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.. ~ : t . ~ . , .... , , ... , < •• "

: , ~ , • j _. ' i .. : ,., .. ;. ' ... j.. , • .., " !.,.,.:.'., 'l .'" ~ •

.. " ;' i i !i : ; :: : : :~ : : : ~. ~.~ ~. ~ :. ~. ~ ;', ~: ; \ : ;. : : .. ~. ~ " '. '.

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., .... a5:we(:[as···::,

::!. i ~ . 'j, : ;, ~,:. ,~.·.e·:! ~:;KP: .~ '.: ; ' fe.·.! .,:.~.:.' .M:: :,,: .,~. '.: :. : : ; ! ; ~ : : ;. ~ i·; ! : : : , .

: ~ ;'i; ~': ~'·i ~ ~ i:'~'

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,;.,., .. . , . ~. . .

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\\tONt a .lim]~ of Back S'mit(;h" ~nd u;s~f1g a tilune: mteedle ~!'td oonlltfa:Sling oolour dtre,.,.d jt throt:l!Jh as shown, The' needie pasees urn,de:r rh,-e tFirr.S-1 Back Sl~td~, from right, '~O l\eft~1¢it inln the :fabric}. Ithlf'Ough ~'~t second Ba.ck Stvtdh ffftM ~d t:Q f'j;~Jn., lftnd so em. [)Q mot draw the Jnt~naci 118 tl1r~d ree 11ghlly o.~' til'!: ,eft«:~ vr.111 be ~(hS"t.

1 Iii s is ,Onel o.f .'~J!I oldest and ~mpt~st Oi! Slut,ches. [t is used ('Or ni ~ it oudtMs a~d ~}l[ng s.i.~~te iin~' e;JJe,cts. and alQ as a foo~d, ~iHm It. ,Q~rnast stlt.ch. 'W1J~.JiIe-OO:le ~$ passed ~]Ilcl;, over i:IIfid I1.Itrud~1i" Ute m b II I, workedilYillhoot ! fume. ~ral Siti~fu~s esn be lm'UI~ at ~ •. IJf'b.



~) hI ' M~ "ll,i/I !!!tijoo. l\~ tilRads, ~"' ~a~~d {hf,m~ '~ih~ s;it::..~e:swilbQtlt b~un£' drlllwn t~lil.tl)

\) ~,.II~ ~ .. t:, eu, ~- _, i: r-Y _~

~_;;"'.,",j; ~l; '~ ~::!~,j row of runna ~ . _:_ ~ . ~ i!; , . _: u : _~ t ~ b_·..._ .... 'LQl~ made hy ~ .. , ~ f.l-._ '.

l(ce~fii'5 'tlre i.:::;;:::;::ud &\~ [lfLC same side 0'[ the n~dl€! . __ ~ _.~~., '~ j ~ _ ular and even stitches, brlnging'~ he needle. out 'to the left, halFwaf ~ '~ 't. previous Sl1itch. The ;s.tit:-ches overlap each other ~n a flue, ~traie ., l" s. ~ u-'.;orl, for oudlnes, ~u~es and. flllings,

[6~ Wh,ipped. Stern Stitch

_ _

'i'\' 1.11'" !1 ;;..~w of stem s:thch. Then pass a second thread un ~

j.' I hcs w here they overlap -;" brut 1101 'Into U~e· fabric. Pass over' the R~~ ""'"~; I'" II I! nder ,fIIgaifll; wo:rlhtg in 'the opposite direction tothatof the stern stitch. ~ II • blu nt end of'llhe 'I'i>e.edle or a tapesaf)1 needle to avoid spliuing the I III uuches.

This stitch look best wl:li~n ·,. ... "orkcd v.rJth a.: si·ngl.,e. thread, The ku-obbly effect created [by 'l;vlii P.pLng the s:te:rn stitches ~ogetlTher ail ds texture to .j) desigl~. Begin as for ordinary stern stitch but, bef:or!3 proceed Lng to the ~ieXn, .sUtch, :P.I!JS5 the blunt end afthe needle under the flrst stitch h, .... ice \l;'ithoUit ~:,.;i~\g HIi~ fabric. :Vf~ke the next stern stkch and whip it aral ~

_ I" 1!,lI:f; s~.i.t(:h together hviGe. and so on.


':1l isis a very pretty stitch used wmdely in Ch~ne;se embr' . ~'! Ii' , ;F" _ ,_ ""J:tg_ Worked fiJlemy and close together it resembles ' .~, I, I Ii d ~! knots. J~. can be worked ~~~ m,:.;t;;tJ threads, A. base TO\l;.; , dr ~ ~ I: r stitches is worked first, through whlch a se-cond thread is. lu(!,p! II Use the blunt >cod of the tat.'"€cUe Q,' a rapestry needle for the ~ 1111 jo ,!l!vo·id catching the- back scltehes and p:rev~o:u S loops.


This S'Li.tcb b. usoo to create beall,Ttifut., :Slllba leo effe.c{~, of: shading and ~.~

. .' _,. !, • h swonld become ~

be used to fH I. large, i:rt'e.guhrr aress where 5inu~ strtc . cs '. . ~ . _ _

l' .it: mtldv 'I?r"'c'tice is requ ired in order to aehieve the s ~ ~

lOng Rilu t. .• 1" r <Ill ..... •

trnnsition from one line of stitc hit: 'to the next,

F. _ ... 1, ',' " l.' ,,; ... 1 'I t stitch "':·I· .... und tn.!;; ol.Ht~ne of t 11~ shape t I '

ust WOll'., a row o~ "'1;"'" . "'.... ".." _, "~" • .

, ....... -:I S tart t h e tlrst [Q'W ib}: brL~g~f.lg t he needle up 111 s~de the ShR~1; and 'to: '. ' - J'" . t· id ·t t I" . e ~::' solit stitc hes F ollo\\ the O'l!,thnes. c 1.( :-:'._ " :'" ' ~Wrl J u:S~ (I'LL~! e :u:: In 1 r·. : . " :. I., _. __ •. ~

~ , ti . lone and short ~ titc hes alil.d placing l!;"f!jclL stltch cl ose coe ~~~~ t , ~

Iii IU IIlg ... o!,~. ii . ~.1 ~., . ~". t ! 11~ ,

r . J hoour \~,. ork "he seco n d aad subseq LLeM rD" ... 's 0:1: ~ tHchc~ ~ - e.q ua ~~ _

J ., . , I . t: hes \\'clrk mrnl'~ I,·,

L-:l L rick fa 'hl(1 n '.:0 fill i [\ the g<.LPJo bet \· .. -een t 1~ llpper S He ~.

1:-: n rhe ce mre,

, I


, _

T hi s stitch !::uay he used lO rill f!, ~ ..... i de r H.fll:'~_ for uelike slantins Si1l.t~ S titch, it bas, a ro ~v of ni[ cbirJg to hold it i,[1 d! e eenrre 'f'. r ore tha n D~e trU'<' of Back stir ell may b 8 worked ~ft he area needs it Do tL0~ Pl~'! the Back St ire'. too tight. for [~ ,"-"11 I spoil the eve n ness of ,[ he Sad II S 1:11:1;:'11 undernea: h it.

1 ,,'~'i !,vmng outlined shape with Split Stitch, S!1j1,i!1l Stil!i.,';h overit, starting 'i' ~~ to guide stitc hes at, the co rrect angl e' Keep S~ i tchcs farr'iy upright 1"11 ~- _ - ~ poi nt 5 (as shown) [t is easier to ''''01 k longer stitdit!'S instead Of .... TIj ~..:: t ~les.

! /~::.stLtche~nmLlkl bema longto leave untied, workarow urn~.;.k ~~il't: ~ ~,the centre oft he shape, L1I!!1itlg rhe lJppei"lo:dg;c as ~I guide line j\·iO!t'dt

G -1~ <1.1' A ft~ C"';_- - :L-.'I:...~ ~I B ,~!,. i:.- .1 .1, 1,,·

_. • ' • • • - - I • ._. I"_ .- ._ '_I _ ..



The top row (II" P added Satin stitch may OJ;_! ... "'tll'k ed M'I'~.lght lnst-« l c...::." n'! I' Lt'i ng.btu i Lis rnuc h harder to llU!/',.e even, especl ~l!y when the st itch. :.[; ~:!.:-! ~~l] at 1 be point 0 f a leaf lt LS therefore best L0 p~ actlce i L on a slanc ~ crt

A P-:;·1- .... ':,:"".

I IJ ••

I I "_

~ ~ .

"/. i

Li 'Ii,

I; ,

1 ,

i, I





\ ~ I

Ii ~


m. ' .. '

: r ~ '~_ ~ .... 'it h &litc.he~ j usr side h::-o ~j .!...

(-- L- __ ":"J \~ '!, few stitches to hold the lClj~ ~ j'. ~.~

,,1-, 'fef ~Jl;Jt: ,s.o::-: ·.,'ili p.~ ~ .. J::-.g .go it.;" -.~: (. _ ·'I·n " ··:i.Gt~'~:-_1 ,a~·)tn ;:0;;;. ~;IH~l;~ r~A

4 ,~

~ C011'l1l,':' ._; at .~ ~:: ...... 'Ii"!,_,_:. r"3 .. ELd ~ ... .erthe v .. hole _"- ... ~e ...... :'!l !'!:..~;:rti[ ~ s, :-'-~In:s as s~· owa. T (I :_o •• '" j;,.' . ~'_Je-=.Ac.:3t. A~: _.: .. ..,j..;;_ . .,- e;it.:' -.::'~ i on all:(l;]{1 (I~' the I ast ~ :~""'... .rM .... d I!l s\-Gtdd be i":":: ~d!I(I 1.."'= v.:.':)' clo se to t.,ke p~e'{i~~ ;o;;:'.:>~:'s ,0..;: .:_ : ~ t~.tl:: s._.:r! be oracs L-~r I:IC'Id ~J.:.r-f!r :':._{,iI 'it is .a!rnll I St!·~.fl

] ·!I·


~ ....... • I • :I .., I' b .1, ....j

.-\:!i a g:L~ .:Jf 'Ii=~-:;:~:C 3 me !=4.~, _~. two , aes 00"[,] . e. W!~aWtl H~ : .Hi!

II ~)I' ~ ~,' .: m .. : •. :::; s~:ch -GaR k-~- . ~:·"N,n ((he.r _.~.e Id~: or tight s,W·e iL.._1 III j Ii . '.\ ;;xii:cd '1J~er ,,£:" - j;-~~l~[ 1L-:.~' :J ~::.. ~ a'S, ~ _ ..... [~ i it d.i,ag-r:ilm ~":::_').1 or I 1111 [:/:.,: W '''" "'~ l!lle as, s'~ -:- '!D ~_i .(:---·:-r1 ~.2'.

