disease or cancer or something else…) These associations get caught in our clever minds. You could tap as follows: “Even though I’m afraid of the loss and grief if I give up smoking. They are as follows: 6. I accept who I am and how I feel…Even though I am identifying with my father by having knee problems. and she wasn’t prepared to do that just yet.

You CAN Heal with EFT

7. What is the downside of getting rid of this problem? This is my favorite question, because while it often takes clients by surprise, the client is usually very forthright about giving more than one “downside.” My client with financial difficulties said he is successfully avoiding being criticized by his siblings by “staying in the struggle.” He knows that as soon as he breaks through the abundance barriers (and he knows EFT is the tool to do so) his family members will jump all over him for being “rich” and will then “hit him up” for money! This is one of those fears of not being “safe” that is a perfect target for EFT. One direction of tapping setup phrases might proceed as follows: “Even though I won’t feel safe if I am wealthy because of what he might say, I choose to accept myself anyway…Even though they won’t feel safe or happy if I succeed, I choose to move forward anyway…Even though I’m afraid to succeed because of their typical reactions, I deeply and completely love and accept ALL OF ME anyway.” 8. What is the upside of holding onto this problem? How does holding onto this problem help you or give you something positive? Like it or not, all of our problems and conflicts “do something” for us. We need to take responsibility for any secondary gains we might be receiving as a result of our limitations. A lovely woman in a recent class was having violent dreams in the middle of the night and often ended up in the emergency room getting stitches from throwing herself out of bed and onto the floor in the middle of her nightmares. After tapping on the fears from the dreams, I asked her the “upside” of this issue. She said being “hurt” allowed her to take care of herself instead of running to take care of needy family members. Her injuries were “legitimate” reasons to stay home. We tapped on “Even though I feel trapped and don’t know how to say “no” to others, I deeply and completely…Even though I feel as if I am boxed in by their demands, I choose to say no and feel safe anyway…Even though I haven’t found the right way to take care of myself YET, I deeply and completely accept all of me right now.” 9. What is YOUR theory about why you haven’t yet resolved this dilemma, cleared this issue? I know that all of my clients are brilliant and know the answers to these questions. A typical conversation following this above question runs something like this: Carol: “Tell me your theory about why you haven’t resolved this problem yet.” Client: “My doctor says…” Carol: “Yes, but I’m interested in what you think the reason is?” Client: “My husband told me…” Carol: “OK, that’s his theory, but what do you think is the block to recovery in this case?” Client: “I read somewhere that people with this illness…” Carol: “I’ve heard that too, but tell me what your inner guidance/wisdom is telling you about this.” (Long pause…) Client: “I am afraid to reach my potential because they will be jealous of me or hurt me…” Carol: “What happened the last time you felt like you had reached your potential?” Client: “My husband left me.” Carol: “That would be a good reason to keep yourself stuck. Anything else?” Client: “Yes, I don’t want to have to live up to anyone’s expectations. I just want to be left alone.” 10. What happened the last time you were at your best? Reached your goal? Got promoted? Won the award? Announced how happy you were in the new relationship? Looked fabulous? I love these questions, because the client sees the connection immediately. When I asked a client who was struggling with abundance this question, she told me that she was afraid to succeed again because when she got a huge promotion, she went home and told her parents, and the following week her mother died of a stroke. “Even though I’m afraid something bad will happen again, like the last time, I deeply and completely love and accept myself anyway…Even though it doesn’t feel safe being successful, I choose to accept my talents and my skills…Even though I’m afraid to embrace my power because of what happened the last time, I accept all that I am and appreciate what I offer the world.”
(* This article has been included in accordance with Gary Craig’s Copyright rules, which can be found at the following location on the internet:

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You CAN Heal with EFT

Appendix E: Questions to Ask for Physical Symptoms (Written by EFT Master Rue Hass and sourced* from One of my fibromyalgia clients told me that the EFT work we did together in my office works really well for her, but when she gets home and tries to do EFT she can't figure out what to say. So we did a session on the pain she was feeling in her legs, and I tracked the questions I asked her and how we used her answers. Of course this doesn't cover everything possible to ask or say, but it might help guide someone else with the same puzzlements. Ask yourself these questions, and any others that occur to you. Listen inside. Pay attention to thoughts, worries, images, physical sensations, feelings that arise. Tap for your answers! The phrases that we tapped for in this session are in italics. •Where specifically do you experience the pain? Tops of my thighs, knees (“Even though I have pain in …”) •What is the worst part? My knees are weak, I can’t trust them (Even though my knees are can’t trust my knees...) •How would you describe it? Soreness (“Even though I have soreness in…”) •Like what? Like an ache Knees ache (“Even though my knees ache…”) Like my muscles are not toned (“Even though it feels like my muscles are not toned…”) (Continue to use each phrase in italics in this way, sometimes as a set up statement – “Even though…”, and sometimes as phrases to say while tapping on each point) (Note: there is no way to do this “wrong!” You can’t do any harm, only good.) •When do you feel it? What triggers it? When I am stressed and worried •When did it start? Exhausted from exercise Tension in my body •When was the first time you felt something like this pain? Some time after that auto accident ten years ago (work with all the aspects of the incident) •Make a metaphor – what do your legs feel like? • As if they are waking up from hibernation, Like they haven’t been used, no strength in them, like a bear coming out in spring (I wove some imagery in later in the process: bears are powerful… feels so good to come out of that cave… the fierce protectiveness and will to survive and thrive of the mother bear for her cubs)

weak,,,Even though I feel like I

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•How do you feel about your legs hurting? • It’s embarrassing •What specifically is embarrassing? I feel out of shape Walking that short distance should not be an issue Frustrated with my body Mad at my body (Note: “What, specifically…? is an excellent question to ask to get deeper into vague answers. In EFT the more specific you can get, the better it works.) •If there were a deeper emotion under the pain, what would it be? Worry that if I don’t overcome this, pain in activity will get progressively worse. Worry that the cycle of pain will get worse every time. Worried what the future will be. Anger — it’s not fair! •What will that be like? My physical abilities will be further limited Physically I am not as strong as I want to be I think of myself as strong, but my body is keeping me back from that •When you worry how do you do that? (literally HOW) Vicious mental circle: worry—exercise—pain-––worry—stop exercise—worry …a gerbil wheel of worry (Here are some questions to ask to find new things to add after you say “Even though I have some remaining pain in my legs, I deeply & completely love and accept myself and…”) •What do you want instead? I want to fix my body, not mask the pain with drugs like my friend does I want a strong and healthy body •What state of being would you have to be in for this to be true? Excited about physical activity Peace, health and well being Knowing that I am enabling my body to feel good for my future •If you were no longer worrying, what would you do instead? Having new adventures, appreciating my body •I Choose: To appreciate my health, my body (“Even though I only have a little pain left in my legs, I choose…”) What specifically do you want to appreciate about your health and your body? I Choose to appreciate: my legs -- that I can still walk my legs for holding me up all these years my legs for helping me to stand up for myself my arms, that they can give people hugs my body, that it can feel joy
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You CAN Heal with EFT

•I Choose: To look forward to each new adventure To look forward to the future To put my attention toward what I want, not what I fear Use your imagination and curiosity and associative thinking and especially your humor to come up with images and phrases about the use and purpose, even the spiritual purpose, of “legs,” in this case. Of course you can do this with any subject, and this is what makes EFT so fun, I think! Be as wild and dramatic in your imagination as you can. Let healing be joyful! or example… legs support you, they are your greatest friends, legs allow you to stand tall, to stand up for yourself, to take a stand, to stand out, to take you places, to get you where you want to go, to take you away from what you want to avoid, jump for joy, run away, run to what you want, kick things out of the way, kick a path open for you, legs allow you to be flexible, be as short as you want or as tall as you are -in side and out…. etc. etc. etc. Use your own imagination, let it RUN free! Give your imagination its own legs! Then sprinkle all these phrases in as you tap along.

(* This article has been included in accordance with Gary Craig’s Copyright rules, which can be found at the following location on the internet:

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" "Even though I'm a sugar addict.htm) My compulsive overeating and weight loss protocol is divided into four sections..... When someone waits until they have a craving..... Classic phrases that hit home with clients are as follows: • • • • • • • • • "Even though I eat when I'm bored.You CAN Heal with EFT Appendix F: Dr Carol Look’s Compulsive Overeating and Weight Loss Protocol (Written by EFT Master Carol Look and sourced* from http://www." "Even though I binge because I think I'm worthless." "Even though I crave sweets at night." I ask the client to tap for themselves three times a day for whichever of the above phrases speak to them and their problem. but to attack these first is an easier way to get started...." (we'll get to the underlying cause of this "appetite" later.. obsessed with food... Then I move on to the underlying feelings and anxieties that drive the behavior." "Even though I have an enormous appetite.." These are very powerful anchors. Obviously there are many layers under the symptom.." "Even though I use food to soothe myself..." "Even though I eat when I'm lonely...51 - ." "Even though I have a craving whenever I SEE food. • • "Even though I have an urge to eat whenever I SMELL food.." "Even though I overeat to hide myself....... some of the layers begin to emerge when you target eating" "Even though I overeat to hurt myself. .." I recommend that you and the client go fishing for whatever phrases ring true.) " "Even though I'm a closet eater. I'll see how much I can write down before my next client rings the buzzer! Part One: The Present The first section targets the current and concrete behavior or symptom that the client reports is the problem. "Even though I eat to avoid my feelings.. Also." "Even though I'm. I deeply and completely accept myself." "Even though I overeat because I don't love myself.. advertising works.remember. The primary phrases that clients give to me about their "addiction" or weight problem are as follows: • • • • • • "Even though I'm a food addict.. Although they do it then as well. Two more interesting phrases emerged with some clients that really seemed to help..emofree... they are less likely to complete the will usually see it in their face or you will recognize when it hits home.." "Even though I eat when I'm angry. I ask them to do it in the early morning and late evening when they are not in the middle of a struggle to NOT eat..." "Even though I binge at night.

