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family case study

family case study

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in knowing the family the nurse will also know the community and its other inhabitants. through CHN students can be made aware of the different social. without the family.I. . CHN is also very important in terms of awakening the students view of the society and its problems. CHN does not only allow the students to see the negative side of things. technically it is defined as a social group determined by geographic boundaries and or common values and interest where its members know and interact with each other. it also allows them to see the positive and the optimism of the people. It is where he first learns. A family. Despite the hardships and the poverty that we are experiencing. clinics. prevention of illness. The types of families in today's society includes single-parent family. a community is fundamental in forming a persons values and beliefs. functions with in a particular structure and exhibits and creates norms. we should also get to know the people who are living in it and they are none other than the family. These are just some of the recent types of families but one can see the evolution of the society. adolescent family wherein the parents are still in the adolescent stage. people in the community are still thankful for the blessings that they continue to receive even though how small those blessings may be. As popularly defined. families and individuals at home. It is where he learns and interacts. The Family Case Study is an important tool in delivering efficient care to the client because it helps the nurse assess the family's health status. foster family and Gay and Lesbian Family. The most popular kind of family is the nuclear family. It is often said that nobody is an island and nobody stands alone. a person can learn different lessons that are essential in life. health centers. As the society and people progress more and more kinds of families are also included in the list. schools. It is also a tool for the student to have an in-depth knowledge of the family and its condition. we can also know the factors that would make the community a health place to live. the current or potential health problems and it also helps the nurse in finding solutions to the identified problems. values and social interactions. Community health nursing is important mainly because its focus is on the prevention of disease and promotion of health. the society's social structure would be in disarray. but in order to do this we must not only venture into the community. It is a systematic way for the nurse to prioritize the problems as well as the solutions. political and health issues that are present in the country. Community Health Nursing is very important due to the fact that it promotes health in the individual and family level. Through the community. It is also usually composed of the parents and the children but this time grandparents or other relatives can also be found living in the same household. Though this diseases can be avoided and proper health teaching and education can be given to the people. interacts and feel accepted. It is usually composed of the parents and the children but here in our country as tightly knit as we are with our families the other kind of family which is the extended family is also very common. By the definition alone. Community Health Nursing as defined by Ruth Freeman is a service rendered by a professional nurse and community groups. the family is the basic unit of the society. places of work for the promotion of health. Introduction The community is an important part of a person's life. Students can also see that people are still ready to help each other in times of need and crises. though it may not be as big as a community has also its own structure and complexities. care of the sick at home and rehabilitation. In order to assess the family correctly we must know them well. Through CHN we can have the knowledge of the different subsystems that are present in the community. The family is one of the strongest influence that a person can find. They can experience first hand the hardships of the common people and they can understand the sentiments of their countrymen who are not as fortunate compared to them. a community is also a place where you can find refuge when you are in need.

B.II. General Objectives After two days of nurse-client interaction the student nurse will be able to: • Apply the knowledge learned in assessing family health status and prioritizing of the family health problems for promotion of health and disease prevention. Objectives A. Specific Objectives After two days of nurse-client interaction the student nurse will be able to: • Assess the condition of the family • Determine and prioritize the family health problems • Formulate nursing care plan of the prioritized problem • Conduct health teaching to promote health and wellness .

