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An Old Man¶s Head
Retold by Alfonso P. Santos Once upon a time there lived a pangatauhan (soothsayer), who dwelt in one of the hill of Nagkalalaki, a barrio adjacent to the present site of Olongapo. This pangatauhan lived in absolute seclusion. Nobody, not even the Aetas, knew his name or his ancestry. Now th time came when Sambals (a Malayan group after whom Zambales was named) under their legendary leader, rajah Sumilang, landed on the coast of the region in their swift balanggays (nativeboats). They bought a sizeable tract of land from the Aetas. In this region the Sambals settled and prospered. Later on they came into contact with tha pangatauhan, who impressed them with his age and wisdom. For want a better title, the Sambals called by the respectful title of Apo (Old man). At first the Aetas and the Sambals lived in perfect harmony and peace. But soon a great feud arose between the two racial groups. As a result of this feud, the Aetas were forced to leave their fertile plains and their homes in the hands of the Sambals. They sought refuge in the barren hills of Subic, an ancient village near Nagkalalaki. Here they nursed their grievances against the Sambals, and now and then they would plot to get even with their hatred foes. Meanwhile, the Sambals, being tactful and gentle people, showed great reverence for the hermit. They heaped favors upon him by bringing him food and other resourced of life. Even the sonat (native bishop), the catalonan ( native priestess), and Rajah Sumilang paid respect to him. In return for their kindness, he extended to the Sambals his sound advice. During troubled times and periods of want, he would tell them where to find food. Endowed with divine wisdom, a gift from Bathala ( the supreme god of the

they ventured to visit the plains of the Sambals. The consternation of the Sambals was great when their lovely princess could not be found. I see your lovely daughter in the hands of the chief of the Aetas. who were taken by surprise and were massacred by the hundred. The Sambals fell upon the Aetas. learning of the cause of their disastrous defeat.Malays). They feted him so much that the celebration did more harm than good. the survivors left Mahinhin behind. On one of these nocturnal visits. He even described to the rajah an accurate system of attack. heartened their victory. the lovely daughter of Rajah Sumilang. There they tortured him ruthlessly. ³Oh mighty Rajah. in his mercy. lightened his suffering by summoning his soul to kaluwalhatian (heaven). made them very grateful to him. the poor father ran to the hilly abode of the hermit and sked him where his daughter could be. vowed vengeance upon the pangatauhan. You will regain her after bitter fighting. Thus the Apo was a great help to the Sambals. the Aetas kidnapped the hermit and took him to the mountains. the Aetas cut off his head . Protected by the darkness of the night. through his advice. One night while the moon was hidden behind some dark clouds. which was like the color of their bodies. Chief Dagui of the Aetas saw Mahinhin. In desperation. In their haste to escape the fury of the attack. with the aid of the wisdom of Loan (bathala). The Sambals. the Aetas became bolder.´ Then he told the Rajah about a safe road to the village of the Aetas. Beware of the treacherous trails. Finally. held a great feast in honor of the Apo. Loan. As time passed. he would foretell accurately the events of the future. For the Aetas. for the wily Aetas have set traps for you and your warriors. The rescue of their princess. seeing their captive dead. The dusky shief passion was so aroused that in the deep hours of the night he stole into the chamber of the sleeping lakambini ( a native princess) and brought her to his mountainous kingdom.

the Sambals became very thankful of the soothsayer because he was helping them and teaching them where to get food. But then the Aetas came during the night and once. Then he went to the pangatauhan(soothsayer) to ask for answers. when Chief Dagui fell in love with Mahinhin. When the Sambals got there. called Apo because of respect. the Aetas had to leave their land and went to the mountains near Subic. They buried the head of the apo with the greatest reverence. the Aetas was shocked and weren¶t ready to fight. he decided to get Mahinhin. The chief can¶t stand his feelings and so one night. When the Sambals discovered this outrage. Because of this. showed them the right way in order to go to the Aetas safely. The next day. From: English Communication Arts and Skills through Filipino Literature Josephine Serrano and Milagros Lapid Copyright 2001 Summary: The Sambals came to the Philippines and bought some land from the Aetas near the Nagkalalaki wherein a soothsayer was dwelling. but they failed. Then they stole secretly to the plains of the sambals and there hung the battered head on a bamboo pole. they wept for the hermit who in his lifetime had done them great sevice. the rajah was becoming hysterical because he found out that her daughter was missing. Then the soothsayer said that her daughter was in the hands of the chief but he warned the rajah of the traps that was set by the Aetas. The pangatauhan.and left his body to be eaten by dogs. The result was that they lost and forgot about . In the beginning. Rajah Sumilang named his kingdom Ulo ng Apo ( head of the sage) which eventually become Olongapo. the two tribes were living in harmony but a quarrel came between the both of them. Days passed. Three days and three nights they combed the mountains in an effort to located his body. Rajah Sumilang¶s daughter. As a gesture of homage.

