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ORACLE 11g Upgrade

ORACLE 11g Upgrade

Documentation based on Solaris10

Oracle 11G Upgrade Documentation

By Jaleel Ahmed

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ORACLE 11g Upgrade


1. Need to apply patch set if you are on

2. Implement sap notes 1416108, 1414733, 1433301 and 1417124 if running with
patch levels mentioned below



Required Patch Downloads

01. Download as from sap note 1524205.

02. Download (Pre and post upgrade scripts) from sap Note
03. Download SAP Bundle Patch or as per sap note 1503759 you must use OPatch version, MOPatch version 2.1.7 to install this SBP
04. Download the latest OPatch, MOPatch, follow sap note 1027012

Notes to be refered before Upgrade

Note 1431800 - Oracle 11.2.0 Central Technical Note
Note 1398634 - Oracle database 11g Integration in SAP environment
Note 1454627 - Additional Info Corrections to Oracle 11g Upgrade Guide
Note 1524205 - Oracle 11.2.0 Database Software Installation
Note 1431796 - Oracle 11.2.0 Troubleshooting the Software Installation
Note 1431797 - Oracle 11.2.0 Troubleshooting the Database Upgrade
Note 1431798 - Oracle 11.2.0 Database Parameter Settings
Note 1503709 - Oracle 11.2.0 Patches Patch collections for
Note 850306 - Oracle Critical Patch Update Program
Note 1557318 - CPU patches January 2011 (Oracle Critical Update program)
Note 1027012 - MOPatch - Install Multiple Oracle Patches in One Run
Note 1477787 - Optimizer merge fix for Oracle
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ORACLE 11g Upgrade

Note 1430669 - BRTools support for Oracle 11g
Note 1449619 - BRTools cannot be started on Oracle 11g
Note 1428529 - Corrections in BRTools Version 7.20
Note 1431793 - Oracle 11.2.0 Upgrade Scripts
Note 819829 - Oracle Instant Client Installation and Configuration on UNIX
Note 1431794 - Oracle 11.2.0 Instant Client
Note 1020260 - Delivery of Oracle statistics (Oracle 10g, 11g)
850306 – Oracle Critical Patch Update Program
Note 134592 – Update SAPDBA Role
Note 834917 – SAPCONN Role
Note 306408 – OPatch Patch installation
Note 905279 - DBUA/Upgrade to 10g: upgrade.xml is not a valid XML file.
Note 1417124 - Error ORA-20001 in statistics class CL_SDB_ORA_UPDATE_STATS
Note 1416108 - Error in consistency check of tables (transaction SE14)
Note 1414733 - Missing double quotation marks in range partitioning
Note 1433301 - Error w dictionary-managed tablespaces and compressing LOBs
Note 1550133 - Oracle Automatic Storage Management (ASM)

Required CD’s / DVDs Patch Downloads

Oracle 11g R2 ( is available as direct installation
Go to‐‐3PMAIN
Solaris sparc:
EXE 51040092_1 ORACLE RDBMS SOL. SPARC 64 1 of 6 Info 976563 13.01.2011

RAR 51040092_2 ORACLE RDBMS SOL. SPARC 64 2 of 6 Info 976563 13.01.2011

RAR 51040092_3 ORACLE RDBMS SOL. SPARC 64 3 of 6 Info 976563 13.01.2011

RAR 51040092_4 ORACLE RDBMS SOL. SPARC 64 4 of 6 Info 976563 13.01.2011

RAR 51040092_5 ORACLE RDBMS SOL. SPARC 64 5 of 6 Info 976563 13.01.2011

RAR 51040092_6 ORACLE RDBMS SOL. SPARC 64 6 of 6 Info 456225 13.01.2011

Solaris x64:
EXE 51040093_1 ORACLE RDBMS SOLARIS x64 1 of 5 Info 976563 13.01.2011

RAR 51040093_2 ORACLE RDBMS SOLARIS x64 2 of 5 Info 976563 13.01.2011

RAR 51040093_3 ORACLE RDBMS SOLARIS x64 3 of 5 Info 976563 13.01.2011

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ORACLE 11g Upgrade

RAR 51040093_4 ORACLE RDBMS SOLARIS x64 4 of 5 Info 976563 13.01.2011

RAR 51040093_5 ORACLE RDBMS SOLARIS x64 5 of 5 Info 309236 13.01.2011

Oracle client for 11g database

Look in to SAP Note 1431794 - Oracle 11.2.0: Instant Client, before working with
oracle client

