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Glass Reinforced Epoxy (GRE) Pipes

Glass Reinforced Epoxy (GRE) Pipes

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Published by: JoeyMendoz on Feb 21, 2011
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longer service life and the ease of relocation are just a few of the advantages of the glassfiber piping technology. The corrosion resistance and resistance to UV light reduce the maintenance costs for both aboveground and buried pipelines. residues. Reduced costs The installation cost of GRE pipe systems are typically 80% of the costs of carbon steel. Cathodic protection is not required. Ameron Glassfiber Reinforced Epoxy (GRE) pipe systems – the cost effective alternative Ameron Glassfiber Reinforced Epoxy (GRE) pipe systems represent the costeffective alternative to corrosion-prone metallic piping and non-reinforced thermoplastics. OUTSTANDING BENEFITS ■ DURABLE AND CORROSION RESISTANT Longer service life ■ LIGHTWEIGHT – EASY TO INSTALL No need for heavy equipment Complete piping systems Ameron offers more than just pipe segments. Including a choice of joint systems. pressure classes up to 245 bar (3500 PSI) and standard lengths up to 12 m (40-feet). Complete piping systems in a variety of diameters and pressures for many different application areas are available. Lightweight – easy to install GRE pipe systems.BONDSTRAND GLASSFIBER REINFORCED EPOXY (GRE) PIPE SYSTEMS ® The many advantages of Ameron Glassfiber Reinforced Epoxy (GRE) pipe systems Durable and corrosion resistant Ameron GRE piping is inert to internal corrosion from chemicals. crude oil. The smooth internal surface reduces the head loss resulting in lower pump energy consumption. Similarly it resists exterior corrosion even in aggressive environments. Reduced installation and maintenance costs. injection water and bacteria. being just a quarter to an eighth the weight of comparable steel pipe. mechanical as well as threaded joint systems and flanges. Ameron glassfiber reinforced epoxy piping is available in diameters up to 1000 mm (40 inch). are easy to install without the need of heavy equipment. prevents excessive accumulation of static electricity FUEL HANDLING ■ REDUCED COSTS Less than schedule 80 carbon steel Does not require protective coatings MARINE OFFSHORE OIL AND GAS INDUSTRY . such as adhesive-bonded. ■ ELECTRICALLY SHIELDED When grounded properly.

1. 1. Bondstrand® SSL enables operating pressures up to almost 400 bar (5750 PSI). Ideal for the most demanding applications in corrosive environments including carrying crude oil.0 min. Also special pipe systems were designed for fire protection and caissons for offshore platforms. salt and sour water. Intumescent coatings can be applied in the field (unreinforced) or in the factory (reinforced or unreinforced) to provide the fire endurance needed. The coating also provides very high resistance to damage and may be considered for areas where the piping is vulnerable to impact. .6 min. far higher than conventional non-metallic materials.0 ■ Maximum installed cost ■ Minimum installed cost * A full listing of corrosion resistance capabilities is available WIDE RANGE OF APPLICATIONS Our corrosion-resistant pipe systems can be used in a wide range of applications. From general industrial services and oil & gas. The epoxy resin/ fiberglass matrix never requires cathodic protection against corrosive soil conditions and stray current electrolysis.0 PA max. BONDSTRAND® THE COST-EFFECTIVE ALTERNATIVE Compared installed cost of a 150mm (6”) 75 bar (1050 PSI) pipe system. an outer layer of passive fire protection can be used. Typical application areas are: INDUSTRY ● Chemical processing ● Corrosive liquid transmission ● Desalination ● District heating ● Fire water / fire protection ● Food. but the inner piping is able to perform. 3. maintaining excellent flow characteristics during the lifetime of the system. Epoxy pipe with intumescent coating For dry services where epoxy pipe is preferred. medical and cosmetic applications ● Steam condensate return ● General water service ● Brine transmission OIL & GAS ● Flow lines ● Oil & gas gathering ● Oil & gas transmission ● Water injection and separation ● Salt water disposal ● Water transmission ● Tubing & casing ● Fire water / fire protection OFFSHORE ● Cooling water ● Fire water / fire protection ● Produced water ● Potable water ● Drainage ● Sewerage ● Caissons / column piping MARINE ● Ballast ● Cargo ● Crude oil washdown ● Effluent ● Fire water / fire protection ● Inert gas transmission ● Sanitary service ● Vent FUEL HANDLING ● Fuel depots ● Jet fuel handling ● Service stations IT CAN TAKE THE PRESSURE Bondstrand® and Centron® pipe systems are cost-effective solutions for high-pressure pipeline systems for oil and gas services such as gathering lines.0 min. Bondstrand® SSL With a new revolutionary technology of encapsulated high-tensile steel in a GRE jacket.25 Duplex max. 1. 2. It is inert to bacterial growth and does not deteriorate with age.Bondstrand max. Flame-retardant Flame-Retardant means the ability to retard burning and extinguish the flame once the flame source is removed. ■ Fast.5 times better than comparable steel ■ Low solids build-up and low pressure drop ■ Excellent resistance to abrasion and wear ■ Exceptional corrosion resistance ■ Exceptional pressure and axial load capabilities IT CAN TAKE THE HEAT Epoxy pipe Bondstrand can be used for systems which are normally water filled without additional passive fire protection. to offshore. reliable make-up. 1. Carbon steel 1. Fire exposure will cause the outer surface of the pipe to char. 0. Bonstrand pipe meets rigorous requirements with respect to flame spread and fire endurance.9 PE max. stabilized by the water. 1. no adhesive required ■ Flow characteristics 1. subsea flow lines and water injection lines.) and operating pressures of up to 245 bar (3500 PSI).000 ft.35 IT CAN TAKE IT Bondstrand® is corrosion and chemical resistant*. marine and fuel handling. The low absolute roughness of the inner surface and the large cross-sectional area result in a significantly lower pressure drop than for example same size Schedule 40 carbon steel. Bondstrand® 3400 and Centron® The technically advanced filament wound construction of Bondstrand® 3400 and Centron® SP/SPH pipes allows for tubing and casing with deep hole capabilities over 3 km (10. The cost of carbon steel is taken as 100%.85 min.