Underlying anxiety is often undiagnosed and untreated. I also ask them about their family's attitude around food.. but eight year olds don't understand addiction.. Often these incidents revolve around shame of their body. again. This section can uncover upsetting times that may need more work... and of course turn to food as a more "acceptable" substance.. I address basic self-esteem issues and incidents......" "Even though I associate food with fighting.or eating when I'm angry.I have them tap for shame or whatever the strongest feelings are.. "ACOA's" often suffer from free-floating guilt that would boggle your mind.etc.." They need to forgive themselves for compulsive behavior that seems to be out of their control... "I forgive myself for overeating." "Even though I feel guilty about being overweight. peer problems etc." "Even though I feel guilty when I overeat. They are Adult Children of Alcoholics.. so help them to drop the guilt about their eating disorder..." "Even though I feel unsafe without food. They report feeling a gnawing sense of never being enough.which I help them tap for • • • • • "Even though I'm anxious when I sit down to eat.52 - .or eating when I'm not hungry. Many ACOA's have sworn off alcohol because of their associations with the parent. I use the point on the index finger and say. and were raised by one or more addicted parents or caregivers.. addicts and their family members. or their early eating habits.. The self-hatred must be reduced or you will not have longterm success... I ask the client to write down or name three of the worst incidents that have hurt their self-esteem and tap for them." Help them reduce these feelings so they don't backfire and cause the person to eat even more as a result of the anxiety. • • • "Even though I hate myself for overeating. I ask which is the loudest memory? The stickiest? The worst? I also ask them to picture the first time they discovered food as a pacifier and address the underlying feelings that were going on at the time...C. Part Two: The Past In this part of the treatment. .mom would have stopped drinking for me.. clever enough etc.A. "If only I had been smart enough. A note about more guilt.... The population termed A." "Even though I associate food with my mother's love. I worked for eight years at Freedom Institute for alcoholics. Go slowly and respectfully and you will make tremendous headway.. you will not have long-term success. I ask the client to remember the sharpest criticism they heard around their body image.O..You CAN Heal with EFT Two other key points that I find essential are regarding guilt and self-hatred. never being a good enough child to help their parent stop drinking. Dig deep with clients who were raised with excessive dysfunction and get rid of the guilt or. deserves special mention.." "Even though I eat to feel better. good enough. These are not motivating factors for someone who wants to lose weight.This often brings up new material. what the atmosphere was around the dinner table at home etc.." Of course this isn't true.

"Picture yourself not being able to eat sweets in the evening. How do you feel?" They often feel anxious or just "resistant" to doing it and admit that they would rather suffer with the eating and weight problems.." (I have often heard about clients who are offered chocolate cake just as they are getting going in their weight loss efforts) "I don't deserve to be happy with my body. guilt. What happens? How do you feel?" This often brings up so many answers. or they feel anxious.. angry. I ask them the following questions and tap for the reaction: 1." and "Even if I never lose weight.. It seems to reduce unconscious/energy blocks to losing weight and stopping the out of control behavior... We tap for whatever fears and feelings arise. I have them tap for • • "Even though I have a block to weighing less than 140 lbs.53 - . self-hatred.. But I urge them to say them anyway.How do you feel?" They often say anxious.." I also ask them to tap for • • "Even if I never get over this eating disorder. "Picture yourself as thin as you would like.... • • • "It's not safe for me to lose weight. 2." "I don't feel supported by my family members. or to comment on their body or appearance... It all depends on their particular patterns.. 3. . We tap for the response. Obviously there are so many more phrases and issues you can have the clients tap for. Sometimes they say they don't deserve it. Tapping might go something like this.. "Picture yourself addressing the underlying feelings that trigger the eating behavior. and anxiety." or " "Even though I sabotage myself whenever I weigh less than 130 lbs. I ask them to say the following statements out loud and tap for whichever ones cause a reaction. "Even though I'm afraid to face my childhood depression.. The clients often say they don't want to say these phrases..Sometimes they say they don't want other people to be envious of them." "It's not safe for others if I lose weight.You CAN Heal with EFT Part Three: The Future I test the client to see how they would feel in the future if they couldn't binge with freedom. because it's not true." or "Even though I'm afraid to deal with the rage at my father. lonely or irritable.." Then I address specific sabotaging behaviors and ask them what their theories are about why they might sabotage their progress.. The MUSTS as far as universal problems that get in the way seem to be shame. or they don't feel safe anymore without their shield etc. As in some of the sports performance phrases.." These two seem to help the inevitable feelings of desperation that most people with binge eating habits struggle with." I also ask them to say out loud "I weigh 125 lbs" (or whatever the goal weight is) and see what emotions come up..

" "Even though my metabolism is imbalanced. This is particularly frustrating to clients who have thought that occasional starving in between binging can help them lose weight. People love this one.. This often slows down progress in the beginning for some people. know that "One drink is too many. insulin production and basics of nutrition. Apparently. This is why you often hear people say they don't eat enough food or calories to gain weight. Alcoholics in A.emofree. I know there is a lot of bad press about low carbohydrate diets out there. I ask my clients to read up on stress and how it affects the hormonal system." or "thank you God for releasing me from compulsive eating. And they begin to be engaged in other activities other than secretive eating or food shopping. Good luck and be persistent." This is how a sugar addict feels.. Your clients will notice that they begin to "forget" about eating binges and planning their food. chronic dieting. Tap for an imbalanced or slow metabolism.. and they will tell you that it does matter what kinds of foods they eat and when. expecting to be starved again in the near future." 5." 4.You CAN Heal with EFT Part Four: Extras 1. (* This article has been included in accordance with Gary Craig’s Copyright rules..A. It makes sense when you consider the basic principles of addiction.. Have them tap for "Even though I'm out of control.54 - .htm) . as their metabolisms rebel by slowing down. You can always use daily affirmations such as "thank you GOD for speeding up my metabolism. and a million isn't enough.. but talk to a carbo or sugar addict or someone who is hypoglycemic.... yet they gain anyway. the clients have said that they can't say "I deeply and completely accept myself.. yo-yo weight gain and loss and basic binge eating disturb the balance of our endocrine system and thus the metabolism. They find that breads and sugars trigger a compulsion to eat more breads and sugars." I say it out loud and eventually they follow. restrictive eating. "Even though my metabolism is too On many occasions.. 2.or "Even though I'm powerless over food.. The metabolism reacts by holding onto every last morsel of food. The weight will begin to come off as the underlying issues are addressed and the basics of symptomatic behavior are tapped away. which can be found at the following location on the internet: http://www. 3. I ALWAYS do the tapping with them saying the exact phrases they want to say.

"Even though I want to smoke when I drink coffee. As per your request..."Even though I smoke when I'm bored." --Then I reverse the test and ask them to picture themselves unable to smoke after dinner.) IN THE MOMENT CRAVINGS: --I ask the client to take out a cigarette and smell it... Their reaction to this is informative as well.htm) Dear Gary. --Then I ask them what their theory is about the primary feeling that causes them to pick up a cigarette and tap for that. I checked my dates.... making sure to cover the following topics: -When did you start smoking and why? -Who else in your family smokes? -Have you ever quit before? -What worked and why did you relapse? -What tells you you're ready now? Why this particular time? -What do you see as the "upside" to quitting? -What do you see as the "downside" to quitting? (This is the most important question of all as you will be tapping on all of the "downside" feelings and factors.. And we tap for each one as follows: Imagine having your cigarette with your morning coffee.How much do you want it as you picture that scene? Rate it.. I have found that this helps them evaluate their readiness and motivation more accurately and gives them the freedom to back out if they're not ready.." ... giving the current desire. SESSION # 1: HISTORY: I take a general history of the client's smoking patterns. I have written down the basics of my quit smoking procedure." --I ask the client to say out loud "I'm quitting smoking" and ask them to rate the discomfort or anxiety.. craving or urge a SUD's rating.) We talk about all of this during the first session. Some details about the clients follow the writeup of the I tell the client it is not necessary for them to quit smoking on the date of the first session.You CAN Heal with EFT Appendix G: Dr Carol Look Stop Smoking Protocol (Written by EFT Master Carol Look and sourced* from http://www.emofree. I schedule the first of three 90-minute sessions. Over the telephone.. (This of course helps me and my success rate since it weeds out those who are truly not serious about quitting yet... and rate the anxiety as a result of the "deprivation" rather than the desire or urge to smoke. Then we tap to reduce the current craving : "Even though I have this craving to smoke now. --Tell me about your three favorite times of the day to smoke. facts and figures and came up with an 80% success rate.55 - .. Then we tap for that anxiety." "Even though I have this urge to smoke after dinner.

. the same. --Did you smoke - .. We often tap as follows: "Even though I use cigarettes as my reward.htm) .. and armed with enough tools to help them through any cravings or withdrawal symptoms. I emphasize that I want them to feel safe when they quit. SESSION # 2: (Many clients have quit during the week or quit as they left my office last week) I ask the client to evaluate the week...... At this point I ask them to decide if today is their quitting day or if they need another week to experiment. --Do you want one now? Tap for it.. which can be found at the following location on the internet: http://www. and 3. Discomfort about losing the "last place" they have to rebel." Many times they are reminded of earlier losses that surprise them." "Even though I want to smoke when I'm lonely."Even though I'm still sad about that break-up.emofree... --Basically.." "Even though I'll miss my smoking buddies if I quit." "Even though I'm afraid to gain weight if I quit... "Even though I use cigarettes to comfort myself. or quit? --How was the anxiety? The loss? (and any other feelings that were dominant during the first session) We tap for all of the feelings coming up.. etc. Sadness about the loss of smoking/ triggers other grief 2. the week gives the client time to experience and notice vulnerabilities for relapse.You CAN Heal with EFT --Then I ask them what else is surfacing now? Most of my clients have reported feeling three things: 1. more. SESSION # 3: This is a basic clean-up session.. Fear and anxiety about having withdrawal symptoms and what to do about them." (* This article has been included in accordance with Gary Craig’s Copyright rules. they go into trance immediately. their challenges and any surprises.. after tapping for the session.What did you notice this week? Any trouble spots? "Even though I want to smoke when the kids are screaming.. By the way. I end with another short trance and meditation. "Even though I use cigarettes to stuff my feelings..