Mercy Samulde has already passed away last Sept. he is a High school graduate and he works for the family. also a college graduate and also married. Edgardo Samulde is a high school graduate and so is Mrs. As I have observed the family is the only family in the community who owns a private vehicle (Multicab). Edgardo Samulde is active in the community and was in fact one of the kagawads before. The other daughter is Ms. Marites are however without a job and is dependent on their father and their respective husbands. B. Michael's School and is 14 years old and Miggy who is studying at Calvary School and is 9 years old. whenever Ms. They grandchildren has a very good relationship with one another. Samulde is a rice and sugarcane miller. Marites is doing something the older children often take care of Princess. she is studying at St. he is the head of the family and he works hand in hand with his two daughters to meet the family's needs. he also owns trucks and domestic animals. C. however his daughters are not as active and they are often just in the house and keep to themselves. The family also has a sari-sari store which is another source of income for them.III. Ms. Environmental Factors The environenment is a detrimental factor in the health of the family. Originally they have seven children but five of them are not living in the house or are abroad. she is already married and currently residing in Manila but is at home for already several months to take care of Mrs. by assessing the environment around the family and the community the nurse can then assess the potential . The children also has no problem in terms of their schooling because they are enrolled in good schools and the tuitions are paid for by their respective parents who are abroad or in Manila. Samulde when she was still alive. Socioeconomic and Cultural Factors As mentioned earlier Mr. Mercy Samulde. Family Structure and Characteristics The family has six members: The father. their two daughters and three grandchildren at home. Mr. sister. Marites 32 years old. 29. They help one another in the chores and they know their roles and functions in the family. Edgardo Samulde. The father Mr. This is due mainly to the fact that they have just returned to Canroma a couple of months ago after years of being away from home. They are very sensitive when it comes to their health and they depend very much on the services of the doctor. she is still unable to go back to Manila because she is looking after their father. My client's relationship with her father. Bebelyn and Ms. My clients have their own house situated near the mother of Mrs. When it comes to health matters they often consult the doctor in the Rural Health Unit in the town proper. She has one daughter named Princess who is three years old and is also a resident of the house. The family has a very close relationship with one another and has good and open communication. The income of the family is sufficient to meet the needs of each of its members. they are in charged on the upkeep of the house. The eldest of the two daughters is Ms. is a college graduate at one of the schools in Bacolod. two children and three grandchildren. Bebelyn 36 years old. The other grandchildren are Miracle. Mercy Samulde. Mrs. Mr. nieces and nephew is generally good. Narrative Report A. 2009 leaving Mr. Edgardo Samulde is 63 years old and is a rice and sugarcane miller.

however they still ensue the services of the tricycle whenever they need to go to the town proper. they are also near the “kampo” and mosquitoes and flies are often a problem. As to different services in the community such as health facilities. Miracle and Miggy are also healthy. cough and colds. They also have a lot of family pictures. it is very important to assess the family's health status because through proper assessment we can determine health problems and the steps on how to address them. If we are healthy. Mr. Through the proper . we can be productive productive citizens and be of help to our family and our society. it is also where you can find the toilet which is made up of concrete and is separated from the house. They only get minor illnesses such as fever. The community is spacious and the houses have moderate proximity with another. it is a manual flush toilet and it is generally clean and sanitary. they practice good personal hygiene and are active in terms of taking care of the house and the family. Marites and Bebelyn are also healthy adults. Samulde is a fairly healthy adult. the house is also adorned with different decors coming from several countries that the children has worked on. herbal plants and liniments. During our community exposures we. My client's communication facilities are adequate because even though they don't have landlines they own cellphones. My client also knows how to use the internet and makes use of it in the town proper whenever the need arise. Ms.hazards to the clients. the front yard is always clean and free of any garbage. we are also given the chance to observe their health practices and interview them about it. the family has their own artesian well in their backyard and that is there primary source of water. they do not avail of it very much since they go to Bacolod City for check up whenever they are sick. They also believe in alternative and contemporary medicine such as “hilot”. Health management in the family is done by using simple remedies. they are active children in school and at home. the student nurses are given the chance to interact with our clients. We must always do our best to achieve the optimal health possible. Selfmedication is observed in the family and they go to the doctor whenever the condition has worsened or persisted for a time. they also have a television set and radio. D. In line with this. we can do our responsibilities with ease. Inside the house they have adequate furnitures. Their backyard is a bit unruly because they have a lot of plants in their and it is a bit congested. Health Assessment of each member A person cannot function properly if he is unhealthy. it can also enable us to live our life fully. that is why health is a very important aspect of one's life. he started smoking when he was still young. Unlike some in the community who get their water from the nearby artesian well. He is still very active in work and is often out of the house. Most of the houses are made with concrete but a fair number of houses are also made of wood or a mixture of both. They have their own vehicle at home so transportation is no problem for them. However he has one major health threat: he is a smoker. Through health. Princess is also generally health although she has a condition called G6PD. Even if they have their own vehicle they also still make use of the jeepneys and bus to go to Bacolod or La Carlota. My client is very particular when it comes to their surrounding.