COIL-LOCK® A self-restrained mechanical joint offering quick assembly with ductile spiral locking key between male and female. easy to install. CUSTOMER SUPPORT Ameron provides a high degree of customer support through a network of sales offices.com U.com. KEY-LOCK® A self-restrained. calculations and engineering. Two O-ring seals can be easily tested at assembly.sg © Ameron 2006 – FP 565C (UK) 02/06 supersedes FP 565B 06/00. Phone: +1 832 912 8282 Fax: +1 832 912 9393 E-mail: marcom@ameronfpd. Available in sizes 50-1000 mm (2-40 in). AMERON OFFERS THE WORLD’S MOST COMPREHENSIVE SELECTION OF ADHESIVE-BONDED. With advanced software. Texas 76364 U. Box 878 Burkburnett. Available in sizes 25-900 mm (1-36 in). depending on pressure requirements. Ameron field service engineers are available to assist the nominated contractor throughout the project. Europe and Asia-Pacific. Texas 77070. AMERON BONDSTRAND® GLASSFIBER REINFORCED EPOXY PIPE SYSTEMS Series Maximum operating temperature (°C) (°F) ® Maximum operating pressure (Bar) (PSI) 75 245 398 1050 3500 5750 Nominal pipe size (mm) 25-1000 50-250 200-1000 (inch) 1-40 2-10 8-40 Bondstrand Centron® 121 93 121 250 200 250 Bondstrand® SSL Fiberglass-Composite Pipe Group Headquarters Ameron International Fiberglass-Composite Pipe Division 9720 Cypresswood Drive. EXPERTISE AT EVERY STAGE Ameron offers advice at every stage. marine and fuel handling applications. Ameron offers the world’s most comprehensive line of GRE pipe products for industry. DOUBLE O-RING A mechanical joint offering quick assembly between male and female ends.S. This is supported by central research and development facilities. or 2 locking keys. The integral pipe stop in the Quick-Lock bell ensures accurate laying lengths in close tolerance piping. Ameron can offer assistance in design.LEADING PRODUCER Ameron is a leading producer of GlassfiberReinforced Epoxy (GRE) pipe systems with manufacturing facilities in the Americas. U.O.S. 41/2 . TAPER/TAPER An adhesive-bonded joint with matching tapered male and female ends offering superior joint strength by controlled adhesive thickness. Tuas Avenue 3 Jurong Singapore 639407 Phone: +65 6861 6118 Fax: +65 6862 1302/6861 7834 E-mail: info@ameron.V. Employing one O-ring to provide sealing. WORLDWIDE APPROVALS Ameron is committed to Total Quality Management and conforms to the international ISO 9001 standard and holds many approvals such as API 15LR and API 15HR. An ”O“ ring is employed to provide optimal sealing.A.O. Available in sizes 50-1000 mm (2-40 in). from project planning to installation. FLANGES One-piece flanges and Van Stone-type flanges with loose flange rings. 7A. to meet customer requirements. An EUE 8 RD joint is also available in sizes 11/2 . Suite 325 Houston. offshore. Available in sizes 50-200 mm (2-8 in). Phone: +1 940 569 1471 Fax: +1 940 569 2764 Europe Ameron B.41/2 in (tubing). THREADED AND MECHANICAL JOINING SYSTEMS FOR GLASSFIBER REINFORCED EPOXY (GRE) PIPE QUICK-LOCK® An adhesive-bonded joint with straight spigot and tapered bell.com Website: http://www.A.95/8 in (casing) and 2-8 in (line pipe). mechanical joint utilising 1. Available in sizes 25-1000 mm (1-40 in). Two ”O“ rings are employed to provide sealing. No. oil & gas. Printed in The Netherlands .nl Asia Ameron (Pte) Ltd. Box 6 4190 CA Geldermalsen The Netherlands Phone: +31 345 587 587 Fax: +31 345 587 561 E-mail: info@ameron-fpg. stocking distributors and sales representatives in more than 100 countries.ameron-fpg. CENTRON PROPRIETARY 4 RD A 4 round threaded joint offering quick assembly between male and female ends. Ameron International 1004 Ameron Road P.S. Available in sizes 50-1000 mm (2-40 in). Fiberglass-Composite Pipe P. supply houses.A. Available in sizes 25-400 mm (1-16 in).

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