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Edgar Cayce Meditation Tape excerpts

Edgar Cayce Meditation Tape excerpts

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Edgar Cayce’s Meditation Audio Excerpt (transcripted from www.edgarcayce.com) 1. First Meditation.

Welcome and Hello. With this course you will learn to meditate by listening to the step-by-step instructions on the tapes. Lessons are designed to help you learn to meditate through listening and following the instructions you hear, rather than reading and study. The workbook included exercises and illustrations to guide you. In order to get the best result from the course you want to follow along in the workbook as the tape directs you. There is no greater adventure than this inward one called meditation. It is safe, it is easy, and you’ll find within your own mind and heart an endless stream of treasures! Let’s begin. Hello, and welcome to the Edgar Cayce meditation course. Congratulations for deciding to learn how to meditate. You’ve made and important personal decision. One that will bring you positive benefits. You’ll find that spending this brief period learning to meditate will be a good investment in your wellbeing as you continue to practice daily. As with most things, doing is the best teacher. The experience itself will help you understand how and why meditation works. This course is designed as a step-by-step guide. First you’ll learn the basics then move on to more advance techniques. We’re going to start immediately. First select a comfortable chair and decide where in your living quarter you’ll practice meditation. Choose an area of relative quiet and without bright lighting. Make it a habit to use the same chair and location during these sessions. Also place your tape recorder next to your chair so you won’t have to get up to shut-off the machine for brief period during your sessions. Now you are ready for your first meditation. When you’re comfortably seated be sure to keep your spine straight but not stiff and place both feet on the floor. Allow your hands to settle in a comfortable position. Some people prefer to let their hands rest in their laps with the palms either up or down. Others fold their hands and let them settle separately on their thighs. There is no right or wrong here, just whatever works for you. With a little experimenting you’ll find the position that feels natural. Now take a nice deep breath and let your eyelids close. As you close your eyes you’ll feel your body becoming relax and it is, as you do the following exercise. Allow your mind to survey your body and detect any possible tightness or tension in your muscles. Let’s begin with your feet. Let your awareness rest there for a moment. In your mind gently tell your feet to relax. To assure that the muscles become fully relax, voluntarily tense them, curling your toes up and keeping the muscles in your feet tight for a few seconds. Now relax them, feeling the tension slipping away. Your awareness moves up to your legs, calves and thighs. Tighten your leg muscles as firmly as possible, hold the tension a few seconds, then let go and relax. Moving up now. Hips and buttocks areas. Tense your hips and buttocks for a few seconds and relax. Now for the torso. Tense your stomach and chests. Hold briefly and relax. Note the area of your shoulders and neck. Tension often resides in these muscles. Bring your shoulders up in a tight shrug. Hold the tension, feeling the shoulder blades pushing together. Again relax, letting all of

the tension just flow away. Imagine a golden glowing light of relaxation washing away the tension and stress. Also check your face for any tenseness, especially around the eyes and mouth. And let those muscles relax. Your eyelids are gently closed, your jaw muscles relax. Now take a few slow deep breaths. You are learning to take time to breath fully. Treat yourself to a clean, fresh, oxygen-rich air to flush the stale air from the bottom of your lungs. You are ready now to practice a unique breathing exercise that is especially helpful prior to mediation. In fact, it is an exercise recommended by Edgar Cayce. First, place a finger against the side of your left nostril to close it. During this first portion, you’ll only breathe in through your right nostril, then exhale through your mouth. You’ll be keeping the left nostril close for this part of the exercise. Exhale completely and breathe normally. Now breathe in deeply, slowly filling your lungs from the bottom up. There is no hurry, no urgency, so take your time. Breathin, imagining your lungs are balloons expanding all the way down to your abdomen. Your shoulders may tend to rise as you inhale, but only as the upper portion of your lungs are filling. You’ll find that after the bottom third of your lungs filled, your chest begin to expand as the middle third fills with air. And as the upper areas of your lungs are filled, it is natural to allow your shoulders to rise in a slight shrug. Once your lungs are full of air, hold briefly, then exhale, allowing all of the air to be released slowly through your mouth. This way of breathing is illustrated in your workbook on pages 8 and 9, which you can refer to later as a review. Now that you know the procedure you’ll be given enough time to perform the exercise without directions. Close your left nostril and breath-in slowly and deeply through your right nostril three times, each time exhaling through your mouth. Begin now. Good, ready for a slight variation? The second part of this exercise is to inhale through your left nostril and exhale through the right. This will require you to use your fingers to alternately close the right nostril then the left each time you inhale and exhale. You will keep your mouth close during the entire process. Ready? Now begin breathing-in through your left nostril, exhaling through the right. One, inhale through the left, exhale through the right. Two, inhale through the left, exhale through the right. Three, inhale through the left, exhale through the right. Your eyes are still close, aren’t they? Good, let your hands relax as before. Continue breathing slowly and naturally. You will now begin a fundamental part of the Cayce approach to meditation: Focusing your mind on a single calming thought. Imagine you’re funneling all those busy thoughts dancing through your mind into one easy peaceful ideal. One that is positive and uplifting. Perhaps something you want more of in your daily life, such as: “I am at peace”. There is a simple way to keep these calming thoughts in mind, merely repeat them to your self silently. Say the statement with your full attention, concentrating on the meaning as you say the words in your mind. Let’s try it now. As you hear the word, feel their meaning. Allow several seconds between each repetition. “I am at peace”…..”I am at peace”…..”I am at peace”. Feel peace and calm filling your body, your mind. In the beginning your mind will want to wander. Be patient with yourself when your mind goes galloping off in another direction. It helps to see the humor in the situation. The mind has a hard time remaining attentive and faithful to one thought for more than a few seconds. When you realize your attention is all sightseeing, calmly nudge it back to “I am at peace”. Be persistent and in time your