While I’ve found that in most cases this is all that is required. If you are working with someone. including people who have been using EFT for some time without the sorts of results we are so used to seeing. Have the person make the following statement out loud. In most cases. sometimes it also helps to really emphasise the setup statement to help get past resistance. In this case. rather than a reasoned logical one (if the logical mind had all the answers.) 4. the standard setup is all we need. I need to be perfect. The statement is: I accept myself as I am. how true it feels to them emotionally. This seems to be particularly so when dealing with depression and auto-immune illnesses. or with practitioners. we wouldn’t need EFT!). I highly recommend reading about them in the Palace of Possibilities writing or watching the DVDs. rather than a logical one): In order to accept myself I need to ___________ 3. in a few cases where the issue is quite complex in nature some other approaches also help. and I open myself to the possibility of this one day changing.You CAN Heal with EFT Appendix H: Clearing Blocks to EFT One of the many wonderful things about EFT is the setup statement. In a few cases the person rates this quite high and in these cases you can still benefit from carrying on with the process. which automatically helps us to deal with any resistance we have to healing the issues we are working on. EFT is such an effective tool that I know that if someone has been tapping without really clearing issues. Take whatever comes up as a tapping statement. Proceed to tap on whatever comes up as a result of tapping this statement. gut response.emofree. and so are the tail enders that can come with them. This article contains ideas that I use when working with people who have been tapping on their own. and rate on the scale of 0 – not true. you would look for early memories of times when the person felt they needed to be perfect in order to be acceptable to someone. If you are unaware of this concept. that there must be a block in the way of the EFT working. using a modified setup as follows: Even though I need to ______ in order to accept myself. a common response to complete the sentence is: In order to accept myself. without the person realising it. and added other ideas to it. you might like to try this approach and see what happens. as you may find that their self acceptance is conditional on something. We are looking for the immediate emotional response. I accept that is how I feel right now.57 - . 2. (The modified second part of the statement is to avoid the tail enders that could be present using the standard setup statement. on the Specialty Series 2 DVD set. and who are finding that their issues are not clearing permanently. . (For Palace of Possibilities writing see http://www. In most cases where the problems haven’t been budging the rating is towards the low end on this scale. The next step is to have the person complete the following sentence with whatever immediately comes to mind (again. As Gary points out on the Palace of Possibilities DVD series.htm) To deal with this I’ve taken an approach that Stephen Daniels suggests on his presentation on Using EFT for Chronic Illnesses. One of the most common blocks I’ve found in the few instances where this happens is the tail enders that come up. affirmations are very powerful. or on your own. For example. while tapping the standard setup. 10 – totally true. and finding that issues aren’t clearing permanently. we are looking for the emotional. I’ve seen some powerful turnarounds for people using this method. As Gary shows in the DVDs.

A note for anyone who suspects issues with feeling unsafe: When part of us does not feel safe to heal. People have uncovered beliefs. that are standing in the way of them accepting themselves. Start with working with the "I accept myself as I am" as detailed in steps 1 . Tap all the events that caused them to feel unsafe or protected down to 0. 6. Tap until each one is collapsed to 0. 4. our subconscious blocks to healing tend to dissolve before our eyes. so long as they are someone you really trust. While these two ideas can seem too simple to be very powerful they have held the key to a number of cases I’ve worked on recently. and we start building a completely new relationship with ourself. and things they have felt guilty about for years and years. or as in my own case. . 2. no longer block the use of the standard EFT setup statement. To do this I use the same process as outlined above. 3.58 - . Even if you friend does not know much about EFT. and whenever nothing more is forthcoming with the tapping. might be something that we don’t consciously recognise at all. again using the modified setup statement. Here is a summary of the process that you can use to be sure that you are able to follow it through and benefit optimally from it: 1. Ask the person if there are any things in their life that cause them to feel guilty when they think about them now.You CAN Heal with EFT 5. If you suspect deep seated issues of feeling unsafe it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you work with a practitioner or a trusted friend. that part can find a myriad of ways to distract us from really tuning in to the issue in the way we need to in order for EFT to work.5. See the section on The Benefits of Having a Healing Buddy if your friend is unfamiliar with EFT. I need to ______________ Ask them if they have any events in their early life that caused them to feel unsafe or unprotected.5. The healing that unfolds is nothing short of magical. Tap all the things that cause feelings of guilt down to 0. Underlying these issues is often a belief that the person is not safe in the world. until some tapping has been done. and once dealt with. I have yet to work with someone with auto-immune challenges who has not had trauma that resulted in them feeling unsafe in the world and feel that this is a key part of resolving their issues. In order for me to be safe and protected. re-visit the statement “In order to accept myself I need to ____” until a major shift has been felt. Re-rate “I accept myself as I am” periodically to check progress. their presence may enable that part to feel safe enough to heal. Once we start becoming aware of the subconscious beliefs we have around self-acceptance and safety. This belief may be one they are consciously aware of. but with the following statements in the place of the statements around self acceptance: I am safe and protected. Repeat the process with "I am safe and protected" for steps 1 . This simple idea can really move mountains and enable EFT to work in the powerful way it is designed to. substituting the safety words given for the acceptance words. Another block that I have found is quite common when working with people suffering from depression or auto-immune symptoms is something I also learnt from the Stephen Daniels DVD. I have been amazed to see the results of this sort of tapping.

If we have been working on getting to the bottom of an illness or pattern for some time and find that it is still firmly in place. the question becomes how can we go about it? Dr Carol Look has shared a series of questions that I find very useful in terms of tracking down core issues. While we all agree with this in principle. it may be that we haven’t accessed the early beliefs that the illness or pattern are resting on. Stephen Daniel. effectively writing beliefs into our mind like a program being written onto the hard drive of a computer. If you’ve been doing a lot of work on an issue and thought that you should have resolved it. because their conscious mind does not logically evaluate the statement. who uses EFT and other modalities to help people to heal from very serious illnesses. and then taps on what comes up. believes that the beliefs that support chronic illnesses usually come from one of four groups: • • • • I’m bad/broken/unlovable People are untrustworthy/will let me down/will hurt me The world is a dangerous place/I’m not safe/I have to protect myself God is out to get me/God can’t love me/I deserve to be punished Stephen suggests that you ask yourself what specific pictures you have that resonate with any of these beliefs. Because the way we respond to situations later in life is largely determined by these subconscious beliefs. These origins are almost invariably found in situations that arose in your first 6 or 7 years. Running through this list of questions and tapping on everything that comes up as a result can be a very effective way of tracking down core issues. He asks his client what the earliest memory they have is that resonates with the belief. This article contains some thoughts on discovering core issues. If someone says “You are so stupid” to a young child. without us even being aware of them. it is not always as easy in practice to track down what the core issue supporting an illness or pattern actually is.You CAN Heal with EFT Appendix I: Finding Core Issues Anyone who has spent much time learning EFT will know that finding the core issue beneath a chronic illness or recurring pattern in our lives is key to long term healing. The questions can be found in Appendix D. it may be that you need to look to go another layer deeper and track down the origins of how you reacted in your early adult or teenage years. after clearing issues that happened in your early adult or teenage years. Bruce Lipton*. however it’s not so good when it comes to absorbing what others have said about us. that is written onto their hard drive as a belief. (Source: EFT Specialty Series 2 DVD – Using EFT for Chronic Physical Illness) . emotions and thoughts or beliefs about themself or the world are associated. has observed that the conscious mind does not start really evaluating incoming information until we reach around 6 or 7 years of age. everything that we are exposed to is absorbed into our subconscious mind. and then what images. So knowing that finding the core beliefs is often necessary. Prior to that time. a cell biologist and researcher. our challenges with physical illness and recurring patterns often rest on top of these beliefs. This means that in our first 6 or 7 years we absorb beliefs about ourselves and the world without our conscious awareness.59 - . This is great in terms of us being able to absorb vast quantities of information and learn how to do a huge number of things.

* Note: To explore what Bruce Lipton has written. Once we start tapping the subconscious will give us the rest. that hasn’t yet been heard. together with the magic of EFT. inserting the “Even though” and “I deeply and completely love and accept myself” and send it back to them and watch the magic unfold. relax and trust that if you continue to work on your symptoms or whatever is coming up in the moment. just as it would if we were working with a practitioner. So if you are unable to resonate with any of these core beliefs. The only time that I find that this doesn’t work is when it appears that nothing is coming up as you tap. So many times I will ask. can soon see us moving towards freedom in areas that we previously felt totally stuck in. I recommend the Simple and Powerful Method that I use myself when I just don’t seem to be able to get started with an issue. So whether it’s your “imagination” or not. and then that often leads to “How can I know whether what is coming up is real or just from my imagination?” Working as an EFT practitioner supporting others in their healing. and work hard to figure out the right things to tap on. before we are ready to encounter the actual belief itself. Something people regularly ask me is “How do I know what to tap on?”. and was reacting to a number of foods and chemical substances. you will get to the core when you are ready to deal with it. To read more about this you can read Clearing Blocks When EFT is not Working for You (Appendix H) and the section When you want to heal but… If you still just don’t know where to get started.brucelipton. if you can learn to trust that whatever is coming up is the next thing to tap on. we may soon be able to see which belief is underlying our challenges. Work through the above. and using EFT by myself. When we have the intention to heal all we have to do is start where we are – with whatever symptom or concern is right in front of us – and tap and follow whatever comes up. It is important however to remember that we may not always be able to jump directly to the core of an issue. This process can appear at first glance to be too simple to be very useful. if we are working on our own this can help us to be our own practitioner. after tapping a round with someone. that indicates there is an internal story waiting to be told. and the issue isn’t clearing. “Did anything come up?” and the person will reply with “I remembered something but it’s really small and I’m sure it’s not significant. if we set a clear intention to discover the core issues. quite often all I do is copy and paste all that they’ve written. in which he recommends energy psychology methods as an excellent way to heal subconscious programs. Persistence and working towards the core. only to find that the “insignificant memory” which came up is the key to resolving the issue. and the earliest memory I had associated with this. Before long I was able to see that none of that was . If this is happening. I have come to have enormous respect for the power of our subconscious mind. As a new practitioner I thought that I had to discover all the reasons why a person had an issue.60 - . To read the article go to: http://www. For myself. However when I went back and looked at them.You CAN Heal with EFT While it can be difficult to see which of these areas we may resonate with at first glance. Doing some EFT around this. trusting that your subconscious will provide you with the answers. When I looked at Stephen Daniel’s belief listing. When people email me about an issue they are working on. While it is very helpful to have a good practitioner working with us on the tough issues. I had chronic allergies. you will soon find yourself clearing issues. If you are using EFT to heal a chronic issue hang in there and keep tapping. at first it was hard to resonate with any of them. cleared all my allergic reactions and I haven’t had another one since. Sometimes it is necessary for us to peel off the layers that have built up around the core belief. it was obvious to me that I must resonate with the “I’m not safe/I have to protect myself” belief. you can read an interesting four page article on Bruce’s website.”. but I have found time and time again that it is a very effective way to work.