'1·1" "'-'rll t!.f05e '&. 'h,:' I. ...... , [';' 1.- -," 11'. 'I ~:Jf 1- ;"::1 ;]' •

'.... - .1 . .I.. __ ..:::::.tLi I ~~ Iff... ........ 0I0-._.. • ~ p!i,. ~ ~ ••

,~ .: -',1,\,' and ,t"-r (~':"",<,> ;',,~ :,,' -., '11,1 '" ..J..c=,";"-rrr-,

• ... J' 1iL. .IX.I. ': .. .r.i:...-._,tIJe. __ ~_, . 'I. U, ~..I.

l' h i s J s shown .15 5lnglt": e, ,- - ;;:~cl: £. ! aches v __ kc ... J 1;": 'her in a [,e~' i: or lrregul ar manner, S ornet irncs t:~e S:::'_'\:l":' ilIR! . f ... ~~. .! ~,' ae \ ~le s;' 'ehes s,!' luld be neither too long nor t-oo '._ )~. "i I ~ :'. ',:(ihoo t: .y a' ~ he, -. ;';;ed crt evenweave fabric

~~P{f ...•.•

' . ....;; .


• '! • ~

T','S ~.:.. '.11 j." ~ ~lr rli, .... (~ "" (·:'","j./~e J:,"'",< ,' .• ~ .. -~-uc.e of tVti.J

I ~ ...... "I •. -i} _ IlIU,L1alE (I 1.0'- -£-, I ...... __ L'1.. ~ , •. .: • ,

I· . k . '1'-' '.-'" ~.' ~, :. '~l I " ~ t .' 1,' -~ '. _;l , - '~"":h"111g 0' t'l '" " ,

• I\.. 5 I) &'~.~."lo ..... "< .. ~I '" • ~ s.. ~ } 5 ......... e::: .. __ \ eR.:;lW", ... I ,n ..... ' C·_ .Icr

III I be centre

'This; fj~ lhlg stitch Is 'Us,e:ful b:. sJla,JI~d moHrs e wide hands,

Ering d1J.e trread tFn'Dugh,~ jl~ illlldl]]akeia smaIl s[faight stitcb ~ the centre .~ ~ne of the shape.

Bring the thread through again Sit R and make a.' ~~.Dp'il1lg [stitch ac;r'OS5 the .centra.l line at Ore b~as:e of UrsL stitch,

Bringt he thread! tJrroug]l l b.~ e ~3.1J inake a. similar sloping gtlt~:h TIlIJl I ~dap the, pl:ev~ous, ~ -itcn ..

Continue working aJ).terfu\'t";;:J.y ~, ~t'!!ch sideuntil th~ shape is. filled,

18,. Fishbone Stitch (Varintlnn)

The firs:r stitch (A to B) sl~i ~CJeast .~!4'i1lQngtQ.staruhe.Sl~ . 'off'cula good slant, To maintain this slant, bring the needle up ',and gQ' clown. GIl the edge, almQ~l in me same hol~s as the '[:!re-vi.Qt.m Stitclh€:s~ and kg,epr the centre. stlrches (B j ~ lI;-j a goo d length.

I. Comg up at A in lhe G~ 00 dj,[;Jrwnat B directly bel{jw:, !Come tip at C to left and 8li . .&'i~:~Il{ , he],Qw f\, but touching it" en p~w~ ·ofshape.

2. Go in ,a,t D to rl.ljh t M~ slighid-y below A l buttCluchitThg .It. 'iCo,rl].e np at B~ mdfQrn1 a",loop by h{itm.ng~ thread und.€![ needlte.


~" i:)r8.W Wr['ougn aJlci l~1l ]le\.~ i:l,E E ,ii.,. ~h.6r:l ~-" ~[t'; CLj'~l'W ~,. ~ ~nre up rar. F. agtllin ~o thei left and slightly below C, but touching ill..,

\ 5.

r I i '




'I I I

, I

~ i

\, ~ ~

\ I ; iii, i /' '\ 1.-'


I' ,I

~ I I j

Jlr.ling ,tlhe th_~,adl ~hmu81:o in A artd make: 8 sloping stFliCh te B.

Briflg C he thread dlrolllgh again Ifl C iU14l1 fIi lake another :,;tt)~jri'f!.Jj Sltitcli 1:0 IDt

'Then 'bring ~he :threi!lfl llivwt'!~h ;w@: E. CQnllliLue: in (,h~s: ''''lillry 1!l1ntil lhe :]j;arpe is :6Ued



.. ' __ r

This sti~~h ICOn,stlsts (if three strn-ugbl stitches of eql!l!l!ll ~e.n;gdl r..adiatlng :fhJm the: S8:me eem raJ point ~ A.

Bring Lh~ tbrc!:1d .'h"n::II.:Igh 3m A a n,cllllnLlh~ 11 ·traigru 51 itch (·o,B.

Btiilg ~he thread l'llwL'Ll'lh agailll'l.t A nnrli make 11.{lI.h~r ,Ij.~ru~h( s~itc:1l toC.

R.epOOI enee If'I.lure at D Dille:! bri tlg [he: thr~ad through l'Iit E Ip commence rhe next three radi~adlllg 51tillt.hes.

The J;;JJ:fU ral s,tit!::h 'foUo,ws the I .• III e of the des.iglfl 'fhi~ ~i~eh lIIlI.Ry alSiQ 00 wmk.ed 0.1;'11 evenweav,Q: ·fabrh:.

iirlfiB Ibe lufrtrtgd tluQl,gI!f:J ill A !;IlIld ,rulle !l WliJiflSi!: ~rft~h lei ~ BrinJ) ~h Ih.~jd mhrnugb nt Ie iJl1d mPik~ llliJPIC8: tHch 'Q D.

1f;gcXJi: bring ilie"tlif dl.1 E. ilhe]'llGQDtilnwe work·n,g,IIiI'1!enrn CI\<e Jltl:toh;:J, on ~cb .side In m~tiJ '!;'lJRy untO Ihe: ~11~PD is: Iksm:I~' iElllal1

UlIliitU)' lmoollil1c Q4. 5'1011 St~C~ !QfO~Uf:l $~iit'li.n i. "w~ Hlil..ind, d\_(i' . sf! poe: 'li, .... fue~C' thi:ii 5'lJt-di ii. u ~

MI'!~;: ~wo SJf!lliU· _ ~rii(:lhe.5,:at 'plIliim (tq a,c Il11fCllm ~~oe ~ ~th. miu::brJ.::;, ~ng in - I'Id !OiJl, of mhe' samr:: ho~r:: 'in ill: . filbrie.

T~,ke IWO hlltk; JlJOC'I'lC g.o.lnc dn ~ tho ·r:el1'lm .of" lhe dflcls.: :itd ,our.!it IrJlc CiWIlIDf~~i;..IG.. Whem ~Ilfktl'lg 1m: ~ tf.F~lele f>n;tc . " ~~e ~~Ii: ~hC!tIId,OQ:mll!'Qul U~' filiilh~r~,~Ij)!]g ihe cbicnmffllroOOt"; 1'1 're.IIJtin!:&dfi ml1- "C'.J;~ IWClI' .b~1IJ. 8niu~I\(5. 1 iIlifint mrt3d is I.i~ :lMtb.e rhc~ ~ pulted fi:!ml.r .. fie'.IU clRd~ of d'i.i.f"!lCmettsrit: 'e},e«Gt' lIttl;'5 w1~ I be ptOOu~.


~ COO\~ H.¥ ,~t J ~ drjJ~"P1. ~. ~1li1l11-

1: CI!1Ifl1r: up .:.t C ,l!J'Idi ~ (Ii .I;! IdulAffi ill D~, 1JiU"1 ifI!!l1.


A_ ~

E ~ ~b.b...~


~ & do\1,m I~' ~. [13, ,H.

dlfi!:~ll!o'~&:;\'i'D ~'fum' 0 !. rJIij Co.r.JIDKJ~ ~.ums 10 J, 4 S. ,K;Ci('JlI Ct.rnINl fiJJlLIi,l lof :iti,oo, (j .. H ~J:I

oi\ iIlllmb!! Im~ nl ~ilt, .{IJ 'Y!. Jf"'~u n 11.11 I

I '1 m!J I PIi!("1' COOl.(: up HIlt't:in:wnfifR2fi - IIl!d 1 II I II I

Iii II IIJ.UI~. I~ 'i'leed.;; m,wi'I ~ - .fig ,'" Diu:: I~MJt. '''IJ~ , II; I II ~

111m ,I}. . J.Ol!I]d b!i: ~ iiC' ~I '!be.:m~ lie: ~ uOOI dIlL' "tU .. 11

I • On - fum fl bliiie 'tbl: ee.nltlilllw'l'e. Qtj, 'K CfiW-Ir~ .... h'b II s;j~!OUll

Ilm~f'I~ MtdJ; mm*c 1Un:: WOIlkiJ'l ~I!r"



, ...... ~ ~

~ ,. If

. . .

Thl, SlUeb, ~ 'bel 'wml:~, illlil !f'f~WI~ W Ir~'br£c:.!Df il t~ k !!lII-d.'e bm.~~111 ~~'P!M~iHd, fifo!!;$. ".11'1 1~n,E.'I] $Ill! dwlt ~d11~ :5Jim'~:.; ,w,,,,, ,'pc ~wn. W!Mk iD:a: 11m 11 , tWll'}' ItObmil1'~ $.,n'~h llllll,oo ~ !C:H'!i,~ me' di~ iOII!Id, [u~'hct

IIlrirr ' 1M II.'II~::UJ lJ1.fough !:iJ!, Ih-e ki,ViW' lln«! .a.t iIlbiil ~~ i,~~, i~ dt¢ ,,~t _l]uJI~,1.O ~ht:l rigtU 08 ilhc:smne ~i!IC ltd ~~c alnmU ,tteh ~o. m l~, ,=,liHgi!'l8. If.wiI Htw~ die' ,sii~ bc:ing'~ Np'I. instil d~ 'l'Id,~1:: 01:1, IJ~ II.lJIper line , fin~C' ~O' 1-no righc, ,!Pld .ml;j\ ,mW~ sairQ'h 1.0 !the 'lieA, a ~~ !\ ~~~ th ,nNre !\plftO'Jl'lhe,~lliDe IIt~if.io.'lru: i'lI1fl ltd Id:.r., 'mtd~ , MJ 'to ~h~ 1:I!Jl. !mIl::fi,in 'IIU I~l~' 111 .. 'B Wmk u"idIi! \ ,~[iI£~IIC'~' en

the u,pcr 1M lo'Rd lines.

26. Herringbone Stitch j

Tbi,s s:ureh. rhe s~ltipJefoulltd:ati,on for many y,ariiElIl.iO.f1S. mE m,ay be wtl:rDfl as, bl)Q;!lI,G, }l :it!fiO\:\I' as d\esite(l, ,and may require It little practioe at 'first to keep It 1Ie~wltiJy sp,aoed and ev'en.

_, 1- Ceme up ;;)It .A, go' down at B,

dl~gonany beXow A.




3. Com,e up !lItE, a little ~o the left: and lev,cd wi,th D, go ~Qw:n a~: F" E to, F is <lIliluth~r diiagonal sli,l:oh ~rl'lIIDeJI widl, A ~ B, Repe<'llt: itlm NI) . .2 aga:in.