If so. the sensation maybe present as when you spend hours in a boat only to continue to feel the rocking motion later on land. it is not at all unusual for the head to actually sway or move in a circular motion during meditation. And as these energies are now flowing through you. Turn off the tape recorder during this time. let it carry good thoughts and constructive energies to others. There is more to come. be assured that for some individuals this is quite common. just note for now the following information for future reference. you’d probably have a difficult time settling down and keeping your thoughts from roaming. Initially it happens to practically everyone. During the quiet period. And you may have been distracted by sensations in various parts of your body. you’ll become aware of it much more quickly. perhaps you have questions about certain feelings and experiences you encountered. warmth or even a sense of swelling of your hands of feet or head. requiring you to scratch intermittently. allowing the blood and nerve impulses to flow unimpeded. Or possibly you have no particular experiences during the meditation. Having practice your first meditation. During the meditative state you may feel a sense of fullness. Think of yourself as overcharged with energy that will become stagnant if it just sits inside your body. but it is an important phase in training yourself to meditate. As you develop the habit of meditating regularly. In fact. you connect your inner meditation experience with the people and the world around you. Many meditators take about 20 minutes for each session and some longer. expansion or warmth. The rebalancing of our energies is why meditation is so often re-energizing. as well as the questions new meditators often ask regarding the experience. these …. Think of this as your body adjusting from tension build-up during the day. Basic Concepts How was your first meditation? If you’re like many people. As you broadcast these energies as positive thoughts and feelings to your close friends and family members. (irksome?) would go away. It is also a good idea to offer a prayer for yourself before you open your eyes and end the session. you open yourself to a flow of positive energies. your next session will cover some of the things that may happen within you during meditation. When ending the meditation period. Please take a few minutes and practice “I am at peace”.mind will become more accustomed to remaining where you directed. You may feel as if you upper body is gently rocking . We will resume when you return in a few minutes. If you felt as if you are moving. Continually having to bring your focus back to the subject might frustrate you at first. 2. There is an endless supply where that came from.. You’ve just completed your first meditation.. you become a channel to direct them to others. which again is simply the rebalancing of your energies. feeling more at peace. A short silent will follow to allow you time to send out the energies. Maybe your body itches here and there. it is an excellent practice to send out good thoughts or prayers to other people. But whether you move or not. We also do this because it is advisable to discharge some of these energies. And whenever it does wander. That tension is released through relaxation. You may experience this natural flow as fullness. Instead. You’re likely already know that tension causes your muscles and blood vessels to tighten and constrict. Our physical and emotional energies will rebalance themselves as soon as we become calm enough for this to take place. co-workers and others that you care about.

this calmness will begin to carry over into your everyday life. although many people see nothing. perhaps more forgiving. feel free to find one or make one up that does touch you in some way. These visual effects too comes from relaxing that allows thought and visual images to flow freely. your heart and breathing are slower and anxiety level is minimal. “I am at peace”. in their mind’s eye. but they experienced the benefit of meditation nonetheless. Meanwhile. Among other things. Now let’s consider some ways meditation can transform your life. Even your relationships. some individuals may feel no movement. Many of these are paraphrases of Biblical passages and convey traditional Judea-Christian beliefs. both familiar and unfamiliar. There are other less obvious rewards. In fact. Thus. It affirms an idea. Despite all our advances in knowledge. though not everyone experiences them. This influence reveals itself in subtle ways. then that one would be a good choice. Edgar Cayce called this single focus or statement. You begin to grasp that your own existence is extremely meaningful and that you are far greater than a being whose existence ends at death. Like the one we use earlier. that is less automatic. The practice of meditation has a favorable influence in many areas of your life. perhaps as a day to day attitude. it is worthwhile to select one that really speaks to you. A few meditators have had the sensation of an up or down movement. you sense probably that existence extends into an immense realm of meaning and understanding. your affirmation. at the end of the day you do not feel mentally exhausted. whether with your spouse or others. Various studies have revealed that meditators reach decisions with less difficulty and children who practice meditation even experience an improvement in their school grades. The realization. allows you more mental acuteness without having to filter everything through your former tensions. Pin-pointing your attention is a corner stone of meditation and the meaning of the statement you dwell on helps keep the mind directed in a purposeful way. meditation carry an implicit acknowledgement that you are part of a greater design and that you are opening your self to its influence. . Examples for some hopeful affirmations are listed at the start of the mediation workbook. If not. You will find you are more tolerant and understanding of others. that there was more to life than you observe in your everyday world around you. If one jumps out at you. because of a heightened ability to organize their thoughts.back and forth or swaying from side to side or moving in a circular motion. it’s not uncommon for meditators to become sexually aroused. What’s going on when this happens? During meditation you may become aware of a special kind of energy moving through your body. This is the reason you need to focus your attention during meditation. Your mind becomes keener as if it holds a higher energy charge than before you started meditating and now it doesn’t drain as readily. Such sensations are common. buzzing impulse may run-off the spine or tingling maybe felt in the hands. Others may see the faces of people. The nature of this energy will be discussed later. Business executives report an increase in their productivity. And though these maybe unexpected and puzzling. rest assured that the energy can stimulate various responses in your body. For example. for instance. You may find your attitude is freer. How can fifteen or twenty minutes a day in quiet meditation benefit you? What can you expect to gain from the practice of meditation? What kind of benefits can you reap? Study has shown that during meditation you are comma. an ideal or a purpose you want to adopt. Since you’ll be spending a lot of your meditation time with an affirmation. at least to start with. Sometimes meditators may see flashing colours and lights. may well improve as you reduce mental and emotional stress. they are perfectly natural. Not only are you less anxious while meditating. more expansive in your outlook.

to cultivate peace of mind. The result is that the best within you surfaces. You might want to turn-off the tape for a few minutes and actually write down some of those intentions. When you’re ready to resume. turn-on the tape again and this session will continue. As this becomes the case you will also see yourself somewhat differently. the people around you and the world with greater calm and understanding which is borne of greater patience. especially during meditation itself. begin each session with the expectation of positive results but without stipulating how you want these results to come about. you will have an even stronger intuitive awareness of your greater reality that you are something greater than a mere occupant of the physical world. In meditation. 3. are you comfortably seated in your chair? Pleas note. Once you understand how to use the body and mind properly during meditation. You are now ready to move ahead. The particular of this awareness may bear on your religious orientation which will draw you closer to your perception of God. You will also be introduced to ideas from the Edgar Cayce information which makes this method of meditating unique because of the emphasis on Oneness. And further. who is exactly alike. Later . is especially helpful during this learning phase. By specifying the how of the results. Meanwhile as this course proceeds. past or present. He also recommended writing them with a pencil. Preparation You’re ready now for another meditation period. to better understand why it’s necessary as well as how it works. you are able to open to those in …… (eight trades?) that allow you to be a more balanced person. In turn. Besides your conscious mind really doesn’t know what is best. You have a general idea of the kinds of experiences that may occur and some of the benefits. So far. so we could revise them as our life progress. You will quicken your creative nature and your mind will become more inventive and resourceful.You may already hold such beliefs in a greater reality. your love ones and others. But pronounced feelings and impressions are less important than the knowledge that you are removing the clutter that keeps you from knowing what some have called your Higher self. So. however. including exploring some methods for going deeper into the meditative state. You will use meditation to make sound. Make a careful self-appraisal and decide which characteristic and qualities you either want to change or cultivate in yourself. There is no individual in the universe. you have a foundation for meditation. you are likely to come to feel a special unity with others and eventually a realization of the Oneness of all humanity. The Cayce readings once so far to say that the most important step we can make in life is to choose our ideals. Your experiences and impressions may not be as explicit as just described. leave the results to your Higher self. beyond the relaxation and inner calm. which expresses your uniqueness. What we will learn next is how to meditate with greater depth. The essence of your meditative state works to align your Higher self with the life-giving energies of creation. to be more loving. practical decisions in your life. At the same time give some thoughts to the improvement you want to see in your life. mind and soul. You will work with healing prayers as well as a way to help yourself. you can block the best that may come. Oneness of body. you will then move on to advance techniques. Remember in time the clarity and creativity you gained from meditation will allow you to see yourself. that using the same chair and the same location at about the same time of day if possible. We will also explore use of an affirmation. We will be discussing how the body is involved in meditation and how to make this involvement work to your advantage.

