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present tense

present tense

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Present Tense (2

*When you add –s to a word that ends in consonant-y (cry, fly), you have to change the –y to –i and add –es. • Wrong: flys (x) • Right: flies

I You We They He She It

like to play eat pizza watch movies sleep late likes to play wants to practice piano cries

every day. sometimes. every Tuesday. on the weekends. every morning. after school. at night.

Fix the mistakes in the following sentences:
1. The bird flys in the sky. ___________________________________________ 2. The birds flies in the sky. ___________________________________________ 3. My sister want to play basketball in the afternoon. ___________________________________________ 4. My father read the newspaper while he eat pizza. ___________________________________________

you must add –s to the verb. She. Julie like to play baseball. . (x) • Right: Daniel eats dinner at 7:00. or habits. • I go to school at 7:00. ____________________________________________ 4. • Lizards climb on the walls. if the subject is He. *In the Present Tense. The baby cry when he is hungry. Fix the mistakes in the following sentences: 1. or facts. or It. ____________________________________________ 3. • Flowers need water to live. ____________________________________________ 2. we use the present tense to talk about things that are always true. • Wrong: Daniel eat dinner at 7:00. • The sun rises in the east.Present Tense (1) We use the Present Tense to talk about things that always happen. Also. They are walk to school every morning. My friend lend me a pencil every day.

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