We believe reading is an active process that encompasses thinking and inquiry, and adds to our knowledge of the world


We inquire into literacy.
For example with Word Study we inquire into language structures.

We believe language learning is a social process.

We believe in providing children with:

 

a relaxing environment a range of resources thinking strategies

to encourage our children to practice and develop their reading and writing skills.

We believe reading should be joyful.
We read not only to learn but for our enjoyment

There has to be magic, a bit of fun and a lot of joy in our approach to literacy learning.
Debbie Miller

Formative assessment is essential for differentiated practices.

Based on the task, we create ability groups or mixed groups.

We meet our kids where they are and move them forward by using conferencing as a form of assessment.

We believe in creating a literacy-rich environment full of visible thinking.

We believe in providing students with a range of authentic literacy resources to support the strategies and concepts being taught.

We believe in the importance of communication and partnership between home and school concerning our literacy practices.

We believe students need explicit instruction of strategies that can be utilized throughout their lives as readers and writers.

We believe that students need daily practice in reading, writing and speaking in personally meaningful situations.

We believe in fostering students independence through practicing literacy skills and creating their own goals.