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I know karate

I know karate

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Published by: Christian Rexach on Feb 23, 2011
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02/02/11 Crazy?

Crazy is first of all a concept created by society just like justice, honor, and morality among others. Essentially it is something that we consider not normal and is hard to understand. While, most people agree on what is generally considered crazy the specifics can greatly vary from person to person. That being said my definition of crazy is a rather unique one. Crazy is when you refuse to listen to logic, reason or whatever you believe in and even though you know that idea makes no sense at all you still follow it through. Going crazy is not necessarily a bad thing, if we always did what was logical and reasonable the world would be a really boring and dull place. Craziness does not care about what is right, wrong, or just, for it cannot adhere to any set of rules or laws. It does not operate against them or for them it simply is in another class altogether or better said in no class, it cannot be defined properly because as soon as we define it makes sense and it stops being crazy. Crazy is everything that we don¶t understand and since every what we understand and consider logical changes every day, so must crazy. A modern day example of what I consider is the world¶s current state of affairs, not the wars or the environmental issues, but instead the economy. I must admit I don¶t know much about the stock market and all it entails but I do know the economy is supposedly horrible in almost every country and nobody is enjoying it. So why don¶t we change that? The very idea of the economic system and use of paper money was created by society, which is why I consider it crazy that something that we created is making us miserable. This is the equivalent of creating a robot that turn into the Terminator and

instead of trying to stop it and make something better we give it nukes and are surprised when it uses them against us! Christian Ramirez Rexach Student #: 802-10-5756 .

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