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2006 business ideas

2006 business ideas

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Published by: Veeresh BT on Feb 20, 2011
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Vanity postage. This pretty-easy-to-use website will generate official US
postage stamps featuring a photo or illustration of your choosing (works
well with iPhoto for instance). When the service was first introduced two
years ago it was abused by clever pranksters -- my favorite hack was a
Unabomber postage stamp. The Post Office shut the program down. The
service is available again but I don't know what the actual image limits
are (vs. their stated policy). We made some silly faces and they made
stamps from them. I've seen them used for wedding/party invitations. You
can also put business logos on them, or other non-political messages.
The cost is more than twice that of regular stamps (less if you buy them
in bulk). A 20-stamp sheet of these makes a nice personal, utilitarian gift.

Source: [Cool Tools]

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