Your entire face will look almost as if you’re asleep. Next lean your head to the right as if trying to touch your ear to your shoulder. Moving now to the stomach and chests and lower back. two. seated. Before you begin. three. relax your hands as you begin these exercises. one. Move your awareness around in your body. completing three repetitions in one direction before moving to the next. Raise your head. And then you will rotate your head three times in each direction. front. tense these muscles and relax. Now repeat the motion to your left and count on your own. three. washing away the tension. your spine as straight but not rigid or tense.of course. slowly take a couple of deep breaths. but count. allow your head to tilt back slowly as if you want to look at the ceiling. Let your head roll. Notice your thoughts for a moment. two. Next come the breathing routine. one. Let your attention. And for the third and final time. lower it again. Now again. Then the thighs and buttocks. Raise your head momentarily and then lowering your chin again slowly roll your head to your left shoulder and around for three counter-clockwise repetitions as you do your own counting this time. Imagine your neck is a string attached to your head. slowly tilt your head forward. Again. draw breath in through . Gently tilt your head forward. return your head to upright. Don’t strain. right. naturally shut and your jaw muscles relax. left. three. gently stretch. Tell your feet they aren’t going anywhere. you’ll be able to meditate anywhere so long as there is no major distraction to disturb you. feeling the relaxation entering your legs. How does your neck feel? Any stiffness present? Whether there is or not. one. Deliberately tightened your leg muscles as much as possible and then relax. As you say this feel the tension ebbing away. two. three. replacing any tightness that it encounters. back. two. Imagine you’re looking up at your legs from the vantage point of your feet as if you’re gazing up at the trunks of tall trees. but hold for a count of three. Now you are ready to begin. As with the breathing exercise you should precede every meditation session with this exercise. two. Remember to check your shoulders. keeping your shoulders in place as if you are trying to lower your chin to your chest. tense all the muscles there momentarily. so they can relax and release any tension. two. two. release any stiffness in this area by shrugging your shoulders tightly and hold in this position as the shoulder blades push together for a moment. two. remember the exercise is done slowly and gently. As your eyes close. Count one. Again back. your awareness settle all the way down to your feet. If you would like a visual preview of the movements pause the tape for a moment and see pages 6 and 7 in your workbook. Now to the rear. one. one. and where they’re directed. Again tilt your head. one. Centre your attention behind your eyes. Don’t strain. How does your face feel. then gently raise your head up to its starting position. Allow your neck to stretch as far as possible without straining at all. especially the eyes and mouth? Your eyes should be gently. three. three. one more time. Continue around your back and rolling to and across your left shoulder and circling to the starting position. Repeat the movements two more times. it might be beneficial to perform a special head and neck exercise recommended by Edgar Cayce as a way to help relax you further and prepare you for meditation. circling slowly clockwise in the direction of your right shoulder. slowly lower your head for a count of one. three and gently raise your head. You will stretch your head in four directions. then release the tightness as relaxation replaces it. Slowly and smoothly the relaxation will follow your awareness up your legs. three and raise your head to its regular position. Is your tape player within easy reach? Again. then let go as relaxation flows in a bright golden cascade through the muscles. Don’t strain and keep your shoulders down. With either thumb or forefinger close off your left nostril.

You experience this unity as inner-harmony. When you lungs are full. hold it for a count of three and exhale through your mouth. stretch if you’d like. If so. your mental. which is one of the thing meditation teaches you. reduce conflict and a sense of peace in your every day activities. Consider what you’ve learn so far. Call it what you like. In the case of less urgent emotions and thoughts. because if they lie down they tend to fall asleep. It’s been found that thoughts and attitudes have a tremendous impact on the body’s chemistry. switch your finger over to close the left nostril and keeping your mouth close. the influence is subtler. while positive thoughts generate health and vitality. but just as real. an idea before it became a thing called a chair. It was a thought. the head and neck and the breathing routines. which illustrate the exercises you just perform. These three components of your being. “I am at peace”. Feel its meaning in the silence of your mind. that of course is fine.your right nostril. Most people prefer the sitting posture. Now repeat. you’re able to choose the thoughts you entertained and the emotions you embraced. This means they coordinate and function as one instead of possibly warring among themselves. For the remainder of this course continue your session seated in a chair. it is an indication of the mind effect on the body and the small glimpse of one of the benefits of these sessions. You might want to refer occasionally to your workbook. To share this peaceful state of mind with others. “Thoughts are things”. exhale. Whether you sit or lay your legs should not be crossed and your spine should be straight. your community and the world around you. holding. The emotion of fear causes the release of adrenalin into the blood stream to prepare the body to either meet the challenge or to flee. 4. “I am at peace”. you are coming to realize that meditation is rewarding your body. exhaling through the mouth. If this statement sounds peculiar. mind and soul. Now open your eyes. Consider for a moment the observations of Edgar Cayce that “Thoughts are things”. allows you to consciously alter your automatic responses with constructive thoughts and attitudes. just look at the chair you’re sitting in. exhaling. release the air through your right nostril. in through the right nostril. “I am at peace”. simply imagine it radiating out from you towards family members and friends.(cultimind?) your affirmation “I am at peace”. Some may call this effect a form of self-suggestion. but if you’d like after these training sessions to lie on your back during meditation. holding. breathe in through the left and out through the right. Mind-Body Connection Well. As you lower your hands …. You’d need to do the head and neck exercises in an upright position before lying down. you probably feel quite relax after that short meditation. Close the right nostril again. inhale deeply through your left nostril and then close only the left. Now with your right nostril shut. Is there anyone who comes to mind who would benefit from your peaceful thoughts at this time? Notice whatever people occur to you. Fortunately. One more time. Breathing in deeply until the lungs are filled. physical and spiritual faculties become much better attuned and synchronized through meditation. When lying down hold your hands on your abdomen over your solar plexus. Direct your peace and serenity to that person. In your daily life you’d probably spend much of the time reacting to conditions and events in pre-condition ways from years of habit. The intimate relationship between body and mind has been well documented in recent decade.. resulting in more temperate responses during time of stress. The results are what count and the results are real. Negative thoughts produce detrimental conditions in the body and even in the mind. The most obvious example is the fear adrenalin can action. You may even feel better than usual. . Meditation however. inhale through the left. Once again.

