Having our whole lives at the push of a button can get addictive.

More and more people in the world are becoming dependent on their mobile phones as almost half of participants in a survey aged between 25-34 felt they could not live without it.(BBC)

Mobiles phones have played a key role in the advancement of globalisation, helping to create a smaller world. Geographical boundaries are now no obstacle to communication, with those previously separated by thousands of miles able to communicate in seconds. As highlighted by Sarah Plant noting, “… unable to meet her fiancé face-to-face, a young woman in Dubai described the ease with which the mobile allowed her to talk to him.” (Plant, 2000, p.56). This is an individual example but the global impact is just as evident with an average of more than 6.2 billion international calls per year from the US. (Federal Communications Commission, 2003).

“Once considered a luxury, *the mobile phone+ is Now the closet thing to our hearts” (Alexander, 2008)

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