The Last Journey of Ninoy

Reaction Paper A movie Documentary AdU Theater / July 28, 2010 / 9:00-11:00 AM By: Aldrin Brosas
One of the greatest and the most remarkable person of the Philippine history is the late and former senator Benigno S. Aquino Jr., who stood up for what he firmly believed is right and once lit up the fire of democracy in the hearts of many Filipinos. ³The Filipinos are worth dying for.´ Indeed! Goosebumps and touched hearts all over filled the Adamsonian community with some guests, as the anticipated screening of the special tribute movie documentary of the last journey of Ninoy Aquino, which reminded us of how someone can be courageous and patriotic, willing to die for the sake of his country. The movie documentary reopened our eyes as well as our hearts of the heroism of Sen. Aquino. With an interview with Ninoy¶s wife, the former President Corazon Aquino before she died, she related and narrated with us how Ninoy suffered and fought for the sake of this country. From the day that Pres. Ferdinand Marcos declared Martial Law, and on how he greatly opposed this until he was imprisoned for almost eight years. His sufferings, loneliness, sickness and so forth were portrayed in the movie. He spent the next three years at the United States with his family to live a completely normal life. Amidst rumors and reports that there¶s an assassination plot waiting for him back in the Philippines, he took the risk of going back to his beloved country in the year 1983 intending to campaign in the promised election. On the climax of the movie, World press followed him until Manila International Airport and August 21, 1983 marked his death, shot in the head. Aquino¶s death opened the eyes of millions of Filipinos living under the dictatorship of Marcos, to fight for democracy and to fight for what¶s just. Marcos didn¶t declare Martial Law to restore peace. The day it was declared marked the day democracy died. Protests and oppositions from different sectors courageously roused and came up with the historical EDSA People Power Revolution setting up a bloodless revolution to restore Philippine¶s democracy. Peace and democracy was completely restored as Ninoy¶s widow was brought to the political forefront as the first female President of the Republic of the Philippines. Followed their footsteps at present, is the newly elected President Benigno ³Noynoy´ Aquino III, of the 2010 National Elections. ³Even though a leader may be wise as a sage, he must humble himself and yield to others. Then the intelligent will offer him counsel, and the brave will exert the fullest for him.´ ADAMSON UNIVERSITY College of Sciences B.S. Information Technology



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