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2006 business ideas

2006 business ideas

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Published by: Veeresh BT on Feb 20, 2011
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Paragraph ("providing an affordable and tranquil working environment for writers of all genres")
occupies a 2,500 square foot loft space near Union Square, divided into a writing room and a
lounge area. The writing room has 38 partitioned desks, while the lounge area contains a
kitchenette, a large round table and smaller café tables. There's a refrigerator and cabinets to
store members' food and beverages, as well as a microwave, toaster oven and coffee maker. The

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space has a laser printer and wifi throughout, and is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365
days a year.

Members are assigned a pin code to access the space, and don't need to be published authors: a
strong drive to write is enough. Monthly access fees range from USD 80 to 132 (EUR 67-
110/GBP 45-75). So far, Paragraph has signed up 120 members.

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