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RA 9292: The Electronics Engineering systems involving flow of electrons/other

Law of 2004 carriers of electric charge

H. No. 5224, S. No. 2683, Approved April 17, 2004
• Electronics and Communications Engineer
– person qualified to hold him/herself out as
duly registered and licensed ECE under RA
Res. No. 02, S. 2007
Sec. 39, Art. VIII of RA 9292 – An act providing for a • Electronics Engineer – person qualified to
more responsive and comprehensive regulation for hold him/herself out as duly registered and
the regulation, licensing and practice of professional licensed Electronics Engineer under RA 9292
electronics engineers and technicians, repealing RA and affix to his name the letters ECE
5734, otherwise known as “THE ELECTRONICS AND
• Electronics Technician - person qualified to
hold him/herself out as duly registered and
licensed Electronics Technician under RA 9292
and affix to his name the letters ECT
Rule I
Short title, Statement of Policy, Definition of • Industrial Plant – manufacturing
Terms, Scope of Practice establishments where electronic machines are
installed/used, sold/maintained
SECTION 1. “Rules and Regulations of the • Information & Communications
“Electronics Engineering Law of 2004” Technology – acquisition, production and
---referred to as IRR transformation, storage, transmission/
reception of data and info by electronic means
SECTION 2. The State recognizes the importance of
electronics engineering in nation-building and
• Professional Electronics Engineer - person
development qualified to hold him/herself out as duly
*This IRR shall be integrated, construed, and carried registered and licensed Electronics Engineer
out in the light of the statement of Policy in Sec. 2, under RA 9292 and affix to his name the
Art. I of RA 9292 letters PECE
• Telecommunications – transmission,
SECTION 3. Definition of Terms emission/reception of data/info of any
• Act – RA 9292 design/format and for any purpose, by
electronic or technological means
• Accredited Professional Organization –
Institute of Electronics Engineers of the Phils., SECTION 4. Categories of Practice
Inc. (IECEP)
a. Professional Electronics Engineer (PECE)
- Integrated and national
organization of PECE, RECE, &
b. Electronics Engineer (ECE)

Electronics Technicians (Sec c. Electronics Technician (ECT)