2. CODle up at C, <I l,ittl~I:1) tlu: ~efI:, <lind level ~"Iith B. and !0' d~wu at D<, I~e:vel wi,tJ~ A. making ,11, diagollhal Si~i~cl'I, in tn,e ether djrect ton. -

4., Qjl1'lililue :repeati:Rg No.2 and N,a3, ;sp.a:c;;~ng the smches !}Ylfmlly sothat me dia,gonal are paraUel


First W(}l.'ik a row ofHem.ngbmte. ,B1eginlii,ing 011 ~he lighit, with a blum, needle and oo.iilD:asliDg 'Ehread pick up '[he fH'St, bar ,of 11h~ Hemilll,gbone, slalilting me needle dow~lwW\ds. Pick up the next barrs]anli,ng the needle upwards (directionof' needle is j~dIDclIII~d 'bf ,ruJ'QW s). CG:l11il\l~e W the end uflbe Iiae,

26,. CIO!'if Herringbl:Ji.Ot SUlil1!b

Tillis sli~ch is.S1i11.ocuhc-st ifk~ slanti:ng:, S:JlI'irCe liI:u~ 'SiblCh-eu. iiuile apalit !JIIilm thl1;'ooedleg.Q~S ~h'\1Il1\ sXLd :k~JI th~mdoo.e Kl,genher, IIltfll[)SlllOL!I~mnB. whrn ~l1e ooedle 'OOIlllC1I1IP on llie,t.dgJe. This wiU help mainiain tlliIe s'lmnt, and mik'e III S110i,ij) V in the IlCrI!re. [t i:< al~rncti:ve wh~!! used on ~malllw~.

1. ('tOme liP at A. S,Q d~wn ,ilit ,B, A

d]:!_gcm!U, beluv.

J ' l!illiie lIJ:1111 E, !:~o, r! til' A, !I~' dmm lIIl F. do~e' 10 B

::I Came up at C, go' d.Qw,I'I.~' D (C is cloocdy be:l:ow A. I) is cllre~ly aliove .8)


113 f

~ o,m:c up :.1'(;, dQ!!e ttl C. »tii ,110"",-" ,!~ H c1Q~ lei D.

6. To work II $bBpe as Wow.

Mil ea<acltyon poin! A and work ill ,hfl:",lion OfB" oomillgup and dQWJI nu rJlIllLOO Rolti~n Mitcll~"au.tOiJ1ljjiIi., 111" fi11 ~ht $l1~p~,

S I Clniill1..lil ill this "Illy 'lh:l1~g !ht lin;:. fornting ,3 5.OIid b _,nd III stil.chill!:



B;~~n.~ 111'00 'thr-e1i~~ lh'r'Ollgh':~l A Tmktt a 1iililiall~ liorlr.onl;1I1. sth~, at, B mil. insert t'litr: n~~cll~~ aJ~ C. 13iril1g thMhread tlrun:Ulgb ai~ D. W'i'thtlU!. pJ~rd'!ilIg the fat.ric, llilSS E'h~; n~dle under. t~e eressed '~~ad;s at B Bnd i.ru;I'H't: ~l K

Do fiot p~n th~ s'ti~e~~es ·~~o, tightly. Q'tJlemi5~ 'tb~ nlE;'Y~~~lty of d1:l:: oentm platt 'M]'l b~·loS1t.


HIring tm:~ i:hffi'ead, i1I!ro1;ll.gh. al: A.IirOO, 'w]lh ~we: th~d a:bQ~: IJiI;~ lIl1bedh:.

• In.fem. th~ neBdn£ ,iU B, and btit:i~ :i4 ~'MotJ!J'IiI, IiLlI: C","Vhh. lil'i,'Ci ]1lL"Fi!:a;d lili!dG"'¥' Ihe" :1ite:ooLe, i~i5.en ~'m:~ [JJ;!5Mle:aa: D and 'b:rifl~ :ilI]: E ..

MILke i!iUQ!i Ihtlt..ail[ SI;~i:Ches Ire al :righl ~n:gl,es' ·to ~he gIilirllill!lt'; l.ilfliC:.'], II soown in 'uhe di~grmn. 3iLitl a;re ,~~~erl at reg.ular iin00 N;a[S;.

'li"Ii.' .. _,._ 'II.. __ .c .!._ _ > .. '1..(", . ..11 11 . )lI:'It _.'. "

:.!!I!IIS, SE.l&e'u 'mill)!" ~ wor1l'1.~,'\i'-~'II;:Il;:!ie''!1XIjJ! !!lJ!iD'!,IHl,l~h a:s: :s'IIi0~j Q]'" iEJll.u'ler

a:.il!d, whh ,:J;'~s :1:N.~WG~IiI, tlhiL'l! Sl]oo!he_~ (I.~ Ope~ 'Cretaft S;~L'Chj. 1m Idtii~ W,a(Y' lWO' c'Q1I'nP']ww:w)' ~re_[).'~: ¢'Flecrt:s 'itl!~y tre o.btainoo,!, ]"IlliSt as 'm Fiish1bQJle 8ifui~.



], t'i;!(p.eat No. '~, gatn.g dmvrUII 1,11f1 I,lp id G, '~n~bde d'le [oep as II~ I\'VI i. 'F :~IiI~. G ~!:re.1:1 f~acliClIl to We I ij,thl III~d.'b:eh;.v"the,pre~l;l!s stitches.

2. Go QiOWri ,a;t Ill, iBI ff~ti~ffI! to. die ~,cn 8Ji1.d, be~Q'W' A ,fom~ a kmp ;!!!Hd comr.l i.lp Sit E., ,~rI~Ede dl~ ]oo:P. 'I:, is ~ liUle '~n the ,reft a:nd bel~w Ie .


4, ~p~L No 2, Needle 1,000s dOW1ii1 alnd comr:s u iIII ff.!tt1CIiI to 'the Ii!fl: and tdQW oHur sti'tches, coming up inside ~h~ loop ~ach lime,


s. Continue ~n t;IIliLS ~f·oo ~~2I. a pl,aiit]s f'ormed down the: ee ,'LIe of Lb~ shap~_ Kre~p 'he sci .eh . very clO5lU tQg~lheT lJ'J]difii:ed~ 1.0 111;3' ntain [he slant, :Bno the rt::!!udre £1:U1:tlllB'S: 00 an even line Dclow one anether, as SOO'Wlli_

:Rrillg' rh~ needle 'thmliil.Ch ,81' A atJdI, bold.i~1 '~Ite 'Ihread d-OWIIL wid). me. le'l'uhlllmb.; :insen ,j[ ag,run atD" 'IIDlJl\ghl,g 'itou¢ apin 'in 'tht eenbe Rod III: nmtl~ below, PlIIll thJ,e :Ii'Ileedle :~g'1il with. [hi; 'd;Jrread u de[ tft~ n~ls, WBillI, moe ;;1. imillD Vlonical slJllth OWl' d~B ]oop .. Fly. s~i't·c'hes. 'CWl. 00 'wodtoo ,smgiy . 01"'


" "_ /

~' :.

"'- : .

, ....

~_/J' ~'ir...,

~~::.:.: .. : .. <: ..


,'-. . ~'.'

':,- .... "

'This, sJtitch is madfl: llIp of a. series; QI Ieops, p]atm 1:0 liI.c right and. '['!il' 'nile left. c4l'C'lli cne hcldli.ng the .])lI' . Jlioo:s., loop. in ,blJee.

Bring ~he ~e(Ue ,mU.M I(il(t fmiDW~. bold dlc ~hread dQ,Wif'i wi'th Ol'e left It1IOm·b. and m nWf!t'Unc iI1eedle!lJi lJJI[I~ ~i(H;herich~. mk~ng a smiMl.slanriiig :s:~it.cbJ II.owBJid8i the centre a,1I'I:d k:eepin,g Ih~ 'mhread! under ahe needle :poiri!a. Rrpt:;lt hO'~h ~~e IViO· sl$aches a[lie.mllcly·,

For' DOUBLE PEA nER S'I'lTCH - Tw·o Iliiwhes ~ iaken ~o Ih~ 11If"hrt and. left aj.'t·e,mar&eJy.w


This Slli~e:1ru i~ wt!m~d a:looj ~o :pmlill\c[ lm-cs. Brln~ 'mt ~UJ IfilImlil\C9 :9:1. A ,(]1I'Iol, w,ill t1it~~: I!,:JIOO!:f 'dnl& .. n~dl~" I~ iIlI o8.~lml (mm :I ~!l]! C. S1r~C;'lHtG .~, D"'!tt'i1.'O:dJic Idt and, 'WilllJi Ih~ ;~d 1ill~[I~ 'diJlii: l'Juill.'!; .• 1* n S'i:ll~h fOOilD 'tl 10 Eo; lWpGi, M~s.t twO sliilc'n~.

W!t!flt 'trus· Slj~cb, b~.\?I\~il'IJ u\\O 'p~~~1. HI'I~.I~,!iD. en ~ruu:r ~c ~Jt or .ri-lln ,side lme~ ,d~!s:omJIl~Qr ~Q",nlr~!l. ~h~ ~Jipcs'ute ~1:dJ~

M •. il:silltuitlinii!·c:·b~ sU;!l;h~, ~g hd!!!iWD 'Y1ldi ~- ton:Gei:ttwi~'fut~:;ijlhi:!~1 I~~ U~~~, Tbm m~£. ~Qlnd,~!I]ifil,£(~re'h 1~'l!hili ~th~~'d1~~~HQ'n Mid :iQ<,~n. The ly,in,C; !i.1]!~£S mu'SJ: :form ,i! reglllll!llf 2;lg~mg ~Ire:m!..




''1'A '0'11, ·11~,~ !C·l"'ifIo._L . -B' ~"it· ' ..... ·'jl -. ~j;~~';i'!!11fI J7~, ,udll D,~e I!;. i:l1_III~J11 IQ [" .u, n'iO g,IIII.O,I,e i:) d,IIl,~_

fh~~ ni!ll!:01is f@~J,CtJ b~ 1I11~ins. 1IJ ~jmisht ~il~ih ~Ol 'oJtc w·nt 'of 1jlil~ o:~c.~Ol!l;S,om;" \vli~JIi ~h~~hreiu! i.lfllde~ ~~e:F:l;i~edle po:hit, .so,'rii):r:m[~ ill l(lop w,ne:n ~I!i! stu&eb ~ s puUoo 1LIpt 11M' ~imi,ghl :Sii;u~iC'he.s can be spiCeil. sliply a;]lfin. as ~lQWf!, in iii' [lWllim (:a)of,ciQS(: t05~th'~I'&'~~W1lI, in (]b): Or [!;fv,af)~ I~~_gl~ ,_.3 ~lm"~n i'lI'iI ~~~~ Or 'lhlZ! ~Utl§'I:1,~ 'C"M bs pU:td ~'b'l':!'IIlin.g: ~rif!'j'1S:lM~, '1\111;:1'),,'0. in ,{d}.

