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2006 business ideas

2006 business ideas

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Published by: Veeresh BT on Feb 20, 2011
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In a world that is obsessed with mobile phones, PDAs, iPods and the like, we are perpetually
draining and recharging our batteries. In-home refuelling is a cinch, but the same cannot be said
for public places where electrical outlets are typically guarded against unauthorized recharging.
The ChargeBox offers a solution, which consists of 6 small lockers, each with 4 unique chargers
that can power 90% of our mobile devices. Users simply plug in to the charger that corresponds
to their device, make payment with a coin or via SMS, lock their box and return when charging is
complete. The ChargeBox will top up your battery for 40 minutes at a cost of £1.

Source: [The Cool Hunter]

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