. and we're all doing the best we can. is no longer working. which may have the same overall intention. Even though part of me wants to ... e. ET Those parts want the best for me.. This results in the familiar.Doing the best they can Beginning of Eyebrow .. This means. or procrastinating. "I want to get that flyer out. to create more useful. so my business is successful.And it's not working Side of eye .And part of me doesn't Chin ... Start tapping. "I don't want to do that flyer".g. because they're doing the best they can. Even though part of me wants to . I'm OK ET both parts want me to be safe and happy and they're going about it in different ways. And part of me doesn't. anyway.Your words ... Even though part of me wants to . And part of me doesn't." as opposed to. that as one part of you is succeeding in its All parts of you have a positive intention. Wanting me to be safe Wanting me to be happy . Head . Identify an area where you're self sabotaging. Look for the two opposing strategies.I love and accept them anyway Under eye .And I'm OK Under arm . more effective and more creative strategies to achieve the same positive outcome.Part of me wants to.... without creating the battle. It is possible to work with the part of you that is holding on to the old redundant behaviour..61 - . are using different methods to achieve that outcome. I'm Ok and so are they.. another part will try and succeed in its aim.. I deeply and completely accept both those parts. Scale the resistance to doing what you really want to do. I deeply and completely accept both those parts.emotional-freedom-technique.You CAN Heal with EFT Appendix J ..... stop/start of self sabotage. it's just that the strategy they've chosen to achieve that positive intention. and they're doing the best they can and it's not working. push/pull. I deeply and completely accept both those parts.I'm doing the best I can too.. You get the idea? There are many ways to work with self sabotage and one of the simplest is to have a conversation with the two opposing parts..Healing Parts That Don't Want to Heal By Jaqui Crooks. The parts are so used to you fighting them and/or trying to ignore them that this can be surprisingly successful. Under nose ..Resolving Self Sabotage . I'm OK ET It's likely that both parts want me to be safe and happy.They're OK anyway Collarbone . but in a different way. And part of me doesn't.. EFT Master (reprinted with permission from Jaqui) www. Self sabotage comes about when 2 or more parts of you.

ET people will think the flyer's rubbish ET They'll judge me ET no one will read them ET I might be overwhelmed by work When any tail enders are cleared go back to working with the parts. You might be very surprised what comes up and even more surprised at the results! . Keep tapping and checking. You can use the same statements as before.62 - . in a safer and healthier way than fighting each other. E. or change them if that fits better. I love and accept them ET both parts have been using lots of energy battling with each other. they're OK ET both parts have been battling. As you tapped you may have noticed some lovely tail enders coming up from the parts that don't want you to move forward. And I deeply and completely accept all parts of me no matter what they do. I'd like them to consider getting together and discussing new ways to work together that will fulfil both of their positive intentions. Have a drink of water and check your scale of resistance.You CAN Heal with EFT In different ways I thank them for that And I'd like to invite them To consider Whether that job might be easier If they found a new way to work together ET both parts want the best for me in their different ways. Getting together Finding new ways to work together That are safer and healthier And a lot more fun Than battling Thanking them for their hard work in the past And even more for their work in the future When they do it differently Pause.G. Write them down and then tap on them.

whether negative or positive. I asked her if she could recall a time in her life. I recently did a session with someone by phone that taught me a lot. after exploring quite a bit on the theme of fear. who I will call Jane.htm) One of the things I love about EFT is how it’s all ‘through you. claiming that she was an intellectual person and had been all her life. any time at all. Here are four things that happened that I believe lead to key learning points for those of us working with someone having difficulty accessing their feelings: • Jane was clearly tapping very forcefully on the points (I picked this up because she said it was difficult to hear what I was saying when she was on the karate point. This felt like a significant realisation to both of us. In addition to tapping forcefully Jane was putting a lot of emphasis on all the words as she said them. The client. as if talking to a frightened child. where she had strong feelings. She immediately started to tell me a story of a time when something happened that made her so happy she couldn’t stop jumping for joy. She believed that it was preventing her really making progress on her issues with EFT – she had been tapping for some months on her own. and it was a lot easier for her to think than to feel. and we proceeded to tap on this event. which means that there are learning opportunities in so many of the sessions we do with other people. A little voice responded with a statement and immediately an image of an incident earlier in her life came to Jane’s mind. When I explained to her that she could approach the tapping in a more nurturing way I could hear something soften in her as she tapped. Later on in the session. When I suggested to her that she might consider softening her tone a bit. Interestingly when I suggested she could be mindful of her tone she immediately realised herself that the combination of the forceful tapping and loud voice meant that she was using the actual process of tapping to distract herself from any feelings that could potentially make themselves known to her while we were tapping. eventually introducing the thoughts I can’t feel my feelings … I was SO happy … I can’t feel my feelings and ending with I CAN feel my feelings. I asked her to stop tapping for a moment. whether we were tapping on anger or sadness or something else. we circled back through the points again. and just quietly. so we tapped a round on Even though I was so happy I couldn’t stop jumping up and down… After tapping a round through the points with so happy I couldn’t stop jumping up and down. Again a softening occurred and it was clear that Jane had had a shift on this had several physical challenges but appeared more concerned about her perceived inability to feel.63 - . because she was tapping on the hand holding the phone). Jane expressed frustration at not being able to access the memories that were resulting in the fear. ask that place in her stomach what made it so afraid. close her eyes. Jane next expressed frustration at not being able to feel. and I started to gently reframe. • • • .You CAN Heal with EFT Appendix K – Tips for when you are having difficulty accessing your feelings (Written by Jo Hainsworth and sourced from http://www.emofree. which she had begun to feel physically in her stomach. put her hands gently on her stomach. all with the same loud tone. not by you’. I could sense something soften even more as we did the next round of tapping. and I thought there might be others out there who could benefit from some ideas of how to deal with a client who is not in touch with the feelings associated with their memories. and talking more as if she would to her child if she was upset.

3. Listen for the tone of voice being used during the tapping. This approach often yields more useful material to tap on. play with tapping on some positive events in your past where you had strong feelings.selfheal4me. perhaps you could try some of the following based on learning points from this case: 1. . rather than banging on a door angrily demanding entry. Watch to see how you or the client is tapping – is it in a nurturing way. Think of it as if you are giving yourself a gentle massage on the meridian points.You CAN Heal with EFT If you are having trouble accessing your own feelings while doing EFT. Close your eyes and gently place your hand on the body part that is holding the feeling and ask. or working with a client who has this difficulty. 2. protecting you from allowing feelings to surface as you tap? If you or the client are convinced that you cannot feel. as you tap down the body. originated by Gene Gendlin. while being tuned into the problem. as if talking with a frightened child. and gently reframe the idea that you or they can’t feel. stop tapping for a few moments. “What makes you feel so ___?” I have started to incorporate this into the EFT I do since learning a fabulous skill called “Focusing”. can often shift something much more quickly. If you reach a point where you are frustrated because you are aware of a feeling.64 - . You can learn more about Focusing at www. 4. Are you or the client so immersed in the process of repeating the phrases that all your energy is tied up in the process. Remember that the aim of EFT is to reset the body’s reaction to difficult experiences – tapping in a gentle and nurturing way. but it seems to be stuck and you can’t find anything else to tap on associated to it. or is the tapping being done in a way that is potentially distracting from feeling what is coming up as you or they tap? Try experimenting with different ways of

that all of a sudden a thought popped into my mind of a possible contributor to the issue. I hadn’t seen that guilt played a role at all. that had just recently been triggered by something I had read. Reflect back things that your buddy has repeated several times. However it wasn’t until I was talking on the phone with a friend who also does EFT for herself one day. it can also be really beneficial to have a healing buddy to work with on a regular basis.” Well it may well be that the problem is more than halved when you have shared it with a healing buddy who is able to reflect back to you what you’ve said and suggest other possible leads from their perspective. They may not even be aware that they’ve said something once. This honours your buddy’s ability to find their own answers. If you would like to have a healing buddy but don’t know anyone who is doing any of these methods who you could work with.groups. let alone several times. Your job is to listen and help your buddy find their own answers. Most people have heard the old adage “A problem shared is a problem CAN Heal with EFT Appendix L – The Benefits of having a Healing Buddy While being able to sit down and do EFT on our own as issues come up is so important and empowering. The next day the physical symptoms that had accompanied the issue began to fade. • . And if you would like a buddy but something is holding you back from getting out there and finding one. As I explained it to my friend. and to hit roadblocks that seem impassable. Sharing what we are working on with a healing buddy can really help us to find other avenues to explore with our healing.htm). If you would like an EFT buddy you could try posting a request on the TapIntoHeaven Yahoo group ( on the other end of the phone or a Skype or MSN line. which are obscured from our view because we are too close to them. One of the great things about all EFT is that your healing buddy doesn’t even have to be in the room with you – it can be anyone anywhere in the world.emofree. But I made a note of it anyway. and she asked me a question about how I was feeling about something. and sure enough when I tapped on the possible guilt. or that seem to be especially charged. and your reflecting it back will help them to see what they can focus on with EFT. guilt and grief that I had obviously been unwittingly carrying around for years. and I initially resisted the idea when my friend suggested that I might be feeling guilty about something. and in the end I had to get off the phone and go and do some work with them because I was very close to tears (a common sign for me that I’m onto something or on one of the EFT Forums (http://www. I’ve recently been working on a big issue for me. Sometimes just having the perspective of someone removed from a situation can open doors that lead to healing.65 - . and any limiting beliefs that you might have that are standing in the road of you finding a healing buddy! If you do decide to work with a healing buddy. a floodgate opened and all sorts of feelings tumbled out. consider joining one of the online groups that support people doing different methods of healing. when they are talking with you. all of a sudden a whole series of thoughts unravelled around it.) Two hours later I had unloaded an enormous amount of sadness. When we are working on something important to us it’s easy to get bogged down in our own process. here are a few tips that can help you (and them) to be a good partner for healing: • Remember to speak quietly and be supportive of whatever comes up. rather than to be a practitioner and try to solve their problems for them. consider tapping on your feelings around this. In the example I gave above. and tapping on all sorts of things that could have been contributing to the issue.

