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Foreclosure Mill – Internal Instructions on how to copy,cut,paste, perjury & fraud upon the court

Foreclosure Mill – Internal Instructions on how to copy,cut,paste, perjury & fraud upon the court

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Published by: Foreclosure Fraud on Feb 21, 2011
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2) Affidavits (can be found in Pre-sale tab, FIPS



attorneys fees ($1300) indebtness (AOI)

-If affidavits are missing, check to see if sent but not received:


go into LPS signature required


keep clicking until highlighted green file comes up (means it's

open to see details of when affidavit will arrive

- if received, will be in AOI drawer of file cabinet (top drawer

under copier) filed alphabetically then by file number. - Do notice of filing, merge (hit Y for AOI), print
Have signed


Make copy, 1 for file folder, original for packet.
- FCL Proc.

-If Affidavit of attorneys fees wasn't filed: Make one -

-Aff. of Attny's fees- flat fee
Merge max flat fee, 1300. Date, click OK Line 1 - change year to 1994 Line 3 - add $150.00 and $70.00 Make sure line D is last line on page

- Print, attach signature page (extras found in drawer)
- have notarized

- white out old file number on bottom and back of sign. Pg. - Make Cert, of filing and have attny. sign.
-If Affidavit of attorneys fees is old:

-Check to see if FJ has same cost as Affidavit. If so, it's ok, if not not make amended one.

- go to FCL processing, aff. of attny's fee, merge
- fill in 1300 for max fee

- type in "amended" affidavit as to attorney's fee - fill in date on line 1 - to match signature of page - fill in line 3, after services rendered, ($150.00 for attorney's and $70.00 for legal assistants) -print and attach to new signature page - make notice of filing and have attny sign.
-If No AOI was Done:

- go into "L" drive, and reprint.

- plug in state of "FLORIDA", county of "DUVAL", name of signature
page and "specialist"

- Print and add signature page

-Make Notice and have attny sign. -If affidavit is scheduled to arrive after hearing date or If affidavits

(API) are old: (cannot be older than 6 months, also make sure attorneys
fees are correct)
Make amendment


Go to my computer, "L" drive, type in file # Type "Amended" before "Affidavit of Indebtness". Check hearing date on final judgment (will say "Interest on note and mortgage from to XX .) Use the hearing date XX on "b.
Accrued interest through XX". Change $$ amounts to match amounts found on final judgment.
Recalculate total



Take a duplicate, unused AOI to use signature page (found in AOI
drawer, take one that is on hold).

Go back to AOI and type in "State of Florida, County of ". Change county to match county on duplicate (because it has to
match the county of the signature). Fill in blanks of names found on duplicate and print. Throw away page one of duplicate. Take signature page and white out file # on bottom and any info on


Staple new page 1 AOI to signature page.
Do notice of filing

- Notice of filing - Merge - No, No, No etc. until able to fill in "amended AOI" -Print current page - Give to attny. to sign.
If API is not in drawer but has been updated on "L" drive, print up API, add signature page and file with Notice of Filing.

-If affidavits are in file folder (can be found behind final judgment), pull out of file folder and copy (or see if there is already a copy in the file folder) and put with packet. IF FILES ARE OLD: CHECK NOTICE OF HEARING, FINAL DISPOSITION AND FINAL JUDGMENT,

-Should be dated date of hearing. Throw away old ones.
Check www.dmdc.osd.mil/scra/owa/scra.home to determine if a

mortgagor is on Active Military status. Ifthe borrower is active duty please place the file on hold in Desktop using the Soldiers and Sailors Relief Act

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