The components and effects of Green Tea

Components Catechins 9(Main component) Action / Effect Reduces incidence of cancer Reduces tumours Reduces mutations Reduces oxidation by active oxygen Lowers blood cholesterol Inhibits the increase of blood pressure Inhibits the increase of blood sugar Kills bacteria Kills influenza Fights carcinogenic bacteria (reduces cavities) Prevents halitosis (bad breath) Stimulates wakefulness Removes fatigue and sleepiness Acts as a diuretic Reduces stress Prevents flu Aids carbohydrate metabolism Lowers blood pressure Strengthens blood vessel walls Lowers blood sugar Prevents cavities Acts as an antioxidant Regulates ageing Gives Green Tea its fresh taste


Vitamin C Vitamin B Complex R-Amino Butyric Acid Flavonoids Polysaccharides Fluoride Vitamin E Theanine (Kind of amino-acid)

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