And then instinct snaps into action. it should be mentioned. all help to clear the channel for receiving the soul’s energies unimpeded. Just as electrical vibrations transmitted through a telephone become sound waves. This is what the Cayce reading means when they say “Mind is the Builder”. in this case. physical entity we can gain an idea of its nature by comparing the soul to an electrical force. The full realization may not sink in for a few seconds. Earlier. In addition. Your mind does not distinguished between what is objectively happening or simply imagined or remembered. the soul’s energy vibrates through the mind to produce effects in your body. Not that it is mutually exclusive from the body’s connection. See pages 10 to 12 in the workbook for guidelines for staying healthy. You’d also want to avoid letting your battery get to drain. just downright furious. along with attitudes conditioned by your own thinking. taking adequate exercise and getting quality sleep. A defective phone is not a suitable instrument for sending or receiving and unhealthy body does not receive or hold the charge well. because then recharging takes longer and longer to restore to normal. these subtle energies have a cleared passage through the body. but the adrenalin has nevertheless accomplished its purpose. So the image you conjure of the time you’re angry also mirrors your feelings as if the event were happening now. . Recharging occurs when you meditate. keeping the spine straight and deep breathing. relaxation. The body itself of course. For now. the head and neck exercise. an individual bundle of spiritual energy. requires you to maintain your health by eating properly. you will be introduced to the mind’s role in meditation and gain practice with special affirmations. If you are essentially healthy. meditation will help keep you that way. Never is this more evident than in the mind’s direct influence on our bodies. You might also think of the body as a battery and soul energy as the source of recharging the electrical forces of your physical and mental faculties. only recognition which usually occurs within a few milliseconds. The mechanism of a telephone converts unseen electrical impulses into sound. though it may have happened years ago. It is an automatic function in our make up. but the distinction is made here for the sake of convenience and clarity. Your human personality contains numerous automatic reflexes. necessary for protection and survival. We’ve known for sometime that the mind can make us sick or it can heal us depending on the thoughts we harbor and the emotions we carry around. You’re quietly listening to this tape at the moment. causing the driver to instinctively stop the vehicle. And this fact takes us to the heart of the matter regarding the mind. Efficient recharging. Using Your Mind Welcome back! Our discussion will now take a closer look at the mind’s role in meditation. is an energy field on its most elemental level. That former incident still gets you riled up. Next. It may be an ancient memory but the feelings that arouses remain contemporary. 5. your body converts unseen spiritual impulses into physical vibrations which you can sometimes feel during meditation. but all you need to do to become angry is to recall a time when something or someone made you really mad. they also act as channels of spiritual energies. your nervous system and endocrine glands not only regulate numerous physical functions.A more comprehensive meaning of thoughts or things however is that the mind is the architect whose thoughts designed and shaped energy into physical form or expression. Since the soul is not a visible. The preparation for meditation. Responding instantly to threat or danger does not require thoughts of course. the adrenaline reaction to an emergency was mentioned. In meditation. you may want to take a break and resume later. as when someone’s pet runs in front of a car and the driver’s foot stomps on the brake a half a second later.

destroy your peace of mind and generally put you in a lousy mood. Even if you’re unable to keep that single idea in mind now. with practice your mind will learn to stay focus. Make yourself comfortable and relax. peaceful. in only half a minute you can reversed a negative thought or feeling with the soothing water of positive thoughts and images. A simpler method that works. And because of its gravity the affirmation is easier to concentrate on than a longer reverie. worry and other unsettling emotions become imbedded as part of our temperament because we’ve allowed them to register as guests in our minds. Feel at ease. you have the capability to replace those old inner recording that controlled your attitudes and emotions with positive responses. For it’s a reflection of who you are. you counter-act those embedded responses that feed on anger. Take a couple of deep breaths. Remember a time when you felt really great. unless you’re especially tense. See all the details of what is happening. Close your eyes bring to mind an especially pleasant experience. By replaying these old grievances and hurts we allow them to be our mantras. fear. Your moment of positive day dreaming just now shows how we embed in our body what we are holding in our minds without event thinking about it. Anger.Two elements create such conditioning within you. Positive and constructive thought patterns can be nurtured with practice which makes the former reaction shriveled into nothing. The impact is greater because the affirmation conveys a more meaningful truth or quality that reaches to the soul itself. Continually building positive responses galvanizes and channels your soul’s energy on your behalf and inspires greater peace of mind. and check your body to see if any muscles are tense. Just think. Without even realizing it. and uplifting. embrace it. Even a little conscious effort goes a long way in clearing out those ancient emotional cobwebs and improving your outlook which in turn increases your sense of well being. Instead of meditating. Even today as you remember you may feel definite physical responses such as your muscles tensing or your pulse rates increasing. you’re only going to have a short reverie. the seriousness of the situation and the impact it had on you. Here’s an experiment that demonstrate the importance of keeping your mind fortified with desirable thoughts and responses. So you can see that a single idea held in meditation can have a powerful and profound influence on your state of mind and become a compass guiding you to greater peace of mind. See it all happening in your mind. hold to the feeling. our affirmations as it were and the thought becomes the thing that truly damages us. Freeing yourself from dis-ease. Allow the pleasant sensations aroused by seeing this experience to fill you and fully appreciate the fact that you deserve to feel this way. . caused by the unwanted irritant and agitators. When nothing more than your thoughts can give you an upset stomach. it is yours. You might try the tensing and relaxing technique you’ve learned. During meditation the evocative affirmation is even more penetrating. patience and understanding. fear and disappointment of every kind. then it must be time to consider changing your thinking. Or you might even think of a coming event you’re looking forward to in the near future. on top of the world. So if you’re having difficulty be patient and persistent. is to take a minute and picture yourself fully relax and feeling at ease. Every time you entertain thoughts and images that are hopeful. You’ve earned this enjoyment. Don’t you agree? Fortunately. This is the reason that learning to focus exclusively on the affirmation is vital. perhaps even exuberant. gnawing away at your well being. That is without monitoring the quality of our thoughts and in only thirty seconds your thoughts register throughout your body’s chemical and electrical activities. you allow nagging little negative thoughts into your mind and they become termites.

This seems to happen in a more or less chaotic way. what was on your mind when you’re interrupted? Go to the workbook now. allowing it to fill your mind. You’re probably very much aware of your tendency to flip from one thought to another. This indicates how uncontrolled thoughts seemingly roamed one after another randomly through the mind. And now. Just let the tape to continue to wind. As you relax. Once you’ve completed them turn on the tape and we will explore this exercises connection to meditation. And then a subtle transition in the way you think about it begins. You select an idea and affirmation and then hold it in mind. As you make yourself comfortable and close your eyes. regardless of how relevant they may appear. gives order to chaos. Let us use a single word for your affirmation. turn your attention back to the meaning of the words. Turn off the tape while you work on pages 13 and 14 now. “L” and “O” and “V” and “E”. You may want to mute the sound somewhat by . close your eyes. you can exclude them by turning your attention back to the affirmation. Now you’ll continue with an affirmation that adds to love. The fact that you are able to recognize that it has stray and then return it to the phrase is the important thing. When other thoughts intrude. page 13 and write that thought. Again. You may have notice when you answer the questions in the workbook how your thoughts move in a linear chain-like fashion as one thought connected with another. you continue thinking about the affirmation as before. here is a recommendation. Keep your workbook handy. When you lose the sense of “In the stillness I feel God’s love”. Meditation. Meditation works in the same way. but now. Think only about what that phrase means to you. Do not be concerned that your mind may repeatedly wander. See the word clearly and think about what it means. Silently repeat this in your thoughts a few times. If your understanding shift beyond the mere meaning of the words that is fine and also let any other feelings come to you. First you begin thinking about the idea. hold this affirmation in your mind “In the stillness I feel God’s love”. Call to mind the people you love and those who love you. It is this transition that marks the shifting from the specific to an expanded sense of the meaning. but it has left a small calling card in your mind that will remain. Meanwhile. While you’re focus on the word “LOVE” you’d probably begin sensing or feeling what love is all about beyond its rational meaning. more than likely during the exercise the last thought you held was far removed from the thought in your mind when the silent period began. If you’re a person with lots of demand on your time. Just close your eyes and let your mind relax as thoughts come and go for half a minute or so. let’s try the following affirmation exercise.Here is a little experiment. you must stay on a schedule. but first a suggestion. So in order for you to increase your ability at focusing your mind on a single idea. You might try imagining the letters of the word coming together one at a time. Hello. Set a kitchen timer before you began. In time. Or you may catch a glimpse of the feeling or the energy vibration that goes with the word. This tendency will continue at least for a while as you train yourself in meditation. on the other hand. let the word “LOVE” dwells in your mind. the intrusive thoughts will just stay away. with a more specific understanding of its meaning and how it feels. With the affirmation practice fresh in your mind try another meditation session right now. Keeping your mind directed in one idea of course takes practice. “In the stillness I feel God’s love”. only those words. This awareness may last for only a few seconds.

