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Marketing Environment

Marketing Environment

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Published by: Kushal Reddy on Feb 20, 2011
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else business may fail.  Marketing environment consists of the actors & forces external to marketing mgt. mgt.¶s ability to develop &maintain successful transactions with it¶s customers .Marketing Environment  Environment can be understood as everything that surrounds & impinges on a system´ Marketing should be seen as a system which responds to environmental changes. function of the firm that impinge on mktg.

g.quantitative assessment of marketing environment on the basis of multiple-criteria analysis.qualitative analysis of primary factors and .) and trends (directions) of their change .‡Assessment of business environment tends to gain increasing significance to validate strategic marketing management decisions. ‡A system of evaluation of criteria and models has to be developed ‡This helps to foresee comparative strength of distinguished factors (e.identification of environment factors. ‡The essential steps of the assessment are . highly favourable to highly unfavourable. .

Natural Technological Customers Macro Cultural Marketing Suppliers Micro Social Channels HR Prodn Legal Finance Competitor Internal Economic Political Demography .

 INTERNAL ENVIRONMENT----ENVIRONMENT----Factors existing within others functions of their own firm. Scanning of internal envi . Finances etc. procedures. systems existing within the organisation . consisting of Employees.means understanding the policies. Equipment.LEVELS OF MKTG. ENVI.

1) Customers----Customers----2)Intermediaries-2)Intermediaries-3)Suppliers-------3)Suppliers-------4)Competitors---4)Competitors---- .THE MICRO-ENVIRONMENT MICROMICRO ENVIRONMENT----describes those ENVIRONMENT----describes elements which directly impinge on a company.

credits. debts. govt agencies.THE MACRO-ENIRONMENT MACRODescribes factors which are beyond the immediate envi.population literacy. values. shortage of raw materials. Complex & independent type. energy costs. social systems. age. occupations. pressure groups 2)Demographic . 3)Technological &Economic ± purchasing power. savings 4)Social & cultural forces ± beliefs. languages 5) Natural ± pollution. prices. castes. 1)Political & Legal Envi. . ± laws. Also has an impact on micro forces.represents general forces/pressures rather than institutions with which organizations relate directly.

For construction company Marketing environment components and the determining essential factors ± Political environment     Membership Stability of Government Influence of political parties on construction business Corruption factor ± Social environment :     Implementation of social programmes Demographic situation Problem of skilled construction workers Migration processes ± Economic environment :       GDP growth Level of population income Investment climate Development of free economic zones Size of taxes. their change Public procurement .

For construction company  Ecological environment : ± State of infrastructure ± Environmental requirements ± Specific requirements to construction  Technological environment : ± Use of innovations ± Priority of progressive technologies ± Updating of machinery  Legal environment : ± Legal regulation of competition ± Laws on construction industry ± Institutional decisions .

Specify and explain the micro & macro environmental forces affecting marketing mix of the following in India:  Pizza Hut  NDTV Profit  LIC of India .


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