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. . F,lvenew teachers have joined the ..

d~llcrest faculty this fall. WlanyHillcrest students \V"ere am6n~, ,< ~

lvIrs. Carol Cail, ilmericaa. h~story theS75 boys who took part in ,j, - .

teacher and a graciu:'lte of the U. of [1.. Fayetteville's threeorganizedbas.~;~' . I

i,sa:hativ~ o'fEton,Ohio. Her hu s-. ball h;;qguesandtne American :L~'eg:i;o:;n :,,<~:.

band. t esches encr.i'nee r at the baseball program thissummei~~'/':-.,,;'· ~,.,

. un'I versi t y •. She is int~rested in the The Hillcrest b6ys:W:"1cr:~play.ed W:~re: '. .;,

fine . arts and en joys bowl ing and David Christie t ' Bobby ,EUd~n!:1;, Mike· 1

playing tennis. Stuckey, ClellBarker, Larry 3tblJ.t., J

.Nr~ Richard Kayto'n, whose home- Robert VHlks, 3tevefialaday\Bob .vlhite ,:.

to,m_., is Texarkana; is the ne'Wband Carlos 'Carr, Bobby Carr, Rod-iv:;y·~a'rr,. . f!

director. He. holds a -Bache.Lo.r oflJavid Patton, Jerry Bryarrt , .. lJ()n~14, .' ~:~usic Education degree from 'Henderson Osborn, Larry Omohundr o , Randy Blackard

State Teachers/College. His, in.,. ... . ' Euge,ne Tuckert Larry Dale~ Eubanks, "

,.t~rests are fishing a.nd high fidelity .. ,Danny·'\I~tsQnf Coy.Land;,DannYDurning, '". Nrs. lxoxYrlnn Pike completed wo rk . Geral,d.Eas'terling;, Lonnie I'.lcCl$lahd;·

on a Bachelor of .:icience in Home .il.Len Lfnnen , Ken Ramey, Bill' CookseyI'

Economics this past summer , She is • Charles Johnson, -, ?hil Combs, Jim :.

fX:Pm Hot 8pr,i.ngs. , Her husband isa Hawkins, Clyde Downum, andvlayne Ste~ns.

/studentin Horticulture at the Uvof 11 .•

lviI'S'. Pike isinteresfea incoo~ing

.and sewing., and her hobby' is oil paititing.

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Th~.Hillcrest f<lcultymer.iliets report a varied and busy Sll:!Lrner!

,_ ,·l\irsx,-:Brown .. ~ Mrs. Sitllpson, 'and 1"lrs.3 tlodg~$ tQught'.summer school; N:r".

. ray-I or I i,irs" " Hankins, l\lr. 3hu.ruate, r~~rs .. 'Pike, My. Richardson and .Nir;, COWqt'\. attended the U. of J1o; NITS. Bridenstine took ~artin the state

. Etl:'glish teachers' workshop at MO\lnt 1Vi8,gaz.ine; IVlrs. Rhea v~catloned for two weeks in h.labama; lIh. dames coaeb.ed the O.K. -ri Lady Babe R-uth .team; , Mr. rramay went fishing at

Red Lake in Canada- i~rs. Schurfranz spent· three weeks in Iowa; f/irs. Cail spent'the surnmerin \I!ashington D. C~· Miss~Lewis.and ~iss Ptak nstaye~bus; a,t_,h.ome"; l\1rs .B0\tflesworked at 1,lc\,.;ord-Oz,ark; dur Lnc the month of JulY' l\£lrs. Backus toured the st,~te of

da.shington~ made a boat trip. to Canada and came back throughYellow~ stpne Park; IVlrs.Port~r"ma4.~l1.ay" ~rH:f vi sited 1I'1i thher.grancichildrenj llllrs.'80wdervisited in southern' j1.r, and



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1-1. former sup~rintendentof schools l~I:r. Kenneth Ri ehe rdsen calls; t'ish Flat I

. 1--1.rkansas, his home t own a 'He has a '

Bachelor of ;3cience in Education degree

. and i s9·urrentlYl",rorking on his ", ' .. master's degree •.. Mr. Richardson has . served 'as superintendent of schools at Flippin and ~"1shFlat. He has three sons ~vi tit whom he likes t o hun f rend

fish. . '..

. Comlnqto us from'Blytheville is A,lrs" Emme Jean. Sweat. She he sa' .:

Bachelor of i1.rts~:a,na.ar4as·ter of ' Science from thiSuni '.Tersit y errd is

the special educs t t on t ee.cher , Her' ; husband is a graduate student in 'edu- . cation. f!lIS. 3weat likes to r ead, listen to records and loves allsDortsi

. . - . .!.,


Ten nin;th grade student s served as guides during, the ooen i.nq days of' school. They helpedothei et udent s, new and: old alike, locate tea'chets . and r ooms ; The, student s who served as guides' ; :BobvJhi t e , ,. Jane II,looTe, Danny Durning,' Shirley Er anzme ir , Susie ,'jtanberry 8 Jan 'I'he re l , Greg Lee, Eldo~ . Roberts, ,landa Hill, and'David Frfz~~el~''',

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. -~ :

: F'ishStory

~IJPidyou c3tch all those fish, yourself?16

"Oh; No! I had a, worm to help'

" , II '

me. '

" ' •• Eird ,', St.o ry

Pigeon: 'IV/tO.t's thefrquB'li=.,'

, .ar?Y 0US8E;!m all ~p$et.n . .-..

L11oi::fiei-2iqeon:' "'It's 'our . little ones,. -[J.:,,1O.' ()f:ttl~nt~: sti;i{ted walking to\:lay,,' _ and - I 'm . a:r'rcdd .~hey' 'T$: peO:pJ'-~''':foech 1';,-

-. - ~. Y" _, """. -_':_:' "- ~'<:-~, •

" _ ).tra:;~ler in: the Blue_Ridge

litouil';S __ -sawap old man. sitting-- in

" c~bin-do~_t".·TlHave you I1ve,dhere lyqurlffe-?" -: __ as1Cedthe tie111~ler* #/-, .tep+:'ief:l.-t~h¢-"-olg,m:an,,: "ribt.

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