you’re seated comfortably. Take a breath and then as you tilt your head exhale slowly and breathe in as you raise your head. and then back. sandalwood. inhaling and exhaling each time you move your head around. To end your meditation session as explained earlier. Before that. Edgar Cayce offers an insightful comment about chants saying that certain kinds of chants express ideas understandable . Now. In the meantime. Although there are some other aspects you’ll likely want to learn. Then after a few days of meditating without the assistance of this tape. Look at the end of your workbook for a list of recommended audio tapes from which you can select. Aids to Meditation See how simple meditation is. Since odours are highly personal matter. you stretch your head forward 3 times. We’ll resume in about 5 minutes. Ready for the breathing exercise? Remember. back straight. You now have the basic foundation for continuing on your own. hyssop. herbs or flowers are effective for reaching a deeper state of meditation. You should be relaxed enough without doing the tensing and relaxing exercise. Now you’re ready for the head and neck exercise. Another aid in entering meditation is chanting. You can do the same with the circling movements. Begin now. Let the tape continue running while you hold your affirmation in mind. in through the right nostril and out through the mouth 3 times. Anyway. which will assure you of about twenty minutes of meditation after the exercises. If you want to do the exercise. here are a few other things you might consider adding to your sessions. you’ll be ready to complete the course. You might set the timer for thirty minutes. using a timer will prevent you from being anxious about meditating longer than you have time for which can happen on occasion. peaceful feeling. you may wish to experiment with a variety of cense to find those that produce a calm. Remember. Others also find that certain odours provided by incense. you might want to coordinate your breathing with the movements. rose and violet. such as techniques for deepening you r meditation experience and ways to enhance your spiritual awareness and understanding. open your eyes and if you feel like it stretch a bit. to the right and then to the left. lavender. 6. this keeps your mind directed and also tunes it up for focusing on the affirmation. turn off the tape until you’re ready for the other exercises. It’s important not to use a fragrance that is disturbing or distractive. Some people enjoy music during the period prior to meditating. All right. After you’ve done that. Localizing a certain vowel sound is especially helpful for inducing a resonance between body and soul. As you’re doing this exercise. For a few minutes stay with your affirmation. Begin now. myrrh. let the tape go on running and please continue the exercise in silence. Since you’re thinking of the sound you’re making. applying this affirmation and making meditation a daily routine. remember to share some of your loving energy with others who come to mind. “In the stillness I feel God’s love”. followed by circling in each direction. you may want to practice what you’ve learned so far. Some types of incense mentioned in the Cayce’s reading are cedar.wrapping the timer loosely in a hand towel and placing it across the room so that it doesn’t jar your nerve when it suddenly goes off. then inhale through the left nostril and exhale out of the right 3 times. eyes closes.

7. A simpler way of saying is that the vibrations you register in your soul are reflected back as conditions and experiences in your everyday world. As you already mentioned. Also realized that the spiritual affirmation you’re using are lifting your consciousness upward. Let the thought create a feeling and gently release the word and thinking. For clarification of how meditation works to amplify this process. especially one that persistently occupies your mind. You hold a phrase in mind. . Now open the workbook to the section on moving to deeper levels of meditation. There might be a long time lapse between the thought and the thing that happens or actualizes as a consequence. You’ll recall that the words begin to convey a universal truth and this is the source of the affirmation’s power.only by the subconscious mind. as well as methods for dealing with distraction. And while you’re at it. whether positive or negative. deeply within you. Remember thoughts are things and your soul co-operate to manifest the thoughts you feed it. Part of the value of these preparation tools is to cue your subconscious mind that meditation time is at hand. Affirmations Before you move on to the next phase which involves reaching a deeper meditative state. Many people find that washing their face and hands. the tuning forks that are of the same note will begin to vibrate. helps. you might want to try some of the suggested preparations. It can be likened to a room full of tuning forks. There are two more valuable aids that you’d want consider using. You’ll find a few of these sounds phonetically described in your workbook on page 15. and then as a broader sense of the meaning comes you allow it to expand and fill your thoughts. you’ll be introduced to techniques for deepening your meditation. the vibrating effect of chanting provides a gentle stimulation to the nerve and to the endocrine forces that are quickened in meditation. The first illustration depicts the initial stage as you focus on the affirmation and consider what it means to you. Any one or more of the small ritual just discussed can open a line of communication to a deeper facet of your being. By and large the essence of your thoughts determines the essence of your life. for some meditators. yah-hay-vah-hay. page 16. sometimes audibly. Again this emphasizes why the quality of your thoughts is so vital at any time. like this ahrrrrr-eeeee-ooooo-mmmmm. Even if the sound has no meaning to the conscious mind. reinforcing the vertical dimension of your life. The terms self-fulfilling prophecy is a very real principal and relates to the power contained in a thought. You might want to take some time as suggested earlier and practice what you’ve learned so far before going on. See if you can make them vibrate. The connection between the thought and its material counter part isn’t always evident. As you strike one and let it sound. Prayer. We attract whatever it is we spend time imagining. It is a truth already familiar to your soul’s level of understanding. let’s review the earlier information regarding the affirmation. You’ll find great joy and adding or strengthening this new dimension. One is to read inspirational material and the other is to pray just prior to your daily sessions. Understanding this connection provides a clearer meaning of the ancient knowledge paraphrased as “Like attracts like”. In the next session. whether you’re meditating or not. has been especially helpful in amplifying the beneficial effects of their experience. Think of every thought as a tuning fork and the affirmation as your best and highest tuning fork. thinking of the meaning.