32 Art V of RA 9292)
SECTION 5. Nature and Scope of Practice
• Broadcast, Broadcasting – an undertaking to
a. The nature and scope of practice of ECE
transmit audio, video, text, images or signals
shall embrace and consist of any
for reception
work/activity relating to the application of
• Commercial establishment – office buildings, engineering sciences and underlying
hotels, and other areas for business purposes, principles
where electronic machines are installed/used
a. The scope and nature of practice of ECE in
• Communications – process of this Section shall be applicable to PECE, with
sending/receiving info/signals between sole difference that it shall only be the latter
two/more points by wired/wireless medium who can provide consulting services,
• Computer – variety of electronic devices and to sign and seal electronic plans,
capable of accepting data, executing programs drawings, permit applications,
and presenting results specifications, reports & other
technical documents prepared by himself
• Consulting Services – services requiring under his supervision
adequate technical expertise, experience and b. ECEs are not prevented from rendering
professional capability in the field of electronics design work and providing/assuming any
engineering supervisory role in electronics work and
• Electronics – science dealing with the related documents submitted to regulatory
development and application of devices and
authorities, reviewed accordingly sealed and 8. Adopt program for full computerization of
signed by PECE the licensure exam
c. Consulting services as defined in Sec 3 Art 9. Grant registration to ECTs without exam,
1 of RA 9292 is classified herein as subject to review and approval by
consulting services rendered by PECE Commission in Sec 20, Art 3 of RA 9292
d. Scope and nature of ECT shall embrace and 10. Study, examine & recommend essential
consist of any non-engineering requirements as to curricula & facilities of
work/activity relating to installation, schools, seeking permission to open ECE/T-
construction, etc. related courses and to see that these
requirements are complied with; provided
*All subjects for licensure examinations shall be that within 3 years after effectivity of
taught by persons who are holders of valid RA 9292, Board shall review &
certificates of registration & professional id cards, or define/redefine curricula for electronics
special permits issued by the Board & Commission engineering
provided that for implementation, the Board thru 11. Inspect educational institutions & based on
Commission shall, within 90 days from effectivity findings, recommend to CHED/TESDA the
of this IRR, furnish CHED with listing of subjects opening, improvement or closure of colleges
included in the exam together with copies of syllabus offering such courses
for subjects for exam 12. Adopt & administer Code of Ethics and
Code of Technical Standards of Practice
Rule II for PECE, ECE & ECT in Sec 30, Art 4of RA
Professiona Regulatory Board of Electronics 9292
13. In coordination with APO, academe shall
SECTION 6. Composition of the Board issue appropriate Resolutions to spell out
- Chairman practice for PECE, ECE & ECT in Sec 5, Art
1 of 9292
- 2 Members appointed by President of
the Philippines from 3 recommendees
14. Promulgate & ensure strict compliance with
per position chosen & ranked by the program for Continuing Professional
Commission, chosen from 5 nominees Education (CPE) & development of PECE,
for each position submitted by ECE, ECT in Sec 31, Art 5 of RA 9292
Accredited Professional Organization 15. Prescribe minimum manning and manpower
(APO) in accord with EO 496, S 1991 requirements for PECE, ECE & ECT in
industrial plants
SECTION 7. Powers & Functions of the Board 16. Formulate, prescribe & adopt such rules for
1. Administer/implement provisions of RA 9292 electronics installation in industrial plants
2. Administer oaths in connection with admin 17. Study conditions affecting PECE, ECE & ECT
of RA 9292 professions in the Philippines
3. Adopt official seal of the Board 18. Hear and decide violations of the Act, Code
4. Issue certificates of Registration and of Ethics, & Code of Technical Standards of
Professional ID cards of PECEs, ECEs or ECTs Practice and issue subpoena and
in accord with Sec 19, Art 3 of RA 9292; testificandum and/or subpoena duces
revoke/suspend the same in accord with tecum to secure attendance of witnesses
Sec 23, Art 3 of RA 9292 19. Delegate hearing/investigation of
administrative cases filed before it to
5. Maintain rosters of PECEs, ECEs and ECts in
authorized officers of the Commission
Sec 25, Art 3 of RA 9292 *In cases where practice of PECE, ECE & ECT
6. Issue, suspend/cancel special permits to professions is involved, hearing shall be presided by
foreign PECEs, ECEs or ECTs in Sec 23 & at least 1 member of the Board assisted by a
26, Art 3 of Ra 9292 Legal/Hearing Officer of Commission
7. Prescribe, amend or revise requirements for 20. Promulgate resolutions, orders and/or
licensing PECEs in Sec 18, Art 3 of RA decisions on such administrative cases
9292, & considering latest technological *Such resolutions shall be subject to appeal within
developments, & prepare and adopt syllabi 15 days from receipt thereof with the Commission.
for licensure exams in Sec 15, Art 3 of RA After 15 days that no appeal is taken, it shall become
9292, and prepare questions thereof final and enforceable immediately
*Board may adopt recommendations from CHED 21. Submit to Commission an action plan &
and Technical Education & Skills Development corresponding report at open & close of
(TESDA) each fiscal year
22. Discharge such other powers & functions as *Chairman and members of Board shall receive
it and Commission may deem necessary for compensation and allowances comparable to that of
practice of profession Chairman and members of existing regulatory Boards
*All resolutions issued & promulgated by the Board in under the Commission provided for in General
the exercise of powers & functions under RA 9292 Appropriations Act
shall be subject to review and approval by the
Commission SECTION 11. Removal of Board Members
*President of Philippines, upon recommendation of
Duties of Chairman and Members Commission, may suspend or remove any member of
*The Chairman shall preside at all meetings and the Board for neglect of duty and other violations
sign official documents involving matters & policies
of the Board SECTION 12. Custodian of Board Records,
*In absence of Chairman, the Members shall attend Secretariat & Support Services
meetings involving results of exams or questions *All records of the Board, including applications and
regarding policies of the Board cases involving PECE, ECE & ECT shall be kept by
Meetings *Commission shall designate Secretary of Board and
*Regular monthly meetings shall be held and special shall provide the secretariat and other support
meetings may be held at discretion of Chairman or services to implement provisions of RA 9292
upon request of majority of the Board
Rule III
Quorum Examination, Registration & Licensure
All members shall attend meetings except for
unavoidable circumstances in which 2 members of SECTION 13. Licensure Examination
the Board may be sufficient to constitute a quorum *All applicants seeking to be registered and licensed
as ECEs and ECTs shall undergo required exams
SECTION 8. Qualifications of Board Members given by the Board in such places/dates as the
a. Citizen & resident of the Philippines at least Commission may designate under RA 8981
5 consecutive years prior to appointment
b. Be of good moral character and integrity SECTION 14. Qualifications for Examination

