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‘See. M-ARIZONA DAILY SUN, Flaps, Azone, Stuy, Febru 20-958 Diversity key to Milestone heros Creators want comics fo. portray real minorities By THOMAS She. eAN ‘nd Bai ‘Diayne McDuffie, comic: He something he only had S'cinal ort in ul he came Scrat character called th Black Pane Hs us «black superhero who wating in ths srt of hgh ‘eetucogy, myologial Afican Kingloms And Tdi sally derstand wy athe time, bat here Was somthing relly compeling ‘ho it The diy ofthe chara Medes, ‘At the me, such @ chancter pate ennyers ne of com. ‘black manfalien who decides to set ‘ar example by teaming up with ‘Rocket. ideals teenage va uneual in comin bt if rom the poets: Blod Syeicte ‘ebulie hash way cores are "Teaser bic Lato’ and Asien ‘eon orate change fang members who reve power ‘Ar ecitor in chief of New York-based Milestone Mia the Steyearald MeDuffe wil ovesee 1 ine of superer comics Tear ‘ng mlcuural characters 10 be Dpublsed and clsibued by DC Comin starting is mon, ‘Milestone wat formed in 1991 athe baci of arust Denys Cowan, known for his work on Detcve Conic and The Quer tion and Derek Dingle, Cowan's {tilaood tend and formerly of Black Enterprise and Money mages. They got tgeber with Mebate, a forme editor std Writer a Marvel Comics and Michel Deir Lanrence who hat ‘noted on DC's Green Arron form he new company. All are ic Much of the reason MeDutic sd atceates fad for forming Milestone was they wanted. 10 ange past represeoiaions of Slasks and oer minty groepe hey fot were neal from a radioactive as and band togeter to survives and Ste it shout a shy, mae 1S-yearald in "hemold af Spider Man who gins ‘lectie power MeDaiie, who, writing of coowring il est ies ys the ‘main foo ofthe storie wil not be toc commentary, ot enter: taining stories, “Eéiorally, wee character driven” he sid "Thee ce pod ‘supe adventure books. ‘The fae hat tey're mala is pits ot the tll of what We're doing because Tot of people will pick these books op nce becuse haces ak. ‘tno e's pong to pick up 3 cond time ey dnt enjy ‘MoDulfie sid that because the sain characters ia the Milestone Universe world are mince, they sent symbolic or represeniative of ther groups the way they are in {2 mosly-wilie universe. Tha al lows them wo grow it intring indwidels intend of mooliie “Hordware's is very slfch and ‘sl eri, or he wl be, Jen [very lan Rock's impulive, Sue fe avg” MeDulfe sid. “i fan have one af my characte do Something ssfen’ and not be Sing sh at mean bes ae vel” To furor differentiate their come, Milestone has: developed Stsowncaorng ester tht allot tach boo to be dene in wae alors. This gives them not only & ‘eh look but pewer nage of ‘kin tones than anard comics provide. MeDue sai Milestone i already talking to ‘Avian wert and. ares bout ‘arases an ae long bing in Latino end female crestor. al ‘McDuff sd minors’ mis- repreenation in comics comes {rom misunderstanding “There ate ceria seroonypes that were faulian ite to tage fer, the comic foi the mint igen Bet, the siete Black sfaracters prety much end wo fall ‘itn Gow ealegovies mainly be- ase ibe people wi ae wating Hace chrbte. goneraly speaks gare white wrters"he sd. “And anytime you get irwoived in wring shout be ober (peop) ene going o get his sor offi teed opinion a. opposed 1 ans failg your own experience ‘hits what meet were ty and a "To change that, Milesone will be seeking oat mostly mincety ceators who ean ng the owt Pia arene | Baa ene =~ Powis atenetare css) ag ase ae il ‘ / i xO Conese Genius inventor Curtis Metcal prepares to wage war on his corrupt boss inthe fist ise of Mle sione Media's Hardware, writen by Dwayne McDutle ard drawn by Denys Cowan and Jimmy Palit. Milestone is a new comics company creating heros with multicultural backgrounds, ‘somathnig tay feel has been missing In comics fe too fh, 1m give heir comles a new, ai {ere end extraning spi. For ‘vamp van Vela co-wet lng Blood Syndicate, book fearing sever Latino characters, Mebuie si ‘And forthe fre? “T would ike fr ave a oe i (ot Blood Syadicate, eon and Stale (fore on lea month apr stat fig March, ach iat sue wil be aealale in two edits. Standard newssiand conic sling for $1.50 and a bagged clears ‘ion that has flere cover, tring card and poster for 8295. ct on the ede sulin that Ererbody eve is doing ti ed the only bai we ave fo compe (is ing good coms” MeDul- Besa ‘Milestone’s first comic, eardwere, wil ave i corse stores Friday, wih the Fist ses