Think of this deeper awareness of the meaning of the affirmation as a kind of bridge. . another transition occurs. You may also have notice that resisting or trying to push away these idle imaginings does not work very well. the desired change will begin to show up in your life especially as we vibrate with the feeling of it. This integration of deepening comes with patience and persistence. As you’ve likely notice distracting thoughts are common obstacles to relax the tension. You might think of this as integration of the ideal with your personality. even if all you do is think about the affirmation. you still assimilate it’s influence which build towards the third stage. Or if someone comes to mind while you’re focusing on love. If you’ve practice meditation for several days. see your workbook pages 4 and 5. Another technique for dealing with intrusions of any kind besides simply returning to the affirmation is to incorporate the distraction into the affirmation. For example. Keep in mind that meditation involves all three stages. The secret is to keep from feeling annoyed or frustrated by either your own mental or physical distractions or those caused by others. By the law of “Like attracts like”. Glance over the sample affirmation listed there and select one you like or if you prefer create a brief affirmation for yourself. Meditation from the view point of the Cayce’s readings is about attuning to the Higher ideals such as love and peace and joy. meditation is an active focusing on our intent of ideal. you may have already been confronted with distractions of various kinds. Try it and you’ll see the difficulty in trying to deny the thought because it is impossible to consciously know you’re not thinking of a particular image or idea. A way characterized by more love. so that more of these qualities will appear in our everyday lives. leading eventually to experiences of the ideal that are full of positive feelings like a flower opening to the sun. if you’re focusing on peace and the disturbing noise snaps your attention away then direct peace towards the source and treat the noise as a reminder of the value of peace. This in turn leads to new ways of being with ourselves and with our friends and associates. And here’s the key difference between meditation as it is taught in the Cayce’s readings and meditation as it is designed to simply clear the mind or stop a thought. so you return to the affirmation. It is as if you and the meaning are one. Meditation is not so much for our own sake as it is for a new way of being with other people. simply send love to the person. That is you rise from rational to beyond rational knowing as you gain a rapport with the affirmation that allows you to experience the meaning. Meanwhile. So perhaps a bit of practice is called for. instead it is more effective simply to direct your mind back to the affirmation and avoid getting into a mental feud with your thoughts. In Cayce’s way of doing it. There is an old children’s game that is played by having each participant stand in a corner of a room and try not to think of a red elephant. otherwise you just go on using ordained training. Because at this point you either lapse back to consciously thinking as in stage 1 or you stay with the feeling. more patience. The second illustration described what happens as you keep your mind on the affirmation. one way your understanding advances beyond words. initial focusing. more gentleness. Perhaps the best explanation of this third stage is that you undergo a holistic unity in which your entire being knows beyond understanding. If you remain with the feeling. the deeper mental understanding and finally the soul connection. Your thoughts shifts to another level. And any stage produces positive effects whether you’re aware of them or not. Your tuning fork is now vibrating at its maximum level.your thoughts may drift away.

An interesting experiment was done a number of years ago. It is a soul to soul communication. The Cayce’s readings state that “prayer is when you talk to God” and “meditation is when you listen and God talks to you”. Nor are you directly responsible for the healing that takes place or does not take place. . Directing Energy It’s now time to consider healing through meditation by directing the energy that you charged yourself with during your sessions. Just as you can telephone friends anywhere you can transmit energy to them via this unseen spiritual network. Remember. Afterward. Let the tape continue to run. At the deepest level of the meditative state as you connect with your soul self you also get online with the Creator. This is the same network that makes it possible for one person to read another person’s mind or for someone to receive intuitive knowing of an event. 8. leaving the result to them and to God. In each case just send a general blessing to the other person. Now. it is best to ask their permission before hand whenever possible. reflect on the ideas just discussed and resume at a later time. Be assured. just a conduit for sending it to others. That you can in fact share this energy by sending it out to others is possible because all existence is inter-connected. you share this energy with those who may need healing whether in body. police statistics revealed that during the nights of meditation the violent crime rates for the area dropped almost 30%. It is as if we are wired together on some invisible level. prayer for others is a form of direct contact. Perhaps it’s as if we are each a point of a giant star. The same experiment was repeated later with similar results. Unless you have permission. Psychiatrist Carl Jung also proposed this connection which he referred to as the “Collective Unconscious”. not with words but with spiritual energy with knowing beyond understanding.Let’s now do an affirmation exercise but you do not have to prepare as you normally do for meditation. Did you get the hang of using distractions to redirect you to the affirmation? Keep this technique in mind and it will prevent you from reacting negatively to intrusions. Remember you are not the source of the energy. And it is from this source that you’re able to download the spiritual energy that is always available on request as long as you have the line open and are receptive. hold the affirmation in mind as you were doing meditation. Let’s continue. The Cayce’s readings confirm that on the soul level we are all connected one to another and to God. The next phase of this course explores meditation for healing. And if you’re planning to pray for others for a specific reason. with the God you know within. Whenever group meditation was held during those nights that typically reflected high incident of crime the number of crime drops significantly. the wisest course is to direct your healing prayers without specifying the purpose. You’ll be given a period of silence for a few minutes for practice. mind or spirit. More that two thousand meditators spent several nights in a high-crime area of the city and meditated for six consecutive nights. The receptivity of the person receiving the energy is a vital factor. You’ll find it interesting and enlightening. In the meantime you may want to take a break. Holding them in your thoughts is to speak to them via the spiritual network. The energy you received is determined by the spirit and meaning of you affirmation. whatever distraction occurs related to the affirmation. A simple exercise will give you an idea of how this work. Before ending meditation.

Leave the tape running for the two or three minutes that it takes you to do these. See it written in colour on a chalk board or perhaps scratched in the smooth wet sand of a beach. we’ll fast forward the tape to the end and then turn it over. even God doesn’t do that. It is unwise to assume you know what is best and impose your will on someone else. it is effective to see the person surrounded by light. As before. You are going to continue now working with healing prayers. The exception would be in praying for a young child or an adult who because of an accident or other complication lacks the mental clarity to ask for your prayers. the results are best left to the person and to God. All right open your eyes. Hear the person’s name in your mind. See the individual as happy and healthy. you may want to do the beginning preparations. perhaps weekly. just less specific. Edgar Cayce emphasize that prayer is a real energy and no one has a right to impose this energy on those who are not willing or ready to accept it. avoid trying to orchestra a cure by visualizing the treatment of specific symptoms. According to the readings. energetic. then back on when you’re ready. For those people whose permission you have not received simply send light in their direction and a prayer of non-specific blessing. Remember how you suggested to your body to relax and picture it relax.Relax and shut your eyes. happy. What you’ve just done is the same method for sending a healing prayer to others. the head and neck exercises and the deep breathing before continuing. It is spiritually risky to impose your free will on that of others. Turn off the tape until you complete your prayer list. Healing Meditation During this phase of the meditation course. Since you’re going to begin with the meditation session. Direct those cheerful. Try to recall expressions. Hold each person in your thoughts for a moment as you do this. Before you get started. In both cases the soul will open to that energy in its own time and manner. Finally you’ll be provided with highly recommended procedures for entering and leaving the meditative state as discussed in the Cayce’s readings. The tape will continue to run while you’re given a couple of minutes to pray for these individuals. it’s not unlike walking into someone’s home and starting to run the affairs of the family. cheerful and energetic and picture your thoughts radiating to the person. The time anyone remains on your list of course will vary according to individual needs and circumstances. Do that now. Think of the people on your prayer list. the whole body relaxation. In any case. To barge into another state of existence with prayers and energy. You may want to update this regularly. the type of clothing this person likes to wear. healthy thoughts to this person and envision him or her receiving these feelings. open your workbook to page 18 where a space is provided for you to include your own prayer list. Then think of a friend or someone in your family. Again. any details you can summon from your memory. Now choose another person. Now that you’re ready. complexion. 9. If you are unable to bring the person’s face into your thoughts. think of something specific about the individual. as in a brilliant bubble of illumination or glowing as if filled with light. gestures. mannerism. At this point. a person you want to pray for. Then imagine the person’s face. try to visualize each person in turn and to each send healing energy. So that you can include it in your regular meditation sessions. Keep imagining the person receiving your thoughts. imagine the name. you’ll be guided through healing meditation and through decision making. If you’ve received permission. bring the image of this individual into your mind. turn your thoughts to this affirmation “Let me be a channel of blessings”. If you still can’t see the person clearly in your mind’s eye. “Let me a channel of blessings”. . your love. colour of hair.