c. Be a holder of valid Certificate of • Citizen of the Philippines or of foreign

Registration and valid Professional ID country qualified to take the exam in Sec
Card as PECE 33, Art 5 of RA 9292
d. Be a member of good standing of APO • Of good moral character and had not been
convicted of a criminal offense involving
e. Be in active practice of electronics
moral turpitude
engineering profession for at least 10
• For ECE exams: Holder of a degree of BS
continuous years
ECE or such equivalent
f. Must not have any pecuniary interest,
directly or indirectly, in any • For ECT exams:
school/institution a. Graduate of an Associate,
g. Must not have been convicted of an offense Technician, Trade or Vocational
involving moral turpitude course in electronics
b. Has completed at least minimum
3rd year equivalent of a BS
program in ECE
c. For undergrads of BS ECE,
SECTION 9. Term of Office transcript of records would be
*The members of the Board shall hold office for a deemed satisfactory
term of 3 years from date of appointment and may
be reappointed ONCE for another term. SECTION 15. Scope of Examination
*Any vacancy occurring within the term of a member *For Electronics Engineers:
shall be filed for the unexpired portion of the • Mathematics 20%
term only: Provided that, member appointed to • GEAS 20%
serve the unexpired term may be re-appointed • Electronics Engineering 30%
more than once for as long as his/her • Electronics Systems & Technologies 30%
continuous tenure shall not exceed 6 years Subjects covered:
• Mathematics
SECTION 10. Compensation & Allowances of the • Applied Sciences
• Engineering Economics
• Laws and Ethics d. 3 Certifications signed by 3 PECEs attesting
• Electronics that the experience record submitted by
• Communications applicant is factual
• Computers *Applicants may submit anytime to the Commission.
Board will then schedule an en banc oral interview
*syllabi and descriptions can be found in annex A of
*Under Sec 18, Art II of RA 9292 those registered
this IRR
and licensed as ECE under RA 5734 for at least 7
years upon effectivity of RA 9292 need only to
*For Electronics Technicians: exams for ECT shall
submit a, b & c
consist of written and practical tests covering
subjects prescribed by the Board and cover topics
* Under Sec 18, Art II of RA 9292 those registered
specific to practice of ECTs
and licensed as ECE under RA 5734 for less than 7
years upon effectivity of RA 9292 may apply for
Filing of Application:
“fast track” upgrading to PECE, but will submit a,
1. Application shall be filed together with b, c & d and undergo en banc oral interview
required documents and fees with the
Commission 30 working days prior to 1st SECTION 19. Issuance of Certificate of Registration
day of examination but not later than & Professional Identification Cards
10 days after 1st day of exams *CoR shall be issued to passers of ECE and ECT
2. By filing the application, it is conditional and licensure exams, ECEs registered as PECEs and
applicant agrees to requirements prescribed to ECTs Technicians registered without exam
3. Designated department of Commission shall
screen applications *CoR shall bear signature of Chairperson &
Members of the Board, stamped with official seal
SECTION 16. Ratings of Commission & Board – Sec 23 of RA 9292
*70% passing rate in each of the subjects
*If candidate obtains a passing rate in 3 subjects, *Professional ID card bears the registration
with one below 70% but not lower than 60%, shall be number & date of registration, duly signed by
allowed to take removal exam on that subject Chairperson