“ you need to get over this” – they all invalidate how the person is feeling. Leave the EFT process to do the sorting for them! Don’t ever argue with your buddy when you feel that they are expressing something that you think is irrational. and risk making the person feel small or stupid or a myriad of other things you don’t want them to feel as their healing buddy Don’t even consider trying to analyse or try to discover the “real” reason for how your buddy is feeling. Don’t ever tell someone any of the following: “you shouldn’t feel like that”. “no I don’t think that’s important”. “that’s not true”. but that doesn’t mean we have to be serious the whole time. A lot of our beliefs are irrational.66 - .You CAN Heal with EFT • Consider introducing some humour at times to lighten things up – doing our healing is a serious thing to do. but arguing with them logically is like trying to reason with a 2 year old having a temper tantrum! • • • . and sometimes lightening the tone a bit when someone is feeling bogged down is just what is needed to help them to relax and allow the answers to float up from within them.

knowing that it is for the other person or animal. so at the end of the day it is a personal decision. tap on the points on your body AND imagine tapping on theirs too.” Using this approach. he deeply and completely loves and accepts himself. In the second approach you modify the phrases to be in the third person.” • The important thing to remember is that EFT works by tuning in to the issue and tapping. To explore this idea more read the section It’s just not working for me. When we tap surrogately for someone else on a complex issue it is important to remember that we need to stay open to thoughts coming into our mind giving us clues as to what to tap on next. you then tap through the points with “Bob stubbed his toe and he’s really upset. Do I have to have their permission? This is one of the most debated aspects of EFT. • How should I word it? There are two main ways that you can word the tapping phrases when tapping for another person or animal: • In the first approach you simply set the intention that you are tapping on behalf of the other person and use the same phrases as you would if you were tapping on the issue for yourself. The words we use are simply to assist us to tune in to the issue. Others feel that it is very important to honour others’ right to make their own decisions. we think helpful and unhelpful thoughts about people regularly during the day without their permission. Do I need to imagine tapping on them too? No! When you are tapping on behalf of someone else you simply intend that the tapping be for them. This works exactly the same when tapping for someone else as tapping for ourselves. and it is therefore OK to do so while tapping on behalf on them. “Even though Bob has stubbed his left big toe and he’s really upset. as they perceive there to be little difference between the two. and to respect that they may not want assistance. Here are some factors to consider in making your decision: • Many people believe that if it is OK to say a prayer for someone without their permission. you tap with the phrases in the first person (“Even though I…”) . and to only surrogately tap for other adults with their conscious permission.You CAN Heal with EFT Appendix M – Surrogate Tapping Surrogate tapping (tapping on behalf of another person or an animal) is one of the least understood aspects of EFT. For example. See the section on Concentrating too hard for more details on this. and tap on your own meridian points. there is no room at all for thoughts to bubble into your mind to lead you as to what to tap on next.67 - . . Note that it is not necessary to be near the person or animal you are tapping for. If you are having to concentrate on saying the phrases. This section deals with some of the common stumbling blocks with surrogate tapping. As you tap through the points. From this perspective. and a case can be made either way. which raises the most questions for newcomers. then it is also OK to tap for them without their permission. reserving surrogate tapping for children and animals who they already make other decisions for due to their age and dependence on them.

instead of getting caught up with any issues you might have about the situation or relationship. we make room for miracles to happen! While it’s much easier in theory than in practice it is also important to remember. When we have unresolved emotions to do with a relationship there is a tendency for them to be triggered when we are interacting with the other person in times of stress. This ensures that you are clear to allow their issues to really benefit from the tapping. her formerly very angry husband apologised for “being dumb and stupid and taking so long to see it”. If we are tapping with a particular outcome in mind it can suggest that we have emotions tied up in the outcome that we need to resolve in order to be able to accept the other person as they. and so any tapping you do to clear any frustrations or concerns that you have about the relationship can really help not only you but also the relationship too. We are never able to truly know what is best for another person and so tapping with the intention of them healing in their own way at their own pace is the best way to ensure that we get ourselves out of the road. an animal. There was an excellent example of this in a posting on forum. This results in us continually reacting to what the person says and does. This is especially the case for young babies with parents who are under pressure. A relationship is the interaction between you and the other person. In this case it’s also a very good idea to do tapping for yourself too. This is particularly important if you are tapping for a child or animal." When we clear our unresolved emotions. Every time I fight you I just come against the wall of your love.68 - . You just handle me so much better. whether they are the decisions we would want them to make for themselves or not. There is no greater gift we can give another than the trust that they will find their own way in life. It’s common for someone who is experiencing problems within a relationship with someone close to decide they want to do some tapping for the other person.You CAN Heal with EFT Tips for Surrogate Tapping If you are going to do some tapping for a child. it’s a good idea to first do some tapping for yourself with any concerns you have about the situation. and allow the EFT to work its magic. and whatever decisions they choose to make. when doing any tapping for someone else. and then said by way of explanation for his turn around: "It's EFT. rather than responding to them in a calm and centred manner. After doing some EFT for her own frustrations and concerns. where a woman was experiencing major stress within her relationship with her husband. and sometimes their behaviour is a direct result of them feeling your own stress. because they often pick up on stress in the family. who had told her that he felt they were completely incompatible and that he could no longer live with her as her husband. or someone who you have a relationship with. . that doing healing for others tends to be far more effective if we are not attached to the outcome.

The Simple and Powerful Method for Working on your Own. The key to this is found in what “SUDs” stands for – Subjective Units of Distress. It’s the emotional response that we are looking for as a guideline to whether or not we are done on an issue. “I have terrible self-esteem”).htm) Measuring the level of distress or pain is not the only use of the 0 – 10 scale.. There is no need for precision using this scale. it is easier to simply ask them to indicate with their hands how big the issue is for them. or you are not seeing it coming down.You CAN Heal with EFT Appendix N – Difficulty using SUDs Scale One area of EFT that seems to cause difficulty for some people is the instruction to estimate the severity of the issue on the 0 . (Source: http://www. it is simply a very subjective guideline. See the explanation on the Table Top metaphor for more details on the importance of this. Dr Carol Look’s questions in Appendix D.emofree. It is often helpful to answer the questions without thinking about how you will apply EFT to them. EFT Master Lindsay Kenny suggests that if you have difficulty estimating the severity on the 0 to 10 scale. and then keep coming back to measure it on the scale after you’ve worked with some of the specific events that have contributed to you having this belief. then go back and make them into setup statements and assign an intensity level to them: 1. if the issue you are working on is a limiting belief (“I’m worthless”. You will often find that at the start they reach their hands out as wide as they can for something that was very traumatic to them. for instance). So if you are having difficulty establishing the intensity on the scale. You can also use it as a measure of the truth of a statement or belief and this can be a really good guideline as to when you need to keep tapping..69 - . 2. EFT Master Rue Hass’ questions for physical ailments in Appendix E. and the hands come in as you re-visit it after tapping on each aspect.. It is important to realise when using the scale in this way that you may actually come up with two different numbers – one your logical mind assigns (“of course I’m not worthless”) and the other how it feels emotionally to you.10 scale. If you need some ideas on how to get more specific try one of the following series of questions. that you can try saying and completing the following sentence quickly without thinking about it: "Even though I don't know what my intensity level is. It can be very difficult to see movement on the scale on a really global issue (for example. consider that you may need to be more specific with what you are working on. The most important word here is subjective. you could measure how true it feels to you when you When working with children under about 8 years of age. and how much progress we are making.". known in the EFT world as the SUDs scale.. For example. If you are having real difficulty assigning an intensity to the issue you are working on it’s often an indication that you need to get more specific. if I had to guess I'd say it was at a. 3. . We use the 0 – 10 scale simply so that we have a measure to see whether or not we are making progress.

and it’s hard to concentrate on anything else. Even though I’m feeling overwhelmed. Note however that simply skimming through this without first reading the body of the book may make it appear more complex than it actually is. and try them on some simple issues. Bob has a terrible pain in his back. We aren’t used to things being simple. and his focus moves to how difficult it is to concentrate on anything other than the pain. throwing in any other thoughts or feelings that came to mind as he tapped.) Bob notices he has just done a big sigh and the pain in his back feels a little less intense. Even though it’s difficult to concentrate on anything other than this throbbing pain in the right side of my lower back. we are used to having to try to figure them out with our minds! This appendix gives an example of how a self healing session with EFT might go.You CAN Heal with EFT Appendix O – Sample Self Healing Session EFT’s simplicity can be the hardest thing to get our heads around.70 - . I deeply and completely love and accept myself. (For the rest of this session the setup statements will be noted. and I just don’t know where to start. if you are overwhelmed with all the information and just not sure where to start on an issue. He’s read “You CAN Heal with EFT” and is a bit overwhelmed by all the information. I …. Reading through this might give you some ideas on how to get started with EFT. There are two things vying for attention: 1. but he’s feeling a bit calmer about it now. so ensure that you familiarise yourself with all the basics. The pain is so bad it’s difficult to concentrate on anything else. what am I going to do if this doesn’t work? Feeling really overwhelmed Just don’t know where to start Worried it won’t work Feeling really overwhelmed Bob realises that he didn’t stop to get a rating on the 0 to 10 scale when he started. Here’s an example of how his tapping might unfold: Starting where he is Bob tunes in to what’s going through his mind about the issue right now. and not sure where to start. I deeply and completely love and accept myself” x3 on karate point Top of Head: Eyebrow: Side of Eye: Under Eye: Under Nose: Chin point: Collarbone: Under Arm: Feeling really overwhelmed Just don’t know where to start What if I don’t do it right? This pain is so bad. Because he is again thinking about the specific feeling in his back. All of a sudden Bob finds himself thinking about the stress he’s been under at work ever since his new boss took over. he decides to tap another round on that: . Bob is feeling overwhelmed and doesn’t know where to start. before reading this section through. but Bob would also tap through the points. 2. X3 on karate point Through all the points: Difficult to concentrate because of this pain in right side of my lower back. Even though I’ve been so stressed since John took over at work.

