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Published by: Anulekha Atri on Feb 23, 2011
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Customer preference

None Airtel BSNL Idea




Purchased Y/N (What and why)

Retailers Feedback Name of the store: Name of the Retailer: Location: Comments: (Unstructured interviews) Which operator is in more demand? What are the operators doing to make their presence felt in the store? When you tell the offers to the customer does he make a purchase? Why or Why not? Does the sale depend upon the displays in the shop? Any recommendations for improving the sale? Any innovative way by which we can communicate to the customer at your store? What do you look from the company? .

b) Sometimes c) Never Do you recall any advertisement (display) of a product which you saw inside any store? If yes.. When you visit a store what affects your purchase decision? a) Discounts offered d) Others are buying 2. Telemarketing Sales representative In shop displays 3. If a product is kept in a separate shelf and is easily visible.Questionnaire 1. Tell me about a situation in which you have consumed/used/bought the product and felt like the people or characters shown in the advertisement. will it affect your purchase decision? a) Always 5.? Word-of-mouth Advertising ________________________________________________________________________ 4. In a shop if you see a poster of an operator showing its promotional scheme. b) Displays in the store e) none c) Retailers advice Other than the product itself. Will you go forward and ask the retailer about the product? a) Yes b) No c) Can’t say 7. . which of the following would most influence you when deciding to buy a Product? Give Rankings. which one and where? _________________________________________________________________________ 6. Why have you given rank 1 to (name of the factor) ….

what is that attracts you the most? It’s.. . When you entered this store which was the product or the brand that you noticed and where? ________________________________________________________________________ Below is a list of features that are part of the product. 2 3 4 5 What do you understand about visibility provided by a company? a) TV commercials b) Print Ads d) collaterals (posters. danglers.) e) Sponsorship c) Hoardings f) others 12 Any suggestions by which a company can increase its visibility at the retail store? ________________________________________________________________________ _ Which Social status do you fall into? a) Unemployed d) full time job b) receiving education e) others _____________________ c) part time job 13. Extremely important Somewhat important neither important Somewhat nor unimportant unimportant Extremely unimportant 1 Price Features Brand name Quality Customer service 11.. a)Lighting d) Design b) Motion c) Clarity of Message e) Attractiveness of Advertisement f) others 9. If you see a Display in a store. How important is each feature to you 10. etc.________________________________________________________________________ _ 8.

000 .999 d) over 3.000 – 1.999 18.000 c ) 1.99. which income category best describes your total annual household income? a) under 50. What level have you studied up to? ______________________________________________________________________ 16. 17.000 – 2. Age _______ Sex :: Male/Female Marital Status :: Married/Single b) 50. Just approximately.00.

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