Work Experience Letter

Date: 31/08/2010, Place : Hyderabad. Chakravarthy.M H.R.Manager, Ikkon Technologies, Shivam Enclave, Near Paradise, Secunderabad. To Whom It May Concern Dear Sir/Madam, This will confirm that Mr. KOTESWARA RAO. M was employed as WEB DEVELOPER with Ikkon Technologies from 13/11/2008 through 31/08/2010. I am familiar with Mr. Koteswara Rao’s duties, and I had responsibility for monitoring his activities during his tenure at Ikkon Technologies. He has shown an excellent attitude to his work, has been a popular member of our team, and contributed to our success. By implementing a continuous improvement strategy he has made his work an example for his colleagues. He has proved as a good trainer and mentor for his staff. Due to his skills, commitment and continued hard work, we wish him success in his ambitions.

Yours Sincerely,

Chakravarthy.M, HR Manager.

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