How does it feel to have this challenge in your life? I’m fed up with having this back pain. my new boss started early in June. I … When Bob checks in to the intensity at the end of the round he notices that his lower back isn’t so sore now. I really don’t know what’s going to happen if I can’t sort this out. It must have started soon after that. because it is too painful to sit at the office all day. I …. come to think of it I’ve this back pain since a few days after he started. It gets worse as the week goes by. (Note that this is an example of Chasing the Pain – a well known phenomenon with EFT where as we resolve some energy blockages. and feels it’s gone down to a 5. He taps another round with: Even though it still feels like someone is poking their finger into my left shoulder blade. . He really isn’t sure where to start with this. He sits down and follows the process. What fears. he is concerned to find it is still a 5. It’s a good sign that the EFT is working. Describe the challenge you are having in as much detail as you can I’ve had a pain in the lower right side of my back for several months. Even though it feels like someone is poking their finger into my left shoulder blade. it’s making it really hard to work. others come to our attention.You CAN Heal with EFT Even though I have this throbbing pain in the right side of my lower back. I can’t concentrate on anything else. and seems to ease off a little in the weekends. What was happening at that time (see above question)? Early June. but remembers the Simple and Powerful Method for Working on your Own in this book.) Bob assesses the intensity as an 8 on the 0 to 10 scale. He remembers reading that if the intensity of something physical isn’t coming down it’s a good idea to explore the emotional component. What is your theory as to why you still have this challenge in your life? I have no idea!!! When did the problem first occur in your life? It’s been going on for a while now. The following is an excerpt of what he writes (the parts of the process are shown underlined).71 - . Bob re-assesses the intensity. Some mornings it’s really hard to get to get out of bed and I have had to take a few days off work. worries or concerns do you have in relation to this issue? I’m worried that if it keeps up like this I’m not going to be able to do my job anymore. Is there anything else that comes to mind as you write about this that you could include? Nothing I can think of. I …. And I’m really struggling to lift up my daughter. When Bob reassesses the intensity. let’s see. Mmm. Thinking about it. probably early June. I was fine at the conference at the end of May. but his left shoulder blade feels like someone is poking their finger into it. It seems like it’s taking over my whole life. even though I sat a lot that week.

and he thanks Bob for helping him to understand why. after each round. I choose to see that I’m an adult now. when his boss said something that was clearly not true but he felt unable to stand up for himself. and realises that he never talked to his boss to let him know that John didn’t have the correct information that day at the meeting.72 - . Bob decides to create a Choices Statement. simply by adding “Even though” at the start of the sentences. and comes up with the following: Even though I’ve found it so hard to stand up for myself ever since I was little. I … Even though I’m fed up with having this back pain. John admits to him that he’s been struggling with knowing how to deal with him because Bob seemed to be very defensive around him. and checks back in with the pain in his shoulder and back. and as he taps on it a memory surfaces of an incident at a staff meeting soon after his new boss started. I deeply and completely love and accept myself… Even though it gets worse as the week goes by. Tap three times on the karate point with each setup statement. Bob asks himself what his earliest memory of his father treating him like that is and he remembers a time when was four years old. and resolves to talk with him on Monday morning. and seems to ease off a little in the weekends. try the tapping sequence on the next page. and lets out a huge sigh.You CAN Heal with EFT Bob then takes what he has written. especially when Bob knew his father was being unreasonable. because it is too painful to sit at the office all day. I … Even though I have no idea why I still have this back pain. I …. If you’ve read this account of a tapping session. I … Even though I’m worried that if it keeps up like this. it seems like it’s taking over my whole life and I can’t concentrate on anything else. Even though this back pain started soon after John took over at work. and how difficult it was to stand up to his father. Bob taps a couple of rounds with the statement. it’s making it really hard to work. then tap through the points as detailed. (which seems to keep moving around a bit each time he checks). and it’s OK for me to stand up for my truth. He thinks about the stress at work. All of a sudden he realises that his boss really reminds him of how his father treated him when he was younger. I … • • • • • • • Bob taps through each of the statements. Even though some mornings it’s really hard to get to get out of bed and I have had to take a few days off work. and you still aren’t sure where to start. I’m not going to be able to do my job anymore. I …. and “I deeply and completely love and accept myself” at the end of them: • Even though I’ve had a pain in the lower right side of my back for several months. and comes up with the following setup statements. When they talk. He creates a tapping statement that describes what happened. and Bob and John actually start enjoying working together. The back pain becomes a thing of the past. Remembering that it is important to be specific with the tapping. . no matter what he said. until he taps the statement about his boss starting work. I… Even though I’m really struggling to lift up my daughter and I really don’t know what’s going to happen if I can’t sort this out. and notices that the pain in his back and shoulder have completely gone.

and re-assess how you are feeling about trying some tapping on another issue. I choose to trust that once I’ve done a bit of EFT it will be as easy as driving the car. Top of Head: Eyebrow: Side of Eye: Under Eye: Under Nose: Chin point: Collarbone: Under Arm: Top of Head: Eyebrow: Side of Eye: Under Eye: Under Nose: Chin point: Collarbone: Under Arm: Top of Head: Eyebrow: Side of Eye: Under Eye: Under Nose: Chin point: Collarbone: Under Arm: All seems too complicated Just don’t know where to start All seems too complicated What if I don’t get it right? Feeling really overwhelmed Just don’t know where to start Worried it won’t work It’s all just too complicated I choose to relax And see that any time I pick up a new skill It can seem a bit overwhelming at first Driving was like this at first There was so much to remember And now I can drive without really thinking about it I choose to trust that I can do this I choose to trust that I can do this I choose to relax And trust that I can do this I choose to relax And go with the flow Driving was this difficult once too And now I can drive without really thinking about it I choose to trust that I can do this I choose to relax and go with the flow Now take a deep breath. I choose to relax and see that any time I pick up a new skill. Top of Head: Eyebrow: Side of Eye: Under Eye: Under Nose: Chin point: Collarbone: Under Arm: Feeling really overwhelmed Just don’t know where to start All seems too complicated What if I don’t get it right? Feeling really overwhelmed Just don’t know where to start Worried it won’t work It’s all just too complicated If anything came to mind while you were tapping that is more specific.73 - . . I deeply and completely love and accept myself. When I first started to learn to drive a car. it can seem a bit overwhelming at first. Even though this all seems too complicated.You CAN Heal with EFT Tapping Sequence if you REALLY don’t know where to start Even though I REALLY don’t know where to start. ask yourself what your earliest memory is of feeling really uncomfortable learning something new and try tapping on that then re-assessing how you are feeling. and yet now I can drive without even thinking about it. If you are still feeling concerned. and this all seems just too complicated. tap a round or two with the thought or feeling or memory that came to mind before continuing. it was unbelievable – all those things to remember.

That time when I was really small and X happened and Mum got angry with me (+ associated beliefs and symptoms from that) 5. particularly about our identity.74 - . Note that these beliefs will be based on your particular perception and not necessarily on reality (as you may have interpreted meaning in others’ action which they didn’t mean). Now tap on everything in the three lists that you created above (points 3 – 5 above). Next ask yourself “What does this remind me of from earlier in my life?”. 7. Take the list of bothersome events that you created when you started working with the PPP. Now make a list of any symptoms you currently have (physical or unsupportive behaviours) that the event could have resulted in. Pick an event that still causes you concern. For some reason some events seem to completely clear just by tapping on the event itself. If you have tried this for a while and find that it’s not clearing issues permanently for you. you can also try this alternate approach to the PPP. with associated beliefs and symptoms Tap the event using the Movie Technique (Appendix C). Tapping . Here is a simple example to show how this can work: 1.first the movie technique for each event. then mixing the messages and symptoms and event up. even when something really sad happens • etc 4. If you would like to have a structured method within which to work with your healing. I deeply and completely love and accept myself. to tap out any possible connections. both separately and all jumbled up together. Now make a list of all the possible beliefs that the event could have generated in you. 1. are much more thoroughly cleared using this approach than they are by using the original PPP. For some the procedure works brilliantly. Event = Mum telling me not to cry when I was upset when my dog died 2. and now I believe that how I feel doesn't matter and I can't express how I'm feeling when I'm upset.The Personal Peace Procedure Gary Craig's Personal Peace Procedure provides an excellent structure within which we can systematically approach our healing. or if necessary the Tearless Trauma Technique (Appendix A). helping them to move mountains by tapping on one or two specific troublesome events each day over a period of time. try using the original Personal Peace Procedure which can be found on the next page. 6. (in particular anything that could have formed part of your identity). 2. 5. etc While this expanded approach to the PPP takes longer to do some find that for core events that have resulted in us taking on certain beliefs.You CAN Heal with EFT Appendix P – A Structure for Healing . 3. that you would like to work with. but for others it is necessary to do an inventory of the writing on the walls that was created (or reinforced) by our perception of the event. For example: Even though Mum told me not to cry when my dog died. 4. Beliefs: • how I feel doesn't matter • crying is bad • I shouldn't express my feelings • etc 3. and list down any events that come to mind. Others however can find themselves frustrated with issues that resulted from events they have tapped on seeming to return. . Outstanding symptoms: • when I get upset I get a headache • I can't express how I'm feeling when I'm upset • I never cry. the Tell the Story Technique (Appendix B).

Somewhere within one's specific events are those angers..very good. if adopted by every healing practitioner and patient. of course. Not bad for a mere I can state it in a sentence. Indeed they do. however. this technique should be the healing centerpiece for every person on earth.. This. THE VAST MAJORITY OF WHICH CAN BE EASILY HANDLED BY EFT. This will enhance selfimage.. in turn. On the other hand. 2. If you neutralize all the specific issues you will have automatically included core issues. reduce self-doubt and provide a profound sense of freedom. 3. Thus they deserve our primary attention. As a means to eliminate a major contributor (if not the sole cause) of a serious disease. Here are some uses.emofree.. therapist. This is good. you will likely cover those responsible for the disease. .." Properly understood. As a daily procedure to clear out a lifetime of accumulated emotional debris. headache or traumatic incident... propels each individual toward personal peace which. spiritual counselor and personal performance coach in the world should be using it as a leading tool for helping others (and themselves). In essence. we have focused our efforts on those negative specific events that underlie a given ailment such as a phobia. That's because I have repeatedly seen improvements in clients where drugs and other chemical solutions have failed miserably.. As "homework" between sessions with a physician or therapist. 1. This is certain to accelerate and deepen the healing process. They can often be vital. however.75 - . As a means for consistent relaxation. This is the area wherein our highest success ratios appear. 6. By diligently doing this we can pull out every negative tree from our emotional forests and thus eliminate major causes of our emotional and physical ailments. however. that drugs. To date. To become an example to others as to what is possible.. This simple concept should shift the entire healing field.. contributes mightily toward world peace.. eh? That sentence. 5. How obvious! Experienced EFT'ers are well aware of EFT's ability to cleanly wipe the negative specific events off of our mental walls.and we should continue doing so.. Every physician. our unresolved specific events are nearer the foundational cause for illness than anything else. proper nutrition and the like don't have their place. In my experience. This is not to say. the Personal Peace Procedure involves making a list of every bothersome SPECIFIC EVENT in one's life and systematically EFT'ing their impacts out of existence. why not use EFT on ALL the other specific events that are behind our more generalized (but VERY important) issues such as (to name a few).htm) The Personal Peace Procedure that I'm about to unfold for you is not just a way to "feel a little more peaceful. Please note that this idea completely ignores chemical causes such as those propounded by the medical model. By addressing them all. As a useful substitute for finding core issues. 4. MOST OF OUR EMOTIONAL AND PHYSICAL PROBLEMS ARE CAUSED (OR CONTRIBUTED TO) BY OUR UNRESOLVED SPECIFIC EVENTS. would likely (1) dramatically increase our healing rates while (2) precipitously dropping our costs. fears and traumas that are manifesting as disease.You CAN Heal with EFT Original Personal Peace Procedure (Written by Gary Craig and sourced* from http://www.