SECTION 17. Release of Result of Examination *Current/Valid membership ID card from APO shall be
*within 15 days after the examination presented by the professional to the Commission
during renewal
SECTION 18. Qualification & Schedule of
Registration for PECEs SECTION 20. Registration with and without
a. Valid certificate of Registration and Examination for ECT
Professional ID card as ECE *Board shall issue corresponding CoRs and
b. Valid/current membership ID card or Professional ID cards to successful applicants for
certificate of membership of good standing registration as ECTs – Rule VII, Sec III
from APO Proofs:
c. Certified experience record of active
a. A graduate of at least 2-year Associate,
practice indicating:
Technician or Trade or Vocational
• Inclusive dates
course in Electronics as certified by
• Companies worked for
TESDA, he/she has completed at least
• Description of specific minimum 3rd year equivalent of BS ECE
responsibilities or Electronics program
• Relevant accomplishments and
b. Rendered at least 7 years
(inclusive/aggregate) of active self-
• Position of immediate supervisors
practice and/or employment either in
for at least 7
Gov’t/private sector
years(inclusive/aggregate), at least
2 years of which are in responsible
*Above submittals shall be accompanied by
charge of significant engineering
individual certifications from at least 3
work, from the date applicant took
registered PECEs
his oath as ECE
*7 years inclusive/aggregate experience
SCETION 21. Non-issuance of CoR and/or
includes those which have been accumulated when
Professional ID card for certain Grounds
applicant was still holding ECE registration under RA
Grounds for non-issuance:
• Person convicted by a Court of 1. The foreigner is legally qualified to practice
competent jurisdiction of any crime his profession in his country in which
involving moral turpitude requirements for licensing & registration are
• Person of immoral/dishonorable not lower than those specified in the Act
conduct 2. Work to be performed by foreigner shall be
• Person of unsound mind limited only to particular work for which he
was specifically contracted
SECTION 22. Professional Oath 3. Foreigner shall secure a Special Permit from
*Successful examinees and those qualified for the Board
registration without examination shall take 4. He shall not engage in private practice on
professional oath before any member of the Board or his own account
person authorized by the Commission 5. For every foreigner contracted for work, at
least 2 corresponding registered
SECTION 23. Revocation & Suspension of CoR, Filipino professionals shall be employed
Professional ID cards & Cancellation of Special as counterpart
Permits 6. Special permit granted shall be valid only
*Under Sec 26 of RA 9292, the Board shall
for not more than 6 months and
revoke/suspend validity of CoR and Professional ID
renewable every 6 moths
card, or cancel special permit for violation of RA
9292, Code of Ethics & Code of Technical Standards
SECTION 27. Practice of the Profession
of Practice
SECTION 28. Prohibition & Limitations on the
*Rules on administrative investigation issued by the
Practice of Electronics Engineering and
Commission shall govern the hearing/investigation of
Electronics Technician Profession
the case, subject to applicable provisions of RA
9292, RA 8981, PRC Res 06-342(A), S 2006, and
SECTION 29. Seal of the Professional ECEs
Rules of Court
*All licensed PECE shall obtain/use a seal of a design
prescribed by the Board bearing:
SECTION 24. Reinstatement, Re-issuance or
• Registrant’s name
• Registration Number
*After 2 years of revocation, upon application of
party concerned for sufficient reasons, the board • Title
may reinstate the validity of revoked *Plans, drawings, permit application, specs,
CoR/Professional ID card reports & other technical docs shall be stamped
on every page by a PECE with the seal
SECTION 25. Roster of PECE, ECE & ECT
*The Board shall prepare and maintain a roster of PTR – Professional Tax Receipt
names, residence and/or office address of all
registered PECEs, ECEs & ECTs, updated annually Official Logo of the Board
 Circular in shape
SECTION 26. Exemptions from Examination and  Consists of 2 concentric circles: outside
Registration 48mm in diameter, inside 28mm in
*No exam and registration shall be required for diameter
foreign PECEs, ECEs or ECTs who are temporarily
employed in the Phils in the ff cases:
 Upper part of annular space bears BOARD
a. Where no qualified equivalent Filipino
professional is available for the specific item  Lower half with words PROFESSIONAL
of work to be rendered REGULATION COMMISSION
b. Where the conditions of the scope and  Inner circle space has symbol atom with
funding for the work stipulates temporary nucleus and electrons at mid portion
employment of foreign professional
