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In Search of a Song Volume 195

In Search of a Song Volume 195

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Poetry NYC
Poetry NYC

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Published by: Ten Penny Players, Inc on Feb 21, 2011
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I Nakisha




, A Waterways Project Publication


Richard Spiegel Barbara Fisher codirectors Thomas Perry adrninstrative assistant


I Parter-son:

~ c

Ofelia Rodriguez Goldstein Teacher

P9II, Center for Continuing Education Pregnant and Parenting Student Services

Marie Torchia Principal

Stephen E. Phillips Superintendent

©I996 Ten Penny Players with funding support from

the NY State Council on the Arts



If Ever

I Need You Secret Love That Day

Is This the End? It's Over

Meant to Be

My Pain Deep Inside My Child


If Ever

I f ever I thought we'd be apart

If ever I thought we'd end without a start

If ever I thought you'd love me and leave me I f ever I thought you'd wander so freely

If ever I thought you'd leave my life naked If ever I thought I'd become pregnant

If ever I thought you'd leave me to cry

If ever I thought we wouldn't be eye to eye If ever I thought I'd awake with you

not there If ever I thought this day would come I would have turned around

and walked the other way


I Need You

I need you here to wipe away my tears T a keep me company

through my lonely years To make me laugh when I'm feeling sad

To tell me not to cry over things that are bad I want you by my side on the worst of days

I love you more than life itself

And I won't pass you up for anyone else I'll stick by you if you stick by me

For that's the way our love should be


Secret Love

I love you more than words can express

The way you send tingles through my breast I t makes me hot

I t makes me scream

Because you're reality and also my dreams In my dreams I picture us walking through the park holding hands

Smiling, kissing, caressing

Happiness embracing our love

I'm your girl and you're my man

Nothing or anyone can take us apart Physically maybe, but mentally

you shall always be mine at heart

r \

That Day

I remember that day I fell in love

I flash in my head the beautiful doves The love birds that are always together They remind me of us, hoping for forever Sometimes I go out in the pouring rain And scream and cry because of the pain The pain digs deep down inside

I t's just one of those things

that no one can hide The love wanting to be free

Free of pain, for love really hurts Crying all day sometimes in bursts Loving a person, and only that one, Is the most beautiful thing

A person could have done


Is This the End?

Is this the end and must we say goodbye? Or just be friends and not give it another try Is this the end or just a phase,

Should we work it out

or go our separate ways?

Do we really want to part And let our love go?

Can't we stay close together, Please let me know

Are we confused?

Are we sure this is what we want? We know we want each other,

so we might as well not front If this is the end, let's go in peace,

not argue and fight

This relationship, deceased.


It's Over

Don't waste my time Just say goodbye!

I won't even think to have one last cry You took all my love

and exchanged it for sorrow Now my heart is empty & hollow So you go about your way

And I'll go about mine

I'm sure to get over you

I t'll just take sometime

I'll find someone new to love and to hold He'll make me warm when I get cold

So don't worry, I'll be fine

I'm a strong black woman

who shall excel and shine.


Meant to Be

We were separated for sometime You went your way and I went mine Now's our chance to see

Whether this is meant to be

I lie in bed wondering why?

Why didn't I stay to give us another try? I ran away not knowing

My feelings for you would only keep growing We've spoken to each other once or twice Remembering that relationship

that was so nice

But now's our opportunity and chance to see Whether this was meant to be


My Pain Deep Inside

I have so much pain that does not show But when I'm alone it starts to grow The kind of pain that tears you up

And no one knows until you bust

Can't handle it, no one to talk to

At times I took my pain too far

Not seeing a tomorrow

I thank you for this day

Even though it's filled with sorrow


My Child

I don't know whether you're a gjrl or a boy yet But I know that I love you very inuch

The love I have for you is stronger than the love I have for anyone else

You are part of your father and I A special bond of us together

There are so many things I have to offer you So many things I have in store

God has blessed me with your presence And as your mommy I promise to love you Honor you, and spoil you from now untiL.

I shall always be there to make things bearable



You are getting on my

last nerve please get lost soon life will be much calmer without

your love.


In Search of a Song Volume 195


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a waterways project publication

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