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Targeting & Positioning Marketing Mix Marketing Strategies. .FLOW OF PRESENTATION Hotel & Tourism Industry TAJ Hotels Segmentation.

HOTELS & TOURISM INDUSTRY Hotels in India have supply of accommodate 350 million domestic travellers India ranks 18th in business travel and will be among the top 5 in this decade With demand-supply disparity. over the next two years .4 million tourists visited India in 2009 and demand will soar to 10 million in the year 2010 . 4. the room rates are most likely to rise 25% annually and occupancy to rise by 80%.000 rooms. According to the tourism ministry.

. Government has approved 300 hotel projects. nearly half of which are in the luxury range leading to increase in manpower requirements from 7 million recorded in 2002 to 15 million in 2010. Hotels today are implementing innovative ways to capture demand. 'Hotel Industry in India' is set to grow at 15% a year.


United Kingdom.N. the Middle East and Australia . Bhutan.TAJ HOTELS The Indian Hotels Company Limited (IHCL) and its subsidiaries are collectively known as Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces and are recognized as one of Asia's largest and finest hotel company Mr. Africa. United States of America. Sri Lanka. Jamsetji. Bombay in 1903 Taj Hotels Resort and Palaces comprises more than 60 hotels in 45 locations across India with an additional 15 international hotels in the Malaysia.Tata was the founder and opened first hotel The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel.

Star Four Star  Three Star  Two Star  One Star  Heritage Hotels«. TARGETING & POSITIONING Hotel Segmentation in India are broadly classified into 7 categories.. these are given blow---Five Star Deluxe  Five.  .SEGMENTATION.

captains of industry. Though the concept of these sub-brands had come into existence earlier. in the mid nineties. Targeting & Positioning  Segmentation: The segmentation of the Taj Mahal hotel is mainly upon lifestyle and income. that the hotels became operationally different. Leisure and Luxury. . leisure travellers and business professional. star celebrities. it was in 1999-2000. corporate nomads. The brand will have properties on the best locales and attract the most premium customers. heads of states. Maharajahs and rockstars. luxury. Home to the Royalty. kings & queens and Hollywood royalty. tycoons.Segmentation. It positioned itself as luxury heritage hotel with excellent location and services. It focuses on upper class.  Targeting: Targeting the most luxurious segment.  Positioning: The Taj marked out three separate entities for the Taj Group: Business.

business centers Supplementary products include travel arrangements. etc . health club. ticketing. banquets. discotheques.Marketing Mix Product:    Grouped into 3 categoriesy Luxury y Leisure y Business Core product is space . bar. airport pick-ups.supplemented with services like restaurants. sightseeing.

Types of Accommodation Tower Wing Rooms Wing Rooms Heritage Taj Club and Services Facilities .

000 The Presidential Suite is around Rs 6-7 lakh The target audience comes to Taj for its ambience and world-class standards High prices are justified as they help Taj retain exclusivity .PRICE As a result of various overheads and superior quality. prices are not affordable by all Rooms start at Rs 20.000 and suites start at Rs 75.

historical and pilgrim centers Also encompasses a unique set of iconic properties rooted in history and tradition . wildlife destinations.PLACE Taj Hotels resorts and Palaces comprises more than 60 hotels in 45 locations across India with 15 in International Locations Taj offers vantage locations like industrial towns and cities. hill stations.

Inner circle. memberships. value vouchers.PROMOTION Loyalty programs. club Surprises such as weekend savers. Eg. JuniorLeague. book early get more Offers during seasons and off-season Monthly letters to ¶Inner Circle Customers· about upcoming events Holiday package promotions at exhibitions Cross-promotions . clubs. privilege.

spacious lobby Corridor aisles graced with genuine artifacts and antiques Traditional Indian welcome to guests .PHYSICAL EVIDENCE 5 star-hotel Well designed.

PROCESS Check-in Bell-person carrying luggage to room Butler service Food Laundry Child-care and baby-sitting Currency exchange Wake-up call Gift-shop. boutique. florist Check out .

PEOPLE Skilled personnel Personal Agents Technological persons Travel agents Butler Bell-boys Restaurant staff House-keeping .

etc e.500 for 4 night holiday Many first-timers now loyal customers Variety of holiday packages for various target groups e.: Taj Samudra at Colombo at Rs.Marketing Strategies Caters to two segments a) Foreign tourist in winter b) Domestic tourist in non peak season Indians urged to take more short holidays through unique price package More value offered at same prices in Goa.24.g.: Senior citizens. Sri Lanka. Inner Circle Junior League for children. arranging various activities .g. survivors etc.

and plans to enter gateway cities like Paris. Chicago. Frankfurt. and London in the near future Alliance with Okura hotels in Japan .ACQUISITIONS The overall strategy is to ensure that a third of the brand·s revenues come from global acquisitions Acquisition of Ritz-Carlton in Boston and Campton Palace in San Francisco.

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