Through the knowledge that I have acquired I was also able to think of ways to minimize. Through the interaction I had with my client I was able to acquire information that helped me identify and prioritize the problems of the family. food intake and medicines are carefully monitored. Health teaching V. As to the family involved in the study. Records and Reports 1. solve them.care of her mother Ms. Environmental sanitation must always be done in the backyard in order to avoid further proliferation of rodents and insects' breeding places. Recommendation Trust and cooperation is very important in conducting this study. Parent should continue monitoring the youngest child in the house especially in her intake of food and medication to avoid complication due to G6PD Balanced diet must always be observed Proper lighting and ventilation must be observed especially in the back portion of the house so as to avoid accidents and further health problems • • • • . Home Visit Records 2. if not. Marites. family members (especially adults) should further take note of the following: • Adults in the house must encourage the head of the household to cease smoking as this may affect the over all health status of every member of the household especially the children. The family's diet generally consist of rice and a viand which is often vegetables. not including the in between meals. she is not suffering from any complications and her condition. They eat an average of three meals a day. IV.

Salience A problem not needing immediate attention 2/3 x 1 1/2 x 2 2/3 1 3/3 x 1 1/2 x 1 1 1/2 Total 3 1/6 Presence of breeding places of insects and rodents Criteria 1. Modifiability of the Problem Partially Modifiable 3. Nature of the Problem Foreseeable crisis 2. Modifiability of the Problem Not modifiable 3. Preventive Potential High 4. Nature of the Problem Health Threat 2. Nature of the Problem Health threat 2. Preventive Potential Low 4. Salience A problem not needing immediate attention 2/3 x 1 2/2 x2 2/3 2 3/3 x 1 1/2 x 1 1 1/2 Total 4 1/6 Death of a Member Criteria 1. Preventive Potential High 4. Modifiability of the Problem Easily Modifiable 3.Smoking of Cigarette Criteria 1. Salience 1/3 x 1 0 1/3 0 1/3 x 1 0 1/3 0 .

Nature of the Problem Health Threat 2. Modifiability of the Problem Partially Modifiable 3. Preventive Potential High 4. Preventive Potential Moderate 4.Not perceived as a problem Total Poor lighting and Ventilation Criteria 1. Nature of the Problem Health Threat 2. Modifiability of the Problem Partially Modifiable 3. Salience Not perceived as a problem 2/3 x 1 1/2x 2 2/3 2/3 1 2/3 x 1 0 2/3 0 2 1/3 Total Family History of Cancer Criteria 1. Salience A problem not needing immediate attention 2/3 x 1 1/2x 2 2/3 1 3/3 x 1 1/ 2 x 1 1 1/2 Total 3 1/6 .

if not eradicated.Clinical instructor . 2/2 x2 = 2 Modifiabilit y of the Problem Easily Modifiable 3. they often A problem mention it to the not needing nurse however immediate household members attention are often Total 4 1/6 .Home Visit interventions needed to solve the problem are available to the family -Health Teaching The possible diseases arising form rodents and insects can be eliminated if interventions can be done as early as possible 4.Practicing clinical instructor .Assistance from the following: . The resources and . Nature of 2/3 x 1 = 2/3 the Problem Health threat 2.Family members 1. Salience 1/2 x 1 = 1/2 The family see it as a problem. Preventive 3/3 x 1 = 1 Potential High It is a health threat -Family needing proper Interview management so that future problems can be minimized.Time and effort of student nurse .Prioritized Problem: Presence of breeding places of insects and rodents Criteria Computatio n Justification Method Resources Required .

Bajada BSN3D Submitted To: Ms. Deborah Tejam .Family Case Study Prepared By: Charmaigne Anne B.

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