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Book - When Your Path is Blocked

Book - When Your Path is Blocked

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Published by Dr. Roy
Never ever quit!
Never ever quit!

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Published by: Dr. Roy on Feb 20, 2011
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WHEN YOUR PATH IS BLOCKED When your path is blocked, you’ve likely encountered an opportunity.

When your plans don't go as planned, it can put you on the way to something better than you first imagined. It's nice when everything in your day/life goes smoothly according to plan, but when the difficult & unexpected challenges arise, you truly have a chance to shine/create/review. When one door is slammed shut on you, you must seek out & open another door. Behind that other door there could be a big wonderful world filled with great richness. If things are going along nicely, you probably will not venture far from what’s familiar/comfortable. Yet, when you run up against a roadblock, it can force you to a higher level of performance. When a challenge looms, you'll be forced to call on skills & capabilities you may have never used before. Once you've used new skills, they don’t go away, they become even stronger & more accessible to you. Challenges are life's way of showing you that you can be stronger, more capable, creative and highly focused than you ever thought. When life does not go as you planned, that's your wonderful opportunity to make it even better.

When you have a clear vision of your goal, the steps necessary to achieve it become apparent, even though they require changes as you progress toward them!!


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