focusing on the question as if it were an affirmation. happy and feeling fully in balance and when you have done this. especially in this modern age. Then you take the question into meditation and there you ask the question in your thoughts. but ultimately will be. When asked whether it was possible to receive guidance from meditating on the matter. choose a very minor one to work with. At any rate. you think about the issue. As you regularly apply this method for seeking answers. Remember too that the answer often involve factors that you may not even be aware of consciously. Supposed you have an opportunity to change your hours on the job. continuer to ask during subsequent meditations if there is no deadline for reaching a decision until the answer is clear to you. Then you frame the question so that it can be answered yes or no. take sometime to reflect on each item. The worksheets provided will provide practice for using this technique. whether you’re digging for fishing worms or playing a concerto. See an image of yourself as healthy. but the fact is the more you give conscious thought to a decision and its ramification. you’ll avoid the peak rush hour traffic. or in the case of longer sessions that run twenty to thirty minutes you may add the healing just before the end of meditation. For most people life is made up of a long series of decisions. open your eyes. Or if you opt to report to work later in the morning then you’ll have to stay later in the afternoon. Your boss doesn’t mind if you come in an hour or two earlier or later as long as you put in the required hours per week. It might seem that such an inconsequential issue would not require deep consideration and all you need to do is just meditate on it. In the beginning use this approach only for minor and low risk verdicts. He apparently use this contrast to emphasize the point that any decision can be taken into meditation. Your next step is to decide consciously on the basis of all that you know about the situation. The list includes common area of your life. No issue is too trivial Refer to your workbook.And now pray for yourself. That sounds plausible. Answer the first four questions as thoroughly as possible. You can dedicate an entire meditation session to healing. Once you feel confident in the procedure and only then should you seek answers in meditation for more serious issues. Cayce assured the questioner that it was possible regarding any subjects. You do not have to be in meditation to dispatch healing prayers. the more likely you’ll . In the Cayce’s readings the instructions for receiving guidance through meditation are quite simple. Decision Making The next application deals with making decision. The challenge is how do you decide for sure which is the correct decision or best choice for you. Consider the advantages and disadvantages. Study these areas and see which have current questions to resolve. considering all aspects involved. An advantage might be by rearranging your schedule. A man asked Edgar Cayce how he could make the right decision in his life and he was told “through meditation and prayer”. Once you’ve listed some specific questions that are pending. yes or no. There might be other areas you want to add to the list. but the meditative state amplifies the energy because you’re more effective channel. 10. one way or the other. First. So sometimes the response you get may not appear to be in your best interest. A possible disadvantage is that you’ll have to get up earlier in the morning. The decision is entirely up to you. The use of meditation for making the right decision is quite simple but please keep one point firmly in mind. If in the beginning you feel uncertain of the response. the response will come more readily.

In the past you’ve considered similar questions in trying to reach decisions. Answer the first three questions of part 2. Once you receive an answer you’ll have to decide next. serious questions will require you to examine consequences thoroughly to arrive at a sound decision. lay aside the decision. the mind and the soul. Your deeper knowing will answer in kind and in accordance with the attention you give to the matter. Supposed you decide against changing your work schedule. incense are often . You can meditate on this question also. Meditation is also an exercise in patience. but you may choose to omit the muscle relaxation exercises unless you feel they’re necessary.receive a clear response from your subconscious mind. Based on the information you entered for question 2 what answer did you supply for question 3? Did you vote “yes” or “no”. Of course. For now turn off the tape until you’ve completed the exercise and answer the questions in the workbook then we will continue. engaging all facets of your being and working to bring balance among the body. music. You may find that certain aids are conducive to enriching your experience. The answer is “yes” or “no”. which hour you’ll work. In the process examining the consequences of whether you decide in favor of or against the question is crucial to arriving at the right choice. Meditate as usual. This method of receiving guidance is essentially a discipline approach. The direction and questions are self-explanatory. making a decision and then meditating for the right answer. It is necessary to confront the consequences for either decision as question 2c indicates. You might simplify the process however by basing the question on specific work hours. The very heart of meditation is holistic. Remember to write down your question and decide “yes” or “no”. Only after you spend the quiet time focusing on the affirmation and just before you offer healing prayer for others will you silently state your question so that it can be answered “yes” or “no”. You may find that as you meditate regularly. And this is especially the case when your choice affects other people because you want above all to reach an equitable decision with regard to everyone. Then be still. asking whether the answer is “yes” or “no”. When you are faced with a decision that causes you conflict. A quality we all need in our lives. then silently report your tentative decision. Review Please not that your basic steps for meditation are in your workbook. objective perspective on the matters relevant to your choice. Then in meditation ask the question “should I change my work schedule?”. Having presented the question. Because there is more at stake. The answer you received may come in various forms as a feeling or an impression. You probably have found that some decisions take a little or no effort. See how simple that was. Chants. meditation itself as you now realized is a special discipline. as of the various parts hat go into the practice such as the preparatory exercises. 11. Resolving more serious questions however may have left you feeling ambivalent or uncertain what to do. It is recommended that once you reach a decision by following the methods you just study. your body will instinctively start quieting down as the time nearest for your session. If the question or issue regarding it comes to mind treat it as a distraction and return to the affirmation. using an affirmation. Wait for the answer. Now that you have the idea of the decision making process turn your attention to the workbook. organizing your thoughts will often aid you in getting a solid. though you may not have done so in an organized way. visual images or a definite sense of whether your answer is the best or correct one.

