.Panchatantra y Panchatantra. is a collection of five volumes of stories written by a teacher Vishnusharma to help instruct the different aspects of kinghood for princes.

it was written around 200 BCE by Pundit Vishnu sharma.Origin of panchatantra In the Indian tradition. the Panchatantra is a n ti stra. a sage. y The Panchatantra is a collection of originally Indian animal fables in verse and prose. y According to Indian tradition. y .

As early as the eleventh century this work reached Europe. Old Slavonic. Latin.Migration of Panchatantra y There are recorded over two hundred different versions known to exist in more than fifty languages. and before 1600 it existed in Greek. Italian. and perhaps other Slavonic languages. . Spanish. German. Czech. English.

Mouse.5 Strategies of panchatantra y y Mitra-bheda: The Separation of Friends (The Lion and the Bull) Mitra-l bha or Mitra-sampr pti: The Gaining of Friends (The Dove. Tortoise and Deer) y y y K kol k yam: Of Crows and Owls (War and Peace) Labdhapra am: Loss Of Gains (The Monkey : Ill-Considered Action / and the Crocodile) Apar k itak raka Rash deeds (The Brahman and the Mongoose) . Crow.

mostly told by the two jackals. and is the longest of the five books. It contains around thirty stories. making up roughly 45% of the work's length.Mitra-bheda : The Separation of Friends Mitray y The first book is about friendship which was broken out of jealousy. .

clients and whoever you deal with. associates. do your best to patch up quarrels between those within your purview. They can only lead to unpleasant consequences. .Moral Of Mitra-bheda In MitraManagement: y Avoid rifts with friends colleagues. As a leader try to be peacemaker.

This makes up about 22% of the total length. y .MitraMitra-sampr pti: The Gaining of Friends y It tells of the story of how to gain and help friends.

.Moral Of Mitra-sampr pti In MitraManagement: y Try to make as many friends as possible by joining professional associations and trade bodies. where you can learn invaluable lessons and gain experience from associates.

y .K kol k yam : Of Crows and Owls It deals with story of how the crows cheated owls. y This is about 26% of the total length.

.Moral Of K kol k yam In Management: y Learn not to trust those who have proved their unreliability through actions and unworthy behavior.

Labdhapra y am : Loss Of Gains It deals with relationship between the monkey and the crocodile. .

Moral Of Labdhapra Management: y am In Cultivate presence of mind under all circumstances by following role models who possess these qualities and learn how they do it. .

his pet and upon returning and finding blood on the mongoose's mouth. . he kills it. He later finds out that the mongoose actually defended his child from a snake.Apar k itak raka y : Hasty Action A Brahman leaves his child with a mongoose .

colleagues and associates who have faced similar situation will help you deal with them.Moral Of Apar k Management: y itak raka In Learn to operate in untested situation as they develop. Experience will help you deal with situations you are unfamiliar with. . The creativity and experience of your team of friends.

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