The Maternity Benefits Act, 1961

OBJECTIVE The act was passed to regulate the employment of women in certain establishments for certain period before and after child-birth .

on any day of the preceding 12months.SCOPE AND COVERAGE OF ACT The act applies to the following: o To every establishment being a factory. mine or plantation including any such establishment belonging to central government. o To every shop and establishment in a state in which 10 or more persons employed. .

acrobatic and other performance.Appropriate Government [sec 3(a)]: It means . relation to an establishment being a mine or an establishment wherein persons are employed for exhibition of equestrian .Child [sec 3(b)]: It includes a still-born child. 3.DEFINITIONS 1.Delivery [sec 3 (c)]: It means the birth of a child. .

. the person being appointed by the local authority for supervision. 4.Employer[Sec 3(d)]: means y In relation to an establishment which is under the control of the government. a person appointed by the government for supervision and control of employees.Cont«««. y The person who has the ultimate control over the affairs of the establishment. y In relation to an establishment under any local authority .

A factory.Cont««««. A plantation. ii.Miscarriage [sec 3(f)] : It means expulsion of the contents of a pregnant uterus at any period prior to or during the 26th week of pregnancy. An establishment. iii.Establishments [Sec 3(e)]: i. v. 6. 5. . A shop. iv. A mine.

Women [Sec3(h)] : It means a women employed . .whether directly or through any agency . for wages in any establishment. 8.Cont«««.Wages [sec 3(g)] : It means all remuneration paid or payable in cash to a women . 7.

Sec 4(2) . or work by women prohibited during certain periods: Knowingly employing any women in any establishment during 6 weeks immediately following the day of her delivery or her miscarriage.Sec 4(1) A women is prohibited from working in any establishment during this 6weeks.PROHIBITION OF EMPLOYEMENT Employment of.

if a pregnant women makes a request . Any work which involves long hours of standing .Further .she shall not be given any work of the following nature during the specified period in Sec 4(4): Any work which is of arduous nature. .

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