 Outer and inner ring is filled with orange
c. As defined in the general Agreement on with boundaries in navy blue, text is
Trade in Services, ASEAN & APEC Engineer black with white background
Registry Programs and international treaties
 Inner ring is filled with navy blue
to which the Phils is a signatory.*
background, atom with white, nucleus
and electrons in red
*This shall include bilateral/multi-lateral mutual
recognition agreements in services that the Phils has
Seal of PECE as provided by Sec 29, Art IV of
agreed to or will enter into provided that:
RA 9292
 Dry circular seal consisting of 2 concentric satisfactory, he can file an application with the
circles; outer 48mm, inner 32mm
1. Original/certified copy of any official
 With an atom with nucleus & electrons on
document issued by Bureau of Immigration
upper portion
& Deportation allowing applicant to
 Horizontal space bearing word LICENSE enter/reside in the Phils
NO. & just below is license number 2. Present passport for exam and
 The position of the inner circle below the photocopying of pertinent info about
diametral space shall bear the name of the applicant
license holder 3. Original/authenticated copy of
TOR/equivalent doc of course for Licensure
 The upper portion of the annular space bear exam from his school
the words PROFESSIONAL ELECTRONICS 4. Other docs required by the Board
 Lower portion bears the word PHILIPPINES SECTION 35. Penal Provisions
*A fine of not less than Php100,000 nor more
APO – sole source of the PECE Dry Seal than Php1M or by imprisonment of not less
than 6 months nor more than 6 years or both
SECTION 30. Code of Ethics & Code of Technical shall be given to:
Standards Practice • Person who gives any false statement to the
*APO shall submit Code of Ethics & Code of Technical Board to obtain CoR/Professional ID card
Standards Practice within 6 months from • Person who presents/uses the CoR, Pro ID
effectivity of this IRR card, membership ID card in APO and seal
issued to another person as his own
*The Code of Technical Standards Practice shall be
• Person who presents/uses
updated whenever necessary to conform to latest
revoked/suspended CoR
technological standards
• Person who
assumes/uses/advertises/practices as PECE,
SECTION 31. Continuing Professional
ECE or ECT or appends his name any
letters/words tending to convey that he is a
*CPE/Development Program shall be developed by
registered PECE, ECE or ECT
the Board, Commission and APO, in consultation with
• Any PECE/any person in his behalf who
other agencies concerned, and promulgated in
stamps/seals any doc with his seal as such
accord with Sec 7(n), Art II of RA 9292
after revocation/suspension of his CoR, Pro
ID card, membership card in APO
SECTION 32. Integrated and Accredited
Professional Organization • Any PECE who signs his name, affixes his
seal in plans, or other docs prepared by
There shall be 1 integrated and Accredited PO of another PECE
PECE, ECE and ECT in the country which shall be • Person, except PECE/ECE-in-charge, who
registered with Securities and Exchange signs for electronics engineering work not
Commission as non-stock, non-profit corporation. actually performed by him
• Person holding CoR and Pro ID card as PECE,
*Those previously registered by the Board but not ECE or ECT involved in illegal wiretapping,
members of APO at time of effectivity of RA 9292 cloning, hacking, or any forms of malicious
shall be allowed to register as members within 3 electronic eavesdropping and use of
years after effectivity of this Act electronic devices in violation of privacy of
another/in disregard of privilege of private
SECTION 33. Foreign Reciprocity communications and safety to life and
*No foreigner shall be admitted for registration as property of others, or who maintains
PECE, ECE or ECT with/without exam under the Act unlicensed communications system/device
unless the country of which he is a citizen admits • Person who violates any provision of RA
Filipinos to practice as PECEs, ECEs or ECTs after 9292 or any rules, regulations, Code of
exam or registration Ethics, aqnd Code of Technical Standards of
*A foreigner who wants to take Board Licensure
Exam has to submit a letter/document signed and SECTION 36. Assistance of Law Enforcement &
under official seal by appropriate official of his Other Government Agencies
country requesting Chairman of Board and when *Any law enforcement agency shall render assistance
in enforcing RA 9292 by prosecuting violators
Rule VII Leonor Tripon-Rosero
Transitory Provisions Commissioners:
Nilo L. Rosas
SECTION 37. Transitory Provisions Ruth R. Padilla
*Upon effectivity on May 4, 2004 of RA 9292,
incumbent Board shall complete all NOTE: Refer to Radio Laws Manual for RA 5734 
pending/unfinished works within 6 months, after
which it shall cease to exist OTHER ECE LAWS

