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Make sure the product is "OFF" Only operate the product on a

when not in use, before putting on flat surface.

or removing blades and inserts, and
before cleaning. Hold and pull
power plug when disconnecting
from the power outlet.

Do -not let cord contact hot Do not damage, process, bend,

surfaces, twist, bundle or put heavy items
including a stove.
over power cord.
Electric shock or fire may occur.

Operate only with rated voltage. If

wrong voltage is used, electric
When taking-out the processed
shock or fire may occur.
vegetable, make sure unit is
turned off then hold the unit base
with one hand and slowly slide
the collection cup out with the
other hand.

Do not press the switch Unplug from outlet when not in use,
dent with any item. Break- before putting on or removing parts.
down or injury may occur.

Do not move unit Unplug from outlet

during operation. before cleaning.
Injury may result.

Do not use outdoors.

Never feed food by
hand. Always use food
This product is designed for
indoor-use only.