Oracle instant clients version(s) V3, V4, V5 and above are
currently supported for SAP environments with Oracle Database Release and

Oracle 11.2 Instant Client is not certified for use in an SAP environment. Currently the
Oracle 11.2 Client certification is planned for end of February 2011.
51039412 ORACLE Client V5

BRTools for 11g database

BR*Tools 7.20 patch 12
DBATL720O10_12-20005274.SAR DBATOOLS Package for Oracle 10g and 11g

BRTools 7.20 is specially designed for full support to oracle 11g

Look into sap notes: 1428529, 1430669

Preparation Steps (Database Should be Up and Running)

1. Login as oraSID user
2. Check permissions for /oracle filesystem. This users should have Read,Write and Delete
permissions to this folder and all sub-folders
a. Test steps
b. Touch /oracle/write_file
c. rm /oracle/write_file
3. Create /oracle/stage/112_64 directory and provide 777 permissions to this directory.
4. Extract the Oracle software
a. cd /oracle/stage/112_64
b. Move oracle media to this location and extract *.SAR files
SAPCAR –xvf OR111264.SAR
c. This creates folder called database and copies all the content.
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ORACLE 11g Upgrade

5. Check the oraInventory directory

a. Back oracle inventory, if files exists
There will not be a file at this point in time

6. Create new oracle home directory in /oracle/SID

a. mkdir /oracle/SID/112_64
Provide permissions 755
Ownership orasid:dba

7. Prerequisites
Checking prerequisites for the OUI:
a. cd /oracle/stage/112_64/database
./runInstaller –executeSysPrereqs

Checking operating system requirements (release, patches, kernel parameters):

a. cd /oracle/stage/112_64/database
./runInstaller –executePrereqs

8. setting env variables

1. Make sure ORA_NLS10 is not set
2. Set env ORACLE_HOME = /oracle/SID/112_64
3. Set env ORACLE_HOME_SRC = /oracle/SID/102_64
6. Set

9. Oracle 11g binaries installation:

cd /oracle/stage/112_64/database/SAP

At the end of installation it will pop a window asking to script

located in /oracle/SID/112_64/

Log on with root user

Go to directory /oracle/SID/112_64
Run ./

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ORACLE 11g Upgrade

Now come back to pop window and click on ok.
Oracle 11g binaries installation completed.

10. Copying Pre and post upgrade scripts to /oracle/<DBSID>/112_64

skzddb35:oracab 5%cd /oracle/<DBSID>/112_64
skzddb35:oracab 6%ls
skzddb35:oracab 7%mv sap sap_orig

Copy scripts to /oracle/<DBSID>/112_64

skzddb35:oracab 9% Unzip

skzddb35:oracab 10% ls
skzddb35:oracab 11% cd p9584028_112020_Generic/9584028
skzddb35:oracab 12% ls
etc files README.txt
skzddb35:oracab 12% cd files
skzddb35:oracab 13%ls
skzddb35:oracab 13%cp –rpf sap /oracle/CAB/112_64/
Here new scripts are replaced with old scripts

11. Oracle 11g patch set:

Currently is the latest and is available as direct installation, as of now no patch set is
required. Look in market place for new oracle patch set, if available.

12. Installing the Required SAP Bundle Patch:

Currently SAP Bundle Patch is available or, implement same using latest MOPatch

13. Create links with shared library, to make BRTools 7.20 work with 11g
cd oracle/SID/112_64/lib
Ln –s

14. Copy SQL*Net Files

Copy listener.ora, sqlnet.ora, and tnsnames.ora from /oracle/SID/102_64/network/admin
Directory to /oracle/SID/112_64/network/admin

Add the following entry to the file listener.ora:

ADR_BASE_LISTENER = /oracle/DBSID/saptrace
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ORACLE 11g Upgrade

15. Update oracle client

Create 10x_64 directory, permissions 755, ownership oracle:dba
Uncar OCL10264.SAR and move the contents to oracle/client/10x_64 directory

51039412 ORACLE Client V5

15. Updating env profiles

Log on sidadm user
Make changes to .sapenv_hostname.csh
setenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH /usr/sap/SID/SYS/exe/run:/oracle/client/10x_64/instantclient

Make changes to .dbenv_hostname.csh

setenv ORACLE_HOME /oracle/CAB/112_64
setenv ORA_NLS10 /oracle/CAB/112_64/nls/data

16. Before starting oracle 10g upgrade (Database upgrade)

Verify and confirm below environment variables points to 11g directories.
Note: env will be different for both <SIDADM> and <ORASID> users.
b. Path
c. ORA_NLS10

e. Copy listener.ora, tnsnames.ora, sqlnet.ora from /oracle/CAB/102_64/network/admin to

And make changes in those files accordingly to 10g directories.

f. Verify /var/opt/oracle/oratab file.

