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Published by Henrik Palmgren

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Published by: Henrik Palmgren on Feb 22, 2011
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This was originally posted on eDonkey network as Microsoft .doc file, with all t he images inside of it.

I've extracted the images from the .doc file, cropped th e whitespace margins around each page and saved as 1bit PNG files. This should a llow easier OCR work for anyone that's up to it. Also, it seems this scan is of the 1st draft of this book, because the original scan had some hand written marks/notes from a proof reader. Those were little th ings, like small typos (letter "b" instead of "h", etc...), and I've corrected t hese whereever those showed up. Nothing major. Note that the page numbering sequence is missing pages 39, 40, 41, even though a ll the text is actually there. Reason for this is draft was done on a oldschool typewriter, and the author just misnumbered the pages. Enjoy.

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