Thj _ S1tilCh D111)' be U~ as. n ootlinc:' or ~, I. ~~, fiUine, '!AIO .;' - g dll!:i 'MwS ,!I!!L'o5e itO :¢lhex, ~ in the iffl¢ di~(:ri'cn. J~ H dim- u.!'t to m' ~ lhn~ :5.i~t-ch SlM.octh wjltu;m~ ~'iri!iinB III UILli: fiei.t, lill iI. help" i£ t'h~ ~m,,'hr::~ M:c fi!lirl:r tame" Use: <ilIQtlb]E1Iili~:ru:iI3

I. ('em,' till) tU A. and! go down at B. immeili Idy be:lo<\ IlL Form ~ IclOp

'iii d ,s-ame up ,at . I duredlybelo\ 'B nd inside I kg loop, (Iraw III This S.-Ulc.h is I~~ cl,- in. ex(~Pt thllt 11,t: tl d is 'cr'Q$e-a in fi'onlC 0 the III . I irlQi'G ~oopil!§ IJiJndt:'J" it. nd ,g__'C~dy like Rap S1i~ch ,_ B'. d, L"l\f'qll h "h - ~~ ~11 !ILl mD~1 l/tr; "pi.. inst d of sLnltn _ ,



,2:. 'Go down, :1i D~ pusf!;l1g: i~e: n~dl~ '!.I'erydo:Je'Ulp in~i:1I me"" " fo.mied b,. lie l'LviS'1led cl3lfl LOilping the dureadl under the needle, come UP'!il.1. E Qlil l ~~1i\1lj be~ow A. dm" U.t

1 ReJK'a1 NIt!,. 1 nnd ' Iuim,lc I en Ill~ lIn Smrr.· th cl[e;cl \!oi II I:u' , ined om>' If,ttJ needf ~ 5 pu'.~d wry Ce05e,. MID I under tn'S Sli~t1i1-ef; (ctri 1'fO'W). TN..:: sli~di.ltm1S'r lse Ufo! pulh::£1, dOIfllm u;rwnrd, )'Il:IU 'U) ~i h~en it f.lr'lhe lcep mDn, :001 '~ie ntat.


TIm; ~1c:tJ is K:illiy ,~~_a-,,!~' :~ik!e' NIlmQ'w lIupe! :S:riltCD ~ '~i!pt lill'.iiil 'die:: :~liior:J. of di;: DGool¢ 'iii! (llifFerefu. 'USfd ro]' !l ~mlil!ll, !E!;ro;ad. I!!J~ 3p~ nUh~ tlk2:~a Sl~:tijlllg Satin ~lliUl~ bMild.,. :n~t OVi (tf'!e ,s~~ ~ :mi~~d,~, '~~ 'OIJi!:r. h 'may !1lJ;e ww1t~d,ri$:!J ool~!l!1I:i'min:~.'il!!ra,~in~,o:r'iOJlle:m~y ~.wcrhd, stlmii:'timu bW!ld an{ll s.am!Mhmes !1l~W in O'Jlt~ e.6JliranlIDl!IB: :nin~

I~ Cilirne up :!!,] ,A" ilt!;id go' 001,11111 :itl I. rilJ!OKDng 'L~~n~lt j~, IUn.d~:' ,A, (M .iJ6''Ii'J")I)' B~ tnt rn~~Cc otl~ ,!Ii, c. ~'lM~nng :the~huad ii1lSl, ~!U'm;jd ,lIIcmss ~~ IliLI:!~t~. tlHm ufL\l'u il (I1Jl ~Ciiwn)" D,~ Alii, ~1lirlS th~ [,1!iJt:'~ III~n il'll ~'frIe dij'l~i!ijn ~f d~ :IlJim1}W. Tn!: swn of the IiSa!J.tJ ~ D 10 C U :a~m 4~.







::t Go i1l1l :llil, O~ RI:'U~ came up ilLJt E\ pa-ml!:~! ml'l'i .. ,lind jus:! ~O\![:d!:ll!i1~ A~C.

I 'Wil~ 'Ihe I:litrc-tlld ov~r r:iT,d J1hen lmder ~h~ :neeule as. be§cl"e" !.'inti illraw' l't ["!Lt. 1I1kiQ,~l;il~':Iil!J~'~" ltl ttiIe100p {1tSi@: up ib<~fu1.'il,l:'dlle l'b:readl ~s'ln.L It [is ''i,liery easy 'to lose' ~~, slmt Ilmd Hanen IJUl1;WR.;j,i!!Ii! ~;fIIS !his S:~liiil:h. To nnanrnair.ll ilihe 4:5'1 [!ngt~ :~e('!p lilu:; n~dh:lj n't D 'l,:\i:.ry c;1Q1.~!2i iilnd 11(!\!Idiin~ A. ICorne up' !!in; B ! ,5!igh:! di.s~;iU'~!i:' b~IO"iN' C', :md ag.'1ItT'lI iI:!I'r.;l!W' :I\I~~ in l1m dif\~!:Uo."r1b.e arrow' to. k~p ~he' Itro1p,1iSc ~Yin.~ s:tt'i.QoaltL

:3. :rr ~m;e '(!!iI1Igl~ hi, Vfil~:rrt!:iffim:~di

~ &~oo~1i1 Sodn ,Slth~1 efl'i"aiJ wiH mullt ~~ :ifi di:i,~l~,

LilZY Daisy S1H4eires aEe. 'WOTbd In II '!:~r'C:I,iILar .fu.r:rn.wu.Qn. ttn::' stitches, ~adiatins from 3, contnit :f>ojjnt. The Ib~~c sJitcl~ is C.lmin 81itch

For LIJJZf .Dais..)' :511't~hJ Uu: nii:edBe is ,re-5i11iS<enoo Ln "hl,;fsam~' c:e"O'al m~o~e: ~Q be,gin r.:<Lch pela~ (fl . 0

The statreh ~i!IJ ,1}1.00; be used so thllL l'tte: kilms (!Jr,e tOl,\',i).rds; the midd!o of

lire. fiQwe..r RnO ~bi:i produ.-c~:s :n PQ3f1~ rrillldu~r itOOn H ro fild~-d peEAl (fig. 2) .-

'~I{I, '!!

'Wort m~ 'C,wg s'larlJL1nl sdrtcbe.s, shown 8., A WId B aD me; i~l and bdng Ike nE~le g,p,:to dn~ OiZrruc !mill. 31, LiiJtle 'below ~t. C., P.'a§ mh~ p~~e 'under $e. two s.li'tc:Ili:is, witholllt ifIl'Ilterili')Jg [he :ra'b:r:i~ &iliid 'l\e'-i~RR at Co 'Oll'Ltii[uJ~ as ,S!lilJ)'Wifli in IiIs dia.gnl;tj:l.s~

This s.titch is 'Wmkcd frDm ri, ni, tu left. Bcln,~ lJ]'ge UDrem ~lii'io.ugh 8_, A mild, tillS&Jt .!he I!I;gI!d~e 81 B,

Briflg it thwufrh agMn ;(11 C ilililm dialdy be~cw B. With '~he ihi~;B· W m~ len and ~nder lie i1t~],e. p~ dfle n~lc 'UiiJ!I.er Iht fj~I, sijt'Ch wiltboot P,iercinl mt'l fnlM'h::.

5 .. Chain Stitc:b

'Thl~ is Icn!:!! O'J me Q:'i,.6St efltn. ~ u~ .,.;mbroidery SltildlC:$, bo]h, iJili i:~:s :sim,pl~ fuoo :LOO ir.JJ iitSi 'C.OOliitl~~s: varitJtions- B:ll::ic: chain stitc-h can be III sed Jar' Li.m.e~ 'or o,u;t'lif,J.e.s 01' B3 fini~ '~cring 'the noed~i: mOLiJh, iilnd ;W~· , I (lgmn jOb) be same nol~; $:0 form'in ,!I 'loop. H0W~g me 100:11' dOoWtt'l, willh m~ thumb~ brml me neeil!Be'l!llP~gall1 mmugh (he l.oop.:a:::ihortdisrfallceaway rromllib~ :il!~mng pOi['!'t. ilrmd P-1].1] t1:te UrreaCIJ itbfO~Ch. 11rn:sm Ihe n.eedil.e. il1lJtQ Ihe sam~ ho~e. ~~]jJ. inside ~he loo~, i'tJrnd. mm~ (i ~ondJ ~oop'.·ROP~Blt, r.omirlg :ill MW of loops. emfrJJ One :sc-cnrillJ(g 'the ~revio'[l5i ooe.

,46,., lIlb i pp ed Cha~D S Ute b

Work,[).ro'l,?I,! ofbaJsk: d~~l1, st~~£l1 1'h..ern" 'I.llsin!;, a tihmt I1..fid IIfii end lEi 5~eof!d ll"'frea:~. whk~1 ean be o:t 31 oontrnslirn,S ooJour, l!:ft!ll'll. LIIp at ~h~ 'beginntirng of mnn~ ifO''''''' .f1!!iId pass ~h~ ne ~I'''' under e.n~h CMLEI, anap ffiom I.he "Slla. to left l'hi;s bindslh 'loops, lbrntinll sl'i,htly:raiLJ;;ec litlle'wh,rch is good. for IIIam-kin.,g prt!~b:I!' !l)~I~l1niil{i.

Comeli.lp .lii,.A, ':hen'Uiice ill stil:-cb from '8 ~ti c. ]tG~'Ping ,thli!' Lbre.o!ld li.md.~r thliJl:lleedl[.e ;a~,nwiithl'l11lthl! It1o,P' :?I!!Id OOIITi\e 011.11 a •. E, 'Mlh thill lnrentl ~nd!~r t~· [I,~l¢. Con~~ffiJ;C:: ;11 Il,i~ 'way~ 1t3lki.ng shm~]~g ;stitch~s fronn one side ~o the olJ1~.

ThiSJ;S Qlit~fiI ~~ruin ,ern'btoide:f . h::·s,w-orked hEi 'wi1f~ b[)nd~ a'S DDlfdlJr5 or liO tin iilltltil$.

,[bis Jooks like iii 'JI'tOW [~f ~~.

I luatiDtg ~oop.s. and snrni.;hl, Siti1i.c:I~&5.

WOirk: the f1.r.S:t Rtitll:B es ,(QU d'i.:l,i: basle chain, b,u ~~.er brirl!J;i filS mhl:i!' '~dlr!1! up ~o begin the: I1~J; tODP, l'WiS't tm..'I: tllnrelld enee a~.DlIndi i,:; 'thGn ~nse;Ftthe fI.er,:dfr: r;nn!i1de' -t~ fUnE' Icop :&_r'tc bring ,it gp as :shown i[mlicls' the .newloop,: draw the s.'ttch fiat.

Thj:i .5tiwh Ii!! worked in r(lilr\,S of[C';<JjiiJ~ Chaitr.l S~~IJCh (::re,e: instiiiJCU'iJ~, nI1tOve., and il\terhi.-C~ to' Inl:l!kIC aJight Ofi'8,lif 'inling ~ iho",,,'JI).

h is: 1lIit1~ifiC e:ffG.ctive :~Q 1IJSce: doub.l~ ~r.e.ad for ah~ cabJe am1J single for

11110' itneriRCililg;., .

