La Haine (Hate

A Jewish perspective

based on : The post-Holocaust Jew in the age of postcolonialism: La Haine revisited

bbb - blanc/ beur/ black

Quick facts
‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ A multi-ethnic, multi-racial, multi-religious trio The prime example of Banlieu (subsurb) genre Mathiu Kassovits is a French-Jew (The guy from Amelie!) Called an outsider by other Banlieu directors Winner of 1995 Cannes Best Director

The Jewish Perspective
‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Why should a Jew make a Banlieu movie? A main character who is a Jew A story about the Holocaust Is this an allegory?

Holocaust in a Public Toilet

A short Jew tells a story of Grunwalski who died during the Holocaust

An Allegory
‡ He is not scared! ‡ Everyone shown in mirrors except him (unreal vs real) ‡ Parallels o A story about a Jew o The man in the story misses the train and dies o Attempt to remain dignified while subject to racial persecution ‡ Has this any lesson for trio? ‡ Take another step back: Has Holocaust any lesson for Europe? ‡ The fail to understand the story as Europe fails to understand the Holocaust and learn lesson

Vinz - the big Jew

Asterix - the queer French

Jewish Male
‡ Vinz Ambivalent relation with power represents the Jewish struggle with issue of power o "Fetishization of pistol, the phalo-centric signifier of male power" o Inability to actually shoot o Imitation of Travis Bickel (Taxi Driver) hints his split identity

Moment of truth

Fiction, Reality
‡ The skinhead is played by the Director himself A fictional Jew who looks like a skin head


A fictional skin head who is a real Jew

‡ A reflexive duality, the Jew confronts his other in the mirror ‡ [Also creation meets its creator that made him suffer]

Between black and white
‡ Where does the classic minority of Europe (Jews, and Gypsies) stand? ‡ Movie suggest : with the new 'other' (black, beur) o In a scene Vinz denies that he knows Said and Hubert which saves him from being tortured and humiliated but not from his eventual death. ‡ Abdel death arrives with news about Bosnia o A private and a public grief o Muslims victims of ethnic hatred ‡ Holocaust is not the last chapter in Europe history of ethnic hatred

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