*The President of the Phils shall before then RA 7925 – Philippine Public Telecommunications
appoint Chairman and Members of the first Board Policy Act
- Act to promote and govern Philippine
SECTION 38. Vested Rights: ECE when this law telecommunications
is passed - Effective March 22, 1995
*ECE holding valid CoR and Pro ID card at time of
effectivity of the Act shall be automatically RA 3846 – Act that provides for regulation of radio
registered/recognized as ECEs and issued a new one station communications in the Phils & other purposes

Rule VIII RA 6849 – Municipal Telephone Act

Final Provisions - approved February 8, 1990

SECTION 39. Implementing Rules & Regulations RA 8981 – PRC Modernization Act
*The Board shall adopt and promulgate such rules
and regulations for PECEs, ECEs and ECTs to carry RA 3396 – Maritime Communications Law
out provisions of RA 9292 published in Official - effective December 5, 1927
Gazette or newspaper in the Phils and effective
after 15 days of its full & complete publication EO 546 – law prescribing NTC
- promulgated July 23, 1979
SECTION 40. Appropriations
*Chairperson of PRC shall include in Commission’s EO 59 – prescribing guidelines of compulsory
program the implementation of RA 9292, funding of interconnections of authorized public
which shall be in the Annual General Appropriation telecommunications carrier
EO 266 – institutionalization of CPE (Continuing
SECTION 41. Separability Clause Professional Education) is under PRC
*If any provision of this IRR is unconstitutionally - July 25, 1995
invalid, all the rest of provisions shall not be affected
by such declaration EO 467 – order providing for national policy in the
operation and use of international satellite
SECTION 42. Repealing Provisions communications in the country
*All rules and regulations in conflict with any
provision of this IRR are hereby repealed/amendend EO 109 – improve the provision of local exchange
accordingly carrier service
- effective July 15, 1993
SECTION 43. Effectivity
*This IRR shall take effect after 15 days following EO 255 – requires radio stations with music content
the complete and full publication in the Official to play at least 4 OPM song every hour
Gazette/newspaper in the Phils
EO 205 – cable TV regulation
*Done in the City of Manila, Phils. 31st day of
August, 2007 EO 196 – vesting jurisdiction of Philippine
Commercial Satellite Corporation to NTC
Sylvia Icasiano-Marcelo PD 223 – decree creating PRC
Members: - effective June 22, 1973
Nestor C. Dacanay
Joel B. Bajador DO #88 – rules and regulations requiring service of
Secretary of Professional Regulatory Board: ECEs in planning & designing radiocomm equipment
Carlos G. Almelor
BECE Resolution #3 – rules and regulations
governing practice of ECE in the Phils on MATV,
CATV, CCTV, Paging…