what did the Aetas do to the Apo? Why could the Sambals not bury the body of the Apo with honor? How did Olongapo get its name? . Rajah Sumilang named his kingdom as Ulo ng Apo which eventually became Olongapo. The others that were left hid in the forest. Knowing this. the Sambals tried to find the body of Apo. Loan lightened his suffering by summoning his soul to the heavens. the Sambals had a feast and the remaining Aetas promised revenged against the Apo. After their victory. But being nice. Seeing that the pangatauhan was dead. One night. they took off the head of Apo and let the body be eaten by dogs. But unfortunately. y y y y y y y y y y What is a soothsayer? Who were the Sambals? What did the Sambals call the soothsayer? Why did the Aetas leave their homes? How did Apo help the Sambals? What did Chief Dagui of the Aetas do one night? What did the Sambals do to punish the Aetas? In revenge.Mahinhin. they didn¶t find it and as a symbol of gratitude. the Aetas abducted the Apo and tortured him. Then they went to the land of the Sambals wherein they hanged the head in a bamboo pole.

or the like. clans. solitude Feud . harm. humiliation.not producing or incapable of producing offspring.Six Facets of Understanding y Explanation   y   What is the key idea in the first paragraph? What caused the revenge of the Aetas to the Sambals? Interpretation What does the story reveal about the history of the Filipinos? What are the implications of the feud between the two tribes to the present Olongapo? y Application   How might different tactics and knowledge help us to overcome bumps in our way? How is the story applied in the larger world? y Perspective   How might the deed of Chief Dagui look from the Sambals¶ perspective? What are the limits of the pangatauhan? y Empathy   What would it be like in Mahinhin¶s shoes? How might Rajah Sumilang feel about Chief Dagui? y Self Knowledge   How do I know if I am being defeated? What are my blind spots about wars and battles? Vocabulary: y Vengeance .infliction of injury. continuous hostility..a feeling or attitude of deep respect tinged with awe. sterile Reverence . often lasting for many years or generations. esp. .a bitter.the state of being secluded. y y Barren . veneration. retirement. between two families. on a person by another who has been harmed by that person y y Seclusion . etc.

being a help to the Sambals started the conflict then he.portending evil or harm. Then as the climax approaches. Olongapo. Apo being the main character of the story is the center of the conflict. threatening Battered . again. And I just love history. The events are very easy to correlate to each other thus making it more attractive because of its fast pacing. himself being killed by the Aetas is the end of the story because the conflict is resolved. But you know. The beginning of the story starts with the introduction of the pangatauhan being alone in his world. Tribes. the climax starts to rise. He is the one who leads the story to which it should have been. y y Ominous . there will be always a winner and a loser. the falling action begins until the Aetas has beheaded the pangatauhan and the story reaches its denouement with the Sambals being deceived by the Aetas and ends with the naming of the city.y Consternation -a sudden. The theme of the story was the one that attracted me. alarming amazement or dread that results in utter confusion. The tale takes us back long ago to a quarrel between the Aetas and the Sambals and the consequences of the quarrel. And in this story. Apo. the Sambals are the winners and so the climax reaches its highest point and then when the Aetas sought for revenge. It is a nice story because it is very light and easy to understand. The setting of the story is in one of the Hills of Nagkalalaki which is near the present site of Olongapo which makes the story like a history of Olongapo. Ancient. Battlegrounds. Very damage by beating or hard usage Critical Analysis I was fascinated with this story because of the historical background it gave me of a city in the Philippines. The story is basically a folk tale. foreboding. War. in a battle. dismay. a feud happens between the two tribes and then until the revenge of the Aetas. Or maybe .

You will imagine the heights and mountains of Olongapo by reading the story. You have to be knowledgeable enough of your enemies. You need to have wisdom and tactics to face the enemies at any time of the day. The setting is very easy to imagine because it is a real place. .how did Olongapo get its name. Yet bravery isn¶t enough. The characters portray what they need to portray. The selected characters are very realistic because the mountains of the Aetas and Sambals are very near to each other. But the Sambals all got this wisdom and a soothsayer who guides them very well. The Aetas. described and known with their dark skin are really brave people.

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