Halloween is such an exciting time for children and adults alike.

During the Ha lloween Party, children will participate in a variety of group games and activit ies including Boo-Bingo, Pin the Nose on the Jack-O-Lantern, Arts & Crafts and m ore! • For the party, we need 5-7 adult volunteers who can assist with leading the part y activities. The activity will already be prepared, we just need to give you i nstructions and you will help the children. • For costume dress-up help we need 5-10 volunteers. Children will not be wearing costumes during the party – only for the parade. They will have only a brief time prior to the parade to get ready and will need some adult help. • If you are unable to volunteer, still try to make it to the Halloween Parade! Want to donate supplies to the Halloween Party? A list of items is below. Remem ber, this is completely optional! 1 Bag of Candy Corn Halloween and/or fall-theme stickers Napkins (30) Plates (30) Juice Boxes (30) Paper cups (30)

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