this procedure will likely result in the complete cessation of lifelong issues that other methods have not touched. Many people will find hundreds. Less internal conflict translates into a higher level of personal peace and less emotional and physical suffering.. it is a tool that.. of course. Be sure to keep after each event until it is resolved. but true cures have been hard to find. The method here is simple (I'm assuming you already know how to apply EFT). 1. have less and less internal conflict for your system to deal with. if not essential. If you cannot get a 0-10 intensity level on a particular movie then assume you are repressing it and apply 10 full rounds of EFT on it from every angle you can think of. 4. Until now. breathing difficulties and digestive disorders to AIDS... pick out the biggest redwoods in your negative forest and apply EFT to each of them until you either laugh about it or "can't think about it any more. I have had many discussions with physicians in recent years and more and more of them echo emotional strife as a major cause of serious diseases.. That's OK. Fortunately.76 - .. Its simplicity and far reaching effectiveness give it candidacy as a mandatory method for anyone seeking help for even the most difficult of problems. This gives you a high possibility for resolving it... MS and Cancer. . guilt. Adams told me I was stupid. While making your list you may find that some events don't seem to cause you any current discomfort. Give each specific event a title. go to the next biggest trees. 2.You CAN Heal with EFT Self-image Anxiety Depression Persistent insomnia Addictions Compulsions Feelings of abandonment As you eliminate the emotional baggage from your specific events you will. EFT and its many cousins now provide easy and elegant tools that will aid the serious health practitioner in killing the root causes of disease. We can mask them with drugs. It is becoming more widely accepted that our physical maladies are caused (or contributed to) by unresolved angers. Rather. When the list is complete. 3. grief and the like. properly though it was a mini-movie. I'm talking here about everything from headaches. Make a list of every bothersome specific event you can remember. there hasn't been an effective way to eliminate these health bandits. After the big redwoods have been removed. Apply EFT to them accordingly. to make. If you don't find at least 50 you are either going at this half-heartedly or you have been living on some other planet. I know that's a bold statement but I've been at this for over a decade now and have seen so many impressive results over such a wide variety of issues that this statement is easy. however.instead of the patient. How's that for peace in a paragraph? The same applies to physical ailments as well. What I share here is NOT a substitute for quality EFT training NOR is it a substitute for quality help from a masterful EFT practitioner. Examples: Dad hit me in the kitchen--I stole Suzie's sandwich--I almost slipped and fell into the Grand Canyon--My third grade class ridiculed me when I gave that speech--Mom locked me in a closet for 2 days--Mrs. The mere fact that you remember them suggests a need for resolution. List them anyway. . traumas. For many. of course." Be sure to notice any aspects that may come up and consider them separate trees in your negative forest.. is capable of wide ranging relief (quality training or quality assistance will add to its effectiveness).

Please do so ONLY under a qualified physicians advice. Do at least one movie (specific event) per day. You may even dismiss it saying. "Oh it now" Personal Peace to all. I repeat it again below for emphasis. Gary (* This article has been included in accordance with Gary Craig’s Copyright rules. A few minutes per day will make a monumental difference in school performance." This happens repeatedly with EFT and thus I bring it to your awareness. At this rate you will have resolved 90 to 270 specific events in 3 months. Note any improvements in your blood pressure. If you are taking medications. I ask you to consciously notice these things because.for 3 months.. which can be found at the following location on the internet: http://www.77 - ..htm) . the quality healing you will have undergone will seem so subtle that you may not notice it. you may feel the need to discontinue them. too. Then notice how your body feels better. It only takes minutes per day. 6. pulse and breathing ability. Revisit some of those specific events and notice how those previously intense incidences have faded into nothingness.. how your "threshold for getting upset" is much lower. health and our quality of life. Howard Wight. Note.emofree.You CAN Heal with EFT 5.preferably three.. Note how your relationships are better and how many of your therapy type issues just don't seem to be there any more. I prefaced this article with a quote from my good friend.. "If you are ultimately going to do something important that will make a real difference.. It is my hope that the Personal Peace Procedure becomes a worldwide routine. it was never much of a problem anyway.. But these are meaningless words unless others (you) put the idea into practice. relationships. unless you

just as you would with an actual child in this situation.if it feels like a part of you is in the midst of a two year old temper tantrum. But on a closer look we realise it's like there is a whole committee of entities inside us. Just because it's not talking as loudly however. or we feel like we've hit a brick wall. hurt and anger that have been held for so long inside. You can then do a session with whatever messages arise from the drawing or writing. As with the old adage "a squeaky wheel gets the grease". This is sometimes a very simple but powerful means to shift sadness. Then 'give them' a pen. reasoning with that part of you is unlikely to prove useful! Instead. to help it to heal and in doing so enable it to mature and be fully integrated into our psyche. Or alternately. EFT gives wonderful ways to make this easier. invite your inner child to join you and to tap on the inside. If you are wanting to connect with a young inner child. does not mean it doesn't have quite a lot of control over us. A powerful way to work is to. and that you'd like to help them if you can.the inner child. to include your inner child. and we are stuck in the same old patterns. because it doesn't call as loudly as the inner critic. use whatever means you have to engage that part of you.78 - . If you do this it can be very effective if you use "we" instead of "I". and can be a good time to tap and talk and listen to your inner child. you may find it easier to get them to talk by writing rather than drawing. One particularly important time to be mindful of the inner child is when you have a sudden change in mood as you are in the midst of an EFT session. tell him or her how much you love them. at the start of a session.You CAN Heal with EFT Appendix Q – Healing and the Inner Child So often we seem to be going along just fine with healing our issues. . Different healing methods and spiritual traditions refer to this aspect of us by various names. Part of our journey includes learning how to be a good parent to our inner child. not forcing our will on this tender part of ourselves. This article addresses one of the most important aspects of us for us to understand on our healing journey . one of the simplest ways is to use drawing. If you are working instead with a teenage inner child. In fact we may not be able to heal our issues completely without at some stage turning some serious attention to our inner child. This often indicates that your inner child has been triggered. or simply the Inner Child. what we don't like. So how can we achieve this? Like with any hurt child the first step is opening up the lines of communication. particularly if you felt uncomfortable about your ability to draw as a teenager. Just like with an actual child who has been wounded we need to approach this carefully and respectfully. out of touch with the fact that we have grown and our circumstances have changed. are some of the names it goes by. that has opinions (about just about everything!!!) etc. Simply talk as if you are talking to a real child. The most prominent of these is often what is known as the inner critic or superego or inner parent. this is where we often put most of our attention. but when we look back we see that our behaviour and beliefs haven't actually changed at all. everything seems to go well as we do our healing sessions. and "us" instead of "me". and ask them to draw a picture to show you how they feel. When this happens it's often because we have failed to take into account that there is more to us than meets the eye. which requires that our inner child feels loved and that she or he feels that they can trust us. that you understand that they are hurting. as you do it on the outside. The Soul Child or Wounded Child. It is an aspect of us which fragmented off and has stayed stuck in time. And remember . however you can also use other methods to gain this trust. then all of a sudden the brakes go on. When we refer to ourselves we are usually referring to the voice in our head that tells us what we like. or preferably some crayons or coloured pencils. this article instead addresses another aspect of us that we often fail to give sufficient attention to. While getting to grips with this aspect of ourselves is very important.

. Or if you are dealing with an older inner child. consider checking in with your inner child and you may find it all becomes a lot easier and more complete. A conversation with your inner child may reveal what it is that you actually need to be addressing. If you feel stuck in your healing or unsure which direction to take next. Note that if you want to try this but feel some fear as to what you might discover. and help your inner child to feel like you care about what it needs.You CAN Heal with EFT Another time to consider the inner child is if you feel stuck with what you are tapping on. simply opening up the lines of communication and listening without trying to convince them they are silly to feel the way they are may move mountains for you. this topic is covered in Appendix R. Simply 'giving' your inner child the opportunity to draw a picture at this stage can result in major clarification. or another angle to address the issue from.79 - . or you just simply don't feel like doing it at all.

