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The present study is an attempt to make a comprehensive analysis of finance and financial
performance of "ALAPPUZHA DISTRICT CO-OPERATIVE BANK (LTD). The study involves
an analysis of the financial statements of the bank in the light of various statements,
comprehensive statement, common size statement, trend percentage and working capital analysis
for evaluating the overall financial performance of the bank.

The significance of this study is that, to get know about the financial performance of the bank and
the way in which the theoretical accounting procedure are put into practical usage. It enabled me
to study the comparative performance of the firm on the past five years, that is, its improvement
in certain areas, decline in some its strength, weakness, efficiency in utilizing its financial as well
as other resources etc.

The primary objective of the study is to evaluate the overall performance of the bank.

Analytical research has been used in this study to find out the financial performance of the co-
operative bank.

The methodology adopted in the project on a particular research problem depends to a great extent
up on the objectives of the study. The main sources of data are:

Primary data

Secondary data

This study makes a detailed and comprehensive analysis of all the major aspects of the bank. For
this purpose of analysis and interpretation the financial statement of five year is used. Major areas
covered under this analysis are:

• Liquidity position

• Working capital management

• Efficiency in the asset utilization

• Trend of financial performance

The study in Alappuzha District Co-operative Bank Ltd. reveals that the bank's overall
performance is satisfactory. The project work on a whole has been very useful to get a practical
knowledge and experience in the field of financial management especially in financial
performance of which is an aid to management in taking appropriate decisions the study was
made out according to the profit and loss account and balance sheet for the last 5 years and other
information provided by the bank. On the basis of analysis, I came to understand the changes
occurred in financial matters in this bank for last 5 years. This analysis help the management in
interfirm comparison and also in future planning.

More over the project work help me acquaint with the financial aspects of a bank and the practices
undertaken in the finance department.

To conclude, the project work has been a great experience an exposure to the real field experience
and actual working of an organization.