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dialog scene 1

dialog scene 1

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Published by: Abdul Hizami Khusaini on Feb 23, 2011
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QUEEN: Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest one of all?

MIRROR: You come to me twice or three times a day and ask me that same question. What is the deal here? QUEEN: I want to know if I am the fairest woman in the kingdom. MIRROR: Roses are red. The sun is so bright. The best-looking woman is called Snow White. QUEEN: Snow White? MIRROR: That's what I said. QUEEN: My step daughter? The one I command to wash the floors of the castle? MIRROR: Uh-huh. QUEEN: The girl I dress in rags, command to scrub the entire castle with nothing more than an old toothbrush? MIRROR: But Snow White just naturally looks good. QUEEN: Send in the Royal Hunter .Hunter! HUNTER: What do you want my queen? QUEEN: I want you to kill Snow White! HUNTER: Kill Snow White? Why? QUEEN: I want her dead because she she's more beautiful than I am. HUNTER: You want her dead? QUEEN: Yes. I don't care. I want her dead! Let me put it into words that even you can understand. Kill Snow White or I have to you killed you! HUNTER: You'll kill me if I don't kill her? QUEEN: Yes. QUEEN: I want you to kill Snow White and I want you to bring her heart in a box. HUNTER: Her heart in this box? QUEEN: Yes.

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