I was working on an issue that suddenly became very intense. I lay down to rest for a while. It feels like it’s going to engulf you. and when it didn’t feel like anything was shifting. Is there anything you can do to make this process easier working on your own? Fortunately yes! This article contains simple but powerful ideas on how you can approach the sort of intense emotion that occasionally comes up when getting close to the core of a big issue. which don’t seem that big from the perspective of an adult. we are unlikely to get the co-operation we need from all the parts inside us to heal the issue. see Appendix I . I’ve had times where I’ve been doing EFT on my own and I’ve hit a wall of fear and just haven’t wanted to continue. So I spoke to that part of me that was afraid.80 - . I decided to stop the healing session and wait to continue it later when I would have the opportunity to sit with a friend to support me. but hit a huge wall of resistance to continuing. So something that to us as an adult appears to be quite insignificant could have resulted in intense feelings of fear for us as a young child. As a young child we are totally dependent on the adults around us to keep us safe and help us to feel secure. I recently had a powerful example of this. so you pull back and feel you just don’t want to go there right now. It felt like 100% pure fear and that there was no going forward. and it now felt OK to continue with the session. there are three things that I’ve found that can be really helpful when working on your own on in this sort of situation: Accepting the fear The first and most important thing is to accept the feelings inside you – accept that part of you that is scared to continue.You CAN Heal with EFT Appendix R – When it’s just too scary to go there… You are tapping along working on an issue by yourself and all of a sudden a huge wall of fear or resistance rises up inside you. When we are dependent on a big person to take care of us it can be easy for us to feel that something is life threatening if it results in the big person withdrawing their approval. and all of a sudden I realised that with fully accepting the fear inside me.. Many things can happen that threaten our feeling of safety or security which feel huge to a child. This may seem too simple. the emotions that come up while we are working on our own can be quite intense. I still wasn’t aware of what was driving the feelings.. and then they are able to be resolved and let go of. When we are getting close to the core of a major issue in our life. or a recurring pattern that has gone on for as long as we can remember.) For this reason.Finding Core Issues. it had shifted. without needing someone else to sit with me. because it just feels way too scary to go there on my own. . however in my experience the feelings inside of us that have long been out of our awareness simply need to be fully heard. it’s mostly likely that we will find the source of the issue early in our life (if you want to read more about this. However I’ve recently discovered that if I can keep these feelings in perspective I am able to continue with the tapping and make huge breakthroughs. If we try to continue healing without this level of acceptance of something inside of us that is very frightened. If you find that it’s just too scary to go there. like it’s too much to handle.

we are more likely to be able to hold that space inside that is afraid. felt and dissipate. with all the resources that we now have. the emotions from the event long forgotten can surface. than to listen with empathy to the untold stories inside us. When this happens we have the most wonderful opportunity to be the parent to our inner child that we desperately needed at the time and for whatever reason. that need to be heard is locked inside of us. when the opportunity for healing arises. didn’t get. Emotions are energy in motion. and feel the emotion transform and release. see Appendix Q.81 - . It’s great if we can work with a practitioner where possible. For more on working with the Inner Child. When the emotion is trapped inside us for any reason. and no longer totally dependent on our parents for our survival. to understand how it was we were feeling. When we come across these intense emotions as an adult we have the most wonderful opportunity to simply listen with empathy. However I feel it is also very important to use simple ideas like those above in order to be able to be with ourselves when intense emotions arise. Being a parent to the inner child As a child we just wanted someone to fully listen to us. When we can remember that we are an adult doing this healing. When we can see that the proportion of what we are feeling is different as an adult to what it was to a young child. so that we have the opportunity to heal issues that are triggered in day to day life. it is unable to continue in motion and be resolved. When that has happened in a particularly intense emotional situation for us as a child. without being engulfed in the fear. In my opinion there is nothing more powerful that we can do for our own healing. There is no doubt that it takes a certain amount of courage to deal with these core issues on our own.You CAN Heal with EFT Keeping it in perspective The next way to approach this that I find useful is to realise that as intense as the emotions you are feeling are. they are most likely the emotions of a very young child. No matter how many years it is frozen inside of us. we can sometimes hold the emotions long enough to let them be heard. whether or not we have a practitioner or friend available to sit with us as we heal. .

but also on how we are going with learning the important factors with EFT. Continuing working with the items one at a time.82 - . and the ones that surface while tapping (if you are not familiar with the Table Top metaphor read the section about it before continuing. memories. it can help us to come up with some great starting points.You CAN Heal with EFT Appendix S – Aspects Diagram While our conscious mind doesn’t have all the answers to the issues that we haven’t resolved. Write on the diagram the date that the issue comes down to a 0 in intensity on the SUDs scale. 4. It can also be helpful to record the dates you worked on each aspect on the diagram so that you can go back later and review the diagram for patterns of when something was an issue for you. and periodically scan your eyes over the whole diagram. add them onto the diagram and tap on them too. See the next page for an example Aspect Diagram . then fill in the rest of the map as beliefs. One way to work with an issue with EFT is to map out what you do know about it. Decide what issue you want to work on. It can be useful to have an exercise book that you draw all your Aspect Diagrams in. Include any statements that feel like truths to you and rate them on the SUDs scale (for more on this see Appendix N) Select one item that you have written on the diagram. looking for any themes that are appearing and any possible limiting beliefs that might be underlying those themes. For a larger issue you may want to come back to the diagram and work on another aspect of it for a while each day.) Now brainstorm all the different aspects of this issue that you are aware of. and turn it into a tapping statement. just writing what comes to mind and not editing anything out (you can always do that later. we can see themes that weren’t apparent when working on the issues in isolation. and some of the things you write might actually be much bigger pieces of the puzzle than you realise). As you tap. Doing the drawings in a book specifically set aside for this purpose and reviewing the book periodically not only gives you an opportunity to look for themes. but results in a journal over time that you can look back over and see how far you’ve come. if any beliefs. memories or thoughts come to mind. If instead it makes you wonder whether you are making progress. 2. Sometimes we can be working on what appear to be separate issues. 5. or when you can find the time. and revisiting those areas on the diagram that you have already worked with can remind you how far you have actually come on the issue. Steps to creating Aspects Diagram 1. so gives us great feedback on not only our healing journey. thoughts and feelings come to mind while you are tapping. It also helps us to see when things are recurring. This is essentially the table top you are going to be working with and the rest of the diagram will document the legs you are aware of. Write it in a circle at the centre of the diagram. 3. You can also later go back and revisit a few of the issues that you have recorded dates next to and test them to ensure that they are still at a 0 (See Need for Testing for further information if required. For a smaller issue one session may be all that you need.) Sometimes when we are working on a major issue it can feel like we aren’t making any progress. consider reading through Section III to look for ideas of possible blocks to you working on this issue on your own. and if we review the work we have been doing across several issues. Physically creating the map on a piece of paper can support this process. should you need to. Sometimes working quickly while doing this can be helpful. Add these to the diagram to tap on as well. alerting us to any areas that we might have missed some aspects on. 6.

in this case. The diagram started with the issue “Difficulty Sleeping”.” “Even though I’m not safe when the dogs are barking. because it means there might be someone out there. This results. Tapping on “Even though I can’t sleep when there is any noise. I…” Let’s say in this case that tapping on this didn’t resolve the issue or bring any new information to mind. While tapping on “Even though I am having difficulty sleeping. I …” results in realising that the belief is “I’m not safe if the dogs are barking. You would then re-assess the SUDS level on the belief that “I’m not safe if the dogs are barking” and keep tapping until it came down to zero.You CAN Heal with EFT Example Aspects Diagram Notes: 1. This gives a specific event to tap on. “Even though I wake up whenever the dog bark. “Can’t sleep if any noise” and “Waking up early thinking” are likely to be two different aspects of the main issue. and you heard your father on the phone saying to the police that he’d just seen a suspected burglar go into the neighbours house. then come back and explore the rest of the diagram if the main issue (Difficulty Sleeping) hasn’t been resolved. So the next step is to break it down and be more specific. You would choose one to tap on. using the Movie Technique would be a great idea here if you can remember the incident. memories and feelings arise. . . 7. 6. you would come back to the next aspect after collapsing the first. with a memory of being frightened when you were woken up by the dogs barking when you were 5 years old. and continue to add to the diagram as thoughts. 5. The next step would be to ask yourself if you have any early memories of feeling like this. and if collapsing that didn’t resolve the whole issue.” So the next step would be to tap on that. it’s quite likely it won’t be specific enough to clear the issue. I deeply and completely love and accept myself” in this case resulted in the thought coming to mind that “I wake up whenever the dogs bark. I deeply and completely love and accept myself” may be a useful starting point.83 - 2. 4. 3.

eft-revealed. before you use this. and tap on them! Create a Choices Statement to Clear Blocks to reflect where you’d like to be and tap and listen for the tail-enders Read the section on Forgiveness and see if you can think of anyone you have difficulty forgiving.html Brainstorm some of the writing on the walls you may have. then find some specific events that put the writing there and tap on them Read through Section III of the book and note any new approaches you could try Try Stephen Daniel’s approach to core beliefs in Appendix I Think of your issue as a Table Top and brainstorm all the possible events that could be holding the table top up. Make a start on. keeping a record of the areas that you have yet to explore and learn about.bradyates.84 - .com and tap along and work on any issues that come up Try Appendix J with something you’ve been wanting to do but just don’t get around to Listen to one of the talks at www. One of the advantages of working with a practitioner is they can help you to try the various different approaches to EFT. This section refers you to many resources tailored to the specific use. and work on any issues that arise from this Answer Carol Look’s questions in Appendix D in relation to the issue Try the safety portion of the process in Appendix H to see if there are any themes here you can work with Think of some specific events to do with the issue and try using the Movie Technique (Appendix C) Think of some specific events to do with the issue. as it is just a handy reference summary that you can use a little like a buffet – simply run your eyes over the options and pick one that feels like something you’d like to to look for inspiration on how others have approached it Post a question on one of the forums at http://www. or continue working with. All we need to do is tune in and tap. You can also print this page out and check the different approaches off as you use them. then pick one to start tapping on. and use the Tell the Story Technique (Appendix B) Try tapping along with Brad Yates eTapping sample and tap along and work on any issues that come up Try a conversation with your inner child to hear their concerns about the issue (Appendix Q) Buy or borrow a copy of Lise Bourbeau’s “Your Body is Telling you: Love Yourself” and explore the themes Lise suggests for your physical issues Read through Section V of the book and note any new approaches you could try Brainstorm an Aspect Diagram for the issue and pick one to tap on (Appendix S) For specific issues: Read through the Specific Uses for EFT section to get some ideas on various approaches. or if possible. You might find you have a favourite you keep coming back to some days. and other days you just feeling like trying a different approach.eft-talk.htm (if you detail what you’ve already tried you will likely get a more useful response) Try the process in Appendix H to see whether you unconditionally accept yourself Listen to one of the talks at www. both within this book and free resources available on the internet: Physical Illnesses Phobias Depression Chronic Pain Allergies Limiting Beliefs Stop Smoking Trauma Weight Loss/Overeating Kids/Animals . Some days it just doesn’t seem to feel that way though. the Personal Peace Procedure Do a search on the topic for your issue at www.emofree. and it’s difficult to know where to start.You CAN Heal with EFT Appendix T – EFT Approaches – How to be your own creative practitioner EFT is a simple process. For all types of issues – select an issue you’d like to address and try one of the following approaches: Simple and Powerful Method for Working on Your Own. ask a friend to sit with you as you do the tapping (Appendix L) Brainstorm all the reasons you don’t feel like tapping. to find which one works best for you for each issue. so this page is for days where you need a little help with it. It’s not so easy to do this for You really need to read the book first.

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