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Hages Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

ERP Effectiveness Program
Get Ready To Get Better.


The participants will be able to:

Recognize the evolution of ERP solutions. Appraise the concept, benefit and use of ERP solution. Define the SAP R/3 Overview.


Today s Challenge Today s Challenge

How to re-invent a company and provide the necessary information systems support in a timely fashion? A company losing a rupee a minute with poor information systems can gain ten rupees a minute with whiz bang information systems ..

Current Scenario Islands of information Current Situation: Standalone Solutions .

Current Scenario Heterogeneous Hardware & Software platforms & practices "Floating" Applications .

. . .Current Scenario Difficult to get timely & accurate information Poor connectivity between different organizational locations Sticking with obsolete technology Resist to change Lack of proven man-power to develop integrated software . . .

Current Business Challenge You may be thinking about your business performance. and have concerns like: How quickly is an invoice raised following the dispatch of an order? Are salaries and bonuses related to sales performance? Are marketing activities targeted to responsive potential markets? Are sales people monitored and measured in line with your business goals? .

Business Environment The only thing that s constant is CHANGE Organizations must continually change to: stay competitive improve productivity cut costs improve customer service improve quality reduce time to market optimize inventories Take right decision at the right time .

Agenda .


Agenda .

What is ERP? .

2000's ERP Extended or ERP II Focused on clients.. including suppliers and clients . Real time transactions..ERP Evolution 1960-70's MRP Inventory and process time reduction with new production planning systems . 1990's ERP Focused on clients... . optimizing the whole business network. Asset management . 1980's MRP II Greater reductions due to the integration with accounting and human resource systems .

ERP Evolution .

Functional Evolution .


Major players in ERP .

Market Share of various ERP Package .

Kick Start ERP Adequate funds Top management support Identify core project team and manager Select analysts and specialists from all functional areas Select appropriate ERP package that meets business requirements Evaluate implementation partner Jointly make implementation plan Employee cooperation and involvement .

Implementation Time Frame Time for implementation depends on: size of the company complexity of business processes number of modules number of locations Various implementation approaches are: big bang module wise location wise Average implementation time for a pilot project takes 6 to 8 months .

How can ERP improve business process of companies? Automatic routing of information to different departments Good solution for better project management Automatic introduction of latest technologies Faster customer order realization. hence better customer service Flexible to customize software according to the company s business Automatic shipping decisions Inventory optimization and visibility Integrated planning .

How is ERP received in Manufacturing Industry .


How is ERP received in Manufacturing Industry .

Commitment from company executives. 2. Ensure adequate training and change management. . . Strong project management and resource commitment . Focus on business processes and requirements first. . .implementation performance measurement. 4. . 7. 3. Focus on achieving a healthy ERP ROI (Return on Investment). Make sure you understand why you're implementing ERP. . Take time to plan up front. . 5.Factors to make ERP project successful 1. 6. including post.

Benefits of a ERP ERP Easy to use Readymade solution for business processes .only customization is required Functional integration Return on Investment (ROI) earlier than that for in-house developed software Reduced dependency on human resources Online link between suppliers and customers Guaranteed innovation Automatic adaptation to new technologies .

. 9. 3. 4. .. 10. . Increase rationalization of ERP investments... . Improve business process efficiency. 2. Scale for growth and economic recovery.. Reduce total cost of ownership.. Force management to focus on benefits realization.Why to Implement ERP During the Economic Downturn 1. 8. .. 6. Ability to choose from multiple ERP delivery options. . . 5. Leverage available resources. Prepare for mergers and acquisitions. Increase revenues.. Increase productivity. . 7.. . ..

Agenda .

finance. Products in Data Processing. production. accounting and human resources in an enterprise. Application. . in real-time. sales.What is SAP? SAP Stands for Systems. German-based software company Founded in 1972 To track and manage.

maximum data consistency Advanced planning and optimization .Characteristics of SAP Incorporates 37 years of experience with international orientation Rich in functionality and highly configurable Tight integration across modules Minimum data redundancy.

SAP Three-Tier Computer Hierarchy SAP Three-Tier Computer Hierarchy .

SAP Application Modules .

Integration .


1 to 2 months 2 to 3 months 3 to 4 months 1 to 2 months 1 to 2 months .

Agenda .

Kerala Customer of SAP .Kerala .Major Customers of SAP .

Major PSU Customers of SAP .


Ltd.Hages Business Solutions Pvt. Thank You for Listening .

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