IJ'~ ,I) Ilhlllii ne,eiIl~1J iIIIn~ ;11. oonn~l] Iiijl; ,1:t).]OIi.!~ ITIwilid. UIiifi I!be ··l ,Ihll s" Ii:Qg.eU:il!;f'.IIi ;S~!iYW"., Do IIiIm dmw me ,imeinEu::img Uue:ad too 'tight

1111 . !litcl rtl. iii v.m!ll1, Iii, ,(U d:i 1Lil1iY;: 1 e (him $bl ~Ii.

T1 'lfe ~ !iIitC'la ~ 1_ ri,~ n::r@J1I: r~o Ihco[~~ ~~li!)~ PluU 11I'Ie: lv.isiedJtl1~ rtffl~f ~1I!'!~ d1~ oeerJlrt'i' bc:!i n:: dlavnn . 1 hf;li ~I:: I~

IJ f1ll:lIrl~

Thi~ gl~ ,I'rIOO~ !~mlfCil:; en1~l.lItllfi orulnw:y 1i'~:!Iifl, :!J,ri~eh" ht~.coo Onn~.ltlg Ik. Medic i~O!I 'the::sW»e ho]~ i!'1s;1@ ~!;I1I00p.

brin II Q\l'C1I" Ih loop' Uiijil.~ 'I. 5oJ~ihdy tg. ~ba I~fl. Ci!.:ltslm. 1M iii ~ , "

Th~ bnn " Ene Il~Jc ilIP' tl1!rD!.I ulJ t. too;p. d It'e_pG.'Irt. ~1K;i

it • ~d loop . TIl sUEdl~ : lJ~d 'be::. ikoed ciI~ ~etm~r

r •• m'lmtl ~ ~',

'Br:,giJ1 1Qi. if uJ1.i!!iIims. III .:wii£td

11'1 til.c:b M1!J bniDP&IM needle: up J i lie 'lkmoJlfi (lji"iIic: loop,. p~ it uEld~ 1lI1;; ii,(Ip of' ~~, -lid ~I;:!I IBC' it il;~ :.sto iJ Icft, r di1: 6. chrun t thl!l po -"tion :rIM nt~l

itch ~ -k ilIlOlkr l:winlXl eohillil :ru~ch, iP ·7 - UJ~ ne~riII!.1l1f!d r U !: ,hf,c:I!d '~!be EQ,P ~ b~ro. !K.~p lIf~ tI1:f,~4 n hlJ¥.r~ &1l:i11 ~'Ii¥it;cd

~'B!UI'I, !li~di i:s ULCI'I ~tnhi:l ~g dll:lltt!~

IllDn t~~ ~ or I

in' rr "0 f.oond ' n rm ... OJ:

I'M- tc riwfllaJ:I'l mi;gltl '1Il!ht!iL Then" otk IJK, ~ifuJtn ,uld!. from IjJp 10 bo'IlIt:lfM ovrm- the ~ Hnn,s: ~lb(l! 1'1 ~ I!i !J P I:i'too IJ g'b 11i-c' (liB iii III ~ I lill I:!' ~11)-J' ~11.f~ of Ilbe. rlfSllw Illt~ PIISS il QW:I'.1!114Ii und)Il:fIMb.:i1'loIJll:ddl (11(11 ~1i:ro.u&Irtf1er.abll1~ • tfGI~n I~~ ~11;:r, illl fill! _. II Il ~ n~'dal: to' !ill;: n:yb oriu:rid ~ip it WIder dlc NI nd 0.1;" lhf, ~) formed ".ilI - £ fmUin !he mb~ 1')' II I fII!1101 I~, II • dlr:!: DVn m!lufldt!r ih,' II I 1 ~I


Th]~ ~i!~l11 b, \\I(lf:~~ hI ~1iK i53llrlt:'WDyas c.biJII !5:Ijt~" Ibu~ ~"1v5I'1,g IWO (~~ing [~dls. En llil:ni:: fi.~dle 111:hi: :iIliJ"itC' 1i~liI: M~ ill:iJcln~ Ib tocp5" ;!t'$ll,(jM J:O!ou:r lIIC'ld~r ru_11;!li ni!~I~'[pIlil'lt [[nod ~f!~ ullil! (!I~hC' ~~Ii li~IIIiIIlI,(ilp," Pllili 'thrGlld:!!;m boll'! ihfl"M!. WrrI ~~)I:' IMII{I, loop ~";~i1, IillK: c~h_;&~ ~031M1i 'Ufld:(r 1Ibi: ~ porn.

Bri!ll.,s l~e 'lihretfd ihrcOlJlg'JIJ. !lit A M..dI ~mJ.tc 1l·~I:I@.'I1 \lemeal ~U~ BI~1lIH tt'f,j~ Iltrti:'ilcli lihlnl!1.11Bh Iligaim 9F't iIf!l, :11m!! p.~ t~.e Ei~Mlt, WliIfff I~~' WIltieirl ~i~,h. 'J;.~Ul~IJ., Pl!l::l:'Cmg, tl1.c mlli~ Md inser;" [I lHI,n]n I:ii~ B. Bril1;g III,C 'l;bl'Cd !hr:oL\~ ,iii C iIi'I-'II .~ IIlc' IIEm:I!i! D~e~ lhe "e~~~J ~;j..,c~ Md ~11~1it i~ ,at C

ThCl 'Iht;rd 8IId .all ~li)iWln. !!tkdt~ i!f~,rn!li!liO!~n.I_l;t~r I~n" IIILl.1 "I{I,~~;, ¢(~t lful .h~ 11~i!l .n1'M< ) p:w.e~. iUi.di!f' 1Ji.!!. ~'lN1i!I pF~~dlill ~OO~M.


Fi~1 ~(l~ iii :::;rnrnl] ,JiIj~ Cif'il)ilinnF. lJ::il~ijiIi' ~Lln II;tT ~l1!l!, !JV«~!: 11lt~;Gl~,

lli'ICtli li~ a!l!l:'IIIIi~or by :r~r 100,g :sUM!b~. mltlikiill:!l: $lilJiG il~ Nu ~cd ~Im~ IPS t.~ u,. Now i~ lllg [J~~dJ.~ .~i:! libel ftili..-Loc 'm~[n~ I~,ps MI!lIiJf.itl lbe: ~j $tllJ.tilt.~~ IHim lihe ~J!ll; lifi~rn;lIr is fl_ fI'.IiI!I1i.y 115< il] (2).

Ma~e: IBldnoo ~ore :!lt100h ,!lW!JfId ~ miJm~. wM-c:1J wIn c'Q~,"!11 d~ mi:l1iI:Ir~5 ~d. iilrti'lli~J;!f. ~€;avirqp:lhltt;j" II i1lIUC'ldi OJ:' sqlJ~ p:luij .af':mili'iJ"g!i inl ~h~, cara


'f,o,mttb. ~ (ire !Wh. ~D!l't. bri.rbg.1t'JK; ,~.1II1i' ~ IIIh!i. d- . .m1Il'~~~' wmp ffi 1m ~wltS ru-oulld tl\~ pojll\ ilJIf: ,t'Mi Il_l~ II1IIiI ['t} •. ~ me McdL~~ Jf[g'td d~'TI! me l~fdl.tI r1rnt'i,)' 'fhim Ihe d'iwa'll:JI1im'I. pull ,J1:(: nced~~ Ihm)'Up ~ool:'bi~y i swirllJ. The~!;S :t1 ,Otllld be. !;pC MAt ~nd pcd e [lfj I

I' c: ~m fO'l[M br. 1'a~~c sc!ib..::· ",'t' ~L1K'~ Iil~.e ~ (Ill er dm.:~.ril

, I1,'Il1JR!rnIdId!l< or ~ ~m~ thIn:H.

1l1~ R~m· me ~~~ il otd .. jjI !III

- ~ lbl! l'IurnbcrGftwiEt&S . . dt.pr;nQJIll:: II die' liihl:ldbi ~, .DR IIlf ['&11: b'i!M. 1k: mlm! twins, m 1:'. 'he ~lJit,c:r!he ~n - ;ulfC.i!1l.. ~~.r1.Bi. Yi'ilh ~ 11':r~ ifr~.f!Elm' t.w;I ~ M jfl,JJG ;l:Ln.::o.d- Imntt lite:

""'II 1IfJ:i .r.id mUll! III. hlel!: ~Icbi. brio giD S' 1hc .-:Ie UJii i!t J11 ,wI nbc: !!i.UuiIi.m~, jidDa. Nil. ~~ :F,lllIi11!i8 hthnuljp yt~, 'PAt~ll"lIIl:ll'loro.ll1!! ~hmiI:Jg]'ii.I!l1l r PI- ~~ ii;i~. !hen ~ III lb~~ ill'nu:OO ~ 'PomL lhe ~fi, number (] , '~m~, H CI 1o'Iffl1l1i:: iwWm 11l~. wl1r:d~!hcllfdbt!ll:lmtcd lUn'!'Ly .. liHIm mm pglid" fi Il:ID! ~Ii &,!. .fAUt:'mp~ i.hrougb l~ wil,b 1rm~.dh;ulJ£m c

to Ihll'~w .~ Qu I· ~ Ibiil MdI1i:! d'oWil .' im' - j;,,"~blIlbt; orcw

II '11 ~ ·firmly.

till ('UI . u:'!ttl iIHh~ ~ . - P'IIIIiM slicC\h ,. ~d DO rj,l) or

Illgh:: i'tIli r

M k~' ,I s". GiNrtt cr~f>.\i lJIid ~'I.'1!if Ihi!!! U1:i1h ,I !.!. (!~ non Slii\JIl1\i .

• II II".. w(!I.k 1itr;Y !:Wmlml C~ W~IT t~1) ,",~w1~

TtIlli U: u~ by ~1i:fll (j~1fle8,j~ell:!d'ias B~d S1;~f.1j niJ Sll..l!Q' Trill 1m ~ II ~mprtJ' l']]~lJ1l~ Itlll: ~Q~" wJlrl~!r_..aJ] bi: ~i'Ii,Ili,1Ii ,5t1il1;s,.

U.c 'ltmiiil ~ ~ :sp;ii~!:(1 Q_]~~ O:~ 9Jr ~m.li~t :;hill!.:!J!1 iI!l\'!,'1)~'~1!! ,at rigbt :QlIsl~i,U"11m l!m~. '~tOO, ~JilII1Ww.5i ,IlI'c Wlf!l'l~ !li1J)~ ~fo&~tlIi~r ~I:i ~J;!Ii!:_5.£IljjjjJiI 'I!!c: rti()~ m'lii! die Sjf:J~ Ml~..-tl ~c :kn!l!li. G1C1llle :~I'ii\!i"1Li: ~m~ '1111 ~!Itet, !l;!irl~~ !iljijd!mg:'~ttll~]J I~, ~w~ is"ol;mS!! 'ii~ RJ'ill.t: o:f:fTn :m~ ~-li!~ T"Q ~kc' il.I~M it ii31b.15I, 'ID ~ dtillM!:! ~

~. Briltg .n~Ble' up ml A, IIt,.I,I ~M11 DDt ,m tDWefloll of '~'1{oOH:rrg (1mlltJIliMI ~tfI!l)'It~llji:lc). 'NMd!e'U'!iM!BOe$~fI!l! ]!i'l!!.~ L!lp.o! Cnllrigh1: 1iU1J!:1~~ UIi 1M Jru-ad, Hi!)1d;!!i&t~I)'~I!!~'I.II.fld~r~l~ (~!i,in dl[]~J, dHl,'II!' ilItra.usn 11!iD~ r:1I11 pl~? u@ I~ foFfi'i, il ~iL 1lie. ~ H~en 111: ,fl1Id C ilklt'l'I1'Iil'l~, 1M' m ,of 11111: Irnc~


z. hl~ :Uitdh,~~ No ~ Ii IIJillk:,dl ~iliW&).i'.

