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The toolbar at the top of the Paint window contains buttons to apply effects to
bitmaps. Before using any of these options, you must select part of the bitmap
with the Lasso or Marquee tool. Effects that change the shape of the selection
work only when the selection is made with the Marquee tool. Effects that change
colors within the selection work with both the Marquee and the Lasso tools.

Lingo flips and rotates bitmaps by flipping and rotating bitmap sprites. See
“Rotating and skewing sprites” on page 144 and “Flipping sprites” on page 147.

Note: To repeat any of these effects after using them, press Control+Y (Windows) or
Command+Y (Macintosh).

Chapter 12


To flip, rotate, skew, or apply effects to part of a bitmap:

1Select part of a bitmap in the Paint window with the Marquee tool.

2Use any of the following effects:

To flip the selection, click the Flip Horizontal button to flip right to left, or

click the Flip Vertical button to flip top to bottom.

To rotate the selection 90º counterclockwise or 90º clockwise, click the Rotate

Left or Rotate Right buttons.

To rotate the selection by any amount in either direction, click the Free Rotate

button and then drag the rotate handles in any direction. (You can rotate a
sprite containing a bitmap instead of the bitmap itself. See “Rotating and
skewing sprites” on page 144.)

To skew the selection, click the Skew button and drag any of the skew handles.

Vector Shapes and Bitmaps 313

To warp the shape of the selected area, click the Warp button and drag any

handle in any direction.

To create a perspective effect, click the Perspective button and drag one or more

handles to create the effect you want.

To create an outline around the edges of the selected artwork, click the Trace

Edges button.

Chapter 12


To apply color effects to a selected area:

1Select an area within a bitmap cast member using either the Marquee or the
Lasso tool.

2Use any of the following effects:

To soften the edges of the selected artwork, click the Smooth button. This

works only with 8-bit cast members.

To reverse the colors of the selected area, click the Invert Color button.

To increase or reduce the brightness of the selected area, click the Lighten or

Darken Color button. This works on 8-bit (256 color) images only.

To fill the selected area with the current foreground color and pattern, click the

Fill Color button.

To change all pixels of the foreground color within the selection to the

currently selected destination color, click the Switch Colors button.

Vector Shapes and Bitmaps 315

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