Darwin¶s Dangerous Idea Part 1 Video (60 mins) 1. What was young Darwin¶s prospective profession?

2. Why was the idea of natural selection considered revolutionary science?

3. What was Darwin¶s explanation of mountain building?

4. What was the key to understanding geological chance?

5. If species don¶t adapt to changing environments, what may happen to them?

6. In the tree of life model, the trunk represents the ancient ______ _____

7. According to Darwin, all species on earth are _________.

8. How are Darwin¶s finches different from each other? Why?

9. For evolution, both geological and biological, _____ and ______ are important.

10. In understanding hummingbird biology, why are bill lengths important?

11. What do modern biologists have access to that Darwin didn¶t?

12. What was Malthus¶ contribution?

13. Why is man (humans) no exception to nature?

14. How does HIV provide a real life model of evolution?

Darwin¶s Dangerous Ideas Part 2 Video (50 mins) 1. The process of natural selection feeds on _________. 2. How is it possible to ³trick´ the resistant HIV?

3. Similarity in a group of organism¶s structures suggests an ancient _________ _________. 4. To many, the eye is a sign of an _____________ _________________. 5. Is the human eye perfect? Why or why not.

6. What is the origin of the vertebrate eye¶s blind spot?

7. Describe a priIdea Parts 1 and 2mitive cup eye.

8. What can a cup eye detect?

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