TJrc ~~i'Lth i:s: mere ~1iri)!:H¥'C: ffllull ~I:!: ue: ,fBit:tY 1~0S!li '~~I.~~f..

~ 1t:~11 ~y Imjlmig III :limp_ •• ""~k-] ~l~JI. dti:fl CfOS-$ il 'limo IILI r41I1YII'ii;l!! "'1iU~ :;jihdJi whriiin i.'!l sl~~[~ '!ih~"§' ililln, tmIil4lli1iB~~ ~I~I!I,

""11I~11~ [[Fe uS,t.lIl,rll'lil~Er!I ln 91 ~.Ii~di. _Ii; :p~uem. ~ fIJ~.E! ~sIll,

'"I I ,u~ III!:::)' «ill H 'L\'lilir~ !li'ol'oi@"i"""' ..... 'I._i "'- - - -~.,. - d

II, I - "~""oI:IlV'U! .. , ~ W5 !Q ,D"'" BI l:!!IiU~ ~~

62. SheBf Fillillg Slitcb

B~with tjuee ..... en:k::IIl stnigbl stitches, illll~ closc;tog~er-, Bri:c,g tbeJi«:dte up halfWlY down.,. beneath the ceauel !;1l1ch IlDd slide It to ne left of the gronp, Wrap the straight ,!;titchltS together twice and take the needle dowa te the right, neu 10 \\'here it emergM_

63. Cloud Filling Stitch

Make III ftlolU'ldll.!ion of snu.lt,. regululy spaced, "l':nil':aJ 'It"ir.d1i':~ u !ihlllwn. With II seccndthread, which isfaSl.cncdIQtlrefibr:iconl~'Iltt.heC!'1ds ef'rows, weave in and OUl Oil the vertical stit"he!O encoD1p!ssmg two rows i~ • time. use ... tapestry ne~ 50 as net td pierce the tab-ril; 0.- PnMO\IJI I.tit:ch~


COUlllJeO wurlt i!ODlUS[ often ~i_it«l 'With mctal thread embroidery, I~.I 1I1'I1,lt threJd.$ ClUJ be couched end used ~:S filling§; OIl Iheir own .. Of in ,III1Jilfttlil;ln with.me1.al tbIT.ad.s. forb~siocouebinB, I,q,YlIIthre;ad on lhcfllbrio Jill!! I le it down with tiny stitcl'n;:s made ar regular mreMll.s- along hs lengtla.. ~ullllllny the laid lhtetld is.t.bicli.er~ the one used r(lrsth~hmg.

64. Honeycomb Filling Stitch (Filling Work)

Fir~1 1.1), !IorimDllll1 tows orpllrnllc~ 8p~co:I threads. Over these lay diagonallhrcnd.lO. Fitlally, cress these with diagonal tllreadsbid in lh.t other Wrcction, \~.JIvlll! ill Md out ef'the previously laid rcws as inthe ditgnull.

This fillil1$ is espc:cllllly $U.itable for metallhread work. as most of the rhte.td (mains on the surf<'l« of the fabric.

[I il:ii aIm ~~t~d WIOVlm W.hu:!~1, Use "cirde 85: ~ guide ruu!. bc,lin ~!t" wl!!lrkinl3l:my st~H~ll~, the cntts H\vMcb i[ol,lldl 'fue I~ • ~'.5,'c.kemJf«el11iie. 1\ - 'W>Dik ,two strojgEl'l stitdh'es One' un filch ~[cl:1: fl;flh~' fy stil('!:i. SD dividiD,g,'tbie ¢ire'! I e.v,em} D:LlO five ~tli';m!;, S~irl1'ms at aJl.e. RuC:lte:" ~o 1iliI,e hill I]f ~(;

19ht sLit~h WeaVfj Drwr awl under, «fund and rotmd; Wl~ 'm '. circle'm !i1I~, QT (aniy ,b.~J:r,llle~ 11,51 [i!!qmreil

[L is alSQ ~I ad as ,Bar.: 'Sl-iteD!;!O Whooi. Lay fanntli.Uhm tlur~ds 8& .shOr'i.m irn {~e dlQratrIU., c~o::;S'i'I1:1 ,Elt EL coo~rnJ, p0irnl. m~, fasten Mad off :se~!Jr(1)1' at the back. 'Witll ~, ne\V tllread, an.d lIiS~~g a 't8,W'~try nee " 0:', 'C,Q'I'11lU up' 'bGtween 'rrwo o,f IhfJ spok~ as 1i'!.1:M" as pCiBs1b1~ ~c the ~eIliLf;e'. W'W"kll1l in aft ~fi1tJ-doC:k:w.i se di~lion 03J1lL'i1wiahooD B'iekcin.s 'the lillini~ '~;JJke; ~b:: 'rn.~r:::ulu back O'V>I!r one thread ,90d IDMaoo llnder mwo threiids .. workin.g r'Oun until tbe 8p6r.:~fS arecevered, The number Qfspukes can b'~ v!ilrie:d aad 'they 'I3-nUI :be laDa, i I'1l tne manner descnbcf.lid for S1!l!~ Sdt:eh.

RaiS\.u S.~,itfcr·s. Web Sb,auld be: smaU and may be. either wb1m~~d er woven,

1. Come IJI lilt A,. down :ft ,Bit eruss aeILUu o:fdrt!0. l1lil:ll OOI"i!te up .Ill C ;md down -at DI (r.: ~ @ D .sbould be [jH~Ulf 0.,1' ce:m~r as ~1Ml.). Co.m~

up a~ 'K O:D\\\Il III f. up .:it G. ail~ do~ ,Ill (11, ~oe§i in quilt! clloSl! te D)

2 Tl!li S J~'lle,s a space for the 'l'1ib1;:d~c: tQ come.up rim:tJly ,lIit I, point IIII 1'Ii ryl:ie[weel1 H and B 1·J1en.lidelhl:l'~1c.cdleJJJmh::tBn 1I1re:threads ar Ihdr UUI'I~Ii:'Clion r~~;t: the threfld Rl!ullooliJ lt aeres the IU('CCUS' and I.nr!;1ln under I I I .. h ~Ul Dn.w through! ~1i1d1 pull !;q:nvards ttl' knot ~ h reads ~.og~tJn.e[' i I'L I 111 J •

-S,_ PuJliiflg Idle: 'km1l)l~m,g' ~d 'up,wttf!ds.. .:iib mtothCf bliimt ~_1l tltre.nde~d, W'iJb ,an), c(rJ"mIi~ing ei)Jolil.f iSiDd puSh it 'Wld~~ ,Ill ,tRt~ qUlhi.

,l~ U.n~hU'~d 11,h; notdlt MtI puU upwru,ds wil~n, both SIf.lUld_s 'illif' ~ Ms ~ilI1'Itr~1iH!t IJm~d. sa tbal aU dt~ SJlOlk~ ,~ I"'!ltt (as sl'lo\W'a). 'CDnlinUIl LO hold ijt \clPWf,U"d's whHii: weaving Ifcu!ul ~ wunw as; 'ii1l onUMry \~OV~G Spj:d~n WeD. ~,in enough M'iI\f8 o:n.hi~ ""'~v~li\g,so l~l !hr, ,spJdet~''S Wtijb g'8J1]~ls up i n lIL polfLt. fin8U,~' pull C1~ I,he. oonillms~ng '!ilflllfldng ~hr~d~ leo!llli~ me s~I;CI;-er's web tiirn'hly rni~!:d

• ~~l\~ ,~w enmres~ WWIl1tlfolllS oJOO'ydl,~ lmm,~ md '1lfu!i!1'6 is S!OO,p.~ f~r

m\!,Cj]titi8 'I]I!!;W 'IImG!;,

. Tbe~~gnJ am"eli, lis 6]B~ \'lhh ~ 1]Gli;\7f"O]ik ~lfhidJ tll!flli[~, ~;fl)C''d Ihr'IB!.lds, \rlUl;h ' R ImlD,GttIJ held dio\'w If[ iH~~,l1ls \vililil d~g@~1iJt ~i~e1]jll~


In '~~s I.jcn~~~ 'm~ 'bid 1ht~~d, ~Dd Idl~ 'aJl:In~,a~: usal lb.1 Q~1.1~bIDg ,Illite' the sllm.e.B'ring llu:: i1~I{': lI,JjJ1lLf'id lay dO"""'"m1 ill IOri8 linc o:r Ihf!;~d. ~~i;.'If!B it. lWIi'~ ~D<OM. Dm~ l\b.e DCtdJijlI Qul bI~k Iiil'onB 'ahi:l, bld Ulr!i:'.g~ !Jn~ ~~ , lm~ sEff'~Ch ~B; ri.itin iClD,gJ~"'" IAiroDSS ~J:, P~d dim'!l" I~h~ Iht~~, 'lllll'blS, ~'y:, ~willg ~ .t r,eglillnr fulJen!ialk Wlnm used [1811, [1llin~ .. the lruy oo~ jl~l'1,0~ DR.!.? ~e;!li fi'ii';itli- - ~ - ~O fiiJj'iil wl'ii~ iliti'JD

''I'his'~ \nI!:ftket1 In ,~ :Sim.lr~1I" f;i;:1;IlDIl,!lf ~Iil Bnl!:.illi!llr.lll "udling ';:~Il~i InUit ~ =dnliA Jfjn:g.cr'l~il'l1S ~~dl is ,~'~rk~d tIl M Ing~ ,i1~ross.t'~~ bid dm: .d" ~.;n USl:!d as I trulM,g. th~ ~~~lll wur"'cill ~i'clJ~s 'pf(r)d~15t ~ dJ~g.(!jq1til nl'lbtd e.f[eCl~ "[J]H.,s "!~~P qr;; u~fuI :rQrlli~IM\!''II bIlK!:' iJR1IlS olE'bol!ill ~iIlilourililujbl41~


