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2006 business ideas

2006 business ideas

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Published by: Veeresh BT on Feb 20, 2011
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London's Victoria and Albert Museum has a new exhibition that completely transforms the entire
process of visiting a gallery with its innovative sound installations.

The exhibition, 'Shhh... Sounds in Spaces', is unique in that the V&A museum has invited 10
different musicians and artists to provide sound-pieces to accompany the collection of sculpture,
furniture and fasion in the different rooms and spaces. The contributors vary from big names like
Gillian Wearing and Jeremy Deller, to musicians like Roots Manuva, and David Byrne.

Your journey begins in the museum's Contemporary Space, where visitors collect headphones, a
custom-made MP3 player and a map that leads them through the series of sound installations.
Infra-red sensors throughout the museum trigger the in-ear soundtracks which vary dramatically
from space to space, ranging from large-scale soundscapes to spoken pieces in response to a
single art object.

Now that's 'modern' art, isn't it?

Source: [BBC Feature]

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