Respected Sir/Madam, I ………………., student of MBA, II nd year Sem.

III of LN College of Management and Technology, assure you that the details which are to be submitted below will be used only for the academic purpose and project work under the name- Investors Decision
Making Pattern for Life Insurance product and will be kept confidential.

Thank You,
1] Do you have investment/ insurance plan on your name? Yes No

2] In which company you would like to purchase investment plan? Government owned company Private Company Public Ltd. Company Foreign Based Company

3] Provide the reason behind choosing particular investment company? Safety Good Track Record Brand Name Good Return

4] Are you aware with the new unit link plane in the market? Yes No

5] What kind of insurance policy/plan you would prefer to purchase at this stage?

Life Insurance

Pension Plans

Life Insurance and Investment Plans Child Plans Tax saving plans

10. 10.20 % 26% . 6. 25.000 8] What according to you is an ideal policy term? 3 to 5 year’s 10 to 15 year’s 21 to 25 year’s More than 30 year’s 6 to 9 years 16 to 20 years 26 to 30 years Whole life policy 9] Typically what kind of returns would you look at from your investments? Less than 5% 11% . 6. 25.000 Rs.10 % 16% .000 Rs. 50.30% 10] What motivates you to purchase insurance plan? Advertisements Family responsibilities Financial advisor High Returns Advice from friends Company .15 % 21% .001 – Rs.25% 6% .001 – Rs.001 – Rs.6] Provide the reason behind choosing the particular plan of investment? Security Tax benefits Savings High Return 7] How much you would be willing to spend per annum if you were to go for an n investment plane? Less than Rs.000 Rs.

11] Do you have any investment in MetLife Insurance? Yes No 12] Would you like to buy any investment plane in MetLife Insurance? Yes May be in future 13] How do you compare MetLife Insurance with other Company? Same as other Good one Average The best amongst No 14] Would you recommend others to invest in MetLife Insurance? Yes Probably 15] Personal DetailName –-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Designation –------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Mobile No----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------No .

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