O,['ICHlli.f'tbe o.ldcSil:,!JI~ RHl!5'~ ~r5:jrt.~rt;; of~llf:m'b.rQidcry:S.lijtch.~:i; [I ls rnosnl ~:sijy 'lMol1b.lll Or:Ji eYen",~~ f:lfiui-c. On ~¥ru!llh nh~war;p iBlld weft, ~'hrlgads mm

be 001.l!r:'i:!l~ for e:1~h sIJit~h" 11I:r(j..;l'l1~8 SIDlIohgs; cd' adiffUirtii aDze, ]t can be. I W.oMtd in iCW'Q v.'!ly~' 1n OM ~c;[OOd. :!':ho'wn m ri8f1..1, !In intl1\'tclw III~ C"M!t&, i~, ~1Ii1p!Jtnx! Ibrf"ore thu ~1~1 is ~SlJ n 1'111 'I~ltl Qlhil!r • .!) IJllc cf dl~S~JL1 SI~ ril:h'~, II ~g M..Hdc !IR,.o~ difll:'C:lioq ,ilm! i5 then ~:etI b}f ~~I'lO'tl1;ell lUll! of dlili:gQi'l31 .5tttli:~es ~e1lI' ~111 ~Jiloo:h!:i" direetien. 'f1lL,s rndhod is; pri"~ble: fur li~ '!lJ!f Mocks efcress t~ih:;h.J ~jlil.'wtaielli it IS imponDmt Illi[]i' ~m, ~etp,jlndl bOI tom str[Chtli

.. 1'~'iiJttt in IlInil:. :wtniil' dirKli~l

On fin~ fobii'i~ QI'II 'I;.II'ruclli! ~Ihfolijllds: iCaM1Io'i1 be Of!luil'[~. i~, d!!l: lllio:ffi'M~ I~u< wmk p.r~se Q'0~ sthel'res,iI!I" f.[r.SII:::Ji~ki~i,~st[t'!S} ~nlmWf:";"""C3ln~Q\\'iE;f I'II~ rr\lJf!i~ fwric'. Worn Ihe..st~~cJ~ QIiI.er the ~ni'l'i\llI.s 8.'5. shaW:Bi[ ,reI[ Then d,'mllefll IlflG w,mik rum'ili 1llli1D 001 th~ mnW8 Chif>l!!aa b~ th.:~1ii:ll

'lllis, liSl Q'ft!3~ 'ldI~d (Jill U~[]i"''I,~'f'I!i!: lfI'bn~ On willuh Iilb~ IUIlt.a:!tiI_S WI hl~ (~~!:d ~o ~qJ ~(: 11Q'ri~tll md! ","t'II1i~ .il,d1j~~ ~~H.

'75 .. l.ong .. A'fmJ_'d Cro:s,s Iititcb, olr '. 0 IlIJ~" Lli!l e li!'dl ' .. ,rOI~ S Ii tc'bl

11li5 51i'il~fi ~ InlilJ c~ ~~~I,y m:lsLera :by [Pir;!I~tislu8 1O.IJi iW e'l.fl!!DYo'a'llle ,ffiibri~t Bring IlhJ~ li~rlW~ up md o'm.m~ ~U lb~ds ~Q llIat!: ri~t ,[Jot! (cur up lh!lP.l1 Ibe ~:iIJ~8 'PI!ll:1nl. T!itkc tfl:~ ~(~It d:D'~i1] :lu' !this ptilinD~ f:mm:iog Ii hm,g oogg-TI1Ii1.stitclr!. Cro~ this stal\ti~ ,m,m [b.!1:' lmiJtQmJ ri&bll~o tbe IIJ(ilJ1III~Il,~~ r~ ~i@r~ 'I))ffl)ur diii',e~d.&. H,ring ~'hlt n~dlt :u~p four 'D]u'o.llids iJrofim 'InDo SII IWin,g IHJlim li!iJ rvhlt im, isFl, 'fr:llId.y 1l~1 'm..fJik~ ':h~' 'fII~~1 ditliSla.ll'Ird ~i~~ Tltlt. f~ IQIl8 dJ~gog I di~I.jIgcs: ttl.! ~fiiP~' (i!rdJ~ iilIlillCh ,md alll,'l'!l~ it it~ aa R.

T"'b:is ils tt!I ,dl~Mt:i~ or~~ ~Htm QJ"'~ 'With fI.D 'I,q:ll'li~] O\lle, Dc ,order ,of'WQ,ddl!ll; is mOUlD by me iU~rnhe:rs: 1[}]1,IUJe ~!'Im.

. , [f d](~ ,~ssgs iil:r.~ ·wtu'.~~d. m 'lbe n."Vil!rse' ,j)ro~'. t_,h __ ·.... ~ ,. ,

d liD: "" ~R1~.a!1S IQinJle'

. 1 !"eDt. 11b.r~ ,~s enn b~ ~mr~~ in dilIi~~u e6J\Drus.

iI.o~ •• in .s:I~ro11leswll:r~ed o~riL\\w'" tluJ'~., fOlll!,. ~ iQ!!ld u,,~ :h:orimnl;d II!d, I'I~ I L~ ~d\s'!ll{;t.!I!lrFV,n,~ iIll !!IiagO'BI,Im\."'Sbml~p left t([jibl!li~o:rn ~l III. IIIIMI:':,\! t;:lllI1:lthes' of' (me WW lie' rlli~,]linllll)' 'hehli\'¥ '~ll~ 4Hl!:ut~' sth~.b lOt' II ~ ~~" ~~\~~

AJ~o kiu),w:DIg G\r,fl;S P'omt.. This is a sbmlmg. S3:~9111 gitcti '\VOukcd O"V~r 'two oorimm!lJllll~ad;. ad lOne: vmic:al tb'J~d Mlhe' o.a:mws,

, I is work,ed 00(:: row:5';OI19 riglltlo left" t@lIo't. ed b~ alL~ ~m '6:'mn'lofi 'to. ri,ghl~

",' Rice Stitch

1iWs,1so:6ien \vc!fJk;et1 \1I1m rmiek, y,g'flt! fm th,.e bu'!~ tlif@~ :Dind Imem-)'lIm :fur tlL~ ,,;ffUlU cms!doEli stil<\'lh.es..

Start 'b)' '''!Jrkul!Ig ll1e i:lrge: C~DS:S stitl!;:J1~ oveor roor ... ·IMItL'CaillJld fflm h;Qci:;;!lI:':iiUal !Jue:J.ds of the C31Wf1S th III cross Lite eomers ," a [Ute'I' uJu roUowing mhe: rtllltmburing, sho'Wll hlJ the: diagraf:n.

eD t St,i:tc[b

Al:s~ ea'Us:d P,elJ~ Pcint, :it is 'U5etl for fine wOTk, on si~li!lle thr,r;a,ti CM'Vl)S only ia ,i!l a siamJ!II stitch Ui~l;!n over (me lnt • ~'li:t.imjj o:f ~yu thr:ea.AlI:s

F.~r sm~1I ~g us;c ·the lw~onml m~~Od as $.hown. For 1W'i~ aeeas u~ Illh.'!£}iJ'oo! M!!lhllJd 8lS shown,

Note .hAt On lJ~e 'L ',j! down th :nteedle:,goes: in wnicalJy :llIm:l: on the''W3J . 'Ip It oes in hori1"ulltany. AJ1j~'s; ~o d1CWD irno Ith~ gaP!) ~eIWOOn .'It; 11h.:'I{io~, row .otstilch..es~ The dias,O'J1I1] meitbcd [Q;.(lI~ tnfit diston lh~ CI:UiI'I,i',lIS. !'o. l~ml!:h.1fj:.S tl1.-e h'1)d~~nm~ ,melhOO,.

~ Jr~ 1I hf"Pit :no}" " ,'/0

l'h~5i :n:ilt'_b is! [JjJ!WJ'Ii}fS ·'Vlrk~, 'DmJ 1jJ]~ ~Di. tlliiStllilt'l.

The b:!~UJjj~ ,is frlj;Ir" _ ~iD Slitd,~'w@~;e'~ djIli.S~DII1D~'Qwr,lQW' \"elltieal and f~~~ lil!jnrim~lnI'1, [l.1x3d5IDf'i]I.~' !liIl.mW~ \~cb ilK 3.1lI1aDged, ill ~.~q~,\S~ as ~,~.

'tiles is l!l~r.1I 'sll !lJdiL'~ stil~. @i":(o ma'k~ll~~.~:li4 :fi1linj.

Ei: is; \Wi,~d i~ ro,~, al'M!igh~1y ,hm, I~ tQ rigbt, ~Jild ,ri-8h'~ l{!l ~~n.

"niiC ~ mw ;t!i. lOoTII :rna iSltott M~~S: ~b~~umt '"fiM, am till' !!II Slitebes (lf~, J:eTI~' ,~J:OOI m "brill::k' f@~tt'01ll

This mi~~h ~ 'WOfJ,igd on 'I~ diB8,oMI in, lJ. ~f)nem ,m! SqlUlJi~, !2ch ~U[i~ ~~rs 'ml't'C. fou:r er fllIIr(': ~r~c(Jj ami ~~orJ~nloJ IJTh"'eud~ of Ilbe '!1:ElJi'lI!."iy" The ~lllt5it S4liu81r.e is ffillilled 'f!,'l,ridft :!lntaU ~ilciJ]e~ 'ca,dl.one< Q'V!C!IJ",jJ, ~r1mCfd ~m-i~ and 'th~ ~Q'",vith smdU3:ted:'$~i~ltlhes. ,<'!lild, l're~'~tll:!:a.liBB au a:r1[u'rij~1 ~lte~te1.Y. fa: i!i ,~e;st eo w@rSt di8g.0lilJil~&y Fwm I!.n~~ ~~,tI.[ue cf~]ny ~L!llJresi tn alIre' next! !mi!lliErm ~ bl ck ~o I hli ~QP ~~n Md WOlifo: U~C II!fIe.rr ,:1da~~.

ID4 ·N' '. h ~.~ 'L !!l:lJI ,i.·· O·FW'I!C . IIOIIJI til:: I!JI

\ Soqlll!i.e ~r~n1 over !ttl Wl~ uu~(!r o.f'lh'loot:ld!\ n~ ~r:si!T.'~ is die h !leI{ It hDO-~'1i. Use II lG'n,glQgdI. iIt.r)\!n]J~ ID!I!Id work fI.s S1J'iiiY.'ilJ.. AU sril~~ I til III • blll:l(!'\h~~~.dd f0l1{!J'Io'N' nile !ll!1J~~D"·lini; orall]~ holes. FJ!d~DW HL'eI n mnlit,eriliiS 1111111 1.'1.' 1.1 f.l ~J ItiO!h. 'MJ:i,!:Jl~~.e II li:fdl~' ~'iJulliJl bit sllpp.cd! mtll!:f m~lOrl~, o:Fu\'£\Ii Ilh I ~I~ II 1"'J. 310. b~lbm !Onhni. Ilftr!]l ~i'V~S L hO:~(i :3 6.

