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The Death of the Confidence Salesman - The Sassy Steel Magnolia

The Death of the Confidence Salesman - The Sassy Steel Magnolia

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Published by: Shauna Mackenzie Heathman on Feb 21, 2011
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The Death of the Confidence Salesman - The Sassy Steel Magnolia

2/21/11 2:10 PM










The Death of the Confidence Salesman
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"I adore, however others may not, being confusing and crazy, shy and loud, strong and weak, a bundle

As you may have guessed from yesterday’s Sassy Starter, this week the Sassy Steel Magnolia is being taken over by the always fabulous Shauna of Mackenzie Image Consulting. She’s one of our Fabulous Four and you may even remember the guest post I wrote a few months back for her site. I asked Shauna back for a solo post because as I have gotten to know her as a person, a professional contact and a friend, the more I greatly admire what it is she does for her clients on a day to day basis. Sassy and always Classy, Shauna takes us behind the scenes of Image Consulting and Confidence. And believe me, you won’t want to miss this one… -•The Death of the Confidence Salesman There are many image consultants out there who market themselves as “sellers of confidence.” They guarantee that confidence results from draping you with color swatches, camouflaging your flaws and by radiating a perfectly polished image out to the world. And then there are those who truly get it – “it” meaning the understanding that confidence is not something that fits neatly into a ten-step checklist; a checklist asking you to stand up straight, shine your shoes and polish your etiquette.

of emotions and a back-bone of society. The complexities of being a woman are nothing to be ashamed of and should be celebrated in great splendor!" So follow along on this crazy journey and discover the Sassy & the Steel Magnolia you have hidden deep inside. Cheers! - Jennie B

There’s not one steadfast process that can be implemented to achieve self-confidence. So how can one claim to “sell” something that’s so different to each person? And something that is also so widely misunderstood? Someone who claims to guarantee a boost to your self-confidence is confused and unknowingly so. I know this because I used to be this confused and unknowing seller of confidence early on in my career. Entering the image industry, I definitely jumped on the bandwagon, excitedly telling people, “I can guarantee you’ll feel more confident and walk out your front door feeling more assured about yourself than ever before!” But over the years I eventually found “it.” One of the most significant things I can share with you is the notion that feeling good about yourself or your abilities is not the same thing as having confidence. I grew up playing piano. My talent was not in technically advanced pieces but I sought them out because I thought it would win me competitions … they never did. Although I felt great about my ability to learn the piece, absent were any feelings of confidence. So I started learning music that I actually liked. Music that revealed my true talent: intonation and emphasizing notes and pitch in an expressive way. I stopped

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The Death of the Confidence Salesman - The Sassy Steel Magnolia
looking for confidence in winning competitions and instead found belief in myself by playing music in a beautiful way … and those were the competitions I won. Confidence cannot be sold because it doesn’t exist without its foundation: faith in yourself. Without faith or belief in yourself, it doesn’t matter what tools are put in front of your face, you’ll only achieve short-term results. Seeking confidence without having faith is like trying to put a puzzle together without all the pieces.
Ooh I don’t care about the propriety

2/21/11 2:10 PM

If we keep up on this fooling around We’ll be the talk of the town I’ll tell the world I’m in love any time Let’s open up the blinds ‘cause we really don’t mind

I’m not in the business of selling confidence but I am in the business of selling you, YOU. You and everything that comes with it: the perceived flaws, the strengths, the weaknesses, the sarcasm, the clumsiness, the doubts, the fears, the worry … YOU. I’ll talk you out of emulating anyone else through your wardrobe, through your behavior, through your communications except for good ol’ genuine YOU. Why does this pay the bills? Because people, more than they realize, hide their real selves from the world. Sure you may put yourself out there, but are you really putting your self out there or the one you think you’re most likely to derive confidence from? There’s no searching for confidence because it naturally happens when you have the faith to put your real self out there. The faith to let go of chasing false confidence and realizing that your true talents, ability and personality are the ones the world wants to see. We want transparency. We want authenticity. We want imperfection. The reason we connect with people is because we find some sort of common ground. And a lot of times, this common ground comes from a sense of humility and the honest imperfection that resonates with one another. So I leave you with this: Don’t let anyone try to sell you confidence in putting on beautiful clothes. Find it instead, by being the real you in a beautiful way … imperfections and all. -•-

Let’s break the rules and ignore society Maybe our neighbors like to spy, it’s true So what if they watch when we do what we do

John Legend, P.D.A. (We Just Don’t Care)


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this is how i’m feeling today.

that is all.


Shauna M. Heathman is the founder of Mackenzie Image Consulting, South Carolina’s first and only fullservice image consulting firm. As a certified image consultant, she specializes in appearance, personal branding, public speaking and communications. She founded her company in 2007 after moving to Charleston, SC from Minnesota. – *A sincere Thank You to Shauna for taking the time to sit down on the little red couch and tell us your story. It is truly a phenomenal one indeed! Don’t forget to check in tomorrow, dear readers, as her Music Snack will be up bright and early! An incredible song and video which will bring a great smile to your face and leave quite the impression.
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The Death of the Confidence Salesman - The Sassy Steel Magnolia

2/21/11 2:10 PM

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Comment by Shauna M. Heathman — April 6, 2010 @ 1:24 pm Thanks, Jennie, for this great opportunity! Looking forward to my Music Snack posting tomorrow!

Comment by Kenneth Andrews — April 6, 2010 @ 1:37 pm What really caught my attention is the use of the phrase “confidence salesman.” A lot of people do not realize that the “con” in con-artist and con-man is for “confidence” and not “convict.” Shauna, you hit the nail on the head with that phrase as it describes exactly what they do, which is give the victim a false sense of confidence in something in order to take their money!

Comment by Shauna M. Heathman — April 6, 2010 @ 3:52 pm Thanks so much, Kenneth. A lot of times, those in my industry fall into a groove of claiming to sell confidence w/out knowing they’re leading their client down a false confidence path. They could be due to lack of experience or just plain confusion. And really, most clients come to me with intentions of paying me to boost their confidence until I point out the underlying goal — which is always to have more faith in themselves to do something. To credit my industry peers and clients, it’s typically a simple mistake of not clarifying exactly what it is we’re all looking to achieve. However, there are those out there that knowingly DO give a victim a false sense of confidence and that is something that should never be condoned.

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Comment by Cheryl Smithem — April 12, 2010 @ 10:25 am Shauna your wisdom is always so valuable. This is worth more than just about anything I could read today. Thank you for listening to your own voice and being who you are. You are the perfect example of real confidence.

Comment by Shauna M. Heathman — April 12, 2010 @ 1:26 pm Thanks, Cheryl. Your comments means a lot. I’m truly blessed to be surrounded by other like-minded, confident and genuine individuals such as yourself!

Comment by Jennie B — April 12, 2010 @ 1:37 pm I have loved hearing all the wonderful feedback on this post. I knew it’d be a great topic to discuss and Shauna was just the woman for the job! Thank you all for reading and to Shauna again for being such an awesome guest here at The Sassy Steel Magnolia!

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The Death of the Confidence Salesman - The Sassy Steel Magnolia

2/21/11 2:10 PM

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