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Strategic Thinking Workshop

Strategic Thinking Workshop

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Published by Graham Wilson

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Published by: Graham Wilson on Feb 20, 2011
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New World™ Strategic Thinking

A Leadership Masterclass...for the NEW World!
How to use a range of tools to think strategically… … in a complex, competitive, chaotic and constantly changing environment

A practical and innovative workshop led by Graham Wilson of Successfactory™
Background In a fast moving, ever changing, competitive market place the ability to think strategically is the key to being or becoming an effective leader. It is the process by which leaders rise above the day-to-day operational activity to gain different perspectives on the dynamics of the changing outside world and so be able to better position themselves to reach their business goals. This workshops shares pragmatic tools to help you achieve this. Audience Senior Managers responsible for developing strategy Outcomes Participants will leave with a set of pragmatic tools and a systematic process that can be used immediately – A Strategic Thinking Toolkit Participants will have a clear idea of how to improve personal performance and overcome blocks to personal strategic thinking Participants will learn what to do, what not to do - and what critical mistakes to avoid Participants will understand how to get the rest of the organisation aligned around working more effectively Participants will understand the need for collaboration Participants will gain an insight into best practice strategic thinking Participants will plan how to enhance personal strategic thinking capability Your facilitator – Graham Wilson Graham is a leading performance coach and inspirational developer of people. His key purpose is to facilitate increased personal and business performance by creating the desire for positive change and success. He is particularly interested in Senior Team Development, Change and Innovation, Leadership and revitalising organisations suffering from Change Fatigue! Graham works Internationally with organisations and their Senior Teams to align strategy and action, specialising in the people aspects of change. Since 1994 Graham has consulted, trained and coached a number of top-level business people in the public and private sector in the UK, Europe, Middle and Far East. Graham is an inspiring facilitator of learning both in the classroom and to large audiences of up to thousands of participants. His working culture is visionary, enjoyable and results focused. He works in an atmosphere of openness, flexibility of thinking, teamworking and integrity. Graham works specialises in the areas of: Leading Change, Leadership for the New World, Developing High Performance Environments, High Performance Teamworking, Organisational Development, and Business Transformation. Graham is also in demand by editors of numerous motivational and management publications and is an accomplished conference speaker. Graham has been described by clients as an ‘igniter of human potential’ and ‘inspirational provider of practical insights that make a difference – immediately’.


Session Flow Why change? – Old World/New World, Evolve, Dominate, Die What to change? – Strategic Thinking Toolkit – New World Integrated Approach What to change to? – Use of process and tools How to embed change? – Strategic Thinking toolkit containing a selection of tools such as Graphical Facilitation Techniques, Strategic Visioning Process, World Café, Appreciative Inquiry, Hopes and Fears, Deep Dive, Blue Ocean and FutureMapping Pre work: Explore Own Company Strategy, Read Robin Hood, Read Thought Piece, Do Self Assessment Change Stage Topic Activity Tool Kit 09:00 Buy In Introduction World Café Exercise Hopes & Fears Tool Hopes and Fears of participants to shape session Set Ground Rules 09:30 Why Change? Past(Old) World /Future (New) Discussion Evolve, Dominate or World and why we need to Buzz Groups Die Strategies think, behave and act Group Work The 3 Disciplines - Deep differently Dive Technique Strategic Thinking vs Planning The 3 Disciplines of Strategic Thinking 10:30 Break Case Study Strategic Thinking 10:45 What to Robin Hood Strategic Thinking Model Discussion Model Change? Application 11:45 What to Strategic Thinking Styles Discussion Thinking Styles Application Change? Mapping Your Style Critical, Creative and Systems Personal Exercise Thinking 12:45 Lunch 13:15 What to Graphical Visioning Process Discussion Visioning Templates Change to? Future Mapping Application to Specsavers Future Mapping Blue Ocean Thinking Blue Ocean Thinking 15:15 Break 15:30 What to Appreciative Inquiry Discussion AI Framework Change to? World Cafe World Café Process 16:00 How to Application of learning to Presentation of learning Landalog™ embed personal action plan and actions Change? 16:45 Summary Review of learning Discussion 17:00 Close We recommend that reflection and development of actions to happen within 24 hours. Suggest meeting with line manager/teams next morning to discuss learning and implications. This embeds learning and increases return on investment.


Delivery Style The session will be energetic, provoking and very interactive. The material will be non-academic. The style of delivery will be a mixture of interaction, thought provoking presentations, examples of good and bad practice, team dialogue, inspiration, challenge. It will be action focused, practical, and pragmatic. The main focus is to build the desire for the team to want to change and to share with you tried, tested, and proven ideas that can be used immediately to improve performance. The session will challenge, motivate, inspire, and get your team thinking that they really must do something. Wherever possible, participants will be encouraged to raise real-life issues, and real-life examples will be used in preference to ‘case examples’. Participants will have fun while they learn. Investment An investment in this workshop represents tremendous value when compared against the increases in results that are gained. The participants will find the recommended workshop totally engaging and it will enable them to create a clear focus, develop new skills, challenge/change behaviours and increase motivation to successfully meet business demands. The process challenges the way people think and take action, enabling them to be more effective, now and well into the future. We are eager to work with you on this exciting project and are committed to providing cost effective, and inspirational, personal development to increase the skill, knowledge and motivation of your staff. The investment is in the region of £4,000 plus VAT and any design work/delivery expenses. This assumes you will provide a suitable venue. Choose Successfactory™ We are not consultants We are not academic We are not ‘suppliers’ We do not warm over old tired ideas Successfactory’s approach is down-to-earth, novel and enjoyable. All the thinking, behaviours, tools and techniques we teach are practical, easy to apply and effective. Successfactory™ has a strong record of ensuring that clients get superb value from their investment in their managers and executives. Director of Learning Graham Wilson is recognised as an international authority and expert on strategic thinking and the Integrated Change Management Approach using ChangePro™


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