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Reported speech declarative sentences1

Reported Speech. Declarative sentences.

1. Mr Brown said:" I was watching TV last night."

Mr Brown said (that) .

2. Sandy explained:" I saw the accident at the corner of High Street."

Sandy explained (that) .

3. Bob said:" We had a wonderful time at Peter’s party."

Bob said (that) they .

4. The farmer said:" I didn’t see her."

The farmer said (that) .

5. Will and Tim said:" We were very happy about the present."
Will and Tim said (that) .

6. Mr Jones said: As a young boy I collected stickers."

Mr Jones said (that) .

7. Peter reported:" We played a lot of tennis last year."

Peter reported (that) .

8. Mother said:" I have a headache."

Mother said (that) .

9. The Clarks told us:" We drove right down to Athens last summer."
The Clarks told us (that) .

10. Helen said:" I’m watching the late night show."

Helen said (that) .

11. Peter said:" They were interested in other countries."

Peter said (that) .

12. Mr Cooper said:" I take my medicine regularly."

Mr Cooper said (that) .

13. Mrs Miller said:" I don’t feel better now."

Mrs Miller said (that) .

14. Sarah said:" My father takes me to school every day."

Sarah said (that) .

15. He said to the reporters:" I’m a farmer in Cornwell."

He said to the reporters (that) .

1. Mrs Jones told us:" My sister works in Manchester."

Mrs Jones told us (that) .

2. Paul said:" I feel terrible."

Paul said (that) .

3. Sally said to the policeman:" We don’t know the way to the police station."
Sally said to the policeman (that) .

4. Mrs Green said:" I hear strange noises in my garden every night."

Mrs Green said (that) .

5. Tom told me:" I meet my friend on the way to school."

By kind permission of Ricardo Aguilar 2
Reported speech declarative sentences1

Tom told me (that) .

6. Mrs White said:" My children like fish and chips."

Mrs White said (that) .

7. Helen said:" The tickets for the show are very expensive."
Helen said (that) .

8. The lady told me:" Mr O’Connor sells the best meat around here."
The lady told me (that) .

9. The children said:" We can watch TV every Saturday night."

The children said (that) .

10. Helen told me:" I must help my mother in the kitchen every evening."
Helen told me (that) .

11. He toldme:" I am looking for my key."

He told me (that) .

12. Mark said;" She likes something to drink."

Mark said (that) .

13. They told us:" Our car makes such a noise."

They told us (that) .

14. My sisiter told me:" I am visiting her next Monday."

My sister told me (that) .

15. Carol told me:" He doesn't invite her to the party."

Carol said (that) .

1 "I like ice cream."

Mary said (that) .

2 "We are on time."

The Browns said (that) .

3 "He is sitting on the table."

Sue said (that) .

4 "Bill always goes to bed early."

Mother said (that) .

5 "I often drive to London ."

Mrs Smith said (that) .

6 "I´m going to answer the phone."

Bill said (that) .

7 "I' m not doing my homework now."

The girl said (that) .

8 "I always sell all my flowers."

The gardener said (that) .
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Reported speech declarative sentences1

9 "You can help me with the dishes."

Mother said (that) .

10 "I meet him every Friday."

He said (that) .

11 "I leave tonight."

Jim told me (that) .

12 "I'm watching TV."

He said (that) .

13 "She likes roast beef."

She told them (that) .

14 "We buy a newspaper every day."

The patient said (that) .

15 "We are flying to New York."

They told me (that)

1. He said:"I'm looking forward to my holidays."

He said (that) .

2. She said:"We had a day away at the beach."

She said (that) .

3. He said:"My mum took us to an aligator farm."

He said (that) .

4. She said:"There is a big pool with lots of alligators."

She said (that) .

5. She said:"I don't like alligator meat."

She said (that) .

6. He said:"We have never seen such a beautiful view."

He said (that) .

7. She said:"My dad works in town."

She said (that) .

8. They told us:"We spend our holidays on a farm every year."

They told us (that) .

9. She said:"We went for a picnic."

She said (that) .

10.He said:"My brother came home late."

He said (that) .

11.Bill said:"I'm looking for my key."

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Reported speech declarative sentences1

Bill said (that) .

12.She said:"They bought a farmhouse in the country."

She said (that) .

13.He said:"I have been to the top of the Empire State Building."
He said (that) .

14.Betty said:"I forgot to give him my address."

Betty said (that) .

15.Bobby said:"I like science fiction books."

Bobby said (that) .

1. They said: "It will be hot tomorrow."

They said (that) .

2. Mother said: "I am busy."

Mother said (that) .

3. She told the police: "I have heard strange noises during the night."
She told the police (that) .

4. Peter said: "I go to school by train."

Peter said (that) .

5. Sandy said: "My father likes sweets."

Sandy said (that) .

6. She told me: "I have been phoning with my friend for two hours."
She told me (that) .

7. Peter said: "I have known the telephone number of my friend Jim but I can’t remember it now."
Peter said (that) .

8. Jim told me: "I will spend my holidays in Paris next year."
Jim told me (that) .

9. Bob told me: "I went to a birthday party last night."

Bob told me (that) .

10.Tom said: "I am learning for the history test."

Tom said (thet) .

11.They said: "We have just returned from London."

They said (that) .

12.Mary said: "I know the answer."

Mary said (that) .

13.He said: "I read this book last month."

He said (that) .

14.Mrs White told us: "I will stay at home next weekend."
Mrs White told us (that) .

15.Peter and Sally said: "We live in New York."

Peter and Sally said (that) .