There should be a entry as SID:/oracle/SID/102_64:N, it should be with 102_64 directory.
Never make changes to oratab file starting actual database upgrade..

17. Running the Pre-Database Upgrade Scripts

cd /oracle/<DBSID>/112_64/sap/ora_upgrade/pre_upgrade

SQL> conn /as sysdba

SQL> spool /oracle/stage/log/pre_upgrade_status.log
SQL> @/oracle/<DBSID>/112_64/sap/ora_upgrade/pre_upgrade/ pre_upgrade_status.sql
SQL> spool off

SQL> conn /as sysdba

SQL> spool /oracle/stage/log/pre_upgrade_tasks.log
SQL> @/oracle/<DBSID>/112_64/sap/ora_upgrade/pre_upgrade/ pre_upgrade_tasks.sql
SQL> spool off

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ORACLE 11g Upgrade

SQL> conn /as sysdba
SQL> spool /oracle/stage/log/pre_upgrade.log
SQL> @/oracle/<DBSID>/112_64/sap/ora_upgrade/pre_upgrade/utlu112i.sql
SQL> spool off

SQL> conn /as sysdba

SQL> spool /oracle/stage/log/pre_upgrade_checks.log
SQL> @/oracle/<DBSID>/112_64/sap/ora_upgrade/pre_upgrade/ pre_upgrade_checks.sql
SQL> spool off

18. Run Database upgrade assistant

Check all env variables before start, check oratab
Log on with orasid user

skzddb35:oracab 12% ./ –q

./ –q In query mode certain parameter files (init<DBSID>.sap,

etc.) are copied from the source Oracle Home to the
target Oracle

Database structure is updated.

SQL> select version from v$instance;


SQL> select comp_id, version, status from dba_registry;

------------------------------ ------------------------------ -----------

19. Checking the Upgraded Database

SQL> conn /as sysdba

SQL> spool /oracle/stage/log/POST_UPGRADE_STATUS.log
SQL> spool off

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ORACLE 11g Upgrade

SQL> conn /as sysdba

SQL> spool /oracle/stage/log/POST_UPGRADE_CHECKS.log
SQL> spool off

20. Post upgrade steps

1. SQL> alter system set compatible=’11.2.0’ scope = spfile;
System altered.

Restart database..

3. Upgrade BRTools with version 7.20 (BR*Tools 7.20 patch 12)

Extract DBATL720O10_12-20005274.SAR
and place in /sapmnt/SID/exe directory
Run ./ SID

Check brtools owner and permissions in directory /sapmnt/SID/exe

BRTools upgraded.

skzddb35:oracab 31% brtools

BR0651I BRTOOLS 7.20 (12)
BR0280I BRTOOLS time stamp: 2011-02-11 09.03.04
BR0656I Choice menu 1 - please make a selection
BR*Tools main menu
1 = Instance management
2 - Space management
3 - Segment management
4 - Backup and database copy
5 - Restore and recovery
6 - Check and verification
7 - Database statistics
8 - Additional functions
9 - Exit program

Note: sapdba_role.sql, sapconn_role.sql are only required to run if your source

database was

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ORACLE 11g Upgrade

4. Gather Oracle optimizer statistics by executing the following commands as the
ora<dbsid> user:
brconnect -u / -c -f stats -t system_stats
brconnect -u / -c -f stats -t oradict_stats

5. Update the Oracle database statistics with BRCONNECT as follows:

brconnect -c -u / -f stats -t all –f collect -p 4

6. Now try logging with user = schema owner (SAPR3) with default password SAP.

If log on was not successful then change password using brtools or brconnect
Brconnect –u system/<syst_pwd> -f chpass –o sap<sid> -p <new_sap_pwd>
Check and verify logon is successful

SQL> conn
Enter user-name: sapr3
Enter password:
7. Check if all links are loading.
skzddb35:oracab 54% cd /sapmnt/CAB/exe
skzddb35:oracab 55% ldd
8. Check sap connectivity
skzddb35:cabadm 54% R3trans –d
This is R3trans version 6.14 (release 700 - 12.01.10 - 10:02:00).
R3trans finished (0000).
9. Update oracle client on app servers
10. Look for short dumps..

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