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Angels and Demons

Angels and Demons

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Published by Tom Swartz

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Published by: Tom Swartz on Feb 23, 2011
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Angels and Demons Almost everyone has heard of Angels and Demons.

Despite the ancient Pact, which suggested that they would have to always get along, they are just too different. Their wars shake the Earth, rattle the stars of Heaven and boil the magma hidde n within Hell. And, unless the Inbetween step in, the Divine and Cursed beings w ill bring us to the end of the world. The Inbetween are the peace keepers among these beings. Where Angels are pure go od and Demons ultimate evil, an untainted Inbetween has no choice but to be neut ral. When tainted, an Inbetween is a deadly force for whichever side they have j oined. However, the only way to taint one is to either have them gaze upon a Div ine being or have them meet the eyes of a heavily-tainted mortal. Once, long ago, there was the War of the Angels. This was an Earth-shaking event , though it didn't actually happen on the Earth. The War of Angels, which was An gels versus Demons, occurred in the Inbetween. The Inbetween is somewhere in the middle, roughly at the top of the Earth's atmosphere, which is the only place w here Angels and Demons can meet in their Divine forms. During the War of the Angels, Yahweh, more commonly referred to as God, had lear ned of Lucifer, or Satan, meddling in the affairs of his perfect humans. This wa s during the time of the Mayans. If you look at a Mayan calendar, you may notice that they mark the end of the world frequently. This was Lucifers' doing. The M ayans' believed that at least one member of each family was Gifted with the abil ity to converse with the Angels residing in Heaven; and they were party correct. They could converse with Angels. But every one of those Angels had Fallen. And so Lucifer, through his growing group of Fallen Angels, fed the Mayans infor mation relevant to the Apocalypse and the date it would occur. What irritated Ya hweh, when he found out, was that Lucifer had Gifted to the Mayans the ability t o foretell the date at which the world would end. Yahweh flew into a wild rage a nd challenged his Fallen son at the edge of their domains. Lucifer flew to battl e with his army as the Mayans' below were left with incomplete equations. As Yahweh raged the Mayans tried their new ability, using the magic given to the m in the form of numbers. Carefully and precisely, they worked out the date Luci fer had rewarded them with. They announced this date with sinful pride and becam e angry as they realised that their beloved God was planning to end their lives. This lead to their rebellion. The Mayans rebelled and Yahweh was overwhelmed, accused with doing the unbelieva ble things Lucifer had put in their minds. Lucifer steadily began to win, and en joyed his looming victory with ravenous delight. As they fought he hungered for his reward, and he powered towards his goal: ultimate control. It was as he had planned all along. Of course, the Inbetween would not allow this to happen. After some time, they d ecided that they simply could not sit by and allow the Divine and Cursed beings to tear apart their domain in their seemingly aimless battle. It was then that t hey stepped in, taking up arms in their fight. And, once the Inbetween stepped in, they were a force to be reckoned with. They pushed at the battling forces until they separated, then pushed some more until they were forced to abandon the battle field. An Inbetween Lord took command of the field, raising his voice so that it boomed

through the throng of Immortals. "Divine and Cursed! As Lord of this place and all that is Balanced, I demand that you leave this site immediately. You have no reason to fight, no excuse, no need. Depart! Now!" With that, Yahweh and Lucifer were removed from their field with their armies. N ow alone in their respective domains, they wait for the day that battle will rag e once again.

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