helpful. Now become aware of the muscles of the forehead. And reading spiritual or inspirational material sets the tone and prepares the mind for meditation. eyes closed. There is some additional information regarding certain procedures emphasized in the Cayce readings and it is highly recommended that you adopt two special steps when you meditate. you likely already know protective prayer that convey the same spirit and are appropriate for this purpose. pleasant memory of a time at the beach. Meditation is a gradual process of spiritual enlightenment. before going into the silence quietly say the Lords Prayer. as you inhale. the jaw. There is a mystical explanation for using these prayers. I throw about myself the protection that is found in the thought of the Christ”. The prayer of protection is offered just after you say the Lords Prayer. so you can consider the prayer of protection as a means of allowing only the vibration you want. A prayer of protection. Don’t try to change it. repeat a prayer of protection in your mind and if you’d like to end with a prayer. for a few breaths. These are all printed for you in the workbook. those deeper energies and sharing those deeper healing energies with others. say to yourself silently “I am” and as you exhale say “relax”. . spine straight. And now. observe the inhalation and exhalation. you want to open yourself to positive energies only. Alright. If you’re of another religious persuasion. put it on the floor. Now. Perhaps you’ve positive memory as of Virginia Beach. Tense these gently and then relax them fully and as you do move to a deeper level of consciousness. Visualize the muscles of the forehead relaxing. Just get in touch with your breathing. observing the breathing. 12. the face. “I am relax”. The head and neck exercises should be done and then the breathing exercise. for a few breaths just get in touch with your body. the reading suggest and when sometimes used by Christian meditators. feet flat on the floor. While you’re opening yourself to the divine and healing energies. According to Cayce the endocrine glands service contact points between the soul and body. Virginia. Allow a wave of relaxation to flow over your face and head and neck. Edgar Cayce said “You don’t go to heaven. the home of Edgar Cayce. Take these few moments to just really enjoy an opportunity to be fully relax. The Lords Prayer and the 23rd Psalm connect these spiritual centres to divine influence and attune you to the Highest. Second. you grow to heaven”. states: “Father. And each time you say “relax” allow yourself to relax more fully. become very very aware of the breathing process. Meditation is a means for furthering that growth as you learn more about your whole self which guides you through life and turns your days homeward. First. You’ve learned that your back should be straight and both feet flat on the floor as you begin. There are seven of these centres. beauty and might. You’ve practice working with affirmations. Here is a reverie that includes such an experience that perhaps can help us get in touch with those deeper parts of ourselves. if you have something on your lap. You now possessed the knowledge to continue meditating on your own. You’re opening the gates of your inner being. except perhaps to make it a little more smooth. as I open myself to the unseen forces surrounding the throne of grace. healing energy and decision making. Many of us have a pleasant experience. Guided Reverie This is the end of the meditation course. In the Sanskrit language these seven centres are referred to as the Chakras. a perfect way to end your session is to silently repeat the 23 rd Psalm. Here is a special guided reverie that you may find helpful and enjoyable.

very content to be with yourself and with nature. but you feel very safe. Now visualize yourself on a beautiful day walking on a beautiful beach. the lower legs. allow a wave of relaxation to flow through the body. And as there are parts of your body about which you’ve been concerned. that warmth. you remember that your own body is simply energy. “I am relax”. “I am relax”. is the light of God and allow yourself to be in attunement and awareness of the consciousness of God’s presence within you own body. a deeper level of mind Breathe easily and deeply. Feel the living warmth of that energy. You realize that the light of the sun. And your body becomes a body of light. move to a deeper level of mind. quickening. Notice the blueness. And you remember that this is your special place and just walk over and stretch out on this beach chair in this special area and feel that this is your special place. and the light of your body. as it flows through you. Visualize yourself relaxing more fully. Begin to get a sense of a pattern of light energy right at he level of the forehead. Now I am going to count from one to five. more space than particles really. that warmth. Relax and go deeper. Relax and go deeper. Become aware of the muscles of the thighs. up through the body to the forehead. You begin to feel the light. Tense these. Three. And as you relax move to a deeper level of consciousness. the life force. And as that light flows through the body. Now relax them. “I am relax”. move to a deeper level of mind. slight pressure or pulsing of that light energy right at that level of the forehead. the white fluffy clouds with crisp silver edges on them. You alone. the name of that person silently to yourself. And a channel through which the life force is flowing. that light. giving it energy and bringing healing and harmony to it. the hands. And as you feel the energy from the sun. Relax more fully. the feet. Become aware of the muscles of the lower abdomen. On the wings of thought. As I count with each number allow yourself to move to a deeper level of relaxation. And now think of one person whom you know that is in need and saying that name. Feel that light. Five. Begin to get a sense of perhaps fullness. Tense these gently and then relax. “I am relax”. Tense these and then relax them. relaxing more fully. bringing the body to more and more perfect attunement. Just visualize the light coming from your forehead out to surround that person and send it to that person on the . become aware of the blueness of the water and gentle sound of the surf as it breaks. Two. that warmth. moving to a deeper level of consciousness. it goes to every portion. Relax and go deeper. One. that energy. lie down. Become aware of the sand under your feet as you walk along. a deeper level of mind. And as you walk along you see a beach towel and a beach chair. You feel light and feel the illumination of it. moving still to a deeper level of relaxation. the depth of the blue of the sky. a deeper level of relaxation. relax and go deeper. Stretch out. Relax and go deeper. And it’s as though the sunlight is penetrating your body and just shining all the way through. a deeper level of consciousness. And you feel the warmth of the sun and yet a coolness of a breeze on your face. still moving to a deeper level. moving to a deeper level of relaxation. relax and feel the warmth of the sun on your body and just begin to absorb the warmth of that light. Experience that light and energy and the way in which your own body is a body of light. Visualize yourself relaxing. send light to surround that person. a deeper level of consciousness. Now for a moment have a sense of thankfulness for having access to this life force and its healing energies and allow the awareness to move through the body. quickening that part of the body. the back.Now become aware of the muscles of the shoulders. no one else is on the beach. And you begin to have a sense of being one with life force. healing and enlivening. the hips. a deeper level of relaxation. upper arms. Four. you direct light to that.

silently. harmony. And be thankful for the healing that’s available for that one. we’ll be able to move more and more quickly to a deep level of mind and a greater attunement with the spirit within. returning now to a full waking consciousness with the circulation of the body fully normal for waking activity. This is the end of the meditation course. peace. we may move more and more quickly to deeper and deeper levels of mind at which we may attain greater and greater attunement with the Divine within. waking activity. clarity as I count from five to one. This will be a source of attunement and the feeling for ourselves and for others as we use this relaxation exercises. returning now to normal level of consciousness. In a minute we’ll return to normal consciousness and as you do there’ll be a sense of energy. One. the circulation of the body is normalizing for waking activity. returning to normal level of consciousness. Peace and love to you. The circulation of the body will be equal and normal for a healthy. energy. Each time we use these relaxation exercises. Two. Breathe deeply now. Each time we use these suggestions we’ll be able to move quickly and deeply to a deeper level of mind and contact the divine within. Three. Five. You’ll have a sense of well being. you’re awake now at a normal level of consciousness. Four. Now we will enter these states of relaxation. .vibrations of that person’s full name. always for the purpose of that which may be helpful and hopeful and as we set constructive ideals and purposes for our life.

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