~e:J~, f;~nmtlhg. ere'els ~way~:IIlc:m~e.:W.~11~leJJPI (!IntlnHllU_llerlerl,S~,lDd dQIIIW mrOU~ 'Blhc Cii:~j as Wis ~s wG:' ~eililthiD bul~ ~,

lBe,Sfn in lht(,':'middl~ iDf'01itS~,t'w:i1b ,g ~@b~ ~~'b., ~d, "wlo ~'IlQd O/llelT e&cb dlUild Wltil 'liliie shape ~~, Wed.

n~ _~l'rum :&bow' ~m ~~ WOM~ II[J'i,~r ~~;.bl ~k

Thili is i:!ll s,pt~~(d 5:{niin ~r!:ell tHI~l1ng. S~ 'MIiliL v etHcilJ 'SiCiC;(ibe8, a:he:gJ~m ,'h;~ 'WITh ~Qmom ~fI'! slad1~; 10 If'Ofllii S(I,~J nrss .[IS, i!ll1I(1!j,1I'lil.

WOJI: ~.l-eb SIIiL't"~1 Q,'iJiI!'if ~m tM~;].d~ ,!I!{f~g ~WilI n DrUUUJil ~gd ~ .. t!:r1itL1lI 'dm:tiad~ bJt\'io~iJl aitides..

89. Wave Stitcb

Brio.!; ~bc utcdlc UJI unl lesen (I two Ihrcld.I. ta the righi md four tlue.d:sup.

BriM: ilou! .&lm fourthre.ads 10 the left Then insenh It theswting pomt, b~!I. iI OUI rouTlhre .. d.'iIO tbe left And Mnti:nu" in 'hi.s~'·.Ylo tbC'o:!Id.

Tum rhe(lIbric round Ind "'Orkll secondrcw 10 fllnnwllIK)nd shapei.. lbe <JopiDg stilcllM ",11 become $tl1ligilt when Ic:nsi.oned..

90. 'Three - Sided St-ilcb

T1li~.st~lclt iliuseful forbordt-rwllrl. .~lli!le:imcll r.r~l;ValbeuS!:d as ~ fillwg.

IIU;mBde-upordoublet..fIel..srilehcsWQf1:edinlriaa!!l~o\crroUJ ~ hrcld5.

WOllJng fioln ri.!!h[ 10 left, beyin II the: blSl: orure (n.,ngle .... itb two It~d, ~itl:hel>. Then continue, following the di&l'f'I'lJI.


9J. Wafne Stitch

Tbisis:!ih!JWII wcrkedover a bilge squareofthrcetllrcads..:alld is made; 1I~ of rows of Slni"",1 venlcel stkcucs whjch b«=om~ sl~n!ro .... ucn tensioned.

Afterthe first fOW is eOlnplete. wod; thc:top ort.ltefbllowingrowinto the Hille ll-oleSllllld.c .1 the touom orille previous rnw_


92. Single Eaggot Stitch

11Ie StITch are worked ill diagonal rows over B b~sic: squfl.rr: or four threads,

Stnrt .... ,orking the Iirsr. row Wa!QPlll)' from tOP 10 bottom making I ""riC5 urbick stilches~! right uDgles.

for Slaning su(l!ld row Dlllke !be!J!3 \>'Mticilil baok stitch OfLhe liT:;!.

I"IY lind then b.,lgw that !lllIke another vertical stilch., bringing tb" needle IIr di~&(mIUy to 111<; right.

Work upwards illlo the same hok'S as upper mw,

93. Honeycomb Filling Stitch

Work from lOp ,0 benom, making ~1''''''t1IlLo:: hori"-':!li;~1 ru-,o,l ~'~rti~1 s~itcl,e~o"..,rfOu~lhll:M5to thtrillhl and 10 thelefl Each vertical STiich11l\J~1 be a back stitch, so that the needle wilt be in the correct poshlonfbr rbe borizonral Slitch When used for pulk·\I .... crk I~ stitch prOdU~C5 diamond ~l\apeS.

Pbin, evenwesve I11lIt{lrials arebesr r this tcch(liquc; tbeyun I1Inge ftonlfine lint"ll~QrCOIt(lil$tO COMser fi.mi:;ilillgfabrics..liIlM$1lrit!,jnd 50D

The weaveshocld be sli,!lhtlyoPe!l to allow (urease ofworkilJg and 10' prQduec the best effect 'rhe more open me weave, rbe lacier the end result: wtn be Use a upemy needle to 8void sll1il[injl, the threads


94. R.inged Back Stitch

. Thisstil(:ilis \\'orkcdfromrlijhllole!l. Wlte!ltheliJ'!ilrowofhalf6rcl~:!l I~ formed, turn the fabric roond to complete the rings. .

dCfle~::!: ~~:~!~~I:;(::ri~ OYnIWO er three thread~ way be usa!.

Drawn Thread Work

95. Double Or Italian Hemstitch.

Drawn thread Work :~ This iovofves carefirlly culling and removing threads from an evenweave ground fabric and then working embroidery over the remaining threads.

It is most often used forbcrders, a numberofhorizontallhreads being removed and the remaining loose vertical threads grouped together in dliferent patterns

For DUl,Ib!eor It~li811 Hemstitch withdraw four hortzontalthreads 011 ground Jnbrie, leave four threads and l,_.vil.lIdraw a further four threads.

nell work from rigla to left over the remaining central threads witb a series of back snches grcupejg threads along the top and bottom anernntely.

%. lIemstitch

T~is ca~ be \\ior~~d SITI1I)ly to group threads together, or as a flnish tc 0. hem,!11 which caseurs wmlu:d from rhe wrong side, fromlef to right as shown In (a 1) and (11'2)

~I may aha be worked fi elm right. to left, on the.right side as shown ill the diagram (b)

And wong beth edges, in which case il is called Ladder Hemstitch as shown in (c)



97. Interlaced Hemstitch

Withdraw enough threads to make a deep border and work ladder hemstitches first, creating an even number oftbread groups.

Then fasten a long thread at the right hand side and, using a tapestry needle pass to the left and under the second group of threads, then back to the right and under the first group, so crossing the groups.

Continue in this way until all the groups are crossed in pairs.

98. N eedleweave Wheel

When threads. are drawn out around all four sides of the gIOlIDd fabric to make a border, a hole will result at each comer. This can either 'he left empty or filled as in the diagram.

Extra diagonal stitches are required to cross the horizontal and vertical interlacing threads at the comers, in order to provide eight spokes around which to weave the wheel.

99. Simple Needleweaving

It is not necessary to work hemstitch first if weaving is used to group the threads.

Work from top to bottom and vice-versa alternately, weaving under and over two threads at a time in a figure-of-eight to form solid groups of four threads each as shown in [a].

You can also increase the number of threads in each block, binding in different patterns, as shown in [b], or use different-coloured threads.



Back Stitch ...

Blanket or Buttonhole Stitch ... Rullion Knots ...

flokhara Couching ...

Byzantine Stitch ...

Ilrick Stitch ...

llroad Rope Stitch ... ( 'hcvron Stitch ...

I 'lose HerriJgbone Stitch ... ~ 'retun Stitch ...

I 'ietan Stitch (Open) ... I 'lnsed Feather Stitch

I' lunncd Feather Stitch ... I 'Iurlu Stitch ...


" (Whipped) ...

" (Open) .

" (Cable) .

" (Interlaced Cable) ... " (Zig-Zag Cable) ...

" (twisted) ...

" (Rosette) ...

, II illi II ind (Raised) ...

II. III Srit '11 (chequered) ... Ii 1111 ,lrileil (Heavy) ... 1'lltlldSLitch ...

Itl I illllig titch ...

III loll II Wurk , .. iii I II I' r I.llog ... 1'1'1111, •

2 35 49 60 66 66 38

Double or Italian Hemstitch ... (Drawn threaded Work) Eyelet Stitch ...

Ermine Filling .

French Knots .

Fishbone Stitch ...

" (Variation) ... " (Open)


20 - I 4H 16 16 J ~ 15 33 33 34 34

23 "


Flat Stitch ... Fly Stitch ...

31 30 . Feather Stitch ...

Feather Stitch (Closed) .

Feather Stitch (Chained) .

Figure Stitch



41 42

or Roumanian Couching ... Fern Stitch ...

Gobelin Stitch ...

Heavy Chain Stitch .

Herringbone Stitch .

" " (Closed) .

" (Interlaced) ... " (Threaded) ... " (Tied) ...

Honeycomb Fining Stitch ... (Filling Work) ... Honeycomb Filling Stitch (Pulled Fabric Work) ... Hemstitch ...

Interlaced Cable Chain Stitch .

Interlaced Herringbone Stitch .

Italian or Double Hemstitch ... Interlaced Hemstitch ... Jacobeon Couching or

60 19 64 46 24 26 25 28 28 53 53

42 43 43 44 44 45 45 46 46 67 50 52 53 59 61 69 71 63 63

76 79 43 25 78 80




or M~lt~s~ Cmss

Lu.y Dn~~y'Sthe~

LG~.s: & S~or. 5Iil("h ... Lo~,gAIDLCdCl'!l~Stil[h, .• LC3rs.itc~ ...



or "111[11111 Smell .•. MiulI.Wr>.k." N~~~I~\\'~3\'( W1Ic~I ••• N~PNI~lo SliICb ... N3,,(I,,·lWp~ Stile!>".

Split 5Iill:h ...

2? Slrillgb.S.ltch ..

jjo SI~~lln]: S~.ill sruct •.. (.~ Sarin Stil~~

10 (TlcdwilhBmd:Slilcb)

..II S,.GcollleCrouSlitcbed .. _ ..

Sl~r :5lilcll.

l'.l 5.uF1l11flgSI,leh ... J1 Sbe~rfil1lng SHICL. s l .scedi"~.,,

61 5pid[~WebFIIII,,~",


• (ead:Stitt"~oo) ....

OpenCh~inSll!cb... U -IR.o,sedJ,

Opo:I.flsbtooncSmclL.. 19 SelfColKllinl

Open Cretan SI"Gh )0 IU SOkh!u"I COII[lIi(lI: ...

PeKinese Sti.ch... S S~ua.~ Eyel"l .•

Pllrlu~ue~c KII~He~ 5mlJ 5.itcll.", ~ Sin~l~ f~l!Iol SIi1~I1. .••

Pndded Smln Stil-c-h... u S''''~lc NI:'I:"I~ l\'eu~inG ...

Runfiing S.itch... s.cpCI;!h Squares. ...

- C\'~I"l~,\on).. Tl"istro C!lain Silteh ...

R05eLIe Cllain S.i,d,. I!> Threaded Hcrtlnloonc SUlth.. ..

Raised ClllIin Band.. d Tit4 HcrnngbOnc S'i(ch

IIJcc S1l1~I'... 6~ Thl~adcd B~~k Slilch

ROII= SIII~J, IN:lrro,,'l.. l6 T~1I1 Sllcch,.

• IB~iL[d). ~:f'o TI"c:c·Sid~~ S"lil~~.

R~um~l1iun SlitCh.. II I!and,'!;., StJtctl ...

RilIs<:dSpldcr·;s;Wtb... 57 Whipp~d SlelllSth~h

RQ"mo'~" COlIChinr Wilippd ells!n Slile~ ..

orF,g.""S',leh (00 Whl:lllc;uSlItch ...

Rill.s~d Ihe" S.,I!ch 7'1 wave SHIeh.

SicmSthd, W~!"(!Slil=11

• (WIII~l~~(1]


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